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33 Things You Need to Know About September 2015 and the Monumental Event They Foretell

There has been a lot of chatter regarding September 2015 and especially the time around 9/22-24/2015. Many believe this will be a cataclysmic time. Some are predicting a meteor/comet strike, the arrival of Planet X/Nibiru, Seal 6 events, the rapture, the beginning of the tribulation, and more. In this post I will show you 33 important things that you need to know about September 2015 and the monumental event they all seem to be pointing to.

Note: There is a lot of information in this post, and just because I present the information below, does not mean that I agree with it, I will offer a few comments along the way, and give my analysis at the end of the post.

Here are the 33 things regarding the dates 9/22-24/2015. 

1.  A Meteor or Comet Will Hit in the Atlantic Ocean Causing a Tsunami. 

Many are predicting that 9/23/15 will be the date that a meteor or comet willhit the earth causing a tsunami with the most likely location being the Atlantic Ocean near the North East coast of South America. Here is one of many videos presenting information to that effect. 

In the video above she mentions that her informant tells her that the comet is 2.5 miles wide and is giving off sound/singing. Comet 67P is 2.5 miles wide and is giving off sound. Does that comet sound familiar? It is the comet that Rosetta’s lander Philae touched down on the surface of on 11/12/14. Is this the comet that she is referring to?

There has been a lot of rumors going around about Comet 67P—that it is not a comet, can change trajectory, and has buildings on it—i.e. that it is of alien/ufo origins.

Here are some historical facts about the comet. The comet was discovered on a photo on 9/11/1969. Its official discovery date is listed as 9/20/1969. 9/11/69 was the day of a solar eclipse and Elul 28/29 on the Jewish calendar—sound familiar? 9/11/69 was also the day that the USSR performed a nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR. 9/20/1969 was Tishrei 8/9. Tishrei 9 is Day of Atonement Eve—sound familiar?

2. Deep Impact Movie 

Here is a video (bad music) that shows a “signaled” location from the movie Deep Impact for the comet to hit—just off the North East Coast of South America. The coordinates are 13 23 52.3/54 56 16.

4000 miles from the signaled location is the Hoover Dam.

Comment: all of this comet impact information seems way too blatant; my initial reaction is that it is a diversion/cover/deception.

3. Without Warning Movie 

A 1994 TV movie called Without Warning depicts the events of a meteor that breaks in 3 pieces after the world tries to blow it up, with all 3 pieces hitting the earth, all on about the same parallel—43/44. Later it is discovered that the meteor was sent by Aliens who are following in a 4th incoming object. You can read about it here.

Some interesting things I noticed are; the first announcer is named Sandy Hill—allusion to an event after Sandy Hook? In the world map behind the announcer it looks as if there is a new land mass East of Florida. They also show an image of a meteor heading right toward the same area as was indicated in the deep impact film—North of South America. In the movie the entire population of a town named Faith, Wyoming disappears. 

Comment: Hmm…Faith disappears. Sounds like a fake rapture and or the great falling away. 

4. BBC’s “End Day”  

This was a TV show that presented 5 scenarios for the last day on earth. They involve the following; meteor impact, Yellowstone eruption, Pandemic, earthquakes, and CERN destroying the world. There are many 9/23 references.

5. The Time of the Rapture 

The writer of the linked article claims the Lord told her that this will be the day of the first rapture. 

Comment: There will only be one rapture, at the Sixth Seal, which occurs after the midpoint. We are not there yet, so if there is a rapture event it will be a “blue” one—Project blue beam. In case you are not familiar with project blue beam here is a quick synopsis. 

Step 1 The first step concerns the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. It deals with staging earthquakes at certain precise locations around the planet where supposed new "discoveries" will finally explain that the meanings of the basic doctrines of all the world`s major religions are wrong.…Step 2, Step 3, Step 4…This superbly staged, full-scale production will supposedly result in social and religious disorders on a massive scale, which will lead to a one world religion and the global dominance asserted by the New World Order. 

6.  The day that the Jews will recognize Jesus as Lord 

Some are saying 9/23/15 is the day Jews will recognize the Jesus as Lord 

Comment: The next Messiah that the Jews will recognize will be the false one.

7. The Pope’s Visit 

The Pope is scheduled to visit the White House on 9/23/15. He is also expected to canonize Junipero Serra on that day. Junipero means “youth producing.” 

Comment: If they knew an East coast meteor/comet and tsunami were going to hit, would the President and Pope be in Washington, D.C. which could possibly be affected by a tsunami? Or would they just hide out underground?

8. The UN Session 

The 70th UN Assembly begins 9/15/15. The Palestinian state issue could be decided during this session.  

Comment: I believe upon dividing the land of Israel great judgment will fall upon the world and the United States. 

9.  Jade Helm is scheduled to end on 9/15/15. 

Comment: Jade Helm has alarmed many people and definitely bears watching. The wooden shoe in the emblem is blatant and chilling. My initial reaction is that it is just a drill for what may transpire in the future—attacks coming from the South.

10. Tomorrow Land Movie 

Tomorrow Land is a Disney movie that is scheduled to be released on 5/22/15. The numbers 923 are shown in two trailers. The numbers on the clock are first shown as 00 00 63 09 23 13. 63 + 13 = 76; possibly indicating the Hebrew year 5776.

The trailers also show riots and looting, cataclysmic weather, a Western USA volcanic eruption, a rocket explosion, an incoming celestial object, and gas above $4 per gallon, all with 100% certainty. 5/22/15 to 9/23/15 is 125 (5x5x5) days.

Comment: If gas goes above $4 a gallon by this fall then I would watch for the other events that are depicted, and if they are occurring then I would say that the theme of the movie may come into play—opening the door to other worlds/time travel.

11.  Tomorrow World Festival  

This is a satanic music concert festival/ritual that will be held in Atlanta this year beginning on 9/25/15. From what I have seen the festival has many New World Order/antichrist associations. One of their promo films shows a batman logo, the symbol on the Hoover, has references to CERN, and focuses on a satanic rebirth. The video below has some of their footage. 

12.   CERN

Many are saying CERN will be fully operational and will open a portal to the underworld in September 2015. CERN was scheduled to restart on 3/23/15—6 months before 9/23/15. Some are saying that CERN was responsible for the Nepal earthquake.

Comment: The Hoover dam is supposed to be destroyed as part of an antichrist birthing ritual that may involve CERN as indicated by this quote; “Vishnu/Shiva dances in the waters of the Hoover Dam on that Big Day. The bomb made by CERN in Switzerland is dropped into the waters!

13. Day 500

9/23/15 is day number 500 in the countdown and, according to the French ambassador, is supposed to be the day climate chaos begins.

14.  Day 216

15.  Day 5125

9/23/15 is 5125 days since 9/11/2001. The factors of 5125 are 5, 25, 41, 125, 205, 1025. One way to consider it is that it is 1025 fives added together. 

16. Autumnal Equinox 

The equinox occurs at 3:22 AM CDT. 322 is the skull and bones death number
17.  The Shemitah
The Shemitah year 5775 ends on 9/13/15, which is also the start of the year 5776, which is a year of Jubilee. It is the 70th Jubilee since Israel entered the Holy Land, and 40 Jubilees since the ascension of Jesus to heaven. 

Comment: In reference to the signs of the cows with 7 on their head, it may start a time of more severe economic downturn. 

18. The Sign of the Woman Clothed With the Sun

9/23/15 is two years to the day before the sign of the woman clothed with the sun that occurs on 9/23/17. This is probably the most important end times sign that most likely occurs near the middle of the 70th Week just before Israel flees into the wilderness and the antichrist takes over the world. BTW; the date of the sign of the Woman clothed with the sun is also encoded on the dollar bill. 

19. The Crossing
Earth crosses the orbital path of Bennu. Bennu (101955/1999 RQ36) was discovered on 9/11/99—Rosh Hashanah—exactly 2 years before the 9/11 attacks. Here is some rabbinical information about 9/11/1999. 
It is interesting that September 11, 1999, Rosh Hashanah, had been anticipated by rabbis who studied the scriptures, for 400 years. This date marked the beginning of the judgment of the nations.

On 9/23/15 as best as I can tell Bennu will be in Virgo. Here is a link to the orbital diagram of Bennu.;old=0;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb 

In Egyptian mythology Bennu is related to the Phoenix bird and rebirth. It is also known as the king of the Jubilee. 

Comment: 9/11/99 was exactly 30 years after comet P67 was discovered. 69 is supposed to be the numbers that represent the crossing, 67P was discovered in 1969.

20. The Skies on 9/23/15

In the skies that day Virgo is clothed with the sun and has Mercury in her borders. Mars, Jupiter, and Venus form what appears to be an Isoceles triangle in Leo with Mars close to Regulus. The moon is not under the feet of Virgo but is in Capricorn and Sagittarius on that day. On that day in the USA Virgo rises in the East and sets in the West and will not be visible at night. Pluto’s retrograde stops that day and begins moving forward—goes Station Direct in Capricorn. 

21. On the Jewish calendar 9/23/15 is 7/11 and is the Day of Atonement.  

22. Jewish and Muslim history facts about 9/22 and 9/23 this year.

September 22, 2015  is: Zu Al-Hijja 9, 1436 Hijri, known as Day of Arafa (or Arafat), the day on which Muslim pilgrims stand on Mount of Arafat, near Mecca. It is also the day on which Prophet Abraham attempted to sacrifice his only son at that time, Issac, on Mount of Arafat. Tishri 9, 5776 Jewish Calendar.  

September 23, 2015 is: Zu  Al-Hijja 10, 1436 Hijri, the first day of Eid (Feast) of the Adha (Sacrifice), known as Day of the Nahr (Slaughter), which commemorates Prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac. Tishri 10, 5776 Jewish Calendar is  the most important Jewish holiday, called Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). 

23. Exactly 49 Years

9/23/15 is exactly 49 years of 360 days past 6/7/67, which is when Israel captured Jerusalem. 

24.  The Evan Almighty Movie

The movie mentions the date of 9/22 at 12 noon for the flood to occur. 9/22/15 at 12 noon PDT would be 9/23 in Jerusalem.

25.  Stand up to cancer

The stand up to cancer logo has been analyzed by Groxt1 (can’t find the link) to contain the date 9/23.

S=September, 2=2, C=3. I think the up arrow can refer to a rapture event or a Seal 1 event.

26. Illuminati cards

5 Illuminati cards show the date of 9/23. 

27.   Asteroid Bible code

A Bible code researcher has found a Bible code that shows an asteroid for 5776. The video is hard to understand and he does not mention the odds of his code. 

28.  Antichrist takeover

Some believe it will be the date that the antichrist takes over the world. 

29. Mophie super bowl commercial

The Commercial showed a donkey, ram, rooster, and a Ferris wheel, all in the midst of destruction. 

Comment: The events of the Passion Week included those animals; I have also learned that a rooster and ram play a part in the Day of Atonement. Thus those animals could be referencing that day—9/23/15. The commercial also featured a Ferris wheel rolling in the background which may be a reference to CERN.

30. The Amtrak train derailed at 9:23

31. Prominent Rabbi Declares the Messiah will Return in September 2015.

"Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leading authority in mainstream Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, has been giving clear and unequivocal messages recently that the coming of the Messiah is imminent.
When asked about the timing of the Messiah’s arrival, Rabbi Kanievsky answered, “At the end of the Sabbatical year.” Several people have asked the Rabbi to verify this and he has given the same answer each time. This year is the Sabbatical year and it will be ending on the 29th day of Elul, which, by the Gregorian calendar falls on Saturday, September 12, 2015."
32. Guinness Beer Commercial--Time stops at 9:23

33. A Simpson's episode points to 9/22 as time of rapture.

The Analysis

That is the data/chatter that I have to date, and the big question is; what will happen in September 2015 and the much signaled date of 9/22-23/2015? Is it another hyped date in which nothing will occur, or is that what they want you to think, so that you are caught unawares? Or are they hyping people about events so that they will be easily deceived as to their true meaning and purpose.

The major events of the end times are getting nearer every day and the vast majority of people are not ready for them. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany, which will guide you in preparing for the end times.

Do you want to know what will happen to America? It is encoded on the dollar bill—they put it right in front of our faces every day. I reveal the encoded information in The Dollar Code.

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  1. the blood moon?

  2. Thank you for your time, effort and timely presentation from July 2015 regarding the 33 items. Please help me understand some comments from your presentation. Based upon Daniel 9:24-27 we know that God clearly spoke through Daniel and all of his prophecies have been proven by many extra-scriptural historical documents to be 100% accurate to the exact date. For instance, the vision of the statue in Daniel 2 was fulfilled in specific detail with regard to the Greek Empire. Even more impressive is the exact fulfillment to the exact day from the Jewish Calendar (69 x 360 days) from the proclamation of Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem to the proclamation of the Messiah Christ as HE rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. If there is ANY confusion as to the validity and veracity of these numbers, please see the brilliant and scholarly and definitive publication by Sir Robert Anderson from the late 1800's in his book entitled "The Coming Prince". This book was out of print for a time, is now available in its original form and even more convenient for you to further research the exact accuracy of this prophecy you can download a free PDF version of this book from the internet, The Coming Prince in PDF format off the internet. As Chuck Missler pointed out, if there was only one prophecy which one would choose in the entire bible that proves that the Bible is scientifically valid this would be it: Daniel 9:25. We also know that there is a gap period (Church age which we are currently in and has already lasted about 2000 years between the 69th week and the resumption of the 70th week - the 7 years of tribulation (Daniel 9:26). Then, clearly, the antichrist will initiate the final 70th week by the signing of a peace treaty with Israel (Daniel 9:27).

    Now as I understand your eloquent presentation which I respect and appreciate, on what basis to you contend that the 70th week of Daniel was started in 2014? If so who is the antichrist and what treaty did he sign with Israel in 2014? Please be specific as was Daniel. Perhaps I am in error and misunderstood your presentation?

    Please comment on your suggestion that the great apostasy must proceed the Rapture. My interpretation of scripture is that this would contradict what I believe Christ Himself said about the Rapture and that it will come as a thief in the night. That is, no man will know the time and date. This is a very well established and termed the Doctrine of Imminence. Remember that Paul had to address this confusion in the Church of his time as they were upset and confused by this exact same concern.

    Speaking to myself firstly, as well as others, we must all be very humble and respectful of our own interpretations. There are many very brilliant biblical scholars and theologians that respectfully disagree on the timing and literal interpretation of the Millennial Kingdom of Christ's Monarchy and also upon the timing of the Rapture, that is, pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation or post-tribulation. After extensive research I have concluded that there will be a pre-tribulational Rapture and that the literal earthly 1000 year Monarchy of Christ will occur exactly and literally as the Bible clearly states 7 years on the Jewish Calendar after the start of the 70th week. Most importantly and fortunately for all of us in the Body of Christ, who have faith in Jesus Christ as our one and only Messiah and Saviour, these different interpretations are certainly NOT crucial to our salvation. To God Be the Glory.
    Life.Seeker 316

    1. Based on the Hebrew there are alternate translations of Dan 9 that support the signing of the treaty in the midst of the 7 years. I do not know when the rapture will occur only that it will happen sometime after the A of D, revealing of ac, falling away, see Thes 2.

      All of your questions are answered succinctly with scriptural support in the first few chapters of The Coming Epiphany

  3. Hi, I just want to share that apparently the trail of debris behind Planet Niburu could be considered a tail, as for a comet; and it is debris from the tail that will hit the Earth as a comet. This would tie together the other prophecies I have recently been finding from aboriginal elders regarding the Great Third Shaking of Earth, the darkness, the fire falling from the sky; and of course Niburu. Additional recent info online relates to underground bunker preparation and advance notification of military and elite family members to prepare for a call to evacuate. God Bless.

  4. Even if it isn't global, I believe the end of the Shemitah on 9/13/15 is very likely to bring with it an economic collapse in the USA and possibly something devastating to our military, as the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon foreshadowed. For this reason, I would suggest everyone stock up on lots of extra groceries that wont go bad quickly. Worst case, you don't need to buy many groceries for a while. Best case, you are well fed and you'll have enough to help your neighbors, and when they ask how you knew to stock up, you have an invitation to try and save their soul.