Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The 11/11 Chronicles: Day 110 and 111—Has the Jonas Judgment Begun?

Based on important synchronicities, watches have been issued for events to occur at esoteric day count intervals past 11/11/15. The most prominent interval that has thus far been evident is the 11 day interval.
Watches were posted for days 110 and 111 past 11/11/15, which were 2/29/16 and 3/1/16. Which can be read here;
Here is what I found so far that has occurred on those days.
This offensive began on 2/29/16. Remember that WW3 is supposed to begin out of something that occurs in Basra, Iraq. Maybe this Delta force will have something to do with this. BTW; the nuclear material stolen from Basra was “reported” to have been found.
Here is another event that may develop into something bigger; It was officially reported on 2/29/16 that Turkey has broken the ceasefire agreement.
The ceasefire in Syria is a ruse. Turkish military units proceed to mass along the border, and militants are flowing across the border to strike targets in northern Syria. The Prime Minister of Turkey is currently honestly acknowledging that his government is helping the militants that are attempting to overthrow the Syrian government, and the Turkish government has likewise made it abundantly obvious that they have no plans to end shelling the Kurds on the other side of the border. So regardless of the “ceasefire”, the reality is that the threat of World War 3 breaking out in the Middle East is more significant than ever.
As noted above this incident could play a pivotal role in the coming WW3. Here is another possible game changer; it was formally announced on 3/1/16 that Syria used chemical weapons during the cease fire.
“The Syrians used military grade chemical weapons and lately have been using materials, chlorine, against civilians, including in these very days, after the supposed ceasefire, dropping barrels of chlorine on civilians,” he said, without providing further details, according to Reuters.
And it just so happens that worldwide military "exercises" began 1 March 2016.

BTW; the USA just so happened to test fire 2 ICBMs in the last week, note the time.
As reported on Wednesday, and in more detail below, the United states Strategic Missile Command launched it’s second Intercontinental Ballistic missile within a week. The unarmed Minuteman three launched from its silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, last night at 11:01pm Pacific time.
Thus it seems that several possible WW3 related events occurred on 2/29/16 and 3/1/16. These situations will have to be watched closely in the future to see how they develop.
3/1/16 was also 40 days past the beginning of winter storm Jonas and the theory was put forth that the USA may see a judgment on that day and or 40 days from the end of the storm which would be 3/3/16.
Well guess what? It looks like judgment has begun! Look at the chart below; do you see the crossing of the 50 day and 200 day moving averages that occurred on 3/1/16? Realizing what this means, it looks as if judgment has begun!
It is highly recommended to read the entire article that this chart came from, but the gist of it is that when these averages have crossed in the past, a major stock market drop has taken place. Here is a quote from the article entitled; Warning!! The final indicator before the financial crash happened - a collapse like in 2001 - 2008 is imminent!!!.
history suggests that a major bear market in stocks is on our doorstep.
Thus the crossing of these two averages on 3/1/16, which was day 111 and 40 days past the beginning of Jonas, could be the beginning of a major judgment against the USA.
Do you need a little more convincing that a judgment has begun?
Based on where the stock market closed yesterday (2/29/16), technical indicators are confirming a big drop is likely to happen soon.
The chart above shows a 20-year history of the S & P Index including the tech bubble crash in 2000-2001 and the 2008 financial crisis. Analysts watch technical measures from previous crashes to see when we are in danger of another crash. Based on where we closed Monday, four key indicators are now confirmed to be in the danger zone.
Many financial analysts agree that we are in for a major stock market downturn, and it looks as if the near future indicators are flashing red, especially with the crossing of the 50 day and 200 day moving averages.
Financial analyst Bo Polny believes a great transfer of wealth is about to take place from paper to precious metals. Which side of the transfer are you going to be on?
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
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  1. An even that happened in N Korea on Mon; they announced they have a prisoner who 'stole a political banner' in his hotel. He is a 21yr (777 - they just found another piece of the MH370 777) college student from Virginia. Virginia (DC Winter Storm Jonas) is on the same 38th Parallel (3+8=11) as N Korea and San Francisco. From N Korea 'satellite' launch on Superbowl to this incident is 22 days. The kids name is Otto. For the Ottoman Empire and Turkey?
    .."There is speculation that Warmbier’s detention could be intended to send a message to the US and other countries as they deliberate tougher sanctions in response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test and rocket launch."..

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    "The Government of Canada sold 21,851 ounces of gold coins for settlement in February. On February 29, gold holdings stood at 77 ounces. The valuation is based on the February 29, 2016, London p.m. fix of US$1,234.90 per ounce."