Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Great Conjunction of 12/21/2020

There is what some are heralding as a great celestial alignment in 2020—a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which is called a great conjunction. The great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will be in Aquarius and it occurs on 12/20-21/2020, the winter solstice. Some are heralding this as the only great conjunction to ever occur on the winter solstice.

Many are saying that at this alignment things on earth will change in a significant way. Let’s examine the data and what is being said in light of Biblical parameters and see what it yields. The first bit of data involves the infamous Age of Aquarius.

And it feels to me that the first Jupiter-Saturn union in Aquarius--since 1405 A.D.!--the one on Dec. 21, 2020 GO TO JUPITER-SATURN2020 CHART --may truly reflect a major birthing of Aquarian Age energies. Why? Because it is when all of this Aquarian impulse reaches Jupiter and Saturn (the two largest planets of the solar system) that human society really starts changing!

So this source is saying there will be a major birthing of Aquarian Age energies on this day. And let’s not forget the antichrist age of Aquarius has been signaled to begin on 8/13/2024.

Not only are they saying this occurrence will have Aquarian connections, some are saying this is the end of the Mayan calendar—the true 12/21/2012.

In studying this matter, we spotted another curious astronomical coincidence that indicated that we were on to something on this track. The Great Conjunction of April 17, 3124 BC could have been the original cue for the Mayan Era’s beginning if the katun is a reference to the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. This date of beginning for the Mayan Era would provide an end for the Mayan Era on the 260th Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020 AD.

Here is another source predicting great changes are ahead in relation to this conjunction, which is one of the three planetary cycles to complete in 2020.

In the year 2020, three major planetary cycles complete and begin anew, creating a societal reset and the start of "The Great Transformation" occurring throughout the next decade, 2020-2030. Source: The 2020 ”Societal Reset” & “The Great Transformation“ 2020-2030

There is even a Great conjunction Nibiru connection. A scientist believes this will be the time when Nibiru becomes visible as was featured in a post at The Big The One.

Nibiru is a comet planet, which, roughly, is seven times larger than the Earth.  She has a monstrous magnetic field.  It extends to 47 astronomical units and is at least 200 times larger than the Earth’s magnetic field.  And that all we know about her is that Nibiru is a cosmic riddle that challenges all the laws of physics.

Most likely, Nibiru is a very dense body, the surface temperature of which does not exceed 40 degrees.  It is surrounded by a thick layer of magnetic iron oxides that absorb sunlight.  Now Nibiru is located at a distance of 4 astronomical units and is only visible occasionally - when passing by massive planets whose magnetic field causes disturbances in the cloud surrounding Nibiru.

In turn, this cloud causes disturbances throughout the solar system, manifested in the form of surges in the magnetic field, volcanic activity and earthquakes.  However, around all this there is a conspiracy surrounding real data like a cloud of dark debris surrounding Nibiru itself.

Unfortunately, we do not know and cannot find out the exact statistics of the periods of the collapse of the fields, and no one will tell us the long-known date of arrival.  We see only the manipulation of the amplitudes of planetary seismic activity…

Gentlemen, while we are surrounded by a media war and data blocking, we will still encounter this arrival sooner or later.  Astronomical laws are very simple.

I already mentioned in earlier diagrams that Jupiter is now catching up with the more distant Saturn, and both of them are located approximately in the area of ​​the constellation Sagittarius.  When these two large planets line up in relation to us in one line, the Nibiru system between us should be visible even with simple binoculars.

Gentlemen, even NASA consultant and former president of the US Geological Survey, Dr. Eitan Trowbridge, warn that time is running out - the arrival is close.  Trowbridge is currently providing compelling evidence of abnormal climate change, the intensity of hurricanes and numerous earthquakes and volcanoes.

And this is a sign that Nibiru is at the door, forcing elites who know the true time of arrival to climb underground.  And only a few honest scientists challenge the elites, trying to convey information to people so that they take at least some precautionary measures.

So to say the least, 12/21/20 is being hyped as a day of great change and transformation. Before we evaluate these ideas in a Biblical perspective let me add in one more piece of data. 12/21/20 is also within a Nibiru large earthquake watch period.

Ok so what do we make of all of this. If we are in the first half of the last 7 years, which is a distinct possibility, then this indeed could be a time of great change. For great changes will take place during the first half of the last 7 years.

During the first half of the last 7 years Seals 1 to 4 will be opened, which include a New World Order takeover, WW3, a worldwide financial collapse, and the death of 25% of the world’s population—1.9 billion. Along with those; alien disclosure and contact will occur, the antichrist will come onto the scene, the great falling way will take place, the abomination of desolation will occur, the temple will be rebuilt, and earthquakes, volcanoes, weather extremes, and storms will increase.

So if we are in the last 7 years then it is a definite possibility that we could see great changes take place around that the time of the great conjunction on 12/21/20. But it will not be caused by the great conjunction, it will be brought about by the devil and the evil forces aligned with him who sometimes align their activities in accordance with celestial events.

So based on all the hype and the distinct possibility that we may be in or nearing the first half of the last 7 years, 12/21/20 is a time to watch for the occurrence of major events. BTW: 12/21/20 is one year away from 12/21/21, our hypothesized date for the California Mega earthquake.

Here is something else to keep in mind; do you remember that there is an encoded map and dates on the dollar bill? Using the esoteric numbers from the dollar bill in the following calculation yields an interesting date.

19.471 x 12.555 = 244.458 = 244 years and 168 days

There are 244 years and 168 days between 7/4/1776 and 12/20/2020.

And let’s not leave out the UFO demonic aliens out of the discussion. Here is what they are saying will happen shortly after the Great conjunction.

…The second thing we, the Divine have done is to decide when the Divine government will start and how the process will be. Your Father has planned out the entire process. According to his plan, the Divine government will start in the beginning of the year 2021. By then, the entire Divine government team members are required to be located in Washington DC…

Hmm… a “divine” UFO alien government in Washington D.C—that’ll be interesting.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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About the author: William Frederick; M.Div. has been preaching and teaching the Word of God for over 30 years. He has dedicated his life to serving God and helping others come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and understand essential end times Bible Prophecy truths. He is the author of several books including The Coming Epiphany and The Dollar Code. His articles are originally published on The End Times Forecaster Blog. From there, his articles are published and referenced on various prophecy related websites. If you would like to republish his articles, please feel free to do so, just please include the original link to the article. The more people that see this information the better, and we need to wake more people up while there is still time.


  1. William,

    A lot of information! How did you get so smart about Nibiru? The most amazing fact is it that it has a 47-day orbit and extends out 47 astronomical Units (about a 9 billion + mile orbit, extending out over 2.5 billion miles beyond Pluto)! Does that fit with planetary orbital mechanics?

    Anyway, What about this:
    11/1/2018 Beginning of Final Countdown (It’s The Final Countdown....)

    12/21/2020 Great Earthquake, Sun Dark, Moon Blood (But it will not be caused by the great conjunction,it will be brought about by the devil and the evil forces aligned with him who sometimes align their activities in accordance with celestial events.)

    12/25/2020 Birth (Hoover Damn (water) breaking)

    From 11/1/2018 to and including 12/25/2020:
    786 days, 86+7=93=93+39=132=33 and 7+8+6=21=3 (111)
    2 years, 1 month, 25 days = 28, 28+82=110
    25 month, 25 days= 50, 50+05=55
    67,910,400 seconds= 67+910+400=1377=377+1=78+3=81=81+18=99
    1,131,840 minutes= 1+131+840=972=72+9=81=81+18=99
    18,864 hours=18+864=993=82+8=90=90+9=99
    *All together: 33+11+55+99+99+99=396=96+3=99

    12/31/2020 7th day after birth, end of Mother Earth uncleanness

    01/01/2021 8th day after birth, (circumcision) and 2 sacrifices (New York and Los Angeles?)

    01/25/2021 30th day after birth presented @ Temple

    04/01/2021 81st (9x9) day after 8th day following birth, same as 12-year-old Confirmation/Sacrament/Ritual

    1 It's the final countdown Gematria=252=54+45=99
    1 The final countdown Gematria=204=24+42=66
    1 The final countdown Gematria=204=24+42=66
    1 (The final countdown) Gematria=204=24+42=66
    =1,111 =99

    1. According to the documentary: AT&T's "the Sign", Nibiru is 'Plant X', the planet causing '... a 1/3 of the stars to fall to earth...', from the book of Revelations, which is an asteroid belt (the Dragon's Tail) the earth passes through, causing mass destruction and death. (According to this documentary, the beginning of the tribulation period started on Sep 23 2017, the astrological alignment described in Revelations Chap 12).

  2. According to Montagraph, "a Grand Canyon area" will be hit around April 19...this could be the Hoover.

    1. Joe Brandt's dream has the Hoover going a few moths before the big cali quake.

  3. Matthew 24:36:
    "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

    1. Yes, that is correct no one knows the day or hour of the rapture. It will occur at an unknown time after the opening of Seal 6.

  4. There IS NO rapture . False christ comes first .

    1. You are correct that the false christ must come first. But then after that at the Day of the Lord event after the 6th Seal is opened the rapture will occur.

    2. The rapture will come before the tribulation even begins. His children on earth will not have to suffer. We are not in the tribulation because the church is still here. No seals will be opened while the Christians are still on earth.

    3. God never promised us we would not go through tribulation--I am going through it now. God only promised that we would not be subject to His wrath. His wrath starts after Seal 6 is opened.

    4. William, the seals of Revelation are also God’s judgment (His wrath) in the first half of the Tribulation period. We are not in the Tribulation period yet. It's after WW3!

    5. Olli it does not matter what I say or what you say, it matters what the Word of God says and His Word says this.

      9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: Rev 6.

      God does not persecute His children, this cannot be God's wrath. His Word tells us that His wrath starts after Seal 6 is opened.

      12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth For the great day of his wrath is come;

  5. William, the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will be in Capricorn, not Aquarius!

    "On November, 20th 2020, Jupiter will transit in the Capricorn sign and conjunct with Saturn and will last till April 5th, 2021. After that, Jupiter will move to the Aquarius sign."

    In Pet Goat film, we see this conjunction (quickly moving in the open ice hole) and Capricorn sign forming when boy (wearing yellow shirt and suffers) is lying on the ground in the winter time.

    1. You see Capricorn sign forming in this scene of IPG2:

      The war kicks off right after that (URANIUM, MARKETS PLUNGE, WAR COVERAGE NEXT moving in boy's eyes).

      You mentioned earlier that bombers attacking on "mosque" include braille coding.

      From your article: (

      "In the I Pet Goat II film the bomber planes have Braille coding for the letters DEC which is the same for the numbers 345. Day number 345 of the year is 12/11/18. When it is 12/11/18 in Jerusalem it is still 12/10/18 in other parts of the world."

      I say that DEC means December this year. Sun enters Capricorn zodiac sign on December 21, 2020 which is the day when Great Conjunction is happening in Capricorn sign. War is after that. This next is very important article from you related to these endtimes.

      A Hypothesis for the Date of the California Mega Earthquake: Joe Brandt’s Dream Confirmed! Trump to Die? USA into Turmoil? Updated 10/2

      "Let’s not leave out the Great Conjunction of 2020, which features a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurs on 12/20-21/2020. They are heralding that great changes will take place. If you remember the movie 2012 featured a planetary alignment at the beginning of the film. Update 10/1: BTW: Saturn and Jupiter are shown in alignment at the beginning of the film."

    2. You wrote in your 2018 article:

      "In the I Pet Goat II film the bomber planes have Braille coding for the letters DEC which is the same for the numbers 345."

      It can be for the numbers 354 as well! Day number 354 this year is 12/19/20.

    3. Olli thanks for the great info. Yes the Great conjunction is in Capricorn. In the post above in the quote I was not agreeing with what they wrote just showing what the new agers were saying about it--that they believe Aquarian energies will be released. They in error said it would be in Aquarius. I should have noted that below the quote.

      Thanks for reminding me about the IPG2 Capricorn sign and the Braille coding , I forgot about that, I will have to review it. But it certainly looks like the next few weeks have great potential for pivotal events.

      "Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil for Thou art with us"

    4. The uneven distribution of constellations is not evenly divided into 30 degrees, entering the age of Aquarius

  6. Did y’all forget it’s hebrew year 5781 not the Roman pagan 2020 lie that mainstream society would like you to believe or have ya forgot? Nobody knows the time except
    God himself. Stop fearing the unknown whatever is going to come to pass will come to pass. Get right with God and know the 10 commandments. Research Ron Wyatt if you want recent biblical rediscoveries in our lifetimes.

    1. Ron has been featured on this site. He has made some great discoveries, but I do not agree with his Noah's ark stuff.

      I agree that no one knows the day or hour.