Friday, November 12, 2021

Jab News, the 1000 Year Eclipse, and the Injected Will Die!? Updated 2x


The news surrounding the effects of the jab is truly frightening. And it may get more frightening after the upcoming 1000 year eclipse or. Read on… 

Here is some jab news for you. 

Covid “negative” patients are overwhelming hospitals, exactly as predicted with Antibody Dependent Enhancement 

Don’t Vaccinate Kids: Urgent Message From Doctors’ Summit 

COVID VAX GENOCIDE: Children’s hospitals now being flooded with INFANT cardiac patients 

Woman Left Wheelchair-Bound With Neurological Damage Hours After Pfizer Vaccine Dose 

Hospitals In Antwerp Belgium (75.6% vaxxed) Are Now Reporting 100% Of Their "COVID Cases" Are Double Vaccinated 


THE VACCINE-CANCER ATROCITY: Like clockwork, most vaccinated Americans will lose immune function by Christmas and start growing accelerated CANCER tumors that will kill them over the next ten years 

Nurse drops Vaccine truth bombs… 

Cardiologist tells non-vaxxed “I won’t cry at your funeral,” dead 2 weeks after third COVID Jab 

Data show excess mortality all around the world due to covid “vaccines”

Michael Granata: 56-year-old California man dead 10 weeks after Moderna mRNA injection, warns others “don’t do it unless you want to suffer and die”


And now let’s discuss the 1000 year eclipse and how it may relate to the jab info above. On 11/18-19/2021 there will be a lunar eclipse that will be the longest duration eclipse in 1000 years, which will occur in Taurus and will be visible in much of the World.


The November 19, 2021, partial lunar eclipse – which is best overnight on November 18 for North America – will be the longest such event within a stretch of 1,000 years.


Now consider this piece of info—a prediction from 90 years ago, which was featured at The Big the One. 

The essence of Nina Alexandrovna's message boils down to the fact that when she was still a child, her grandfather, who was either a prophet himself, or had some super books at his disposal, predicted the following: 

... there will come a terrible time when people will be given injections. Injections will be done forcibly, threatening to dismiss from work. Then there will be an eclipse in the sky, after which many who made injections will die. There will be so many corpses that there will be no one to bury them, and the rest will have to wander for many days to meet other living people ... 

If the above is valid; will the 1000 year 11/18-19/2021 lunar eclipse be the one referenced in the message above after which many who have had the injections will die? 

There is also another eclipse on the horizon—the 12/4/21 Scorpio eclipse. This eclipse will be visible mainly over Antarctica and it will occur in Scorpio.


Let me mention that at the very end of I Pet Goat 2 they show Scorpio in the sky in an area with a lot of ice—the eclipse will be occurring in Scorpio in a place with a lot of ice.


Scorpions kill by injecting a poison into their victim. Also occultists like to do things backwards so the end of the film may signify the beginning of something. 

So will it be the 1000 year eclipse or the Scorpio eclipse, or will it be some other eclipse after which the injected die? As always; time will tell but if the great jab die off will occur this winter, then I will conclude that Seal 4 has been opened and it will result in 1 out of 4—1.9 billion—dying. 

Hopefully at that time many unsaved will have an epiphany and come to Jesus for salvation, and Christians will have an epiphany to the fact that the rapture will not occur until after the opening of Seal 6.

Update: A comment was left below about an eclipse being on Obama's cheek. I took a look at it and it looks like a representation of a solar eclipse.

He also has a freckle nearby which could represent a celestial body. At the time of the Scorpio eclipse mercury is nearby. Could this be an indication that the Scorpio eclipse is the one?

Also in the apple drop scene the scene goes from light to dark indicating a solar eclipse and not a lunar because in a lunar it does not go from light to dark.

Update #2: And further there is an L C on the floor; L=12, C=3. In some parts of the world the eclipse begins on 12/3.

12/4 is also the 6th day of Chanukah. There are six candle looking flames on the plane in IPG2.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

You need to be prepared for the end times! Read The Coming Epiphany;—Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy. 

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  1. But surely William seal 2, and 3 must happen first...they are so long coming I'm starting to wonder are we even in the tribulation...( I know we are but I never imagined it being this drawn out, I guess that's why it's called the wearing down of the saints..)

    1. Yes Seal 2 and 3 have to happen first. Seal 2 could begin at any time. Once it begins it could take some time to be fulfilled. Seal 3 could start the day after Seal 2 is opened. And Seal 4 could begin on the next day and continue into the future.

      So I believe it is possible the opening of the remaining Seals could happen very quickly one after the other and could occur very close to the midpoint. Then after the world is in total destruction the ac savior of the world will come onto the scene.

      If the last 7 began in 2018 then we could see the Seals as late as early 2022. If they began in 2019 then we could see the Seals as late as early 2023,...

  2. #1 “CDC excess mortality data reveals troubling trend during the COVID pandemic”

    #2 “Excess Deaths Reveal the Pandemic’s Hidden Toll in Some U.S. Counties”

    #3 “Heart disease remains leading cause of excess deaths in private homes”

    #4 CNN: “Why vaccinated people dying from Covid-19 doesn’t mean the vaccines are ineffective”

    #5 “ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID”

    #6 “U.S. excess deaths rose nearly 23 percent in 2020, study finds”

    #7 “Mexico’s Excess Deaths Far Exceed Official Coronavirus Toll”

    #8 “60,000 more Brits than usual have died at home during pandemic”

    #9 “Albania’s Excess Mortality Rate Highest in Europe”

    #10 “Bolsonaro Confronts WHO Chief: ‘People Are Dying'”

    #11 “India’s excess deaths during pandemic up to 4.9 mln, study shows”

    #12 “There have been 7m-13m excess deaths worldwide during the pandemic”

    1. Thanks for sharing those facts, it is truly staggering! Let's pray these shots are stopped.

  3. Pet Goat shows eclipse on Obama's cheek,
    on the 11/8=88 date of his COP26 speech he was 22011 days old
    = 11/22 JFK date coming and Biden first Catholic since
    And from Obama birth to 11/19 is 22022 days
    for Mr 44

    1. Thanks for the data, they are definitely some important syncs pointing to the 11/19/21 eclipse. I put in an update showing the eclipse on the cheek, that one looks like a solar eclipse to me.

  4. Hi William, just a reminder that 11-21-21, is the Feast Day of Christ the King of the Universe/Feast of Corpus Christi. Many celestial events occurring as we AWAIT Our Lord's return!

  5. Hi William,
    The Lord has given me several dreams over the years and one of them was January 2020 and I woke up uttering " A vaccine would be a part of the mark of the beast " Keep in mind this was well before operation warp speed was launched. So I knew not to fear any covid stuff because it is all fear tactic to get people to take the jabs. As we are to warn the people so thier blood is not on my hands, I have been warning and warning. But now it is just very discouraging as many people I have warned are getting the jabs. I just found out today a brother in Christ got it 2 weeks ago and now is having massive migranes, so today he went back to the doc to get perscriptions for his migranes. The worst part is he was warned many times and was also himself warning people not to get it. They are just dropping like flies and is just so discouraging.

    1. Thanks for sharing your dream, it is so sad to see people get the shot, especially ones that are close to you. If you would like to share any more dreams please do so

  6. The "1000 year eclipse" occurred on the day Kyle Rittenhouse was released. The name Rittenhouse is interesting, in German "reiten" = ride a horse, "ritt" is a past tense. Ritten also resembles the English word "right", which seems appropriate as Kyle RIttenhouse seems to be currently the arch-enemy of the leftist woke BLM crowd. The attack of Waukesha seems to be triggered by K.R.'r release.

    The 2nd horse of Revelation is reddish, a blood moon sign would be fitting. Taurus is opposite of Orion, who carries a sword.

    1. Interesting syncs for sure, especially about the horse connection, maybe another sign the horses of the apocalypse.

  7. About the name "Kyle": Kyle is a name with Scottish and Irish origins. It comes from the Gaelic word “caol” which means a narrow, a sound, or a strait. This geographic term refers to the narrow channel of water between two islands or between an island and the mainland.

    A divider?

    1. I noticed that Darrell Brooks' vehicle was a red Ford...

      Looking at numbers: from the date of 12/26/2019 (solar eclipse) to 11/19/2021 is 694 days, or 16656 hours. The exact time between the eclipses 16659+ hours, which could be rounded to 16660 hours. 11/19/2021 was the 322nd day of the year.

    2. Thanks for sharing that information. The meaning of Kyle and his last name are quite interesting.

  8. Marvellious insights "not a prophet"! Nomen est omen. Kyle Rittenhouse portrays AC Donald Trump. First name Kyle refers to Scotland and Donald’s mother, Mary MacLeod Trump (Note: Mary), moved from Scotland to the United States at the age of 17. The surname Rittenhouse, on the other hand, refers to Germany, and Donald's father, Frederick Christ Trump (Note: Christ), was of German descent, whose father came from Kallstadt, Germany, to New York in 1905, and the family remained there.

    Donald was thus born at the time of the lunar eclipse on June 14, 1946 (the eclipse was seen in NYC), which compares to the recent lunar eclipse of November 19, 2021, possibly as a sign of Trump's rise to power. BTW; the type number of Trump's golden pistol is 1911! Just coincidence when thinking about Rittenhouse (='Trump') shooting event and his release on 11/19/21??

  9. I would like to order a book but I don't speak English well, I am Czech, can you give me some advice please? Is the book in eletronic form too, so I can translate it with a translator? Thank you.

  10. email me and I will send you an electronic copy