Monday, January 17, 2022

Synchronicities of the Apocalypse; the Insider and the Elder


Back in September of 2021 I featured an article posted by The Big The One regarding leaked information from an insider about the real reason for COVID and the vaccine. The insider basically stated that COVID and the vaccine were for the purpose of killing billions of people and collapsing the governments of the world and thus paving the way for the takeover of the world by a new world government—the new world order. Here is what he said. 

You could say that the plan is in full swing and very successful so far. The absorption of mRNA has been huge, and everyone believes that "cure" is the only way to get back to normal. These guys told me that the implementation of the plan exceeded their wildest expectations! 


Then the tabloids will make a U-turn and start telling the pure truth about these vaccines. Millions, if not billions, will die. People will become enraged and burn their governments to the ground. Politicians, bureaucrats, and illustrious doctors will be hanged on lanterns. Provaxes, feeling doomed, will be furious. Anti-Vaxx will be furious. because their government allowed this nightmare. And when the world chaos and the war of all against all begins, a new world government will emerge and become a great savior. I was told it would be an "easy sale." 

That is some very interesting insider information, but is it true? As most of you are aware Seal 1 is a force going throughout the world to conquer it. And as most of you are aware I have been telling you Seal one may have already been opened and COVID and the vaccine may be the agent in which they will conquer the world. See the post; 

The Rider on the White Horse was Given a Crown! Has Seal 1 Been Opened? 

Is what the insider is telling us about the workings of the white horse of Seal 1? And if so, then we can indeed conclude that Seal 1 been opened and billions will die from these shots in the near future. Let’s consider what Seal 4 entails. 

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. Rev 6:7,8 

One out of four one the earth dying would be approximately 1.9 billion people. And if billions do die, will the masses turn on their governments and topple them, just as the insider has told us? Consider another piece of data featured at The Big The One about a message from the Greek elder Geoken. 

My children will be arresting a leader of a very large country!!! Maybe he won't have time to go to Court, what will happen(the arrest) will be so sudden that as a consequence, the foundations of all governments will creak, it will be very big. 

This conception will be the beginning of the end for many until everything is clear, the Lord will let them eat each other, this blessed hour is coming, they will eat their flesh, they will accuse each other of corruption and much more, in the beginning the world will be in a mess, people won't understand what's happening to them 

People will be bemused, they will think it is some farce, but after that there will be confusion in many, governments will fall and others will come out to replace those that have fallen, they will also fall immediately. 

All over the world, one government will accuse the other of fake news, and the other will accuse the former of getting it involved, all this will be done with LIGHTNING-BLAST MOVEMENTS... the world will be so confused and bewildered that seeing even on the street a person, they will think lest he be like the others. 

You will see governments that fall on top of each other, you will see governments and rulers who leave their countries aron-aron, and will be blamed by those who are to be accused themselves, by their collaborators, but in the end they will go through terrible halls, all together and everyone will take what belongs to them, for the great evil they started and did to humanity. 

The evil they have done to mankind will be unforgivable by God, by the Trinity because they have put up with the Creations of God the Father, they have put them with those who loved God the Father, they have put up with those who gave His Son to be crucified in order to take upon Him all the sins of this world… 

Well, that is quite an interesting sync, the insider featured at the beginning says the governments of the world will collapse because people will turn on their governments for their crimes against humanity and the Elder Geoken says the same thing. 

Again, that is quite an interesting sync and if what they are saying is true, then the implications lead to the conclusion that we are indeed in the last 7 years, Seal one has been opened, Seal 4 can be seen on the horizon, and Seals 2 and 3 are imminent. 

And if the information is valid who do you think will be the leader of a very large country that will be arrested? Biden, Hillary, Obama, Trump, Johnson, the Queen? 

Regardless of who the first is to be arrested, after the world is in disarray from the first 4 Seals, which were brought about by the actions of evil forces aligned with satan, the world will beg for a savior—aka the UFO connected antichrist. As the insider put it, “And when the world chaos and the war of all against all begins, a new world government will emerge and become a great savior. I was told it would be an "easy sale."” 

Please do not continue to think that the rapture will rescue you from these things. Christians will be here until after Seal 6 is opened, that is when the rapture occurs. Have you prepared for the end times?

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

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  1. Hello William
    From my post Nov 21st 2021, Watch days.
    December 30th 2021 188 day earthquake cycle.
    December 29/30 2021 7.3 earthquake just north of Australia.
    From the last blood moon of 2015 2300 days January 14th 2022.
    January 14th 2022 " Huge Tonga volcanic eruption felt around the world.
    Next watch dates.
    February 11th 2022 2520 days after total solar eclipse in middle of blood moons.
    February 26th 2022 2520 days after third blood moon.

    We are waiting
    We are watching
    We are seeing and will see
    Brent 188

    1. I am sure the blood moons will figure in some how, they were an important sign

  2. William --- this is a shock to me. i can not believe it.

    WOW!! we need to pray that it will happen here as well.

  3. William, the country I live in, has become completely satanic if you look at the songs that will take part in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Finland (the Finnish preliminary). For example:

    Listen to The Rasmus’ Eurovision entry bid and new single ‘Jezebel’

    Olivera: Thank God I’m an Atheist

    Look at the lyricks for this song:

    Thank God I’m an atheist
    ‘Cause I don’t wanna face my sins
    I don’t know
    It seems pretty clear to me
    That heaven is a state of mind
    So thank God I’m an atheist
    ‘Cause I don’t wanna live forever and on
    Just die when it’s time for it
    Just fall asleep and disappear

    And then Cyan Kicks: Hurricane (Note: Anubis in the backround)

    1. Unfortunately, many countries of the world have been deceived into following the devil, some knowingly, others out of ignorance. The only solution for the world's problems is the Gospel.

  4. hey, i ran into this website and just thought it may help. you can go this website and start sharing around. there is a flyer or some paper you can print it out and post it around community or give it to your church friends first and then they may pass it on.. then your family.

    i like this idea. i may do this...

    By the way if you are not in the US- yes, do this in your country also. i am shocked about England. WOW!!!
    prayers all....

  5. With all that you have written. Your need to know shows that you are looking for someone or perhaps it is something you are looking for.
    How do you know if you are going in the right direction to reach your search goal?
    If your date of February 22, 2022 is not the right one or the event is discreet and therefore reserved for an elite. Will you show a new date?
    In 2021 too many dates have been given and this time with the energy of desperation to find the right date have ruined thousands of women and men.
    The lessons of the past years are not applied in 2022.

    1. You are misinformed. Maybe you are from a different country and you are not understanding what is being written in English. I am not Alexa, I did not say an alien invasion, antichrist born, things get worse on 2/22/22, Alexa said those things. I pointed out other things that synchronized with that date. I plainly stated that I do not know if anything major will happen on that date. Based on all the syncs is is a date to watch, maybe something will happen, maybe nothing, it is merely a date to watch. If you cannot comprehend that or that bothers you then it would be better to not read articles like that.