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Comet Elenin--Coming Into Focus

Comet Elenin--when you hear those words what comes to your mind? Pole shift, tsunami, earthquakes, Planet X, Nibiru, destruction, the rapture, judgment, UFOs, extinction level event, head for the hills... There is so much being said about this comet that it can make one's head spin--I know it has made my head spin! What is the truth? That is the question.

Since becoming aware of Comet Elenin and its possible effects upon the earth I began praying and investigating as best I could with the time and info available to me--for I wanted to know for myself if this comet was going to bring trouble upon the earth so that I could make informed rational decisions for my family and then relay the info to others so they could do the same.

If you are not familiar with comet Elenin and its various theories and this comet's connection to Israel and the Palestinian state here is a list of those investigations/posts so far to date;

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Comet Elenin--Conclusions for Now

After completing the last post in which I concluded; "In light of the comet's connections to Israel and the Palestinian state whether this comet is a sign or causal agent I believe it will be associated with judgment upon the earth" I had an uneasy feeling that there was still more to this whole comet issue and I should delve farther.

One reason I felt that way was because one of the concerns/conflicts in my mind was that the comet Elenin scenario that was evolving was in conflict to the end times Bible prophecy timeline I had developed from scripture as outlined in The Coming Epiphany. So I prayed earnestly--and am still praying--that the Lord will open my eyes and help me see and understand the truth about comet Elenin--and I believe that He has allowed me to understand some more about this situation and I am feeling a greater peace in my soul regarding this comet and its ramifications, and its role in the end times scenario is coming into focus. Here is some of the info that I found:

What is Comet Elenin?

There has been a lot of speculation about what comet Elenin really is; some have asserted that it may be a brown dwarf star and that it will cause massive destruction and a pole shift upon earth. Some are making this assumption because of the earthquakes that have occurred on the comet's alignment dates. But remember comets due to their electrical properties can cause earthquakes too. So just because there were earthquakes on alignment dates does not necessarily infer that comet Elenin is the brown dwarf star.

In fact many have been able to photograph the comet and at this point it appears to be just a comet--well actually a cluster of comets. "The group I am talking with is concentrating on Elenin and the "space debris" (few other pieces) that are following it. So far, they have been able to detect 9 pieces together in four groups." Here is a photo link. So at this point Elenin appears to be just a comet cluster not a brown dwarf star.

How big is Elenin? Mr. Elenin himself responded; Nucleus diameter is 3-4 km, The coma is many thousand times larger (at the beginning of March), The tail is 900,000 km. That is the data about its size now, remember as it gets closer to the sun it is possible that the coma and tail could grow unexpectantly.

How Will Elenin Effect Us?

I do not know exactly but knowing its connection with the Palestinian state and what has occurred around previous alignment dates, as stated before, I feel certain that it will either be a sign or causal agent of judgment upon the earth. Thus at the very least I believe that it is possible that we may see more large earthquakes, tsunamis, and increased volcanic activity around alignment dates. Here is a summary of the alignment dates and quakes above 6.0 for the time 5 days before and after prior alignment dates:

2/27/2010     sun-earth-elenin (6.047)         20 above 6.0 quakes/8.8 biggest
9/3/2010       earth-sun-elenin  (6.269)         4 above 6.0 quakes/7.0 biggest
3/15/2011     sun-earth-elenin  (2.099)        40 above 6.0 quakes/9.0 biggest
3/24/2011     elenin-earth-mars                    9 above 6.0 quakes/6.8 biggest
4/11/2011     elenin-earth-venus                   7 above 6.0 quakes/7.1 biggest
9/11/2011     perihelion
9/26/2011     sun-elenin-earth (.392)--possible tail interaction
10/16/2011   closest to earth (.24)
11/6/2011     possible debris field interaction
11/13/2011   elenin-earth-mercury-venus
11/22/2011   sun-earth-elenin (.586)
4/21/2012     possible debris field interaction
12/25/2012   sun-earth-elenin (5.242)

Did you notice the increased earthquake activity on planet alignment dates? I refer you to Dr. Omerbashich 

So at this point in time, based on occurrences on past alignment dates and the Palestinian connection I think it is possible that we may see more large earthquakes with possible tsunamis and increased volcanic activity around future alignment dates.

The next alignment will be on 9/26/2011 at a distance of .392. At this alignment the comet will be between the sun and the earth with the tail pointed in our general direction. Assuming the comet will effect us and will have a proportional effect the comet at that time may yield an influence of 6.047/.392 = 15.4 times greater than what happened on the 2/27/2010 alignment date. Thus it could cause an earthquake 15.4 times greater; 8.8 + log 15.4 = 10 on the Richter scale and possibly 300 plus quakes over 6.0. Or basing it on the 3/11/2011 quake it may have a 2.099/.392 = 5.3 times greater influence. Thus possibly yielding 200 quakes over 6.0 and a 9.5 quake. Again this is assuming that the comet caused the past earthquakes and will have a proportional effect in the future.

At this point in time I do not think that comet Elenin is Planet X and I do not think it will cause a pole shift. However as said previously it may be associated with earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic activity as explained above and it may also cause other problems such as...Lets look at some of the historical records regarding comet passes throughout history.

The Historical Record

Ancients texts indicate the existence of a cyclical comet that causes great destruction upon the earth.

My investigation suggests that another name for Jeremiah’s Destroyer was Phaeton. The ancient Greeks described Phaeton as a fiery body akin to the sun and was much more than a conventional comet. Plato first popularized Phaeton in his work entitled Timaeus 22a-23b.

Within it we read that Plato’s great-grandfather’s friend, Solon, spoke of an Egyptian priest that told him of Phaeton: * “There is a story, which even you have preserved, that once upon a time PHAETHON… burnt up all that was upon the Earth ... WHICH RECURS AFTER LONG INTERVALS.” *


Plato told the story of a great island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that Phaeton’s wrath forever submerged.

One researcher--Baillie--believes that the black death which started in 1345 was most likely caused by comet interaction and debris.

There really is quite sufficient data presented in Baillie's book to support the theory that the Black Death was due to an impact by Comet Debris - similar to the impacts on Jupiter by the fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy back in 1994. As to exactly how these deaths occurred, there are a number of possibilities: earthquakes, floods (tsunami), rains of fire, chemicals released by the high-energy explosions in the atmosphere, including ammonium and hydrogen cyanide, and possibly even comet born disease pathogens.

If it has happened as often as Baillie suggests, it can happen again. And if, as we suspect, the Earth is slated for a bombardment in the not too distant future, it seems that there are more ways to die in such an event than just getting hit by a comet fragment. Source:

So the historical records indicate that comets have the potential to wreak havoc upon the earth with earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, meteor showers, toxic chemicals, plagues, famines, darkness and may have been responsible for the black death that started in 1345. Could the Elenin cluster and her companions cause similar problems? If Elenin was the cause of the eartquakes already seen and not just a sign then she will probably cause more of the same. How about meteor showers, toxic chemicals, plagues, famines, etc? At this point in time the earth is not calculated to be in Elenin's tail or debris field, but sometimes comets can do the unexpected, so this comet bears watching.   Here is an interesting "coincidence;" 1345 + 666 = 2011.

Did you know that the Elenin cluster is not the only comet heading our way this fall? There are several, 45P/Honda is one of them. From what they are saying the comet Honda--discovered in 1948--will form an equilateral triangle with Elenin and earth this fall. I came across a video about a tale of 2 comets that ties in to what we are talking about and raises some interesting scenarios.

So I am convinced from the scientific and historical records that comets can cause great problems for earth--earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, EMP's, comet debris showers, toxic chemicals, plagues, famines, and darkness. What comets can do to earth brings to mind David Wilkerson's Urgent Warning; AN EARTH-SHATTERING CALAMITY IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. IT IS GOING TO BE SO FRIGHTENING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO TREMBLE - EVEN THE GODLIEST AMONG US For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. It also brings to mind a line from the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; "you may have seen a meteor shower but you have never seen a shower meatier than this."

The Prophetic Connections

Of all the data that I have come across so far what has convinced me the most that this comet will bring trouble is that it has clear connections with Israel, the Palestinian State, and America. And from what is being said it is pretty much a done deal that the Palestinian state will be created in September. Whether the comet is just a sign or the causal agent; Palestinian state + comet Elenin = disaster. Here is an updated chart showing the "connections."

If the earth does experience the possible devastation listed above how would it fit into an end times Bible prophecy timeline? Well if we experience tail or debris field interaction from the comet(s)--which at this time is not predicted to occur--and it causes a similar situation that occurred during the black plague 666 years ago, then a black plague scenario would most likely fit with the Black Horse of seal 3 and or the death of seal 4 in Revelation 6.

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. 6And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 7And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. Rev 6:5-8.

I also believe that if we do see major problems from this comet--the destruction it may cause along with many other things will be used to destroy the present world order. According to "their" writings the old world order is suppose to end by 12/21/2012 after which we will most likely see the antichrist arise and the New World Order come about. If that is the case then the first 4 seals will have been opened by then and 1/4 of the world's population will have died which raises the possibility that this comet and its potential devastation may be involved in it.

This comet and its companions may also present the world with some interesting celestial signs. Like maybe--And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 2And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. 3And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 4And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. Rev 12:1-4

Here is an interesting sign--an alien/demon crop circle. Notice the date and the alignment of 4 celestial objects into the shape of a cross. Remember from above that the latest pics of Elenin indicate that "So far, they have been able to detect 9 pieces together in four groups" Also notice the date of  11/11, I wonder if the Elenin and her companions or the other comets will align like this on 11/11/11?

Image credit: Frank Laumen

So to summarize; In light of the latest data that I have seen my thinking is that; Elenin is a comet cluster and in light of it's connections to Israel and the Palestinian state, whether this comet is a sign or causal agent, I believe it will be associated with judgment upon the earth. What exactly that judgment(s) will be, I do not know. Will the judgments be part of seal 3 or 4? Again I do not know--we will have to watch, wait, and see. If they are part of seal 3 or 4 then we will have to see seal 2 before they occur.

Again the times to watch for, and if warranted to prepare for, are mainly this fall. I cannot tell you if you are to prepare, or exactly how to prepare--for different people it will mean different things--make it a matter of prayer. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5

Again, I am not trying to scare you--just want you to be aware of potential problems that the world may be faced with this fall so that you can make informed rational decisions for you and your family. I will let you know if I am presented with any new data/information that would change my thinking.

What about Planet X? Its coming and so is the rapture--hint, hint--Lord willing will post soon.

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  1. Hi William,
    Can you double check on this, there appears to be another alignment on 11/11/11. It's elenin, earth, mercury, and venus.

  2. Looks like they align the best on 11/13/2011, I have added to the list above. THX for the heads up.

  3. i have not a clue as to what sense this would make. i have researched for a few days and have spotted a few alignments with comets that never caused anything on earth. BUT, i have noticed that planetary alignments have a big effect on earth. Most recent i have noticed or found was October 26 2010. Sun, Venus, and Earth Aligned and was what perceived to be A hurricane on land through US and Canada

  4. Thanks William,
    I too have been troubled about this event and quite honestly I still am. I prayed for understanding and what kept coming back is that this is Biblical! I too was struggling with timelines and said to myself that this makes no sense.

    However I read Revelation again last night. If Revelation is actually to be read and the events are concurrent then it fits real well.

    Revelation speaks of a Mountain thrown in the sea,then Wormwood, and the another event that is the mother of all Earthquakes.

    Have you been to Earth Changes and Pole Shift website? I do not get mixed up with the people their but I do take from their years of following and understanding of Nibiru. They are completely sold out on the fact that it is in route.

    Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and I do believe in his Promise. Interesting times we live in to say the least, The Kingdom Of God is at Hand.

    God Bless and thanks for Blessing me....

  5. a lad

    Thank you for your comments. I also believe that the brown dwarf star is on its way and that it will cause a pole shift but I do not see it until 2013-2015 after the sixth seal is opened. Also the mountain burning with fire--meteor slamming into the ocean and the comet hitting the earth--wormwood are trumpet 2 and 3 and are after the rapture! Yes the kingdom of God is at hand!

  6. Thanks William,
    I'm so grateful for your dedication to these endtimes. Most people think we are crazy but hopefully they will at sometime see the light. I agree on your assesment of the coming Comets etc.

  7. I am sorry for posting this on your page, but this is of much importance. i know of you who are religious, and those who are not. This has nothing to do with religion or life as we know it. It is life as we never knew it, and is coming not to harm us for a reason, just that it is out of anyones control. IT IS STRICTLY of a cycle of orbit, creation and uncreation and mining for resources.

  8. The beginning force--God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit--is the creator of everything and has revealed Himself to us through His written Word. It is He who has created the cycles of Orbit to fulfill His will. He in His foreknowledge of all events can forsee what man will choose and can set things in motion thousands of years before to bring judgment upon man after he chooses to do evil.

  9. Before Elenin made any news I think alot of us beleivers knew something was going to happen a few months prior to this comet discovery, but I too read revelation and I think God is kicking my butt to warn everyone to repent now the book makes alot of sence. Sadly too many people are hung up on the false rapture thing May 21st and its a ploy by satan to have the unbelivers look at the true children of Christ and make us look like a bunch of idiots. Even China and Russia are now saying this comet is intelligently controlled, and dont forget the purchase of millions of body bags by the US. So they know that the fullfilment of the fig tree shaken by a gale is coming. I also beleive wormwood was Chernobyl (means wormwood in Ukrainian) but refers to Japan now and the current amount of Radition coming across Canada and the US making the waters slowly bitter. I am so excited for the return of our King the Lord Jesus Christ! Dont forget to pray for the people of Isreal to come to Christ. Oh how glorious it will be to serve the Lord thy God in heaven, pray for the non beleivers too that they can be saved before they have to endure the other woes. Thank-you so much for this site, I think we all have this deep down feeling the rapture and the tribulation are coming very soon! Amen!

  10. Anon

    THX for your encouragement. Amen to praying for the lost and Israel. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

  11. Hi,

    In this url there are the coordinates for Elenin in October:


  12. Harold Camping was wrong about May 21, 2011 and the rapture but he might be right about October 21, 2011. Right around this time and early November, Earth will encounter the tail of the comet Elenin...and the tail of this dragon might just be slinging out cyanide. In 2010, comet Hartley's tail increased its cyanide output by five times as it neared the Sun and began to melt. I don't know if Elenin is made of cyanide like Hartley was but if it is and we're going through the tail in late October to early November, ELEnin might really turn out to be an Extinction Level Event. (nin[e]ELE[ven])

  13. Ray

    At this point I do not think that the events of Elenin will be catastrophic--maybe a big quake. At present the tail is not predicted to interact with the earth. But things can change--I think it depends on what the world does to Israel. As far as the rapture--it happens at the sixth seal after the arising of the antichrist--which he has not arisen yet. So too early for the rapture.

  14. Here is a series of 34 diapos explaining the correlation between previous earthquakes (chile 2010 and Japan 2011) and the Elenin alignement (oppositions). This series forecast another big earthquake (9.8+) around next Nov 22nd, 2011, never recorded in history, and compares Elenin to other EQ that could resemble it.

  15. Here are some of the comments of the 34 diapos. You should see the graphs. They will help you to better understand.

    Elenin will cause big EQs around NOV 22nd, 2011. Its unique characteristics are:

    Long Period comet (eccentricity close to 1, orbit of 11,800 years)
    Almost coplanar (1.83 degrees of inclication from the ecliptic)
    Size of 4 kms (estimate)

    The combination of these caracteristics makes Elenin unique.
    Elenin has already been involved in two major EQs when aligned
    with the Earth extended magnetotail:

    Chile 8.8 EQ on February 27th 2010 (Elenin at 6 AU).
    Japan 9.2 EQ on March 11th 2011 (Elenin at 2 AU).

    These two major EQs were rare in history. The next case will
    occur around November 22nd 2011. This presentation shows why.

    The theory we present assumes that:

    Comets are capacitors: they store electric energy from the solar wind.

    Comets create a vaccum ahead of their orbit, slightly oriented towards the sun: they are magnets that accelerate the solar wind.

    Comets slowly discharge, except when crossing a magnetotail: in that very rare case the discharge is brutal due to the compression ahead.

    Elenin has crossed (Chile and Japan EQs) and will cross again (next big EQs) the Earth Extended Magnetotail (EM).

    An Extended Magnetotail is assumed to be the open field lines that go far behind a planet having a magnetosphere. Thanks to the increasing compression ahead, the length of the EM can become very important, several AU long.

    Elenin is a LONG PERIOD COMET
    After 11,800 years, it is fully charged

    The Extended Magnetotail is the extension of the magnetotail, 200 Earth radii long, in the form of open field lines going on as far as the heliosphere (millions of Earth radii). All the comets attract and accelerate the solar wind ahead of their orbit. In doing so, they create a depression. Due to its proximity to the Extended Magnetotail, Elenin curves it towards the depression. Elenin can cross the EM before of after the alignement.

    The comet curves all the open field lines of the magnetotail where the density of particles is 100,000 times the solar wind density. But when these particles reach the comet they accumulate ahead more and more with time until reaching a dense plasma state rapidly going upstream until the Earth. This process can take several hours. When the plasma is connected to the Earth magnetosphere, there is a sudden discharge, like a lightning, because the difference of potential between the comet and the Earth goes from the first to the second.

  16. Is the coma a danger? No, because it is not solid like a comet. It won’t be able to compress the incoming particles from the magnetotail when it will cross it. The magnetotail will go through it.

    Aren’t the comets dirty snowballs? It is not proved. The data from the Deep Impact mission in 2005 are just photos that scientists analysed. They observed only different brightnesses of pixels, and interpreted them as ice or dust. In fact, the details show that, for the same size of particles, the “dust” ejecta can be accurate as low as 73 tons, when scientists are not able to know whether there are 4,500 or 9,000 tons of “ice”. Many assumptions, no evidence. Strange things happen. The stardust mission of 2011 observed fall back in the crater of the impact of 2005. If comets are dirty iceballs, it would be impossible. Big comets can have a small coma, when small comets can have a big coma. The solar wind is though the same for every comet. Only an electric model of comet can explain those two cases.

    Why is Elenin so unique? There are 5,000 observed comets. Only 201 have been deeply studied. There are only 63 long period comets. Among them, Elenin is the only one which has an inclination below 3 degrees, and even 2 degrees, from the ecliptic. 95% of long period comets have an inclination of more than 10 degrees. Being coplanar is THE MAIN CONDITION to trigger a brutal discharge after a 11,800 years charge.

    TOTAL COMETS LP&H BETWEEN 0 and 3 degrees: 1 (ELENIN). (1,5%)
    TOTAL COMETS LP&H BETWEEN 3 and 10 degrees: 2. (3,5%)
    TOTAL COMETS LP&H BETWEEN 10 and 50 degrees: 9. (14%)
    TOTAL COMETS LP&H ABOVE 50 degrees: 51. (81%)

    Comets are supposed to be dirty snowballs or dirty iceballs with a coma. But what is the coma made of? NASA says that there is 85% of ice. The alternate electric model is not opposed to it but claims that comets are much more solid and are electrically charged by the solar wind. So, the coma would be made of electric particles. A scientific article about the Deep Impact Mission in 2005 on the comet Tempel 1 states that its composition is uncertain. Based on the brightness of the pixels of the images, the authors found different particles amounts with the SAME IMAGES:

    Dust: <2 μm: between 73 and 440 tons; <2.8 μm: between 150 and 160 tons; <20 μm: between 560 and 850 tons; <200 μm: between 1,000 and 14,000 tons. LOW ESTIMATES: 1,783 tons; HIGH ESTIMATES: 15,450 tons.
    Difference: 13,667 tons, i.e. 90% of difference.

    Ice: <3 μm: between 4,500 and 9,000 tons (2005), or between 5,000 and 8,000 tons when the total of ejecta was estimated to be 10,000 tons (2007) . Difference: 4,500 tons, i.e. 50% of difference.

    So, according to the versions, comets are iceballs or…electric balls:

    Lowest values of dust (1,000) & highest values of ice (9,000): 90% of ice
    Highest values of dust (15,450) & lowest values of ice (4,500): 22% of ice

  17. Elenin is a comet like the others, except for its specific orbit. It has crossed twice the Earth Extended Magnetotail on FEB 27th 2010 (Chile 8.8 EQ) and MAR 11th 2011(Japan 9.2 EQ). On the plane of the ecliptic there are other planets. Why Elenin didn’t discharge in their Extended Magnetotail (EM)? In fact, Elenin never crossed Jupiter EM. Mars has no magnetosphere. It will never cross the Venus EM before the next crossing of the Earth EM. The moon has a very tiny magnetosphere. In addition, the constant slow wind from the sun (400 kms/s) comes mainly from the equator of the sun. It means that all the comets on the ecliptic receive a maximum of its energy with time (special case of Elenin).

    The solar wind is made of 95% of protons (positive ions), but electrically neutral (enough electrons). BUT, since the atoms are divided (protons in one hand, electrons in the other), only the protons are attracted to the negatively charged comet.

    Since the protons are much heavier than the electrons, there is a vaccum created by the acceleration of the protons towards the comet, and the extended magnetotail, positively charged, is easily lagged according to the comet position.

    Velocity ELENIN 2.1 AU and 6 AU / magnetotail: 7 km/s
    Velocity ELENIN 0.6 AU / magnetotail: 17.5 km/s
    Velocity BOWELL 2.5 AU / magnetotail: 21 km/s

    Lag = flexibility of time. But, for the same electric attraction of protons, the lower the angle, the more the lag will occur. Bowell is much electrically weaker than Elenin.

    Time to fill the plasma sheet: filling the plasma sheet means that the necessary density of the plasma to create a discharge until the Earth must be large enough. We arbitrary use the following numbers to check the difference between Elenin and Bowell: 100.000 p/cc to 300.000 p/cc. 1 h/3.000.000kms; 1 AU = 50 hours; width of the magnetotail: 6300 kms x 25 Re = 157.500 kms. This width IS NOT what the comets must cross to fill the plasma sheet since the magnetotail can be lagged (the magnetotail follows the comet) before or after the perfect opposition (alignement). Let’s take 1 degrees max of lag because the difference of the resulting vector of the orbit velocities matters the most.


    ELENIN 0.6 AU x sin(1) = 0.6 AU x 0.017 = 1.53 millions kms
    ELENIN 2.1 AU x sin(1) = 5.35 millions kms
    ELENIN 6 AU x sin(1) = 15.30 millions kms
    BOWELL 2.5 AU x sin(1) = 6.37 millions kms


    ELENIN: 0.6 AU: 30 hours (more than a day) 108.000 s x 17.5 km/s = 1.89 millions kms
    ELENIN: 2.1 AU: 105 hours (4 days, 9 hours) 378.000 s x 7 km/s = 2.65 millions kms
    ELENIN: 6 AU: 300 hours (12 days, 12 hours) 1.080.000 s x 7 km/s = 7.56 millions kms
    BOWELL: 2.5 AU: 125 hours (3 days, 3 hours) 450.000 s x 21 km/s = 9.45 millions kms

  18. So, for the same electric charge (same size, same composition), when we have only 6.37 millions kms of available lag distance, we need 9.45 millions kms to fill the plasma sheet for BOWELL 2.5 AU. WE MISS 33% of a long distance! For ELENIN 0.6 AU, we miss 19% of a small distance, but this is solved by a much higher electric charge when close to the Earth. Respectively, we obtain:

    Elenin 0.6 AU: 1.53 - 1.89 = - 0.36 millions kms (-19%)
    Elenin 2.1 AU: 5.35 - 2.65 = + 2.7 millions kms
    Elenin 6 AU: 15.30 - 7.56 = + 7.74 millions kms
    Bowell 2.5 AU: 6.37 - 9.45 = - 3.08 millions kms[/B] [B](- 33%)


    The velocity with respect to the magnetotail shows that when the solar wind comes from aside the comet orbit (BOWELL) this latter won’t be able to precipitate the lag of the Earth extended magnetotail. It will do it very close to the alignement (opposition) for a very short time. On the contrary, when the comet orbit is directly opposed to the solar wind, the lag will occur much earlier and stronger than the first case, particularly when the electric charge is much stronger (ELENIN). The velocity of the Earth do not compensate enough the lag power of the comets. We didn’t take it into account because the magnetotail width is too tiny compared to the lag.

    The strength of the vaccum created ahead of ELENIN accelerates and curves the extended magnetotail much more than the other case due to the direct opposition of the comet orbit to the solar wind. When the magnetotail reaches the comet, the plasma sheet is created much faster.


    7 x 8.8+ quakes in 300 years. The probability that a 8.8 quake would occur (+/- 1 day) is .000191

    3 x 9.2+ quakes in 300 years. The probability that a 9.2+ quake would occur (+/- 3 days) is .000191

    The probability that two values of distances (6 and 2.1 AU) decrease at a rate of .35 when the corresponding magnitudes increase at the same proportion is .00005

    The probability of someone correctly guessing two of these events +/- 1 & +/- 3 days, having values of distances decrease at the same pace of the corresponding magnitude increase would be one chance in 550 billions!