Friday, September 4, 2020

The Date With Death is Being Set—The Signing of the UAE Peace Deal by Rosh Hashanah


Updated 9/5, 9/9

It is being reported that the UAE and Israel are trying to bring about the signing of the UAE “Abraham Accords” in Washington, DC by Rosh Hashanah—September 18, 2020. 

“This [normalisation] agreement is expected to be signed in the month of September in the city of Washington,” Akunis said. 

“That is meant to be one of the outcomes of the talks in the next 24 hours in the Emirates — setting a date for the signing.” 

Akunis added that the Netanyahu government hopes the ceremony will take place “before our Rosh Hashanah” or Jewish new year, which is on September 18. 

Now here is the important part; this peace deal is being heralded as an important step toward the creation of a Palestinian state in accordance with the 1967 borders—not good. 

UAE announces peace deal with Israel, revives hope for Palestinian state 

After UAE-Israel peace deal, a Palestinian state is the next step 

Look, I am all for peace, but not at all costs. Attempting to divide the land of Israel has brought judgment in the past and I believe it will in the future. See the posts; The Israeli Palestinian Map of Death, Hurricane Laura, Israel, and the Palestinian State. 

I believe any process that pursues the “dividing the land” initiative will be met with judgments falling upon the parties involved. And for this peace deal to be brokered by the USA and signed in Washington DC is sure to put a target on that city. 

Also consider that Iran is a bitter enemy of Israel, the UAE, and the USA, thus it would not surprise me to see them try something major to sabotage the peace deal. 

Again, I am all for peace but it has to be done the right way and dividing the land of Israel is not the right way to go about this. 

It is interesting to note that this fall has been identified as a major watch time for judgments to fall. Here are a few posts along those lines. 

Fall 2020: Asteroids, Missiles, and Tsunamis!? 

I Pet Goat 2; Is the Apple About to Split and the Lotus Bloom?

Here is an interesting sync; 

The White House Siege: Occupation starts Sept. 17, 2020 

A Vancouver, British Columbia, group calling themselves the Adbusters recently placed an ad in social media calling upon "tens of thousands of our fellow citizens [to] lay siege to the White House" on September 17, 2020 (The White House Siege--Tactical Briefing #1). The siege is slated to last fifty days, ending election day, Nov. 3. 

The flyer begins, "All right, all you activists" and specifically names #MeToo, #BLM, #ExtinctionRebellion and invites all anti-Trump protestors. "We want to ... spark a revolution with you." "Are you ready for revolution? We are too." "We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days." 

I wonder how that will play out? And then there is this sync; our next Nibiru earthquake watch period runs from 9/6/20 to 9/26/20. 

Update 9/5: (HT Karen)

"In about two weeks’ time on September 20th, the global sanctions on Iran – which was lifted five years ago and included an embargo on conventional arms - will snap back into force due to an American decision to veto any United Nations Security Council action to avoid it."

Update 9/9

The date has been set 9/15/20. And this from Brent; "Hafets-khaim predicted that 75 years to the day from the end of WW2 WW3 would start.The end of WW2 was 5 days before feast of trumpets.75 years to the day would have been Sep 2 but this year 5 days before feast of trumpets is Sep 14/15.Sep 15 is scheduled to be the signing of the peace deal with Isreal."

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. we just had an earthquake in AL few days ago. WEIRD! it was down south of Alabama and FL state line location. it was a 4.0 richer scale. it was a big surprise for all of us. A friend of mine said that she heard that there will be the biggest
    earthquake in our nation sometime. The only question is she doesn't know where and when. I could possibly predict the state of CA.
    I already heard about the activist coming to DC and stay for 50 days before you wrote this William. I believe Coverstone is right on track from his dream - but he didn't know who it would be but he saw crazy stuff that could happen in DC. Only time will tell. i have been praying that our Prez will give a shout out for prayer to all the Americans. By the way, in case you didn't know. Our Prez has a revival bible that is sitting in the oval office. I am wondering here what is he doing and why is he taking little behind not asking the Americans to pray. My sister asked me if I watched the RNC- i said no. I was sick and tired hearing all the crap from the news. I know who i am going to vote for no matter what happens Nov 3. IF you can go back to Winston Churchill who is one of my favorite historical man back in the WW2. He asked the people of England to pray every hour for one minute every day until it was resolved. Boy, since i watched "The Darkest Hour" movie about him. I could tell that he was awfully stressed out about Hitler's army moving to England. I read a book about a man who ran a college in southeast of England. I forgot what it was called, but he asked all of his college students to pray for 24 hours every day. They shut down the school for a couple of weeks ( weird coincidence, huh?) When it was all over- God heard their prayers and that was when HItler surrendered and committed suicide. God saved England!
    I am praying that God will move Big time in DC- I will say to you- the church people need to open the door for prayer event- i believe many churches are not getting this " in my father's house, shall be called a house of prayer." people are missing the point - so i believe if we can get people to move in prayer- maybe something will happen once those activist move to DC. There was a story about some christian activist back in NY ( maybe back in the 70"s)- I can't remember what this was about- but somehow there was a word that some group of people were planning to destroy the christian event in NYC. Somehow God moved the storm in a powerful way and this group of people never showed up and the christian event was planned ahead by God. I am praying that something like this will happen - Don't give up praying my people!
    William you are right - never divide Israel. THat is scary to me! I hope our PRez would change his mind and find another way to make it much better than dividing. OH BOY! This scares me!

    1. I agree that there is only one hope and that is that this country fall on their knees confess their sins accept the Lord Jesus and cry out for mercy--judgment is coming.

  2. Hello William and thanks for your recent posts! You are an endtimes watchman. Signing ceremony of the peace deal is important event. Have you thought that skeleton scene with fireworks in I, Pet Goat 2 film could describe Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) celebrations on September 18, 2020?! Skeleton (wearing Uncle Sam's hat) means death that connects it with Isaiah 28:15 (a covenant with death). Oh, God! BTW; skeleton has a wedding (or engagement) ring on the left anonymous meaning covenant! See Jason's (jkbugout) new Pet Goat 2 interpretation video.

    Pet Goat II September Date Analysis (9/3/2020)

    If you will, see my comments on it (Olli R).

    1. Thanks for the info, that may be a good interp of the skeleton. 9/11/20 is looking prime for an event too.

  3. The horses are all running now. White horse started it out on 07/31/2020, the last horse ran on 08/05/2020. On 08/06/2020 came the first high alert, the Beirut bombing. That set the peace deal in motion.

    Study Joshua and you will see how things will proceed on the temple mount.

    1. I think it is possible the first horse is running, I don't believe the others have been released yet--time will tell.