Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Forecast Fulfilled: They Just Lit a Match and Blew Up the Kakhovka Dam in Kherson!


A terrible tragedy has just occurred—they blew up the Kherson Dam! 1000s are being evacuated. Prayers are appreciated for the people affected by this great catastrophe. 

1000s Evacuated As Massive Wall Of Water Surges Through Ukraine After Major Dam 'Blown Up' 

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TUESDAY, JUN 06, 2023 - 02:50 PM 

Images and videos posted on social media show a major dam and hydroelectric power plant in the Russian-occupied region of Kherson, located in southern Ukrainian, destroyed early Tuesday. Water rushed through the dam into the Dnieper River, which separates Ukrainian and Russian forces. Both sides accuse each other of the attack that puts tens of thousands of homes at risk and might even threaten the safety of Europe's largest nuclear power plant… 

Based on what God showed me and some predictive programming, I warned of this very possibility back in November of 2022 and that it may be WW3 related. God has also showed me and others some things about this attack, which will be at the end of this post. First; here is some of what I wrote in the November post about the Kherson Dam. 

To start a fire you need oxygen, heat and fuel, a match provides the heat and fuel, the air provides the oxygen. 

A music group called Rammstein, which I never heard of, came out with new album. Here is the video clip—evil music, so consider the source, I suggest muting.


Notice that the date shown in the video is 5/17/2019 and they chose to show a land feature known as the Kakhovka Square in the Ukrainian city of Kherson which I was alerted to by The Big the One. The video shows a match in the center of the Kakhovka Square land area. And as you know matches are used to start fires…


Notice also in the center of the square is a monument known as Three Bayonets, could they represent, WW1, WW2, and WW3?


The Kakhovka dam is upstream from Kherson about 36 miles, but it happens to be at exactly 77.77 degrees from the 3 bayonets to the dam…


Looks like we got oxygen, heat, and fuel, will they start a flood by fire and or will they start a fire by flood?... 

Update: I had a prompting to see where the match is pointing to. The match is pointing at Moscow, and you can draw a line to a point in the city of Moscow that is 666 miles long.


Source: Kherson and the Kakhovka Dam: How do you Start a Fire? Light a Match! Updated 

So, did they just start a fire by flood, did they light the match, will this cause WW3 to escalate greatly? Let me bring a few more things to your remembrance from a recent post. 

Here is some info that I wanted to make you aware of. Intel has come forth from Hal Turner that WW3 is getting ready to “go hot.” 

Based upon information which came to me discreetly via postal mail, I have concluded that World War 3 can kick-off in less than two weeks, between the dates of June 12 thru 24.   The largest NATO air 'exercise" - Air Defender 23 - takes place in that time period; may cover Ukraine "Counter-Offensive."… 

Source: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/world-war-3-potential-kick-off-dates-june-12-24 

Along with that intel, it is being reported that large institutions are being told to have 10 days worth of food supplies. 

Institutions like Hospitals, jails, prisons, etc., were told, casually, three weeks ago, they "should probably have enough food on-hand to get through a ten day disruption of supply chains."   Few thought much of that.   Then today . . . 

. . . they are being explicitly WARNED to "make sure you have enough food to get through a ten day supply chain outage."  

Source: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/intel-institutional-kitchens-being-warned-have-food-stored-for-10-day-disruption-in-supply-chain  

The dates mentioned by Hal for WW3 to go hot are June 12 to 24, 2023. Will WW3 go hot in that date range? With all the sabre rattling going on, I see that as a definite possibility. And if that occurs, it could definitely bring about a disruption in food distribution. 

Source: Is a Black Swan Getting Ready to Land on our Pond? 10 Days of… 

Let me show you a few more syncs. The dam was destroyed on the infamous antichrist 666 date of 6/6/23 (2x3=6). The Kherson Dam destruction date of 6/6/2023 is exactly 7 years from the Venus occultation sign of the antichrist on 6/6/2016.

BTW; God also showed me that 6/6/2016 was a date encoded on the dollar bill. It is also exactly on month from the coronation of King Charles, of which his coronation date had many astounding syncs, including with the 6/6/2016 sign of the antichrist. 

Now let me present some pertinent comments from a previous post, the first of which is by Stan; 

One last comment: William, you know I have mentioned that I knew there was more to that Venus passing behind the sun topic that you posted an article on years ago that I had contributed to. It was so significant that I could not imagine it not having a connection to the AC...or something. You sir discovered a connection posted in this very article of yours. My last comment is that my son Jeff made aware to me that this coming 6/6/23 date also can be broken down to 666 between the hyphens. What I found significant to this date he mentioned is that it is 7 years to the date of this Venus/sun occultation which happened on 6/6/2016. Nothing is implied will happen this coming 6/6/23 as a God wink connection has just been stated. But, if something significant does happen on that date, we will just keep adding to these amazing God winks. God bless you William for your steadfastly posting your articles. 

And here is what Stan’s son Jeff wrote. 

After seeing and reading my dad’s research on the 6/6/23 date, which I stumbled on filling out my time sheet for work, I figured it was more or less the end of the conversation. Then, several nights later I awaken in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep right away. So, I begin to mindlessly scroll the internet. I do not remember what social platform I was on, but I believe what I came across was a TikToc video. Showed the new Diablo chicken sandwich from KFC. (I have screen shots but all of this can be googled). Anyway, the add depicts a demonic looking entity. Turns out, it is another Satanic advertising promo, for what I found out is a video game called Diablo IV. On the bottom of the bags in the center is a QR code with the three squares in three corners depicting 666. Above this code is a phrase that reads, “Lilith welcomes all 6.6.23” this made my hair stand on end. I couldn’t wait to send it to dad, which prompted him to start another rabbity hole into KFC and even more of their Satanic advertising. Just one more thing, I worked in a video store in high school and all new movies or video games were always released on Tuesdays. I knew my pay period ends on Tuesdays which the next end date is 6/6/23. I looked up Diablo IV release date, and it does in fact have a release date of 6/6/23, or 6/6/6. Probably nothing more going to happen on this date than a new video game for the masses to be hypnotized by, but everything else lining up seems very well planned out. 

My reply 

Sometimes events have happened on release dates, what you have found may be significant, especially when it is exactly 7 years from the antichrist sign. It is looking like this date may definitely tie in with the antichrist events. 

Here are some of the images Stan sent me, which speak for themselves.

Remember what I have been telling you; if the last 7 began in 2020 then it calculates out like this--4/19/2024 (+- 1 day) is day 1290 and will be the day that the antichrist begins his 3.5 year rule.

And let me add one other thing I found: The date in the music video was 5/17/2019. There are 1480 days between 5/17/2019 and 6/6/2023. Strong’s Hebrew #1480 is; a body, corpse. 

Conclusion: So, is this it, has the match been lit by a flood, will WW3 go hot? Are things about to escalate to the point that events will transpire to cause a 10-day disruption? Knowing that after the demise of WW3 and the other Seals, and all the antichrist syncs with this event, will this Kakhovka Dam in the Kherson region event play into the revealing of the antichrist? Will someone destroy the Hoover Dam in retaliation, which has links to an antichrist birthing ritual, or was the Kherson dam the birthing ritual? These are certainly questions that bear pondering. 

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

Have you had your epiphany? You need to be prepared for the end times! Read The Coming Epiphany;—Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy. 

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  1. William. Interesting that from that video date stamp of 5/17/2019 ....if you add 1500 days...you arrive on 6/24/23....the other 6/6/6 date that is also 6 +6+6 days past 6/6/23.

    6/24/23 is the last date of the largest NATO military exercise ever. It's possible that exercise could segue into WW3.

    1. Interesting sync, thanks for sharing, with the 666 date that just came to fruition it would not surprise me to see the other 666 date have an event too.

    2. June 23 is also another 666 date. This month is busy. June 14th, if u add up 6+1+4+2+2+3 equals 18. Divisible by six 3 times.

    3. Mr. Trump turns 77 on June 14, 2023! The number 7 has often appeared around Trump.


  2. Interesting that Rammstein is currently in the news.

  3. William, it was 223 days from the date of that Rammstein video on 5/17/2019 to the famous annular solar eclipse on 12/26/2019. From that, there are 1260 days (the 42 months of the Antichrist) until June 8, 2023.



    In addition, from the date 8/11/2021 (the 223rd day of the year), when 239 months had passed since the 9/11 attacks, 666 days have passed on 6/8/2023!


  4. Proverbs 16:18
    King James Version

    18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    June is Pride month in Babylon

    1. The same verse came to my mind a couple of days ago

    2. Oli....Amazing what you came up with! I am often setting as an anchor point the date of 12/26/2019 ....You added more to m growing list.

  5. Rammstein is all over the news in these days her ein Germany and don't forget there is the Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

  6. Oli....Just to add to my last post commenting on your amazing finds...your connections caused me to go down my rabbit hole notes and I came up with stuff that connects to your diggings. I simply love how God uses many people to come up with coincidental numbers thar connect dramatically with others. Of course these are not coincidences..but divine God winks.

    Your connecting 5/17/2019 to 12/26/2019....is one of my favorite dates of ...that solar eclipse giving the corona crown to the rider on the horse in Sagittarius...Then if you go from 12/26/2019 77 days later ...xou arrive on 3/11/2020...the World Health Organization first declared covid 19 a worldwide pandemic. 3/11/2020 was the major shift in our way of living world wide with lockdowns unheard of in public places. Trump put several lockdowns in place on that date.

    Interesting that from 5/17/2020 is 300 days.

    9/11/2001 , the day our twin towers were struck down to 3/11/2020 is 222 months to the day. Come on people, these coincidences are not coincidences...but divine God winks.

    Want more? From this same 3/11/2020 to Queen Elizabeths death and Prince Charles becoming King Charles ...on 9/8/2022....911 days passed. You can't make this stuff up!

    3/11/2020 plus 42 months lands on 9/11/2023...the 22nd anniversary from 9/11/2001 !!!!

    Remember the Revelation 12 sign in the heavens on 9/23/2017? Add 900 days and you arrive on 3/11/2020.

    Nothing to read here folks, just move along. We are all just stumbling upon number coincidences...NOT!!!

    1. Awesome Stan and thanks great work. That puts 9/11/2023 on the radar for sure.

  7. On November 3rd 2014, New York's 104-storey One World Trade Center officially opened, 13 years after the September 11 attacks. That same day KREISFILM released CIRCUIT, a really creepy short film starring Robert Gwisdek.

    KREISFILM produces Rammstein's videos, which are really really creepy. There is more here but just haven't found it yet...


    1. I have issued a watch for 11/3/23--there are many syncs. I missed the one world trade center sync. Thanks

      This is the first in the series


    2. William.....These God wink coincidences keep manifesting themselves.

      The Georgia Guidestones were blown up on 7/6/2022. 11 months later exactly falls on 6/6/23.

      Add 777 days to 7/6/2022 and it conveniently arrives at 8/21/2024...which is 7 years to the day from that first great American eclipse on 8/21/2017.

      These Georgia Guidestones that were blown up on 7/6/2022..if you add 100 days....that lands on 10/14/2022. ....which is exactly 70 years from when the United Nations held its first meeting in NYC on 10/14/1952.

      Speaking of the United Nations and NYC...if you take Google earth and drop a point on the Georgia Guidestones, and go to the United Nations headquarters in NYC...this UN building is in the 666th mile from the Georgia Guidestones.

      Weird that these guidestones were destroyed on 7/6/2022

      GW Bush 76th birthday was on 7/6/2022.

      I took Google earth and measured to the Hoover Dam and it is exactly 1800 miles...600 +600+600 miles. Readers here might recall Williams excellent article on the Mercedes trident on top of the Mercedes super dome in Baton Rouge, Louisiana....and how one arm points exactly to the Hoover Dam and another arm of the trident points exactly to the Georgia Guidestones.

      As if we need any more God winks...how about the fact that from the Georgia Guidestones to the demonic inspired Denver Airport with the blue horse...just so happens to measure 1260 miles.

      Speaking of this Mercedes superdome, Williams article mentioned how superbowl 47 in the Mercedes superdome, had half its lights go out on 2/3/2013. If you count the days back to the heavenly event of comet Shumaker Levy9 striking Jupiter on 7/16/1994...it is 6777 days...which is 18 years/6 months/18 days...This comet broke up int0 21 fragments that bombarded Jupiter for 7bdays. The world was watching live from.the Hubble space telescope the first ever view from earth of another celestial object striking another heavenly body.

      I am very careful to make sure my numbers are correct, and the events and objects ate where and when I typed it happened. I do not want anyone to take my figures as a fact without first checking them out for yourself. I am a show me type...and find it much more rewarding to verify for myself these coincidences.

    3. William....I found some more God winks to add to the Michael Packard incident where he went into a humpback whales mouth on 6/11/2021 and "Jonah Handler miraculously surviving that devastating apartment building collapse on Florida on 6/24/2021.

      A story just went viral about two ladies in a kayak that were also taken into the mouth of a humpback whale. However, even though the story just went viral....this event actually happened on 11/2/2020.

      Julie Mcsorley and Liz Cottriel were taken into the mouth of that humpback whale ...then both were spit out along with the kayak. The story can be verified on Google. Anyway, with a strong hunch I checked that 11/2/2020 probably was connected to Michael Packards own humpback whale incident on 6/11/2021. I was rewarded finding out that 222 days separate these two events. I kept digging.

      From 11/2/2020 to the great planetary line up on 6/24/2022...(666)...I found it interesting that 600 days separate these events.

      Further digging..from 11/2/2020 to the hybrid eclipse just happening on 4/20/2023...900 days separate them. 4/20 is Hitlers birthday also.

      From 4/20/2023 totem second great USA crossing eclipse next 4/8/2024 is 354 days. Interesting that the gematria for 354 is "Jonah". This stuff can not be made up!

      From Michael Packard being released from the humpback whales mouth to "Jonah" Handlers miraculous escape was 13 days.

      From the great planetary alignment on 6/24/22..(666)..to the day the Georgia Guidestones were blown up was 13 days. By the way, as mentioned on another post, these Georgia Guidestones are within the 666th mile from the United Nations building. But for the cherry on this post...the number of days from the two women and their humpback whale event and these Georgia Guidestones is 611 days..

      My two main scriptures that I follow are Genesis 1:14 "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS, and for seasons,....

      Matthew 12:39An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall be no sign given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonah."

    4. Great work as usual Stan, the signs are undeniable. When I saw the date of 11/2, I immediately thought of the watch day 11/3/2023 of which there are 3 years between those dates.

  8. Imagine if the elite could control the weather, control the media, control the masses and even change the bible. They would think they are invincible, just look at this recent news headline.

    In Rarest Of Rare Events, US, China, Russia Join Hands For ‘Komodo’ Naval Drills In The Indo-Pacific

    This is either a practice exercise or the real event, they think they can defeat the most High. Our Father in Heaven.

    I had a dream this weekend, of missiles being launched at me and I turned around and grabbed it and unscrewed the top and it poured out water. Everyone was shocked and I said they have no power over us from which you don't give them. They are demons I said.

    That morning I did some digging into the LDS church. I believe it was revealed to me that Ukraine is the new Jerusalem and the temple has been built. Search Ukraine temple. Look at it from Google maps, it's a tank turret. It's also positioned at 23°. Exactly. I also looked at the Las Vegas in Google maps, it's in the shape of a diamond.

    I'm just putting some thoughts out there, I'm not sure yet what it all means.

    By the way, the LDS or Mormons have their own Bible and I believe they are the end times church.


  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.jpost.com/international/article-703061/amp

    “Even the Jews themselves, including [Finance Minister Avigdor] Liberman and [opposition leader Benjamin] Netanyahu, are now convinced that Palestine cannot be the state for the Jews. So they started saying that Holy Jerusalem is in Ukraine and not in Palestine. Ukraine is now the candidate to become the future Jewish state,”

    By the way, it is interesting that in the Ukraine there is something called the Superhuman Center. It is owned and run by, get this, Warren Buffett's brother. Howard Buffett. They say they have put prosthetics on soldiers who have been injured, but we all know it goes much deeper.


  10. Also, the Las Vegas LDS Temple is the shape of the Superman logo. Look at the recent version of the logo, it is a serpent and the even have scales on it in some images.



  11. Henry Cavill has segmental heterochromia. He played Superman in Man of Steel. He has a patch of brown in his left iris, but otherwise his eyes are blue. I believe it has something to do with bloodlines.

    Months ago I was watching the movie and saw a demon in the Tornado. I cannot find any version that has it in it now. Also, the night before Trump released his NFT Trump cards, one of which he is Superman, I was searching why certain playing cards are called Trump cards. I had no prior knowledge or seen anything that he was releasing these cards. I was being led by the Holy Spirit.

    These are God winks, and they are becoming more prevalent. I now believe, that the end times are being engineered by the elite. Revelation will become reality, even though the elite use it for control. They are now in panic mode, preparing for the battle. But I believe it will be a short one and the victor will be pure LOVE, the Most High our Father in Heaven.

    Isaiah 45

    7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. 8 Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together; I the LORD have created it.


  12. Fed to meet June 14th @ 2 PM. Expected to pause, but speak HAWKISH going forward.

    1. I think they will do what needs to be done in order to continue merging banks and then start some kind of new financial system disguised as some kind of aid from aliens.
      Depicted on the illuminati card game in the post below.

  13. This card game predicted several times the future, what do you think about the card "bank merger" and "foreign aid", I think they are in play right now.



  14. Wisconsin county considers sanctuary status for transgender kids


  15. I posted the above link to the Wisconsin transgender sanctuary proposal. I know someone here also has had some possibly prophetic dream concerning Wisconsin. My dream happened roughly 62 years ago when I was a little kid. I mentioned the dream here a few years or so ago. It was a strange/weird dream, but it just stuck in my head all these years, and I have always pondered why? Well, isn't this whole transgender evil a demonic pharmacia thing? In my vivid dream a big hand was brought to my face with two pills in it. It smothered me and I woke up gasping for air. A voice spoke "Wisconsin deviler". This article really made me think, and i'm grateful I'm finally getting some understanding of the meaning of that dream. 62 years later!

  16. Hello
    I just stumbled upon this blog site about a week ago and I've been reading day and night. The way I found this blog site was very interesting. I will do.my best to explain. I gotta.say there are some great minds in this blog site. Ok my explanation on how I stumbled upon this site.;

    About a month ago. I made a video. N YouTube. I'm an amateur astronomer from Canada. I found something. I was searching a sign or of an impending rapture. This has been ongoing for a long time. Pretty much since the Revelation 12 sign was discovered a.d talked about. So I feel the Lord lead me to find the first 4 seals of Revelation. It was such an astounding find, didn't know what to do. Up to this point I've been a pre tribulation believer and my take on this was; we get raptured before tribulation, meaning before any seals open. So when I found these seals, it changed my eschatological thinking.

    Ok enough about me. So after I made a video showing the 4 seals. I decided to make more videos. This time doing one seal at a time. I wanted to go further in depth on each sign and seal.
    So as you might know video need thumbnails to promote the video. So I began internet searches looking for horses. White, red, black and pale green horses. This is when I seen a picture of what I documented seeing in the Heavens. It was the rider on a white horse given a crown. This certain picture was the actual stars. Immediately I knew I wasn't alone in noticing this Celestial sign.

    Awesome, I thought. I'm not out in left field in my thinking when I seen this. So here I am after finding out this blog also seen the first seal.

    I'm very happy to have read some of this blog and it will take me time to read everything but I'm happy to share. I don't expect everyone to agree with my interpretation of signs but at least this is a group I might be able to kick ideas around with.

    I will post my links to videos.
    The individual videos because the original video with all 4 seals together was poor quality and I was lacking much needed sleep.

    I will post links soon

  17. 1st seal; https://youtu.be/dKl0sDwKyMw

    2nd seal; https://youtu.be/UTN0vn3JHEc

    3rd seal; https://youtu.be/VoVRQPca0zk

    4th seal; https://youtu.be/V32ABzE5rvg

    Here are the links to videos. I hope you at least find them interesting.
    Eric R.

  18. Great work Eric, I am also a amateur astronomer from Canada.


  19. Eric...
    Welcome!! The Rev 12 sign is what shook and woke me up and it's been one huge collection of rabbit holes since. I am looking forward to seeing your vidéos. William has put together an amazing string of thought provoking posts. It is refreshing to see it gaining traction.

  20. Eric....I was simply BLOWN away watching your 4 seal videos! I have literal goosebumps. There are so many puzzle pieces in my personal notes that I would love to share with you how they marry in with your findings. God definitely is behind this. I so want to converse with you.

    1. It's been tough getting sleep. The mind doesn't wanna to shut off. I'd love to hear your findings.

  21. Eric....I was the one that just said I was blown away with your videos. I forgot to change anonymous to Stan. I was up late going through my notes that fit into your findings. You are really on to something. If you want to converse by email...my email is strbldr@yahoo.com

    1. Greatly appreciated. I'm excited too. How deep are we into these endtime? It's a rhetorical question but a question that keeps playing on a loop. Lol

  22. Eric....I posted several comments in your video comment sections. I just wanted to dump some information that marries with yours. I will pause as I don't want to wear out my welcome.

    1. I appreciate the info. I really do. Everyone seems to have different ways of looking at the signs. I'm not that great with dates so when I see them it's like the sprinkles on an ice cream Sunday. That's probably a poor analogy but that's all I got until I get some coffee. I slept in. Lol. I love the date analysis area because I appreciate precision which dates are just that. Some of the Signs in the heavens, (excluding the eclipses) the seals 2 and 4 are up for debate on the precise date. I did my best with the info gathered but some fine tuning may be in order. I don't know. I'm glad I have others here with experience in this area. Time for coffee. Talk soon.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Happy Fathers Day!

    I'm very humbled today. I believe the Lord gave me a birthday gift (life is very funny and strange) I believe He lead me to find the 5th and 6th seal and possibly the 7th. I'm a little excited and wanted to share here first before I make a video. I'm very greatful for the amazing minds in this blog. I've read many (past 3 years) posts from this site over that past week. It was amazing to read. God Bless you William. You all amaze me. Glory to God.

    I will cut to the chase;

    5th seal May 15, 2022 (Jerusalem time)

    And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

    10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

    11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

    On May 15, 2022 there is a blood mood in "The Scale" a.k.a. "The Altar" Where the price was paid for our sins. In the mazzaroth Libra is known as the "The Altar" or "The Scales"

    This happens exactly 5 moons after the 4th seal. The souls are represented here as the blood moon. As the blood moon turns from red back to white also fullfills "They were given white robes and told to wait a short season"
    blood moons look like seals on a scroll.

    The 6th seal
    Nov 8, 2022

    6 moons later there is a blood moon in "The Lamb" (Aries)
    This one if I'm honest disappointed me because I really thought the sky would roll back and no longer be blue but black permenantly.
    However, I believe this is the 6th seal as the blood moon takes place in The Lamb fullfilling "The Wrath of The Lamb"

    This is very humbling for me because I thought and made claims we would be Raptured on this Seal. Now I think its the 7th Trumpet and there are many clear scripture about this.

    The 7th Seal
    Feb 6, 2023

    This lead me to believe that the great earthquake on this day was the 7th Seal. After a total of 7700 earthquakes and aftershocks the earthquake maps show the number 7 almost as written by the "finger of God" I will try attach pic but not sure how.

    I will make some videos but I felt obligated to tell here first because this place seeks the hardest in my opinion from what I've read. Glory to God. I could be wrong and I'm open to that but I'm confident enough with confirmations from the Lord to make videos asap.
    God bless.


  25. Thank you for sharing Eric.

    On Thursday I posted the incredible story of how 4 children lost in the Amazon jungle for 40 days were able to stay alive, the youngest of which is 11 months old. Their rescuers radioed “Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle,” after they were found alive.

    The next day, Statistics Canada said the country reached a new milestone as the population hit a record 40 million people. Wink. I'm trying to reach people on my Facebook but nobody is listening. Lol it's my only avenue other than face to face. I feel soon they will have to listen or make a choice, between the god of this world or the Father in Heaven GOD. Our Creator.


    1. Amen! i never heard that story. 40 days. Wow. Praise God!
      People are not listening. Even Pastors that I try to reach. They really behave as nothing is out of the ordinary. I truly believe the seminaries have told them to avoid the book of Revelation.

      Seek and you shall find. This group seeks! Praise God! I only wish I found this group years ago but God has perfect timing.

      My big question: Has the Mark of the beast already happened or is this the next big thing to be pushed. Like you said "I feel soon they will have to .... make a choice" Amen.

  26. Amen Eric. All of my church going friends still have no idea who is running the show, so to speak. Like you said, GOD has perfect timing, and when I get frustrated I remind myself of this.

    As for the mark, I believe it has something to do with our DNA.

    Let's take a look at Revelation 13.
    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    Basically says 600 x (3 x 20) x 6. This number adds up to 216,000.

    Did you know our DNA has 72,000 strands doubled in a helix, half comes from our Father and half from our Mother. Very hard to find this info on Google now...

    2 x 72,000 is 144,000! If we add another strand (Crispr time) we get 216,000!

    What if, and this is speculation, there is another bloodline that already has 3 strands and their goal is for us all to be like them? Demons.


  27. When I was looking into this I had no idea it was FACT checked! Looks like others had the same thoughts in mind.


    In this fact check it says Prof Rasko explained most scientists believe human DNA is made up of 20,000-25,000 genes in total.

    So why did researchers generate a digital list of 72,000 DNA strands, each 200 bases long for this large-scale data storage experiment?


    They used 6 (of course) files including a computer virus, and a file of the 1895 French film called Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat. I watched the film and it looks like one of the ladies is wearing a mask! I need to look into this further, if I find anything I will post.


  28. I just stumbled upon something with today's date. They really do sell their souls for the devil. :(

    On June 18, 1991 "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" single released by Bryan Adams. It became the number ONE Billboard Year-End Hot 100 single of 1991. It is Adams's most successful song, and one of the best-selling singles of all time. The song has been covered by hundreds of singers and artists around the world. It spent sixteen consecutive weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart, the longest uninterrupted run ever on that chart as of today!

    It was written for the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves!

    The lyrics include:
    - Look into my eyes, you will see
    - Everything I do, I do it for you
    - I would give it all, I would sacrifice
    - Yeah, I would fight for you
    - I'd lie for you
    - Yeah, I'd die for you
    - Look into your heart
    - Look into your soul

    Jesus is called the Prince of Peace! because He is our peace offering. He chose to go to the cross and offer Himself as a sacrifice on the cross for our sins so that we could have peace with God. He mended our broken relationship with God and surpassed any good work we could ever do, including giving a peace offering.

    God is so Good... and I am blessed.


  29. Check out youtuber Many Fish auxilery channel Many Fishers 6/5/22 video of the late queen of england lighting a jubilee tree for her 70th year reign. Also a celebration of the 'arrival' of a 3rd strand of DNA?

    1. I've never seen this or heard about it. It gave me chills. Many years ago I would have probably laughed and thought this as a conspiracy but after covid, you can see the game plan now. Good find. Thanks for posting.

  30. I've heard this theory. Its a good theory. Will they try another round of vaccines? Will this be the head that was wounded come to life again?
    I shudder to think this. Or was this already administered? I don't like that either. Many were deceived. I think another one must be coming. Our family declined the shots. Many in our church took the shot. I'm hoping the first rollout was a warning from God. I hope if another round comes that people are more wise to it; but when you connect money with... God help them. Endure to the end brothers and sisters.
    Waiting for the last trumpet.

    1. I would take a bullet to the head before I would cower to the power behind any forced injection.

    2. I believe it is already in the air and in foods. If you have watched the movie Transcendence, that is what I believe they are doing. Releasing some sort of nanotechnology that AI can control. No fear though brothers, we are protected by the blood of Jesus. Stay strong, patient and remain fixed on what is promised.


  31. I believe we will enter a faux WW3 as an event to wake more people up, but in reality President Trump has a sovereign alliance with Putin and Xi. Whoever suggested that Ukraine is the new Jerusalem is absurd. The Ukraine is the headquarters of the globalist cabal

  32. Preparations are underway for a massive cyber attack, which will then be blamed on Russia and NATO Article 5 will be implemented. See new video by funkyprepper (URGENT BREAKING NEWS - GET READY NOW).


    Also this: