Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dreams of a Paradise Lost--Hawaii

Note: Important update added at end of post.

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Since writing the original post in this series; Dreams of a Paradise Lost, that presented two dreams that I had and my conclusions, I have become aware of some new and startling information that I would like to make you aware of, which has added to my original conclusions.

After posting the story I emailed the link to Cindy by the Sea—because I thought I remembered her talking about a dream that her daughter had of a nuclear explosion and tsunami.

Here is her response.

Hi William, Thanks for writing! I think what you may be remembering is actually a dream I had regarding a nuclear explosion over Honolulu. William, my dream ( I know because I recorded in a journal at the time) was in the early morning hours of Feb 20th 2008. William, Feb 20th is also the date of your dream! Any possibility, your dream has to do with Hawaii and not St. Thomas? Please check it out to see if there could be any connection. I was staggered and more than a little shaken to see that our dream dates were a match. What do you think?

And then she wrote this.

Hi William, I'm not sure the link I posted on the comments section of your blog is going to work, on preview it did not highlight, anyway, I wanted you to see it - I found it be googling images - Hawaii murals as the subject - as you can see, identical to yours! Cindy

america, bible prophecy, earthquake, end times, hawaii, iran war, israel, missile, netanyahu, nuclear, obama, prophecy news, purim, revelation, st thomas, tsunami, usa, volcano,

Well that got my attention—the wall mural in my room is a picture of Hawaii! We also had the dreams on the same day, just 4 years apart, and Cindy lives in Hawaii. I immediately checked the distance from Hawaii to OKC and wrote this in response.

Hello Cindy

The distance from the OK EQ to about the middle of the big island is around 3222 NM. I assume you know about 322 and the skull and bones. The distance could be made to be 3220.

Also the day after the dream on our way to school my daughter saw a car with a Hawaii license plate in our neighborhood, she mentioned it to me but I did not look because I think I was thinking about the dreams. We live on the East Coast--very rare occurrence.

I find it significant that my wall mural is a picture of Hawaii; I had always wondered where it was from.

So maybe it is Hawaii and not the Virgin islands, or maybe it is both.

Also I recently watched some of the movie 2012 and they had Hawaii as being all in flame from a massive volcanic eruption.

I would be interested in hearing anymore of the details about your dream; did you see any blackish gray smoky clouds?

BTW the pronunciation of my neighborhood’s name where the Hawaii license plate was seen can be pronounced to mean “ash born” or “ash burn.” In relation to Hawaii; it was born from ashes and these dreams may suggest that she will be burnt from ashes.

I received another email from Cindy by the Sea. Here is a portion of it.

Hi Bill, Thanks for writing back, I have a lot to share with you that I think may be helpful. First of all my dream, it came in the early morning hours of Feb 20, 2008. It was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever experienced. So, much so, that I made sure I wrote it down and dated it the next day.

In the dream, I received a phone call from a friend, who was living in Hawaii at the time but, had a Wisconsin phone number. When the phone rang, I clearly saw the caller ID light up - Wisconsin in neon blue letters. So, I knew immediately, who was calling.

When, I answered the phone, all my friend said was "doomsday" - no hello or greeting, just "doomsday". Puzzled by this I said, "What?" He repeated it; "Doomsday, look out your window".

So, I looked out the window from my second floor bedroom, where I could see a large mushroom cloud - the unmistakable signature of a nuclear blast forming over Honolulu. Terrified, I told him, "I want you to come here now!" Knowing even as I spoke, it would be absolutely futile for anyone to escape that cloud."…

Another quick thought regarding the Oklahoma/Hawaii connection. The Murrah building was demolished by an explosion. So, was the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor. In my humble opinion this could be the tie, you are looking for. And, if so, the implications regarding that could be huge!

Here are a few more pieces of the puzzle. There is a line from the US Capitol building to the Big Island that goes right through Sequoia National Park where the 2 giant sequoia tress joined at the base fell on 9/30/11. Cindy posted about this incident, and I felt the trees represented our alliance with Israel.  I do not think that it is by accident that these three places align.

america, bible prophecy, earthquake, end times, hawaii, iran war, israel, missile, netanyahu, nuclear, obama, prophecy news, purim, revelation, st thomas, tsunami, usa, volcano,

In case you were not aware recent catastrophic events have occurred on “lines” with prophetic connections. The existence of these lines adds credence to the possibility that catastrophic judgments may be in store for Hawaii.

Along those lines, some of you may remember that the Tsunami sign that was between the Temple and the Japan earthquake. In that post I theorized that other lines from the tsunami sign may point to future areas of judgment. One of those lines points to Hawaii.

america, bible prophecy, earthquake, end times, hawaii, iran war, israel, missile, netanyahu, nuclear, obama, prophecy news, purim, revelation, st thomas, tsunami, usa, volcano,

Here is something else that was quite shocking to me; remember the man in the dream? Well, I received an email from a man who lives in the OKC area and as a boy remembers hearing the windows rattle at school when the Murrah building exploded. This man sent me his picture and asked me if he was the one in the dream? When I saw his picture I was dumbfounded--I believe that he was the man in the dream!" BTW the next day he emailed me and said that he saw a car from Hawaii.

And yet another very important part of the puzzle; I had my dream on President’s day 2/20/12, did anything happen in regards to Israel and the USA on the day of the dream? Yes (HT to Daniel at Prayers for the People), the US envoy told Israel not to attack Iran.  More could be inferred from the visit, like if you attack we will not support you, which is exactly what Brzezinksi who is reported to be President Obama’s top adviser says will happen—that the USA will not support Israel if she goes against Iran.

Speaking of February 20th, Cindy emailed me this “The first Hawaiian legislature met on Feb 20, 1901.”

All of the above leads me to believe that my dream is a warning to the United States of pending imminent judgment for our many sins. I believe this judgment will be “triggered” by our “turning our back” on Israel (HT Daniel). Many have been warning this country for years with example after example of what has happened to other countries and this country in the past for going against Israel. We have also shown what God says in His Holy righteous Word about this, which can be summed up in Gen 12:3—I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee.

I am not making a prediction but in light of the dreams and the other information that I have been shown, I believe that if we go against Israel, that part of the coming judgments may involve destruction to Hawaii and or the Virgin Islands. Hawaii seems to be implicated to a greater degree than the Virgin Islands, thus it may be Hawaii alone or it may be both places. I also feel that if we go against Israel and these judgments occur, they will most likely be the start of more devastating judgments that will eventually come against the continental United States.

My hope in fulfilling my destiny as a “bold protector of peace” is that America would turn from its evil ways, and would fall on its knees in repentance, and that many would be saved, and the judgment would be turned away as the scripture that I believe God showed me says.

At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. Jer 18:7,8

Let me make it clear that I am nothing in myself and am not worthy to receive these dreams, it is by Christ alone who saved me and lives within in me, and by Him and Him alone have I been shown these things. I also believe that He has called me to deliver this message. I thank Him for this privilege and I pray it will be heeded. On that note I present this open letter to the President:

Dear President Obama

Please stand with Israel and take action against her enemies.

Several catastrophic events in recent history brought upon nations have been associated with their treatment of Israel. The most notable in recent times was the Japan tsunami and ongoing Fukushima disaster—Japan has been a strong supporter of Israel’s enemies. Another example is hurricane Katrina—which came upon us after we forced Israel to destroy her settlements. In light of these and other events I am thoroughly convinced that if a nation goes against Israel, that God will bring judgment upon that land.

On February 20, 2012, the same day our country was meeting with Israel over the Iranian issue, God warned me in a dream that imminent judgment will come against our land if we turn our back on Israel. I believe the dream indicates the judgment will involve Hawaii and or the Virgin Islands, and this judgment will only be the beginning.

Therefore; for your sake, the sake of our country, and the sake of the world, I urge you to support Israel and stand with her lest judgment comes upon our land.

At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. Jer 18:7,8

Sincerely and respectfully submitted
William Frederick, M.Div.
The End Times Forecaster

UPDATE 3/7: A reader left a comment and link regarding Nathan Leal and a vision that he had about Hawaii. Here is a snippet of his vision:

I had this prophetic dream on the night of August 4, 2011.

As it began, I was standing in front of a bookshelf filled with many books. I reached for a book on one of the shelves and I pulled it out. I do not know why I chose this particular book but the title of the book began with the word, "Nuclear." It had more words in the title but I do not remember them.

I randomly opened the book to thumb through it. As soon as the book it was opened, I was immediately transported to a different location. I was suddenly high in the air, looking down on all of the Hawaiian Islands. I could see the Northwest Island of Kauai as well as the Southeast Big Island of Hawaii.

Within seconds, I saw a missile flying towards Hawaii. It was coming from my left or from the west which would be from the direction of Asia. It approached from very high in the sky and left a vapor trail behind it.
As it got nearer to Hawaii, it began to arch down and aim straight towards Honolulu. Honolulu is on the Island of Oahu. As it approached Honolulu, the word “Honolulu” appeared over the city of Honolulu in black letters.

The missile then exploded over Oahu, into a circular flash of white heat. The fireball totally covered the Island of Oahu and reached as far as Maui, to the south east....

I find the information to be very important, and will post about in depth as soon as I can. Here is the link for the full write up of his vision. http://www.watchmanscry.com/article_Americas_New_Pearl_Harbor.php


  1. Hi,

    Nathan Leal had a vision of a attack on Hawaii! Here is the URL, watch for line wrap.


  2. Anon

    Thank you for that very pertinent information!

  3. speaking of nuclear, I was researching yesterday the mark of the beast and came across a site that say's there are only 4 words in the English language that have a numerical value of 666 and one is actually a combo word nuclear hell.
    This is using a table that the ancient Chaldeans used. Is it worth anything? You decide.

  4. Dear William,
    I believe to have read somewhere that the 188 day earthquake cycle will continue on March 22nd. I don't know if you have heard any mention of the earthquake cycle that began in 2011?
    Thank you for your most recent post. Praying for Israel and that the Lord will protect her and for all the lost souls around us!
    Many blessings to you!

  5. Katherine

    THX for the info, I think I ran across something about that last year--I will have to refamiliarize myself with it. Thank you for your prayers.

  6. Katherine

    I just put up 2 videos in the Worthy Reads section expounding upon the 188/9 day theory--which is as you said is predicting a quake for 3/22/12. I believe it is definitely a date to watch for.

  7. Very interesting information since this article just came out yesterday. Could it be that this admin. will use this opportunity to destroy Barry's records once and for all,they are getting very close to him. Hawaii will pay for her sins then and no more BC.Keeping a watchful eye and praying for Hawaii.


  8. I looked this up today, on the topic of Hawaii because last night my boyfriend dreamed that it was WWIII and that he was in Hawaii and thrown into the water by some kind of explosion, when he was under the water, everything lit up. When I was in Honolulu in 2007 a friend I met there told me that there was a prophecy that Honolulu would be bombed... I didn't think much about it, until my boyfriend had that dream. The loss of Hawaii would surely be a tragic one, I pray to god/prime creator and the legions of angels of light that this does not come to pass.

  9. Israel is currently dispersed among the nations. It is not necessarily the geographical place, currently run by the people bearing a six pointed, demonic star. Howbeit, it is the set-apart land.


  10. Yes, there are many Jews scattered about the world, but there are also many in Israel--God's set apart land for the Jews. Throughout history there has been good and bad leadership in Israel, just as there has in every country. God made a covenant with them--God keeps his covenants.

  11. Many do not know that Hawaii is not truly an American state. There is bonafide truth and registered papers with the ICC and ICJ to separate and restore The Kingdom of Hawaii back to its own state and sovereignty. We are under occupation. The USA is being challenged right now on this issue. Also, many don't
    know that Hawaii has a heritage that goes back to the middle east. There is proof the race is of HEBREW DESCENT. God Almighty has great plans for this nation, That in a time when the world goes dark much will be going on here. His glory cloud will envelop the Islands. I do not think he will destroy his own people, being like wiping out Israel. We are a lost tribe. This is his pearl in the Pacific which will be separated from others to fullfill the destiny God has in mind. She is a chosen generatoin and a mighty priesthood cometh. When God Almighty is done and the saints go home then all the awaits shall begin.

    1. True Hawaii is a occupied nation. Stolen by the U.S.A. A Nation that was dedicated to Christ by Kamehameha III. A nation that once had true revival sweeping over its people and land. (The awakening under Rev.Coan). Ultimately no one will get away with anything, because there is a God in Heaven. He will right all wrongs in his day!


    1. Thanks for sharing your dream with us. I hope it never happens.

  13. William, the world enters what is known as "The Age of the Holy Spirit" which is briefly amplified on in this video https://youtu.be/SZBOGYDLizE?t=300

    Of course the problem is - how to understand one's dreams and visions. Unfortunately it is a very complicated business. I have been posting my inner life since 2013 at http://unus-mundus.fr/viewtopic.php?p=15409#p15409 where I try to understand my dreams and visions. Perhaps it will be of help to you and your readers. Best of Luck to all.