Monday, December 8, 2014

The Tsunami Harbingers; “Nothing Can Prepare You for What’s Next!”


Definition: Harbinger; anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign.

Remember the 3/11/11 Japan earthquake and tsunami that caused the Fukushima disaster? I am sure that you do, how could we forget, especially when  radiation is still pouring into the Pacific Ocean and negatively affecting many life forms including the people of Japan? Were there any harbingers prior to this event occurring? Yes, there were many. Let me show what I have found.

The Cloud Harbinger
In the skies over Jordan in 2006 a Google earth satellite captured a very strange looking cloud.

As you can see the cloud looks like a dirty tsunami wave. So you say; “big deal.” Well now let me tell you where the cloud appeared. It appeared next to a line between the Temple mount in Jerusalem and the earthquake epicenter.

How about that! Why would the Temple mount, Japan, and a tsunami be related? Because Japan had taken actions against Israel. In fact they made an official statement condemning Israeli settlements and supporting the Palestinian state 29 days before the earthquake, and they committed to aiding the Palestinians with a water project 11 days before the earthquake. After which their country experiences a huge earthquake and a tsunami—water disaster. These are the facts; I will allow you to make your own conclusions.
Thus I firmly believe that this tsunami shaped cloud was a harbinger of the 3/11/11 earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima disaster.
The Movie Harbinger
And yet there is more; on 3/11/11 the movie Battle: Los Angeles was released. This movie contains a very clear harbinger of the Japan earthquake. Here is the trailer for the film. See if you can catch the harbinger.

Did you see it? Maybe not. Let me show it to you. Ask yourself; why a blue mustang? Why not red, or green, why blue?

Where is there a prominent blue mustang in the United States? How about blucifer at the Denver International airport?

I believe the blue Mustang in the film gives us a location clue—Denver, CO—and the blucifer connection also tells us that satan and his minions are the ones claiming the responsibility for these actions.

Now look at this picture from the trailer, do you see the number of the DOW, 4847?

Guess what is 4847 NM from the Japan earthquake epicenter? Denver, Colorado. As the movie says;

There are patterns that cannot be explained.
There are warnings that cannot be ignored.
Nothing can prepare you for what's next.

Thus I believe this movie contained another tsunami harbinger. And if you did not believe that movies can contain encoded information about the future, I hope you do now.

The Comet Harbinger
And there is still more. Remember comet Elenin? I believe that Comet Elenin was also a harbinger of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. The reason I believe that is because there are some very strange synchronicities with Comet Elenin dates and prophetic and physical occurrences. I posted about it here; Comet Elenin and the Pole Shift Theory; 3/15/2011 and Beyond. In that post, which was dated 2/22/11, I explained how that on a previous comet Elenin alignment date, 2/27/10 that the 8.8 Chile earthquake occurred. I then interpolated the information and stated the following could occur during the 3/15/11 alignment period.
So if their theory is correct and the comet caused the 8.8 quake in Chile… when it was at a distance of 6.047 and it caused a proportional response to the earth on 3/15/2011 when its distance is 2.099 what might we expect to see? The effect would be 2.88 (6.047/2.099) times greater…an earthquake 2.88 times greater would be 8.8 + log 2.88 = 9.25 on the Richter scale.
So I interpolated a 9.25 earthquake was possible in the Elenin alignment period, and what happened? We saw a 9.1 earthquake. At this point in time do I think Elenin caused the earthquake? No, I believe Elenin was just another harbinger.

What can we conclude from all this data? I conclude that major events like the Japan earthquake and tsunami may have harbingers associated with them. Do I see any harbingers pointing to any major events in the near future? Yes I do, and the Antares rocket explosion, which I issued a watch for an event on that day, was one of the harbingers. You can read about this in the post; The antichrist Just appeared for the Entire World to See! Did you See him?. In fact I believe the Antares rocket explosion is a harbinger of a major event that has the potential to change life as we know it in the United States. I also believe the date of this event may be encoded on the dollar bill, which I reveal in The Dollar Code. It also just so happens that I just personally received a harbinger that I believe is pointing to this event, which Lord willing, I will share in my next post.

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Thank You
William Frederick



  1. Here are some major earthquake synchronicity dates to look at, I'm adding two days for different counts. 3-11-2011 Japan earthquake to 4-24/25-2020=3333 days and from the 5-22-1960 Chili earthquake to 3-24/25-2021 is 22222 days and the separation between the 2020 and 2021 dates is 333 days. From Hanukkah 12-13/14-2017 to 4-24/25-2020 is 864 days and half this measure in time is 432 days which would land you on 2-18/19-2019 which is 864 synodic months from the first Passover with Israel back in the land on April 13th 1949, the first blood moon of the tetrad. Count back in time 432 month of 30 plus 432 days from 2-18/19 2019 back in time from 2-18/19-2019 takes you to a solar eclipse on the summer solstice on June 21st 1982. From June 21st 1982 to the feast of dedication(lights) on December 13th/14 of 2017 is 432 months of 30 or 36 prophetic years. Can you reckon or count 666 from "36" yep. Can you count or reckon 666 in the date of 2-16-2016 Yep 6x6x6=216, from 2-16-2016 to this "36" marker date is 666 days, can you count or reckon 666 from 432 yep 432+234 is 666. The Summer solstice is the sixth hour, Prince William was dedicated on the same exact day as the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem which was 8-4-1982 or the 216 days of the year, can you count or reckon 666 from the 216th day of the year, yep 6x6x6=216. Forty lunar years after this event on 8-4-1982 takes you to a total lunar eclipse on May 26th 2021 which is 42 months of 30 or 1260 days after 12-13/14-2017 or 432 months of 30 from 21-6-1982 or the 6th hour. Coincidence? maybe!

  2. I appreciate your work and agree in your conclusions. Do you follow 9Nania on YouTube. If not this May blow you away. Keep up the good work

  3. Please see 9Nania youtube.
    Combined, the two of your are making amazing connections. I appreciate your work and share your articles with large groups.