Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Comet Elenin "Connections"

comet elenin, israel, palestinian state, america, usa, planet x, nibiru, babylon, end times, end of the world, bible prophecy, revelation, earthquake, volcano, peace treaty

In the post Comet Elenin, Israel, the Palestinian State, and America, where it was put forth that there are “connections” between them, I have received basically 2 different responses from various individuals; It was either “WOW that is amazing” or “I don’t see a connection.” I thought that I had presented the material in a way that could be easily understood and thus inferences drawn. So I came up with this chart which I believe may help some to see the “connections.” You can click on them for a larger view.

comet elenin, israel, palestinian state, america, usa, planet x, nibiru, babylon, end times, end of the world, bible prophecy, revelation, earthquake, volcano, peace treaty

So what does the future hold in regards to Comet Elenin, Israel, the Palestinian State, and America? I am certain from all that God has shown me up to this point regarding these matters-- that with America taking the lead in bringing about the Palestinian state-- that America will be severely judged. As to the exact details of the judgment I could only speculate but with the connections that I have seen in this matter to comet Elenin, I feel that it will be involved. And as I stated before I do not know if comet Elenin is planet x or Nibiru. But if it is we are in trouble, especially in light of the scripture that I believe God showed me in these regards--Ezekiel 24.

Interesting thing about that passage that Daniel Eggers of Prayers for the People mentioned was that verse 1 of Ezekiel 24 says “in the ninth year, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,” The tenth Hebrew civil month is Tevet which is our December, the 10th day of our December is when the comet was discovered and it was 9 years past 9/11 not forgetting the ELEven NINe in the comet name. So we have the month from the Hebrew calendar, the day from our calendar and 9 years from 9/11 the numbers related to the comet’s name and a destructive event upon our land.

In summary here is what I know:

There is possibly an earth-changing comet coming.

America is taking the lead in forming the Palestinian state.

There are connections between the comet, America, Israel, and the Palestinian state.

America will receive judgment for taking the lead in forming the Palestinian state.

America’s judgment will be…

Let me repeat what I wrote in the last post;

In summary; When I first delved into this whole matter about comet Elenin I was thinking that it might just be fear mongering—which it could be—but now that I have clearly seen the Israeli Palestinian State connection I am feeling like this comet may pose a real and present danger and that the powers are trying to cover this up. Though at present this is conjecture and I have no conclusive proof and I do not know for sure if this comet is Planet x or Nibiru, but I still perceive it as a threat.

Note: I am not trying to scare anyone, just wake people up to the reality of the times in which we live. Just as a weather forecaster may issue a hurricane warning so people can prepare and get out of harm’s way—I am issuing a “severe judgment warning”—so people can prepare—lest you be caught unawares.

The Story Continues: Comet Elenin--Messages

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  1. Here are the Bible Codes and sites I believe dealing with this comet:


    "The judge has returned" - "The planetoid body will return" - "HE WILL SHATTER" -


    2012 large comet fragmentary object scatter gun terrifying axis seismic eradication - it will be crumbed - I "[The Lord]" will tear to pieces.


    Dark Star - Sun - Companion - Concealed - Emerging


    About 3/4 years ago I had a dream where I saw a bright light in the sky - turned to a friend and said - look - It's The Lord - and I was then "zapped." At the time I believed it was the rapture - but I no longer believe this to be true. I believe He is "taking us through."

    The verse in the Bible about the "worms" is Mic 7:17 - They shall lick the dust LIKE A SERPENT, they shall move out of their holes LIKE WORMS of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of thee.

    This chapter talks about the Heritage of the Lord (Israel and Christians) in Bashan (the land of the giants!).

    Worm – Strongs 4663:

    a worm, spec. that kind which preys upon dead bodies

    their punishment after death will never cease

    Sorry about the Anonymous posts - no other "choice" appears to work for me!

  2. I do not think you can rightly divide events because you do not understand scripture.

    Do you even know who these people are who claim to be Jews? They are not now, nor have they ever been Judah!

    Do you know who the true Israelites are? Do you even understand the migrations of the Caucasian people after Assyrian captivity?

    Do you even understand that the Edomites took over Jerusalem after the tribes of Benjamin and Judah went into Babylonian captivity?

    Did you know that the King of Judea at the time of Christ was called Herod and that he was an Edomite?

    Do you seriously believe that true Israelites of the House of Judah put Yahshua to death when only shortly before they were heralding HIM as King and savior?

    Why do you think that Yahshua would not go into Jerusalem for fear of the "jews", which is really translated as Judeans?

    Why do you think that Yahshua choose eleven of HIS apostles from Galilee from the tribe of Benjamin and only one EDOMITE, whose name was Judas of Escariot (of the red - Esau)?

    Did you know that the Caucasians were known as the Issaka and later Saxons - from Isaac's Sons and that in Isaac shall their seed be called?

    You cannot possibly properly interpret events because you do not know who the players are. You are supporting the wrong team.

    Those who call themselves jews, but do lie have NEVER fulfilled any of the promises or prophecies concerning the Israelites. The Caucasian race most assuredly has - TO THE TEE.

    I'll tell you truthfully that I am a CHRISTIAN and there is no JUDEO in front of it.

    Judeo-"Christians" are far off the mark and it makes me mad and very sad because they support evil and call it good. They support murder, theft, and debauchery (as long as it is done by Edomite jews).

    No sir. You are far off the mark in your understanding and until you come to know ancient history, etymology and archeology, you will continue to fall well short of the mark.

    If Amer-rica is to be judge harshly of YHWH it will be precisely because we DO support the "jews".

    Surely Yahshua knew exactly what HE was saying when HE told the Edomites (whom you call jews today) that they are of THEIR father the devil and that they had murdered every righteous prophet from ABEL to Zacharias (who was actually John the Baptist's father). From "A" to "Z" this Synagogue of Satan has been responsible.

    Who murdered Abel? Was it not Cain? Who was Cain's father. It was NOT Adam but the one who seduced Eve. You do not understand the language of the Hebrews you cannot properly interpret the past as written in scripture, let alone know the future.

    There are TWO LITERAL seedlines and these two seedlines have been at war since the time of Adam and Eve. But the seedline of Adam (the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic people) are at a serious disadvantage since we do not know what the Learned Elders of Zion have always known.

    Our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.



  3. James

    The Learned Elders of Zion...

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the most blatantly Satanic document in world history! It systematically lists all the steps that are necessary to establish the New World Order and its ultimate leader. It is obvious that these plans for the establishment of the New World Order are so brilliantly conceived and written, they could only be the work of supernatural Guiding Spirits through Automatic Writing.

    The Protocols are organized as follows:

    Blueprint for world domination;

    Advent of a Masonic Kingdom;

    A king of the blood of Sion, of the Dynastic roots of David;

    The King of the Jews will be the real Pope;

    The world ruler will be the patriarch of an international church...


  4. Israel is an artificial creation of the wealthiest family in the world, the House of Rothschild, to gain political control. Israel has no right to exist as a Zionist entity in the Middle East and there will be no peace in the world until the Jewish state is fully dismantled.

  5. God's Holy Word, the Bible, tells us that He formed the nation of Israel and made a covenant with them and will restore them after they are decimated by the antichrist and finally acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah.

  6. Yuck, we seem to have stumbled upon a nest of bigots here. Ugh. The Protocols of Zion is a forgery created by Russia to justify government sponsored pogroms of extermination against the Jews in yet one more sad continuation of worldwide bigotry for thousands of years. Hey you racists, I am not a Jew but you are racists and that's not very Christian of you. You Neo-Nazis are repeating the mistakes of Hitler and der Fatherland I suspect due to some jealousy issues, money issues, and father issues in your personal lives (I've often seen this pattern in racists). We owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to the highly-intelligent and talented Jewish People for preserving the Holy Scriptures for us. Allow me at this time to say Thank You to any noble Jewish people reading this. Thank you for your centuries of sacrifice and scholarship - in spite of the continuous hissing and bigotry of the world. God Bless you all and God Bless the great nation of Israel forever.