Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Dream I Had--The End Times

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September 11, 2001 is a day that will live in infamy. Those horrific images have been burned into our hearts and minds forever. What happened on that day gave me an overwhelming sense in my spirit that we were close to the final days before the return of the Lord. This catastrophe was obviously an action of satan allowed by God. But a nagging question swirled in my mind. If God allowed this disaster to happen, what else might God allow to occur before He returns? That question drove me to my knees, at which time I cried out to God to show me what was going to happen in the time leading up to His return. In response to that earnest plea, God answered my prayer and opened my eyes to end-times scriptural truths in His Word as never before. Something else happened in my life that increased my desire to know what scripture says with regard to the end times. I had a dream which I believe foretells future events in my life leading up to the time in which Christians will be raptured.

It was a complete surprise to me to receive a prophetic dream from God. Yes, I trusted Him and believed the Bible, which I eagerly taught to others. Yet, like most Christians, I had never had an experience like that before. In fact, I was not sure that anything like that was possible. I believed that these things had passed away with the apostles, or maybe that “it only happened to other people.”

Can God still communicate to people through dreams today? Some would argue no, saying that since we have the complete Word of God, we have no need for dreams. I disagree; for scripture will be present during the end times and God has specifically told us that He will use dreams to communicate to His children during that time.

But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams…And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come. (Acts 2:16–20)

So the argument that God will not communicate to us via dreams because we have scripture is not valid. I assert that God in the past, today, and in the future can and will at times communicate to us in dreams. The Bible records that many people, both saved and unsaved in the Old Testament and New, have had dreams in which God was trying to communicate to them. Pharaoh, the baker, the butler, Joseph, Nebuchadnezzar, Peter, and the list goes on, are examples of just a few. By way of caution, let me also say that no dream from God will contradict scripture. The dream was used to drive me to scripture. At first I thought the dream was just that—a dream. But as the days and months passed, it did not fade from my mind but remained as vivid as the day I had it. I also had a growing sense that the dream was from God. As that thought permeated my mind, I wanted to know what it meant; for its meaning totally baffled me. I knew it was about the future and that a rough road lay ahead and that God would take care of my family and me, but the meaning eluded me. As Nebuchadnezzar said, “I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit was troubled to know the dream” (Dan. 2:3).

Trying to find out what the dream meant helped motivate me to examine God’s Word more intently to see if the meaning would become apparent to me. This earnest search of scripture, by God’s grace, helped lead me to the putting together of all the pieces of the prophecy puzzle.

The picture revealed by putting all the pieces together was different than what I had believed for most my Christian life. Naturally, I felt compelled to tell people what my scriptural study had revealed. That is why I have written The Coming Epiphany, which you can download for FREE. My study of scripture also has led me to believe that some of the events depicted in the dream will not only affect me but everyone alive on earth at the time. That is why I would like to share the dream and its meaning with you.

My family and I were in our Ford Explorer, driving down a nicely paved road at a good speed. Up ahead, I saw a lot of billowing black smoke from an accident at an intersection. A large dump truck had entered the intersection from my right and smashed into the side of an odd-shaped yellow recreational vehicle of grotesquely large size. The motor home was very damaged down its left side and disabled. It had been traveling in the opposite direction from me, and as I passed by, I clearly saw the damage from the collision. I turned my head to look forward again and noticed a policeman directing traffic to turn right, but I was going too fast to make the turn. I just kept going straight through the intersection, and the policeman did not stop me. All the rest of the traffic on my road turned right. For some reason, I did not want to stop and was glad I could keep going in my original direction.

The road kept going, though I was the only one on it. It was initially pavement; but shortly, it turned into rough gravel. Up ahead, I noticed a huge ditch across the road in front of me. I braked hard and hit the ditch with a jolt. My SUV made it across the ditch without crashing, and we made it to the other side safely. After stopping, I got out and looked around. The SUV was not damaged. I was standing on extremely wet, soggy sand, which prevented me from driving any further. Looking back, I saw many people traveling down the detour route to the right—the detour the policeman had wanted me to take back at the intersection. It now had a guard rail alongside the road that prevented others and myself from gaining access. I felt a keen sense of embarrassment from having gotten into this predicament.

Water seeped out of the sand I was standing on and flowed down into a stream. As I was walking, I looked to the left and saw a large pond with very clean water and sea creatures and fish in it. I had a feeling that this pond was in a tropical location, and I felt very safe and calm being there. I remember thinking that there was food there to eat that could sustain us. On the other side of the stream was a large cement wall about 30 feet tall. Beyond the wall were some very nice houses. Although I could see windows in the houses, no one had seen me, the houses may also have been empty. The sand road I was on made a 180-degree turn to the right at the stream. I walked around the bend in the road and looked down the road. It had lush vegetation growing along each side and it seemed to go on for a long ways, although I could not see that far down it.

That is my dream. The accident, gravel road, policeman, and ditch depict events that will affect all of us. I feel that the crash in my dream is about to happen soon. What I feel this dream means is posted under; A Dream I had--The Interpretation.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Vision to See the Treasured Past

"The vision to see the treasured past." Sometimes there are things in plain sight that no one sees until they look at it from a different perspective and then it reveals a "treasured past." Such was the case in the movie National Treasure, which the quote is from, when they looked at the back of the Constitution with a special pair of glasses. In this post we are going to look at something in plain sight with a "special pair of glasses"--that millions of people have looked at and walked on but have never seen anything out of the ordinary--that will reveal "the treasured past." We are going to look at Washington Square in Philadelphia with a special pair of glasses--a satellite.

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See anything yet? Let's add the paths in the parks.

treasure, key, solomon, templar, mason, philadelphia, end times, bible prophecy, Israel, temple, line, washington

Look at the shape that the paths form.treasure, key, solomon, templar, mason, philadelphia, end times, bible prophecy, Israel, temple, line, washingtonI have tried to find the meaning of the symbol but that has alluded me to this point in time. I do see a cross, peace sign, capped pyramid with a circle and wings above it, an arrow, and the whole thing resembles a key. Again what the symbol means I do not know but here are some interesting observations:

The NW/SE line that goes through Washington Park goes through Benjamin Franklin's house.

treasure, key, solomon, templar, mason, philadelphia, end times, bible prophecy, Israel, temple, line, washington

The NE/SW pointing main line that goes through both parks leads directly to the most prophetically important place on earth.

treasure, key, solomon, templar, mason, philadelphia, end times, bible prophecy, Israel, temple, line, washington

Following the line toward the NE the line exits the United States near Boston, MA at Jerusalem rd.

treasure, key, solomon, templar, mason, philadelphia, end times, bible prophecy, Israel, temple, line, washington

The line crosses the Atlantic and leads directly to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!

treasure, key, solomon, templar, mason, philadelphia, end times, bible prophecy, Israel, temple, line, washington

Before we delve into the meaning of all this here is a little history about the square.

Washington Square was one of Philadelphia's five original squares as laid out in 1682 by William Penn's surveyor, Thomas Holme. It was then called Southeast Square, as Quakers did not believe in naming places after people. Within 25 years of Penn's arrival, however, the square was being used as a potter's field and a burial yard for strangers in the city. it served in this capacity from 1704 to 1794, a period roughly (and curiously) paralleling the dates of Benjamin Franklin's tenure on earth (1706-1790). Burials were generally done on the cheap: bodies bound in canvas — sans coffins.

For a cemetery, the Square was remarkably filled with life, however. Historian John Fanning Watson in his 1830 "Annals of Philadelphia" writes of two fish-filled creeks that flowed through the Square in the 1740s in addition to a pond that attracted wanton boys. "A creek once ran thru the Square and the aged Hayfield Conygnam, Esq., when he was young, caught a fish of six inches in length. Another aged person told me of his often walking up the brook, barefooted, in the water, and catching crayfish." (Today the only water in the park is found in a fountain in the park's center and in a horse watering trough when rainfall backs up.)

Rites similar to the Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebration were held in the park's early years by the black community. Watson writes, "An aged lady, Mrs. H.S., had told me that she has often seen Guinea natives, in the days of her youth, going to the grave of their friends early in the morning, and there leaving them victuals and rum!"

In the years preceding the Revolutionary War, the Square was deemed a good pasture field — despite (or because of) nearly 60 years of burials! In 1766, Jasper Carpenter leased the field from the city toward that end. Erelong, Carpenter's cows would have to make way for the corpses of American and British soldiers.

Beginning in 1776, fallen troops from Washington's Army were buried in the Square. Pits 20 feet by 30 feet in length were dug along 7th and Walnut Streets which were then filled by coffins piled one atop another until space in the mass grave ran out. Long trenches the width of the Square were hastily dug on the Square's south side — a permanent barracks for the martyrs of the War of Independence.

John Adams wrote a sad letter filled with lamentation to his wife Abigail on April 13, 1777. "I have spent an hour, this morning, in the congregation of the dead. I took a walk into the Potters Field, a burying ground...and I never in my whole life was affected with so much melancholy."

When the British occupied Philadelphia in 1777, they used the Walnut Street Jail, which then faced the Square, to hold prisoners of war. Draconian conditions caused death in droves. This story is told on the next stop along the "virtual" tour, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

More corpses followed in 1793. Those that spent their last days fighting off the chill haze of Yellow Fever, wound up in shrouds underneath the now pacific park.

After the Square was closed as a cemetery, the situation in the area did not initially improve. Historian Watson described the houses that surrounded the Square in 1805 being as "miserable and deformed a set of huts and sheds as could be well imagined."

Improvement started in the form of a public walk in 1815. A tree-planting program began the next year and the Square to this day wears the fruit of a city plan in which over 60 varieties of trees were sown. A "really admirable city arboretum of rare trees," was how America's first landscape architect, Andrew Jackson Downing, described the Square. Walking on the Square 150 years after this beautification project, the historian John Francis Marion observed, "The trees in Washington Square are older, wider-spreading and taller than those in Independence Square, and the square itself has a more open spacious quality."

The 6.4-acre Southeast Square was renamed Washington Square in 1825 to honor the great general and first President.

What does all this mean? I am not sure but let me throw out a few ideas.

1. According to the history of the area referenced above the streets were laid out by a Christian--Thomas Holme, a Quaker--thus the diagonal line which points to the Temple Mount was established by a Christian. Whether this was unintentional or not I do not know but God let it be so. What this says to me is that this country was founded by Christians upon Judeo/Christian principles, which has been one of the keys to our country being blessed. Another reason we have been blessed is because we have stood behind Israel's right to her land and have aligned with her and stood beside her.

2. In latter years the paths were added, the paths form several symbols including a peace sign. A peace sign is an evil symbol of an upside down broken cross and represents the way to bring peace to the world is through the destruction of Christianity. The symbol is in Philadelphia--the place where the United States as a nation was formed. What this says to me is that even though we began as a Christian nation we have been taken over by evil forces who under the guise of peace are attempting to destroy Christianity and its influence in this nation and usher in their false peace under the leadership of the antichrist--the winged pyramid.

3. I believe that the line pointing to Ben Franklin's house points to the evil forces that hijacked our nation--the mason satanists. Ben Franklin was a high level mason. These evil forces are using this nation to bring about their new world order. Based on this new information, which has been withheld from the Gentile world, it becomes apparent that the Great Seal of the United States reveals in a symbolic code the quest of the Zionist Jews to return to and conquer the Holy Land which God originally gave them, but which they forfeited through their rejection of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Moreover, the Great Seal reveals that they are using the United States of America and to reestablish the kingdom of Israel from which their Antichrist, a descendant of King Solomon, will rule the world. And according to their writings when they are done with her they will destroy her. Their writings speak of the USA as the mythical phoenix bird that will one day burn.
4. The whole symbol also looks like a key. Is it the lost key of Solomon? Does it point to a treasure? The symbol may also be a marker of some type pointing to something hidden. I am sure there are some who probably know the full meaning. Maybe it will become evident in the future.
In conclusion: Just as the once great and prosperous nation of Israel was led away from God into wicked sin and idolatry by evil forces and was all but wiped out by God's judgment--so I see the same thing happening to America. Our sins are numerous and grievous and we are due for judgment. If God did not spare His own nation from the sword how can He spare us as a nation. I see dark clouds looming on the horizon for America. Clouds of economic collapse, famine, disease, war, and death. Repent America, repent and do not force Israel to divide her land!
Repentance starts by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation from your sins.