Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Aliens Are Coming!!! Is An Alien Invasion Planned For 2/22/2022?


Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

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  1. There is a Youtube on Exittime channel you'd like.
    King James Bible 1611 code,
    if you view 1611 as military time,
    it is 4:11 PM
    and if you take 2022 - 411 = 1611
    more signs this year of 2022 is loaded...

    To which I would add a big MLK ritual this weekend
    16 = 4*4 = MLK shot on 4/4
    Lady Al Qaeda serving 86 yrs = mirror 68' MLK shot = perp age 44
    86' on the Back to Future plate
    Voting Rights act passed on 8/6
    in 65' = SuperBaal 65 = as all talk is about Voting Rights
    Phoenix lost SB in 93' = MLK would be age 93,
    because they didn't make MLK day a holiday,
    as Phoenix plays tonight on MLK day
    NFL took SB from Phoenix in 1991 = Bengals broke 'curse' of Bo Jackson Raiders from 1991 = Gulf War = Noahide Laws
    Phoenix did host SB 49 = Kamala's 49ers = Woman katy perry rode the Beast = as Kamala 49th VP is ready to ride the beast as prez soon = 49ers upset Dallas = best season since 94'
    MLK, voting rights, Biden talking Civil War, Jan 6th 1/6 is another 16 or 4*4... or 8+8 white supermen back to future... it is all set to go as Big Ben the NFL clock winds down final game.. Big Ben blew up in movie V for Vendetta Jesuit plot..

    Lady Al Quaeda Siddiqui = scrabled Squid (games) with Di left for Di,
    as in Di from the vaxx = every Sunday this season was a movie Black Sunday weaponized needles = 77' movie 44 yrs ago = Lady Al Queda could have been straight out of that movie =
    1972 Olympics killing of Israeli athletes = Jubilee Re$et 50 yrs ago as Olympics begin in that Huge month of Feb = Febuary made me shiver with every paper I delivered = Miss America seems to Di during FootBaal season song mentions forward pass
    100th yr of Miss America once owned by Trump = Winner Miss Alaska went to both Colombia U = Obama
    and Fordham = Trump
    Voting Rights, Voting fraud... Release the Krakken has double meaning with the vaxx = Hail Hydra in vaxx = Squid Games and Hunger Games themed inaguration anniversary this week with 5g activating night bevore on 1/19 = 911

    1. Again, amazing syncs, one day it will all come to a head.

      Since you mentioned KJV Bible codes, check out this KJV Bible Code I did years ago.

  2. Watch the signs: Kamala Harris 49th VPOTUS. Comet K2 perihelium on 21 December 2022. Is this coincidence? Could this indicate Kamala Harris ascends to the Presidency on December 2022? After that, a big earthquake in the US provoked by the Madrid Fault?