Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Coming Worldwide Financial Collapse; Did it Just Begin?


It has been reported that Evergrande has officially bankrupted as of 11/10/21. BTW: That was a date on the Katy Perry doomsday watch.


In breaking news this morning Wednesday, November 10, 2021, DMSA has issued a press release stating that Evergrande is ‘officially’ bankrupt…what is meant by that statement, what actions come next? Why should people care about the Evergrande bankruptcy whether they live in Germany or the US? 



And what does this mean to the world? According to the author above it may very well lead to the collapse of the world’s financial system. 

A bankruptcy of Evergrande will put significant strain on the Chinese financial system. Given the size of the Chinese economy, and the extensive trade linkages with the rest of the world, this could weigh on global financial markets by worsening risk sentiment, pose risks to global economic growth and affect people in the United States or Germany. One can think of it like a domino and the first stone has fallen with this… 

This could have devastating consequences for the global economy and bring about a meltdown of the financial system 



According to the info above Evergrande has not made its payment, but If you have been following the Evergrande news, it is being reported that Evergrande did make its interest payments and all is well. But is this the case? 

So virtually all of the financial media has perpetuated the ‘story’ that Evergrande had made its past due interest payments on its offshore bonds when, according to DMSA and Dr. Metzler, they had not. 

Hmm…you mean someone is lying, who would have ever thought it. (sarcasm). 

Can you see that we are now in a world where the majority of the reporting press outlets said that Evergrande made its interest payments on bonds when it did not as reported by DMSA? None of the authorities in the U.S. (to my knowledge) stood up and called BS on the Chinese even when over $20 Billion of offshore (likely mostly US) money has been invested in Chinese Real Estate Debt. 

And again, where does the author believe this will all lead to. 

…discussing the possible impact of an Evergrande bankruptcy Dr. Metzler concludes by saying … "The Great Reset - the final meltdown of the current global financial system - has long since ceased to be a purely intellectual thought experiment,"….If this happens, a meltdown of the global financial system, just how much of your money is at risk? 

Evergrande is one shell, Yango Group another and Dagong yet another. There is an organization who is the purveyor of the shell game whose goal is to go home with all the shells, the ball and your money-just like the guy on the street in Manhattan running his game way back in 1996. Please remember that if you play the game, there is no referee, no one to protect you. Trust The Lord. Don’t play a game you don’t understand. Food, Water, Shelter, Energy, Protection and if you have the means, physical Precious Metals to provide for you and yours in troubled times. 



Now the big question is; did Evergrande default and if so is the Evergrande default the prelude to the Seal 3 worldwide financial collapse? If it is, then Seal 2 is imminent. Or here’s a thought; what if Seal 2 has already been opened and it is a war against the people of the world and the great weapon is the poke. 

As I have been saying since early 2020, Seal one may have already been opened, and if so then Seal 2 and 3 may be imminent. How can this be, you say, because the rapture has not occurred? Well, it can be, because the rapture does not occur until after Seal 6 has been opened.

Oh yea; don't forget about the 21214 date coming up. 

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

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  1. Hi William,
    According to Clif High, yes, it's just the begining...

    1. I saw that vid yesterday, will be including in a post soon.

  2. Dear William,
    Thank you for your most informative blog. I wish to add the following:
    Corona, means crown, on 26 December 2019 the sign of the rider of the white horse appeared in the heavens.
    If the opening of the first seal, the rider on the white horse, was depicted by the sign of Sagittarius in 2019, a Rider on a horse with a bow and a crown, is it possible that the opening of the seals following will also be depicted by a sign in the heavens (Sagittarius), by a Rider on a horse with a large sword, then a Rider with a pair of scales and then one followed by “Hades”. Could it be possible to check this on the NASA website?
    Further to the above, the long lunar eclipse over mainly the USA will appear on 19 November 2021. 7 days from this eclipse will be November 26, “Black Friday”. Stock Market crashes are referred to as Black Monday or Black Tuesday or Black Wednesday. Could it be that the reference to “Black Friday”, which has now spread across the world, could be a prelude to a “Black Friday” when the US stock Market will collapse on a “Black Friday” this year or maybe a following year?

    1. Thank you for your comment, your thoughts and suggestions are well founded and insightful, in fact I have voiced the same, wondering if the other seals would also have signs in the heavens to accompany them.

      Black Friday is definitely a watch day, I also think that between now and the end of the year we are in a very high watch time for major events.

      If the last 7 began in 2018 then I would say they are imminent, if the last 7 began in 2019 then we may have another year.

      Here is the crown post

  3. Does the watch portray 11:10?it looks like 10:10

    1. The time on the watch is 10:11 which could indicate the date of 10/11 or 11/10