Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Emails of the End Times

Update added  at end of post 11/15

Emails of the End Times
I received a few emails on various end times subjects in the last few weeks that stood out to me in one way or another. With the writer's permission I am posting them here for your consideration.


1) Oct. 2007-- I was dreaming and all of a sudden I felt like I was being sucked out of this world, it was taking my breath away and I woke up gasping for air and choking. That was all. My senses tell me I was dreaming about the Rapture.

2) Sept. or Oct. 2007 -- I live in AZ and the weather seemed to put this dream in the cooler time of year which is late Fall or Winter according to what I was wearing in my dream (jeans and longer sleeves). I was in my house with other people. I didn't recognize them and they were in the Dining Room and I was in the Kitchen but nothing was on the counters. The time of day seemed like it was afternoon going towards evening, before the sun went down. I suddenly went to the window and looked out the window. We lived on 4-acres. In the distance (about 1,000 ft.) was a very thick, dirty-billowy cloud which extended from the sky to the ground. I don't know what caused it (an explosion from a terrorist attack, volcanic ash or a very bad dust storm). I felt very fearful at that moment. My attention at first was on one area of this huge dirty looking cloud and then to the right "inside" the cloud appeared a vertical, extremely brilliant white-light which shone from the top to the ground. I cried out to my husband in a joyous exclamation, "He (Jesus) is here!" I then turned around and was taken up.---- (Something bad is coming and I don't know how long we are involved in it but we are taken up at that time during the day and hour don't know?)

3) May-2008 --I dreamt that I was in my house (empty of furniture completely bare) and my dog was barking on the back porch (dog is deceased now). I looked out and saw a man in a Green/Creme/Brown & Black pattern (very new) Camouflage Military Uniform with cap and boots moving from right-to-left across my backyard with an armed military rifle positioned at his right-eye and aimed at me. His skin tone appeared to be darker than a Mexican though not black (Latino, S.A.-Nicaraguian). I yelled out I'm going to call the police and they ran to the side of the house out of view. I went to get my dog in and suddenly to my surprise he was already inside! He came through the door supernaturally (ghost like). This dream was so vivid and in Techni-color and it was a beautiful clear blue-sky day--temperature-not sure time of year. I don't recall ever dreaming in techni-color. (I believe this is about Martial Law coming.)

4) Nov 19, 2008--I dreamt the baseball part of this dream twice.-- First, I suddenly had what appeared to me a white missile launching with the black tip nose and some red marking right below the capsule part on one side or maybe going all around like a stripe and coming right at me (I was up above it and it was coming right at me) and another one was getting ready to launch off to the right of it. Then, I was taken to a baseball field at night and standing half-way up on a bleacher which was on the pitcher's mound area under a moon-lit night sky (it could have been a full-moon or almost). My attention was taken to the white lines on the field from the 2nd base to the 3rd base and my attention was more on the lines going towards the 3rd base in which the lines were very bright and illuminating. Suddenly, I looked up into the sky and an all solid grey swooped back-wing fighter jet was coming down right at me. He came so close I felt like I could touch him. The jet came right in front of me and seemed suspended and still in air. He looked right at me with his flight helmet on and visor down (the moon's brightness was reflecting off the visor. The jet glowed on top with the moon shining and illuminating on it. He seemed to fly by me in slow-motion. He came around and whipped in front of me and up into the sky. I followed him up and could see that there were many other jets flying with their tail-lights flickering in the night-sky. The temperature out was comfortable. This dream was very eerie and surreal. Black and white dream. (A war happens but don't know if it is here or on foreign soil-the pilot looked at me and on a baseball field, perhaps during baseball season or world series). (My eyes are toward 3rd base which could be towards end of 2012)

5--One afternoon in April 2012, I was going to lay down for a short nap. When my head touched the pillow (still awake), I heard men's voices and it sounded like they were right outside my bedroom in the hallway and it startled me. My dogs were lying beside me and nothing is bothering them. I check my bedside radio to see if it is on and it is OFF. I am rather confused and wonder what is going on and a little scared! But these voices are talking in a low and secretive way and then I hear one say, "War will be on Tuesday or Thursday." It was a little garbled but the day of the week started with a "T" and it sounded more like Tuesday. That was it. They were speaking in English and I don't know where or when or who this is implying to, but I am interested to see if this plays out in the near future as well.

6--Also, March of this year at 2:30 a.m. I was woken to a extremely loud noise outside my bedroom and it sounded like someone was holding a humongous piece of sheet metal and whipping it in the air. The whipping noise lasted for 3 seconds, quit and started again for another 3 seconds. There was nothing outside because I checked. That following morning I went to the Internet and learned that along the coast of Mexico there had been an earthquake 6.0 + at 11:30 p.m. which was 2 1/2 hrs before I heard that extremely loud metallic noise. The earth is definitely moaning in birth-pangs!


I have some very important information for you sir. I have read "The Coming Epiphany" several times my friend..... You are correct that WWIII will start in the next couple months, but you are incorrect on the date.

It will be Dec 21. Engagements may happen before then along with some very messy event to start things off, but this day will be the day that changes everything. The dreaded day that everyone is blowing off as a hoax due to the fact of the fake setup year 2000 millenium scare; done to desensitize the masses to NOW and THIS event.

Please watch a documentary called "The Daniel Timeline" .... It is approx. 2 hours long and easy to find. The information therein is correct and when you watch it you will see how this ties together. 91 days after WWIII the man of sin (not captitalized intentionally) comes on the scene that's true.... but not starting from Nov. Count 91 days after Dec 21, that famous date, and you will arrive sir at Mar22. This IS the date of the Abom. of Des. and the revealing of the man of sin. Also notice Passover is VERY close after that date.

The Word says that the Latter Rain will arrive in the First month (Nisan).... It will arrive with Passover I am convinced. Look into word and see for yourself.... Joel 2:23. Please look into this my friend so you may know and others with you that all the more should know the times. The Lord directed my heart to send you this; please take it seriously.

A Message to Awaken

Hi, William

I don't know if it was the absence of pain or the words I heard that woke me before it was light out this morning. It could have been around 5 a.m. I'm not sure.

But as this short phrase came to me, I knew it was something special because I was not feeling any pain. In fact, I noticed how unusually comfortable I was and content. At first I thought He had answered my prayer for healing or that I was about to leave this earth.

The feeling was simultaneous with the words and it was the first word that was emphasized and simultaneous with my actions.

"AWAKE." This is what I heard as I woke from a deep sleep and tried to look into the dark room.

"Awake...He is coming soon ! ! !"

The prayer I had gone to sleep praying was, "How will it be? Will it be sooner or later?"

Was this a random dream or a message that He intends to come sooner rather than later? In any case, it was the "Awake" that seemed of greatest importance.

When I was fully awake, I went to the computer and did a word search for the word, "awake." The closest I could come to a definition was, "to rouse" or "to motivate" or "to call." That is what I usual...that there is something I need to be doing...something God is calling me to.

A WWIII video

All very interesting emails, indeed. And all pointing to what some know may shortly come to pass--major end times events. Do you have questions about the end times? Would you like to know what is going to happen and when? Do you think it is too hard to understand? Are you having a hard time discerning what and who to believe? I want to help you understand what is going to transpire during the end times. I have written an easy to understand explanation from scripture of what is going to transpire during the end times. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of the end times Bible prophecy book The Coming Epiphany, so that you can know what will happen, and you can prepare for what is coming.

Update 11/15: This email was in the Urban Survival newsletter on 11/15

One of our colleagues, who's an ex-war gamer thinks this might be exactly what's going on. Here's what he's thinking:

"George, The fuse arguably has been lit.

As many expected, Israel waited for the U.S. election results before deciding their course of action. Once it became clear Obama won his second term, and little or no hard line diplomatic and military help would come from America, they have chosen how to respond. In small circles, from their national borders outward.

Now, the wait is over, and Israel has shown her hand - in the form of a clenched fist. Iran will surely amp up their rhetoric as well as their aid and likely their presence in the Med and Red Sea. Russia will look to justify an increased presence in the area through military aid to Iran/Hamas, or one might call this unholy alliance Iranamas. Syria looks to benefit from the resulting game of Middle Eastern Stratego, and the Brotherhood will seek to take full advantage as well.

Israel no doubt planned for all of this, and her circle of proactive, preemptive action should start to expand appropriately as the various actors commit to their courses of hostile action. Things should transpire quickly - the dominos have started to fall. Strap yourself in. I think this could be a long, wild ride."


  1. The world as we know it seems to be ending!

    1. Yes, but that means that better things are coming! Even so come Lord Jesus.

  2. I've been following this blog for a long time. Despite what I know is right... I know that I'm a sinner. I'm asking that I can have some people pray for me to overcome some of my evils because I'm really worried about my salvation.

    I battle with satan daily. He grips me while I drink my beer.... he's there when my eye glances too long at the provocative shot of a woman on a website.

    Please pray for the man (married and father of two) somewhere in Nebraska that wants to overcome all of this so that he can focus on God's plan. I truly feel that we are in the season of the end times. However, I'm so defragmented right now that I don't have a relationship with Jesus anymore and I'm just a Believer. Please pray that my heart opens again...... I want to be with my brothers and sisters of Christ. I believe that only through Him do we make it. But, I'm at a point in life where living like a sailor has become a priority. I don't want it anymore...

    Thank you. And thanks for keeping Believers aware of the times that we are in.


    1. Hello Patrick

      My prayers are with you, and congrats on making the right decision in wanting to change.

      There is a ministry named Reformers Unanimous that has chapters all over the country. They have been very effective in helping people.

      Here is their link

      May God strengthen you as you seek to do His will.