Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Madrid Fault--Connecting the Dots

Remember doing dot to dot as a child. All you saw was a bunch of dots and numbers follow the numbers connect the dots and the picture appears. Recently I have become aware of several "dots" regarding the New Madrid Fault. Connecting the New Madrid "dots" has led to a "picture" that I want you to see.

Dot #1 The broken Macondo well still spewing hydrates into the Gilf of Mexico is setting off "abnormal occurrences of low magnitude shallow earthquakes adjacent to the New Madrid fault." Gulf of Mexico--Alarming Revelations

Dot #2 Fema was buying MREs for 7 million but has now cancled the order. Here is what the order said "The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations..." Here is the link for as long as it lasts

Dot #3 The University of Illinois Earthquake game. "A new video game offers a fun way for young people to learn about emergency preparedness and earthquake safety. The video game, entitled "The Day the Earth Shook," helps players learn about items needed for a disaster preparedness kit, as well as safe and dangerous locations in a home when an earthquake occurs.

Dot #4 The numerics from the 2012 movie--11245--may point to something big relating to the New Madrid Fault. As explained in the video (update video deleted by user) below 11245 can combine to form 5/6/2011 and 9/2/2011. The vid also explains that the numbers form four elevens. The 4 elevens may relate to the date on the dollar bill, here is what I wrote concerning that; "on 2/22/10 At 11:00 EST gold was at $1111/oz. At 1:11 PM EST the Dow was down 11.11. points, which was a drop of .11%. I believe that those occurrences were beyond chance and may have been a sign or signal of future events regarding the United States." 322, Healthcare, and the Dollar Code

Dot #5 NLE 2011 will take place in May and "will simulate a catostrophic earthquake in the central United States region called the New Madrid seismic zone" as explained in the video below. (Update: video deleted by user)

Dot #6 Many believe that God will alow the New Madrid fault to literally split our country in half when the United States orchestrates the dividing of the land of Israel and creates the Palestinian state. This is scheduled to ocur in the summer of 2011. Palestinian State by 2011--USA Splits. (If you are not aware of how God has dealt with America in the past for our misdeeds toward Israel David Reagan has a great synopsis on the subject.)

Dot #7 In the post The Day the Earth Cracked I wrote; "So there it is; We tell Israel that we will force her to divide her land--the foreign minister of Israel announces this on October 3, 2010 and the next day the earth splits in the USA. Is this a coincidence or is God sending the USA a message?"

Dot #8 Mysterious bird and fish deaths. The most probable reason of all that I have heard is that they are the result of pockets of methane gas being released as a precursor to a major quake and or scalar waves bombarding the area which can be used to set off quakes.

Dot #9 The Masonic death tomb line originating in Washington D.C. (see The Next Big Event--The Road to Jericho) goes straight through the New Madrid seismic area.

So let's connect the dots--what picture do you see? I am not predicting anything, but there is a lot of information suggesting that the New Madrid Fault may once again cause a serious earthquake in the near future. When I do not know. What might some immediate precursors be? The USA forcing Israel to divide her land and create the Palestinian state--if you see that happen look out! Also, we know in the past there have been other immediate signs of earthquakes like birds leaving the area, erratic dog and animal behavior including great frog migrations and strange looking rainbows.

Again I am not predicting anything just wanted you to be aware of what I have found. I cannot tell you what to do but if I lived in that area I think I would do some serious fasting and praying asking God for guidance and wisdom in what to do.

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  1. Thank you, there are quite a few people predicting the Madrid Fault will erupt in May 5-4-2011, using Illuminati symbolism in their movies and using their ritual numbers: 5+4+2+1+1=13, very interesting. God Bless

  2. A novice at these occult numbers I am but don't see anything wrong with translating 11245 to 5/24/11.

  3. Joe

    It is also interesting that there is a planetary alignment around 5/21--just posted a scientific report on how cellestial alignments can set off earthquakes. BTW there is also an alignment on 5/11/2011 that an Italian astronomer who died in 1979 has predicted a devestating earthquake for Rome on that date due to the nearness and alignment of Planet X. We will see.

  4. And what is the connection with the Israel Split that OBama is now doing?

  5. diamond2010

    to be sure there are connections with what our country is trying to do now. See the posts in May 2011 regarding the 1967 borders and Joplin, Mo.

  6. Hi, I wasn't sure how to contact you other than through a post, but would like to send more information to add to yours. There's no question in my mind either that we're fast approaching the sixth seal. Another thing to consider is that many people believe that there is now the technology to trigger earthquakes and severe weather, like tornadoes. I do think the New Madrid Fault will be connected with the sixth seal. There's an article titled "New Madrid's Giant Pipeline Bomb" that explains how the faultline is crossed with gas pipelines. The author said if there would be a major earthquake, "you'll see the explosion reflected off of the moon". But some people believe the sky is "closed" as the Bible says it will be in the end times and that Project Blue Beam may produce an image of the moon that reflects off of the chemtrail (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) particles in the sky. If the moon that people see would be a projected image, people wouldn't make the connection that it is the sixth seal because they would see a normal looking moon. At the sixth seal the sky rolls up like a scroll. This sky that rolls up may be the layer of particulate produced by the chemtrails being blown away.

  7. Very interesting. If you have more info you can email me at

  8. Nice write up. Connecting the dots. My most recent post today touches on this a little, but the prophetic word earlier in my postings is calling you on spot. There is no hiding when obama totally splits with Israel. I've pointed out the number of "mega" churches that have hitched their wagons to the "Israel is an occupying force" mantra and obama is just giggles at the thought of "christians" demanding he pull support away from Israel...

    1. godsfingers

      THX for your input. BTW I just posted regarding our latest betrayal of Israel--I am afraid more judgments are coming.

  9. Anyone reading this can rest assured that Jesus' Second Coming is closer that can be imagined. Connect all the dots. Hurrricane Sandy, flooding to cleanse the US and send a wake up call. Sandy Hook,the Holy Innocents martyred. Gather all of your Holy, Blessed items in your home and prepare your tribes. God will let you know what to do with them when the time is near. Judgements are coming because most have turned away from our Creator.

    1. THX for your comment--Yes people need to wake up!