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The Synchronicities of Day #88; Super Bowl 50, the Hoover Dam...

Note: Updates added 2/6 and 2/7 in middle of post and new info added in comments
A series of events have been occurring at esoteric intervals before and after 11/11/15, which if you are not familiar with you can read about in this post; The 11/11 Chronicles. The most recent event occurred on day #77 (7x11). The events involved the Oregon standoff and some Israel events; The 11/11 Chronicles: Day 77--The Oregon Standoff and Israel.
Day #88 (8x11) past 11/11/15—2/7/16—is being watched as another possible day of an event. Many synchronicities are presenting themselves in regards to this date which will be presented below for your consideration. If you know of any more pieces of information regarding this date please comment or email.
The Synchronicities
1.    Date Syncs: As already mentioned 2/7/16 is day #88 past 11/11/15. Let me also mention that it is 44 days before 3/22/16 (322) and 44 days past the Christmas full moon. Remember this about the Christmas full moon from the post; Huge ET Event Imminent! Will It Be A Black Knight Christmas?
Look at the screen shot at 1:28, which is at 88 seconds. It is of the lady with the moon white shirt, and blood moon color red jacket and matching lip stick—the moon with a red covering—blood moon eclipse! Is this a reference to the first and last blood moons of the tetrad which are 88 weeks (rounded down) and 88 days respectively to Christmas day and the full moon? Now get this; from the exact time of the first blood moon eclipse of the tetrad on 4/14/14 to just after 1 AM UT on Christmas day it is 88 weeks, 88 hours, 88 minutes, and 88 seconds!
In the occult it has been stated that the number 8 is the key to open a dimensional doorway. Interestingly the 88th verse of the Bible is Gen 4:8 And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. And the 88th verse from the end of the Bible is Rev 18:21 21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. Notice also 4:8 = 4+8 = 12, and 18:21 = 1+8+2+1 = 12. And BTW; 88 weeks happens to be equal to 616 days—an antichrist number.
So the Christmas full moon seems to have some interesting connections with the number 88, the blood moons, and 2/7/16.
Another date synchronicity is that there are 121 (11x11) days (inclusive) between 2/7/16 and 6/6/16. June 6, 2016 is being watched as a date of a possible antichrist related event—more on that in the future.
Here is an interesting numerical occurrence with the date 2/7/2016: 2+7=9, 2+0+1+6=9, 9+9=18, 1+8=9. Remember Bullinger says that 9 is the number of finality or judgment.
2.    Super Bowl 50: 2/7/16 is the day of Super Bowl 50 between the Broncos and Panthers. In the past some Super Bowl half time shows have contained predictive programming regarding future catastrophic events. This year Coldplay and Beyonce are slated to perform the halftime ritual.
Coldplay is a British Rock band, and of course you are probably aware of who Beyonce is; an American Pop rocker. The meaning of the name Coldplay is said to refer to having to perform a song before a group without practicing—being thrown into a situation unawares. In regards to Beyonce, news articles were saying that she was going to “rescue” the halftime show. That kind of reminds me of the coming situation in which the world will unknowingly be thrown into the tribulations of the Seals and then the antichrist will come to the “rescue.”
It is interesting to note that the 2015 Economist cover featured a British Rock guitar smashing an American drum set with a 50 on it. A drum is covered with a membrane—thus the broken drum may represent a broken membrane. Also there is a football close by the smashed drum, a possible reference to the Super Bowl that even has a football emblem painted on the grass.
A broken membrane reminds me of the coming antichrist “breaking of the waters” birthing ritual—destruction of the Hoover dam. The destruction of the Hoover Dam was featured in several past Super Bowl halftime shows. The Hoover dam destruction is also featured on the $50 dollar bill.
They have released a video of the song in the show. A researcher had this to say about the upcoming halftime ritual. (Note: I do not recommend viewing the video at the link; who would want to see a half naked demon possessed person performing a ritual anyway? In case you are not aware, Beyonce has admitted to being possessed as she performs.)
Coldplay and Beyonce recently released the music video for “Hymn for the Weekend” and it was full of symbolism. Featuring everything from invoking Hindu deities to performing pagan rituals, this music video covered it! Coldplay recorded the video in Mumbai, India during the Holi Festival giving us a preview of what to expect at Super Bowl 50. If it’s anything like Beyonce’s super bowl performance a few years ago when the lights went out, beware!
Remember that the Hoover dam destruction is connected to the Hindu god of destruction, and the antichrist birthing ritual. I wonder what demonic entity will be possessing Beyonce’s body during the halftime ritual this year?  Could it be Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction? Remember these words;
The video, which appears to be from satanic sources very plainly states “since the Hoover Dam event comes the beginning of the end.” Notice that the picture of the Hoover Dam in the video has the symbol in about the same location as the hole pictured on Google earth.
The video goes on to give what may be a coded date for the event; “Vishnu/Shiva dances in the waters of the Hoover Dam on that Big Day.” (If any of you have any thoughts about the meaning of that phrase, comment below) Then it goes on to say; “the bomb made by CERN in Switzerland is dropped into the waters!”
Will Shiva be dancing through Beyonce’s body while she is performing the “Hymn for the Weekend” song? BTW; the Hindu Shiva festival is on 3/7/16 and the Holi festival is on 3/24/16.
When will “Shiva dance her dance of destruction” and destroy the Hoover? Remember these words; “since the Hoover Dam event comes the beginning of the end.” Will day #88 mark the beginning of the end—the day the countdown begins?
Speaking of the Hoover I just ran across this bit of prophetic information;
…-Obama will not finish his second term in office. This event will create major riots across America. The rioters will set many fires.
-Joe Biden will be 45th President of the USA.
-Hillary Clinton will be the 46th President of the USA (NOT by election but rather by appointment), and will be the LAST President of USA. See and

-Jesus showed me and others that there will be major terror attacks in the USA. This will include hydroelectric dams including the Grand Coulee Dam in the state of Washington & the Hoover Dam in the Las Vegas area. It might include other locations as well. This is "THE PROPHECY OF THE DAMS". Millions of people will lose electric & drinking water long term…
Update 2/6: The individual above believes that a major event is pending for 2/10-11/16 to 3/11/16 with an emphasis on 2/10-11/16 which would be 3 to 4 days after the Super Bowl. How about 3 days and 22 hours?
Also just read this morning that North Korea has upped it's launch date to February 7 to 14.
Just ran across a great post by The Daily Crow that lists many more synchronicities; The Jubilee Super Bowl: Levi’s Transamerica.
Update 2/7: Just ran across this dream account involving Super Bowl 50 and project bluebeam. So add UFO event to the list below. BTW there has already been a day #88 event--North Korea launched a missile! Right in line with what the Economist cover pointed to.
URGENT! BEWARE Lady Gaga Project Blue Beam At Superbowl 50 - See more at:
End of updates.
Note: I cannot tell you exactly when the Hoover will go, but I am confident that it will be destroyed at some point in the future as part of an antichrist birthing ritual. And if Joe Brandt’s dream is to be trusted then the California mega earthquake will occur about 3 months after the Hoover goes; Popocatepetl, the California Mega Earthquake and Joe Brandt’s Dream.
One other connection to the Super Bowl is the Golden Gate Bridge which is depicted on a Super Bowl 50 logo. If you take a look at this Wikipedia page about the bridge you will see many interesting numbers and dates. One date in particular stands out—the date of 4/19/37—the date construction ended. There are a host of “bad” events that occurred on 4/19 including the infamous Oklahoma bombing.
3.    Lines: Here are some interesting lines associated with the Super Bowl location. The first line was drawn from the middle of the stadium to the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge—the distance is exactly 40 miles.
This second line was drawn from the Temple mount in Jerusalem to Levi’s Stadium. Notice that it cuts through Highway 395, which was the road that Lavoy Finicum was killed on. That incident occurred on day #77. The 11/11 Chronicles: Day 77--The Oregon Standoff and Israel.
If we invert the globe and zoom out we see that the line goes directly through the head shaped object (circled) that not only looks like, but has associations with President Obama. The NUKING of Yellowstone—BEWARE the antichrist “Ring of Fire” Birthing Ritual—Our Greatest Threat
Zooming out over Levi’s Stadium we see an eel like looking creature, as if it is swallowing the stadium. 
4.    The Chinese New Year: 2/7/16 is the last day of the Chinese year of the Sheep, 2/8/16 is the Chinese New Years day and is the first day of year of the fire monkey. In fact at the time of the Super Bowl it will already be New Years day—2/8/16—In China.
The 2015 Economist cover featured a double faced moon. The Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar. Could the double faced moon signify the day of the Chinese New year when one year ends and another begins. Notice that right below the moon is what looks to be a missile and nuclear explosion and that the football points to the explosion.
5.    In The Skies: on 2/7/16 Mercury will be at its highest. There is an Earth, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto alignment.

6.    Gematria: A couple of researchers have come up with some amazing Gematria data connected with 2/7/16 and the Super Bowl.
7.    This Day in History: There are some interesting events that have occurred in history on 2/7. 
7th February, 1964: The Beatles arrive on their first visit to the United States, where Thousands of fans greet them at Kennedy Airport in New York in what can only be described as Beetle Mania. The Beatles' first scheduled appearance was on American television on Sunday on the Ed Sullivan show ( 73 million people or 40% of Americans tuned into watch the Beatles sing All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand. )
On 2/7 in 1812 one of the major New Madrid earthquakes struck. (HT Karen)
February 7, 1812, 0945 UTC (3:45 a.m.); (M 7.5 -8.0) epicenter near New Madrid, Missouri. New Madrid was destroyed. In St. Louis, Missouri, many houses were severely damaged, and their chimneys were toppled. This shock was definitively attributed to the Reelfoot Fault by Johnston and Schweig. Uplift along a segment of this reverse fault created temporary waterfalls on the Mississippi at Kentucky Bend, created waves that propagated upstream, and caused the formation of Reelfoot Lake by obstructing streams in what is now Lake County, Tennessee.
In the Jewish calendar 2/7/16 is 28 Shevat
28 Shevat (circa 134 BC) - Antiochus V abandoned his siege of Jerusalem and his plans for the city's destruction. This day was observed as a holiday in Hasmonean times.
These are the synchronicities that I see for day #88—2/7/16. Whether or not these synchronicities have significance and or anything happens on 2/7/16, is yet to be seen. 
It may just be that the Super Bowl halftime ritual is “the event,” which will most likely contain predictive programming to future events. And thus future events may occur at esoteric intervals past 2/7/16. Or with all the syncs maybe a big event will occur during, or just after the Super Bowl.
If a major event were to occur, there are many possibilities looming such as; the Hoover dam destruction, a large earthquake, a major financial event, Mid East war event, a North Korean event, meteor impact, tsunami, nuclear terror attack, antichrist event, high level assassination, etc.
Or like I said the Super Bowl halftime show may be “the event.” Regardless 2/7/16 is a day that should be watched especially in light of the fact that events have been happening at 11 day intervals and 2/7/16 is 88 (8x11) days from 11/11/15 and it is 121 (11x11) days from 6/6/16.
So what will the day #88 event be? The Super Bowl halftime ritual invoking evil spirits to inundate America, a time marker for future major events, or will one of the pending major events mentioned above occur, or will it be all three?
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
There are some things that you can do to prepare for the end times. The Coming Epiphany is an easy to understand end time Bible prophecy book that will help you to not only understand what is coming but to also prepare for it. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany today.
Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation to find out what you must do to be saved.
Do you know that there is secret information encoded on the dollar bill, including several dates one of which is the date in which the antichrist may take over the world? Read The Dollar Code; Revealing the Secrets Encoded on the Dollar Bill.
Note: If you know of any other day #88 synchronicities please comment below or email.


  1. Superbowl 22 in 1988 Same year as the Economist cover with the Phoenix standing over the burning pile of national currencies. (2) What is the distance from Levi stadium to Bohemian grove? It is on the outskirts of San Fransisco.

    1. from the stadium to the Google mark for 20601 Bohemian Ave is about 80 miles or 92 NM the line runs at 322.93 degrees.

    2. the number 20601 adds to 9. 6+1=7 so it can be written 2/7, and it can be rearranged to be 2016.

  2. On June 5, 2016 a referendum is going to take place in Switzerland about Basic Income which is also called QE (Quantitative Easing) for the people, or "Helicopter Money".,_2016

    "The Finnish proposal, slated to be finalized in 2016, will first be rolled out as a hybrid programme in 2017, offering 550 euros a month while maintaining some social services."

    1. THX for the info. World financial pressures are building.

  3. I saw this, is this evidence of a set-up?

    With regard to the guitar penetrating the drum, a guitar is sometimes referred to as an axe.

    Hebrew gemetria value of shiva is 808
    it shares value with these
    Lucifer christ
    largest quake California
    Los Angeles earthquake
    eye of Anubis
    raised dead man utterance
    Murdoch torched homes
    red jacket
    fascist religionists
    Cc million Africa bomb ny ?

    This is to name a few. Totally weird.

    1. Thanks for the input, definitely worth adding to the list of syncs. Shiva being 808 is astounding.

  4. 8:30am crane accident in New York City. I know the timing is important. This accident is very unusual and most unusual in NYC. They have the strictest building requirements. This is a sign.

    1. THX, it is worth investigating.

      "The crane, stretching roughly as long as a city block, tumbled down around 8:24 a.m. ET near 40 Worth Street in the TriBeCa neighborhood, the FDNY said."

      8:24; 2x4=8 there is your 88.

  5. This is a little off topic,I see it has just been presented publicly that the Bishop of Rome and the Bishop of Moscow have agreed to meet and sign a joint declaration in Cuba around the 12th of February.Things are moving fast in the unity arena, This coming fast on the heels of the joint declaration on May 25th 2014 in Jerusalem. Im not Catholic but I know the importance they place on Fitma and the need for the consecration of Russia and it's end times significance in their eyes.

    1. Yes things are moving fast, and it will not be long before the one world religion is born.

  6. I just noticed something on the guitar--it almost looks like a horse head in the upper left corner. Anyone else see that?

  7. It could be Chinese year of horse. A Beatles rock song or Bon Jovi with horse reference. Or America attacked swiftly and strongly as if by horse. Possibilities.

  8. I received these comments in emails:

    Hi, just read your recent article on the up coming super bowl 50. Not sure if this means anything or if you have covered already but regarding the number of 88, the two arrows from the cover of The Economist magazine add up to 88. 11x5= 55, 11x3= 33, 55 + 33 = 88.

    look at the picture on your latest post. The brit guitar stabbing the drum. Look at the reflection. The "th" for 50th that turns into a 20 and the h is a hebrew 'final Tsadi' numerically it looks like 900 in hebrew number equivilant. The "t" is a hebrew f not sure. If a final Pe then its numeric is 800 20 & 800 + 900 20 1700 or 2017

    Thanks for the info.

    1. Ok, along those lines I just saw this

      A Washington based 38 north, a North Korea monitoring project?
      38 north/ super bowl 50?= 88
      Look at the satellite image, the NADA auditorium and its road, does it look like a sperm cell?

      Is this a place to launch headed for the Hoover Dam for the Ritual?

      On the Economist cover, next to the panda is a little guy holding what looks like a battery with the poles clearly marked as though it was a magnet.
      Could this represent North Korea?

    2. Thats wild about the 11x5 and 11x3 88 never saw that. Bill like you did with a line drawn from the football to the nuke explosion, do the same with the brit guitar... if my draging my finger is correct it comes out to the pig jumping out of the british PMs pocket. Banking crisis with a nuke? EMP.....?


    3. Thanks Matt, the way things are going in the world these days it certainly looks like the piggy bank is getting ready to jump.

    4. Jeff

      Good analysis, I wonder what that satellite has in it? We will have to watch the days closely after the ritual.

  9. I found that 2/11 correspond to:
    -7/4 (independence day)
    -8/31 (= 8/4 Obama's birthday)
    -11/22 (Kennedy assassination)

    2/8 is 7/1 " Demon revels:  Blood rituals and sexual relations with demons"

    3/13 (pope francis election) corresponded to 12/23 ("antichrist birthday" in satanic calendar)

    1. Thanks for the information. We have had -11 dates in the past such as 911, 411 etc. It would not surprise me to see a 211.

  10. BTW; Day 33 event was the LA Bomb scare, Day 55 events were the North Korean nuclear H bomb test and the De facto uniting of the world’s religions by the Pope. See the post; The 11/11 Chronicles.

    1. What would your email be? is mine.

  11. This is just slightly off-subject, William, but I wanted to ask a question, and then explain why I'm asking. So first, the question.

    At what point in the seven-year end time cycle is the battle of Armageddon?

    I ask, because I know that a 200-million person army is supposed to cross the dried up Tigris and Euphrates rivers in order to begin that climactic battle. And in line with that, what I wanted to mention.

    When I went to your new link about the North Korean missile test (which could literally happen during the Super Bowl, though doubtful, as their weather is iffy that day), I noticed another story, about the Mosul Dam, in northern Iraq. This one...

    We/you talk about the Hoover Dam as the place of the Antichrist birthing ritual, but think about this... they call the Mosul Dam the most dangerous dam in the world, that if it collapsed it could kill a half-million people, which is bad enough.

    But, the Tigris/Euphrates area was called Mesopotamia, the *birthplace* of humanity that "ended" in 539 B.C. with *the fall of Babylon*. What more "poetic", logical place for the *birthing of the Antichrist* then there?

    Also, and back to my original question, as long as these big dam-created, man-made lakes exist on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, they can never really run dry... or at least it would take far, far longer for them to do so as they release water from said lakes.

    So, something to think about, in terms of dams collapsing, and I'd like your opinion about it. We're running out of time for some things to happen if your 2017 date is going to be in play, and I see those rivers going dry as one of them.


    1. Really good point Jo. If that dam breaks the rivers run dry. I did not realize that history. I am sure there is prophet tucked away in Daniel or Ezekiel. God Bless.

    2. Thanks, William, and it's certainly something to watch for, as well as all the other things you've mentioned in this blog. I think something like the Mosul Dam breaking would be one of the clearest indicators yet that we are indeed in the end times... not only for the horrific loss of life in the Middle East, but for what it will mean for biblical prophecy.

      And as mentioned above, the North Koreans have launched their ballistic missile this morning (2/7/2016), stating they have successful placed a "satellite" in orbit.

      In line with that, and a previous response of mine about not being aware of a "bad" event because the results do not become apparent until later, we have no idea what this satellite is... it could easily be a nuclear device, and something they could drop onto the U.S. on two hours notice to create that EMP, electronics-destroying explosion that people have been worrying about for years. :(

      I honestly don't think so, as that would take a hydrogen bomb to pull off, and they don't seem to have that capability yet... but who knows for sure anymore?


    3. North Korea really committed its missile test today 2/7/16! It's a sign seen in 2015 The Economist Cover near nuclear explosion! It's fully compatible with 50th Super Bowl today!

      "President Park Geun-hye of South Korea called an emergency meeting of top national security advisers on Sunday to address the launch, her office said. South Korea, the United States and Japan also requested an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council."

      PS. I am from Finland. See my websites.

    4. Note: I meant "Thanks, Jer Woll", above. Sorry for the "autotype". :)


    5. The battle of Armageddon takes place at the end of the 7 years so there is plenty of time for the rivers to dry up. If the midpoint is 2017 then by 2012, if the beginning is 2017 then 2024.

    6. Olli

      Thanks for the input. I was wondering if they would pull that off today. Now the question is what is the satellite carrying? Some have suggested an EMP.

      Unfortunately the day is not over we still have the halftime ritual to take place. I wonder what spirits of destruction will be called on and what the results will be?

    7. JO

      According to Dr. Pry, he believes that the North Koreans do have the capability. Will try to post about soon.

  12. Today governor of NY orders probe into radioactive leak of Indian Point nuclear power station. It is the closest station to biggest metropolis. I would like to know if there is are lines numbers or predictive programming etc. This could be used as terror attack or false flag.

    1. Definitely worth investigating. We already have one ocean contaminated we do not need another.

  13. The Pope Georgian date of 2-16-2016 has a interesting underlying 666 connection to that date and the current Pope.The aniversery date Pope Francis took his final Jesuit oath in 2014 on April 22nd landed on The Grand Cardinal cross of 2014.To me this sign in its simplicity is a cross with the number 13 stamped all over it or rebellion aginst it.The time span between this sign and aniversery date 4-22-2014 & 2-16-2016 is 666 days. Going forward in time 666 days from 2-16-2016 is 12-13-2017 which is Hannakah and the aniversery of Pope Fancis officially becoming a priest he received his holy orders. This is just a fact, Does it really mean anything I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised to hear of Marian apparitions while Pope Francis is in Mexico.

    1. Thanks for the good info, that date should be added to the watch list.

  14. Just so you guys know,

    Is the same story as this one, and was posted back in 2013. Make sure you copy write intellectual property or you can end up in trouble.

    1. THX, many have copied my stories, there was a link in the story to the duplicate BIN article I put up so I will let it go.

  15. Here are a couple of other things that I found associated with your 11/11/15 timeline.

    A thought I had while watching this and hearing him (Jesse) say THEY PLAN to stop the leak by the end of February. What if what THEY DO makes it worse or causes a massive fire/explosion?
    Looking at the time line of Bill's 2/22/16 to 3/22/16 is ripe with dates.
    103 days after: 2/22/16

    110 days after: 2/29/16

    111 days after: 3/1/16

    113 days after: 3/3/16

    119 days after: 3/9/16 (day # 666)

    121 days after: 3/11/16

    132 days after: 3/22/16…

    Now look at Monday 6/6/16
    208 days after 11/11/15 208=16X13
    And then add another 208 it is Saturday 12/31/16

    1. Thanks, good information and analysis, I am working on a post about the porter ranch leak and am going to include the video. 6/6 is definitely a day that needs watching.