Sunday, January 9, 2022

WW3--Seal 2 Watch


Information has come forward that leads to the conclusion that WW3 may begin in the near future. Here is the information. 

UPDATED SUNDAY MORNING-SEE BOTTOM - 10:29 AM EST -- Satellites Would Be Attacked First, Then These Radar Stations if WW3 Commences next week 

So, is this just more rumors of wars or will it go hot in the next few days or weeks? And then we have this possible confirmation. 

RUMOR: Biden and Harris EVACUATED to Area 51 on Saturday 

So, he was supposed to have traveled to Area 51 and then to Denver. And why Area 51? I believe, if it is true that he went there, then he probably met with some demons masquerading as aliens and they gave him some important instructions. And then he flew to Denver to do another meeting or possibly hide in the DUMB. 

What most people fail to realize, including our leaders, is that these so-called aliens are just demons and or their spawn and they are deceiving people to bring forth their nefarious plans--Seals 1 to 4 and the takeover of the world by the antichrist. 

So, are we on the precipice of WW3? Are the UFO alien demons in the process of deceiving the nations into another World War? 

I do not know for sure, but I do know that after Seal 1, comes the Seal 2 WW3. And if Seal one has already been opened, which is a distinct possibility, then WW3 is imminent. 

Remember the first 4 Seals occur in the first half of the last 7 years. And if the last 7 years began in the fall of 2018 then we will see Seal 2 before the midpoint in spring of 2022—if in 2019, then before 2023 and so on. 

There is another possible parameter to consider. A former illuminati said WW3 and all the other bad stuff would occur in a 91 day (13 weeks) period of time before the antichrist comes on the scene. 

Using the 91 day parameter for a 2022 antichrist arrival, according to my calculations, 1/11/22 through 4/27/22 would be a prime time to watch for WW3. 

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

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  1. Wow, things are really brewing at Russia. I have been watching this for a few days. But i need to pass up something for you William. Some people may not be aware of this. but gee things are getting darker every day- i haven't had the slightest clue. things are gearing up fast and furious. take a look at this video about this woman who shared what is going on with the drink called MONSTER energy drink. stay away from it. i never buy them or red bull, i knew it was dangerous but..... wow

    1. It is crazy.. things a ramping up, Jesus is coming!

    2. Yes things are getting crazy and the 666 on the drink is bad news. Yes Jesus is coming but not until after the opening of Seal 6.

  2. this is really strange but funny. it might make you laugh...but??


  3. Jan 8 was also a Huge Ritual date involving the conjunction of Venus as it goes from the Evening Star to the Bright Morning Star.
    David Bowie Blackstar ritual = devil also claims to be the Morning Star,
    but he is a Black Star
    David Bowie Bday and Elvis Bday = release of final album Blackstar,
    then Bowie died at masonic age 69 on 1/10
    Harry Reid funeral and Obama spoke about Harry giving him a 'kiss' = Judas kiss to identify the Messiah
    Steve Fletcher channel was covering this mega ritual, Madonna also involved giving birth to Venus
    On 1/10/2010 Harry Reid had to apologize for racial statements aobut Obama's chances to become prez.
    Harry Reid 'just happened' to be a cop at the Capitol while he went to George Washington Law
    He formed a group in Congress AATIP to search for aliens and UFOs = a tip of the Spear and Trident rituals
    1/11 is a trident date
    (lets go) Brandon Flowers (lotus flower) performed at the funeral and probably pointing to Biden being replaced with Kamala soon?

    1. Excellent info and thanks for sharing. There are too many syncs to not know that they are getting ready to bring forth their man.

  4. We will be going through tough times...but many scriptures point out that there will be a remnant that make it through.

    I recommend us all to follow Isaiah chapter 1 as it is a chronological blueprint for what we will be going through. 31 quick reading verses.

    Verses 1-6 describe our nation laden with iniquity...
    Verse 7 is after our cities are burned with fire...

    Ah...but there is hope. Verse 9 mentions the Lord has left a small remnant..lest we be completely gone so Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Verses 16,17 is our blessed remedy to help sustain us through. Put away our evil doings, cease doing such.
    Help the oppressed, the orphans, help the widows.

    Verse 18..our sins though they be as scarlet, they shall be like wool.

    Verse 19 is the keystone scripture here..."If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land"

    This is to the "remnant"...same as the being the "gleaning grapes in Isaiah 17:6.

    The rest of Isaiah chapter 1 has the Lord saying the silver has become dross.

    Thy princes are rebellious, loving gifts, going after rewards, neither do they help the fatherless or the widows..
    Verse 24 has reached the Lords limits when he avenges us of our enemies.

    In my opinion...that is the precise time of Christ's second coming. We the remnant "grapes" will be right alongside Him.
    Verse 25 has Christ purging away all the dross.
    26 has Christ restoring the judges...the "faithful city. Clearly this is the start of the millennium.
    Verse 27 has Zion REDEEMED with judgment, and her converts given RIGHTEOUSNESS. Can we not say this is the time when our redemption has come!!

    Verse 28 says "the destruction of the sinners and the transgressors shall be together, and they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed.

    Isaiah chapter 1 ends with verse 31..."And the strong shall be as tow,and the maker of it as a spark,and they shall both be burned together, and none shall quench them.

    Again, in my opinion, this chapter 1 is a blessed overview that our feet are just now stepping into watching it be fulfilled through our terrible demise as a whole....but the BLESSED promise of there being a remnant that makes it....if...we follow verses 17,18, and 19.

    What an amazing faith building time we are living in. I am for sure going to seek out more widows and fatherless as this is the Lords command...and not us just doing "works".


    1. Good synopsis and great verse.
      "Verse 19 is the keystone scripture here..."If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land""

  5. N Korea just launced a mach 10 missile on the 10th,
    1/10 = 110 stories in Twin Towers
    news of it on the Trident 1/11 = Titan wars vs Olympians =
    as China Locks Down for the Olympics
    Georgia (guidestones) won last night for first time
    since 1980 = Guidestones birthed on 3/22

    As Herschel Walker runs for Senate
    "Walker, listed as a 6-foot 2-inch 222-pound running back, was the most sought after high school football player in the nation, signed a national letter of intent to play for the University of Georgia Bulldogs on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1980"
    = 46th prez Biden
    = 222 code for 2022

    Herschel replaced Lou Ferregno The Hulk
    as Council on Sports Nutrition
    on May 14th 2018 = 70th Bday of Israel

    He was on the 92' Olympics Bobsled team
    #92 nephilim giant Micahel Strahan just went to Space
    92 yrs since the 29' Crash
    Those Olympics ended on 2/23 = 322

    Ongoing Titans vs Olympians rituals =
    Final Olympics ever = Krakken = Hydra in vaxx = Saturn Rituals = old gods vs the new gods = 8 meta Avengers dead (including Hulk) as the new politically correct and racially diverse Marvel gods rise = Eternals on Jesuit 5th of November = Astrowrold 5g deaths

    Pluto returns to it's 1776 War position in Feb=
    Pluto released the Krakken

    1. WOW, absolutely amazing syncs and info. The signs are increasing

  6. William I didn't want to post it here but I feel like we have to pray for this man who is a German lawyer- I am not going to post a video because of security and don't want to risk him but I will say something here. I just watched his video and it was a shock what he will do for the entire world. his name is Dr. Reiner Fuellmich- we MUST pray for this man - Pray and fast for a year because -- I will have to say because this is the person who is the right person who fits in this category . He is working very diligently to get many lawyers and doctors to come forward to stop this vaccine madness. he is also saying this vaccine DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. Why is this vaccine not working when we see a person dies from the vaccine. HE says that is NOT A VACCINE- it is poison. I agree with him. He has said that Dr Fauci , Bill Gates, and other people around the world who are part of the World Economic Forum should all be hanged for crimes against humanity. I hope this comes into reality but I am asking here William to press forward to reach out many people to pray for this man who has an amazing heart to stop this madness. it is madness. we need to pray that the Lord will place his hand to cover him and protect him with HIS almighty hand. My heart is reaching out to him and want this man to stay alive and speak up. WE must rise up together and pray- we will prevail.
    For all you readers who read this - please ask your prayer warriors to pray for this man - pray and fast - I guess a year because it will be a very long and hard fight in the court (globally) . You will see on the news sometimes this year...maybe around April - Dec. God help us. I do have dreams what I want to do and so do you!