Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Twosday 2/22/2022 at 2:22 A.M.

There seems to be a lot of chatter going on about the date of 2/22/2022, which is on a Tuesday, so let’s just call it Twosday. We have already identified this date as a watch date, but let’s examine some other information that has come to light. Here is what Alexa says will happen on Twosday.



Interesting that Alexa says that on 2/22/2022 at 2:22 A.M. things will get much worse, the antichrist will be born, and an alien invasion will occur. So, what do we make of this, is it a joke, or is it for real? 

Since it is a day of twos, let’s take a look at what Bullinger says about the number 2 in scripture. 

We now come to the spiritual significance of the number Two. We have seen that One excludes all difference, and denotes that which is sovereign. But Two affirms that there is a difference—there is another; while One affirms that there is not another! 

This difference may be for good or for evil. A thing may differ from evil, and be good; or it may differ from good, and be evil. Hence, the number Two takes a two-fold colouring, according to the context. 

It is the first number by which we can divide another, and therefore in all its uses we may trace this fundamental idea of division or difference. 

The two may be, though different in character, yet one as to testimony and friendship. The Second that comes in may be for help and deliverance. But, alas! where man is concerned, this number testifies of his fall, for it more often denotes that difference which implies opposition, enmity, and oppression.* 

So, will Twosday be a day of opposition, enmity, and oppression? When I think of those words I think of the evil forces aligned with satan and, the antichrist. Is Alexa right, will Twosday be the day of an antichrist event involving UFOs? 

Let’s also remember the 222 information from the dollar bill. Below is the conclusion of the information, which can be read in full here; 2022: Is It 222 And Will It Be The Year That The Old-World Order Is Destroyed? 

Ok, so we have data to suggest that the dollar bill is a trestle board for the destruction of the old-world order, which is led by the USA, and the arrival of the New World Order. We also see that 222 is encoded on the dollar bill and is on the hundred-dollar bill. We also know that they drop the zero, so 2022 can be 222. And the esoteric folding of the dollar bill and hundred-dollar bill supports these theories. 

So, does all of this information suggest that 2022 is the year that the old-world order and the USA will fall? I do not know but let me remind you of this piece of data; after the destruction of the old-world order occurs, then comes the New World Order along with its alien connected “savior” of the world. And guess when it is claimed that he will show up? That’s right, 2022.

“god Will Return On July 26, 2022” 

And if it is 2022 here are a few possible date conjectures. The first date that comes to mind is a double 222 date, which is 2/22/2022 George Washington’s Birthday and don’t forget that George is on the front of the dollar bill.

Take note that 2/22/2022, if you drop the zero, becomes 222222, which is a double 222. And then there is this; 2/22/2022 is 777 days (incl.) from the 4/8/2024 “X marks the spot American solar eclipse (HT Stan).

Here are a few more interesting facts; the “pandemic” was declared on 3/11/2020 and from that date to Twosday it will be 1 year, 11 months, and 11 days (11111). And from the Japan earthquake and tsunami, it will be 10 years, 11 months, and 11 days (dropping the zero; 11111). And if we add all the digits in the day and month (2/22) we get, 2+2+2=6, in the year (2022) we get 2+0+2+2=6, and the time (2:22) we get, 2+2+2=6, and that makes a 666.

Let me also let you know that there is chatter going around that the elites have recently met with the inner earth race of aliens, which we know to be demonic.

So, in light of the USA money data, the Alexa data, the Biblical meaning of two, and the date syncs, we ask; will Twosday be the day that the evil forces aligned with satan attempt to pull off a major event? I do not know, as always, time will tell.

Personal note: The root canal I had 10 days ago went bad—extreme pain, had to get the tooth extracted. I have lost all faith in root canals for molars. In the last year I had 3 and all 3 had to be extracted. Wife is still looking for a job, it is hard to find one in DE that does not require the dangerous experimental gene therapy shot. Still no unemployment insurance, they say they are backed up 4 months and I am having to pay about $1750 a month for COBRA insurance, Your prayers appreciated. Also, important decision pending at the Supreme Court about mandates, let’s pray the mandates stop.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

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  1. Desmond TuTu funeral was on 1/1/22' = another 11 22
    He died on Dec 26 = another tsunami date to go with 3/11
    Lots of water analogies in Banking like Liquidity and Being
    Underwater on Mortgage or Debt...
    When the dollar dies everyone will be Drowning in Debt,
    and drowning in worthless paper,
    after the Flood of spending and Flood of covid Relief bills.

    I Would Die 4U TuTu and U2 rituals.
    Two Us = 21+21 = 42 = Biden born in 42' = 42 month tribulation
    U2 first big album War with songs New Years Day = TuTu funeral
    and Sunday Bloody Sunday = NFL movie Black Sunday rituals =
    weapon used in movie was darts = needles = vaxx
    38yrs since the 83' album = 11 11
    Strongs for 3883 means Change or Variation = Variants
    The coming Change of Dollar Collapse Chaos

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you William for this latest article that heightens my interest as this
      "likely" being beyond coincidence. I also find it interesting Bill Gates patent #
      WO2020060606 was released on 3/26/2020. It involves humans interfacing with cryptocurrency...a topic I need to study up on as our dollar is soon to crash.

      This you can look up. Interesting how Snopes jumps on this basically saying ..nothing to see here but more ramblings from conspiracy theorists.

      Interesting that today is 40 days from 2/22/2022.

      Are we being warned?

      As William says...I dont know, but we will soon find out.

      In my is the deal. Most of us KNOW the prophetic timeline is playing out. I liken it to be written as reading it on a rubber band. Prayers can s-t-r-e-t-c-h this rubber bands timeline out...but prayers will not stop Gods prophesy.

      We as humans look for clues that coincide with future events...and often find very interesting number relationships.
      Some beyond coincidence. In my opinion...I see this as beyond coincidence. But, if nothing happens, that's not to say something didnt happen in the spiritual realm that we can't see at that time. Of course nothing may happen and this was a rare coincidence, but prophesy will be fulfilled eventually. We as eschcatology students are still human, and we want to see tangible fulfillment of scriptures. We are seeing such, but they s-t-r-e-t-c-h out sometimes more than our patience let's us observe. Amazing what scriptures have come true, and we will see much more happening very soon. That is just an obvious and not prophetic statement from me. :)

    2. Thank you for sharing and praying for your healing. This is an interesting article regarding UFOs and legitimate and credible witness. Btw, think about TN, it's beautiful and off the East coast. Again, please stay strong!

      Open SmartNews and read "Man saw ‘UFO’ and ‘shadow people’ near nuclear weapons at US Air Force base" here:
      To read it on the web, tap here:

    3. One of these days I would not doubt if UFOs are seen in broad daylight over top of all the major cities of the world with the images being broadcasted 24/7.

  3. Hi William, here is another interesting anomaly that counterfeits Jesus in Antarctica where elites are awaiting AC. As born again BELIEVERS we keep LOOKING up because are REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR! So sad many are mislead in these latter days.

    Open SmartNews and read "Video: ‘Face of Jesus’ Spotted in Antarctica on Google Earth" here:
    To read it on the web, tap here:

    1. Wow that is pretty amazing, I am sure they will use it as part of their deception

  4. What if the time on Katy Perry’s watch, or 10:11:06, means the time interval between the great earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 and the Second 9/11 event?! In other words, time 10:11:06 is 10 years + 11 months + 6 days!! In that case, we will come to day February 17, 2022! Passed days are 3996! And 3996 = 6 x 666!! You can check yourself:

    When thinking about 47 day Nibiru earthquake cycle, 3995 = 85 x 47! So 3996 is very near the February 16, 2022 watch day, which is btw full moon time.

    Katy Perry's official video for her song Part of Me was released 1 year and 11 days (=111) after the great Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011! So release date was 3/22/2012. No coincidence!

    1. Wow Olli, excellent research, you may be onto something for sure, those syncs are beyond coincidence. February is not looking good.

  5. For Biblical years, 3996 days are 11.1 years (1 year = 360 days). One clue in Part of Me video was November 1 (11/1). Katy Perry's newest video (for her song When I'm Gone) was released, no coincidence, on January 11 (=111), 2022 which is 10 years and 10 months after the great Japan earthquake.

    1. Another great find and piece of the puzzle. 111 or 1/11 or 11/1 has been signaled many many times over the years. I believe it will figure into to a major event soon.

  6. In this fresh Katy Perry video (When I'm Gone,, right at the beginning of the video, Katy is in the phone booth and I think she dials the numbers 1, 2, 6, 1, 6. What is code 12616 in America? At least 1 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 6 = 16. And from the release date of the video on January 11, 2022, it will be 1 month + 6 days until February 17, 2022! We’ll also see nuclear missiles at the beginning of the video.

    1. There is no postal zip code in USA for 12616, but in the world it comes up with Stockholm

    2. i just learned from the online news talking about Russia sending military men and tanks to Sweden. that sounds like WW3 coming up. wow.

    3. Sure sounds like something is up, Russia may be poised to take Ukraine.

  7. william, those vid you posted-- is that for real or a joke?

    1. I believe they are real but not sure if Alexa is playing a game with people.

    2. i would hope it is a scare tactic- it could be a joke- i will wait and see what will happen on that day. it is much like that Y2K thing, member?

    3. I would tend to believe that also but with all the 222 stuff on the dollar bill it makes me wonder if it will be the day of a major event

  8. Is there an address/po box that person's can donate funds to? Love from Kathryn