Monday, August 28, 2017

911 Number Two; Where And When!?

911 number two—many believe it is coming—where and when is the question. The I Pet Goat II film and some other data may have answered those questions for us. In case you were not aware I Pet Goat II is a cryptic film about the coming New World Order and its leader the antichrist. BTW; the gematria value of the titles is 666. Here is the data.

As discussed in the post; Are The Great American Eclipse And The East Coast Tsunami In I Pet Goat II?, I believe that the eclipse was depicted in the film and that the apple splitting event/nuclear detonation that will birth the New World Order was signaled to occur shortly afterward.

I believe the location may also have been signaled. Here is the reasoning; if the path of the apple with the shadow is the eclipse path, and the floor represents the USA, and the place where the apple splits is the location of the nuclear detonation, then the apple splitting location would be on or off the coast of South Carolina because that is where the eclipse exited the USA.

A city that immediately came to mind was Charleston, SC. Why Charleston? Because it is a major city on the coast of South Carolina that was in the eclipse path, 40% of the slave trade came through Charleston harbor, and it launched the Civil War.

Now look what is under Obama’s foot; a gold coin with a British crown on it.

Charleston was named after King Charles II. Take a look at his crown.


Notice also that the apple split inside the letter C, which can stand for Charleston.

Here is another thought; the apple split in the C—in the sea. This may be a signal that the nuclear detonation will take place in the sea and if the reasoning above is correct, off the Charleston SC coast.

Take a look at this screen shot from the movie Planes. Do you see the concentric rings centered off the southeast coast? Why are they there? Are they a signal?

Remember that the I Pet Goat film also showed the spotlight going up the East coast; that could be a signal of an East Coast Tsunami.

There was also a shark on the board spitting out something which can be a signal to a submarine and torpedo. BTW; in case you were not aware there are such things as  tsunami torpedos that can cause 1000 ft. tsunamis.

I drew a line from Charleston SC through the Georgia Guide stones to the West Coast. It runs at 93 degrees from the West Coast and is 2162 NM long.

The line runs right between the Bunny, the Panda and the Indian with the knife and cuts through the top of Obama’s head. If you do not know of the significance of those things you will have to look them up on the blog search—my writing time is limited.


So is the location of 911 number 2 Charleston, SC or off the coast of Charleston, SC? I do not know, all of the syncs above may be coincidental; it may be some other location—there are many possible cities on the list. All I am doing is showing you the data and what it may possibly be pointing to.

Now when might this apple splitting event, wherever it is going to be, occur? I do not know, but if the event is to be in the near future, a date that has many synchronicities, including the 1188 pattern of events, is 9/10-11/2017. These are outlined in these two posts;

Beware the 1188 Day Pattern: There Are Warnings That Cannot Be Ignored; 9/10-11/17.

Beware The 1188 Day Pattern; 9/10-11/2017 Part 2.

Here is another sync to add to the watch for 9/10-11/2017 sent to me from Michael from the Proof of God blog.

Well, this one is almost unbelievable, even for me...

As a retired paramedic, I get passed very seldom; I can seriously count on one hand the amount of times I've been passed on the road in the last decade. Today, I not only was passed but I was passed by a truck with my initials, M.T.G. 488 as his license plate.

This happened today because God is going to judge this Country! The ONLY Hebrew use of Strong's 488 is Jer. 51...the judgment against Babylon!

God did this today; the day of the eclipse as our warning...God will judge this country before my Jubilee! M.

First let’s consider the odds of seeing his initials on a license plate; it would be 1/26 x 1/26 x 1/26 = 17,576 to one. Now if we add in the 488 that corresponds to Jer 51 that increases the odds by 1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10 = 1/1000 for a total odds of one out of 17,576,000 to one.

Jeremiah 51 is the destruction of Babylon passage, America is end times Babylon. Here is the Greek and Hebrew Strong’s data regarding 488, there is only one occurrence of each in the entire Bible.

Strong’s Hebrew: 488 Word Origin: from alam. Definition: widowed NASB Translation: forsaken (1).

Strong’s Greek: 488  (antimetreó) — 1 Occurrence Luke 6:38
NAS: of measure it will be measured to you in return.
KJV: it shall be measured to you again.

Putting the concepts together, at the very least, brings forth the idea that judgment is coming.

Now consider this; the number on the plate was 488. If we take that as 488 hours (20 days and 8 hours or 20.333… days) from when the event occurred—about 7:15 P.M. MST on eclipse day 8/21/2017—that puts us at 3:15 A.M. MST on 9/11/2017. In Charleston, SC this would be at about 5:15 A.M. EST on 9/11/2017. BTW; the color of the truck that passed him was silver just like the tip of Obama’s shoe and his Jubilee date is 10/3/2017.

In the I Pet Goat II film a nuclear explosion is shown in the background at 3:13. The film is 7:27 long so at that point there is 4:14 left in the film. 4:14 = 254 seconds. 9/11/2017 is day number 254 of the year, with 111 days remaining. BTW; I Pet Goat II in simple gematria is 111.

Now check this out; after writing the above an active shooter situation alert popped up on 8/24/2017 in the news in of all places for Charleston, SC.

Charleston restaurant gunman who killed….

It involved a shooting/hostage situation at the Virginia’s on King Restaurant. Sometimes events like this precede major events at esoteric intervals. This event just so happened to occur 18 (666) days before 9/11/2017.

The shooter also made some interesting comments such as; “There’s a new boss in town” and “I am the new king of Charleston.” Kind of reminds me of the rhetoric I expect to hear out of the mouth of the antichrist.

This shooting occurred just a little way from the Emanuel AME church where Dylan Roof killed 9 people on 6/17/2015. That date just so happens to be 818 days before 9/11/2017, or 116 (911) weeks and 6 (9) days. In a straight line, from door to door, the two locations are 444 yards apart.


911 number two; I cannot tell you for certain where and when it will occur, all I can do is show you what I have found. But I am certain 911 number 2 will occur and it may involve and or cause Trump being removed from office some way and then Obama coming back onto the scene as was also signaled in the film.

And as was also signaled in the film, when the big event occurs, it will usher in the New World Order and the coming antichrist. To the surprise and demise of many, these events will precede the rapture. Are you ready for that?

Regardless of what happens God will not forsake those that are His as brought forth in the only verse whose numerical value is 488.

When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up. Ps 27:10

Rough times are coming, the seals will be opened, the New World Order will arise, and the antichrist will take over the world. God will take you up, if you seek Him.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

The end times are knocking on the door and so is Jesus. He wants to save you, will you let him in? Find out what you must do to be saved here.

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  1. 9/11/17 is 21 days after 8/21/17 and 12 days before 9/23/17
    Things are definitely shifting as the Holy Spirit moves away and the ac rolls in.
    The enemy leaves his numeric dna everywhere he travels.

  2. Martin Armstrong has predicted a conflict with North Korea to start on Sept 11 or 12. This lines up well with your predicted dates. This is too specific to be ignored.

    1. The syncs for the date are overwhelming, I will be surprised if nothing happens, but you never know.

  3. Hurricane Irma
    He has some interesting information concerning the date and hurricane Irma.

    1. Definitely needs watching, I am getting my generator ready just in case

    He has some interesting information concerning Irma and 911.

  5. The history repeats itself?! There was a hurricane off the coast of New York City on 9/11/01!

    The 9/11 Hurricane That Missed New York City

    AND NOW...

    Will Hurricane IRMA hit New York on 9/11 ?!

    1. Yes history does sometimes repeat itself, this storm definitely needs watching

  6. The apple may very well represent NYC (the 'Big Apple'). And the way it splits in half could represent the splitting of an atom.

    Remember, Pozhole said in 2014 that he's more worried about the possibility of a nuke going off in Manhattan (oddly specific) than with Russia. It would explain the terrified expression.

    1. I definitely agree that NYC could be the target but I also believe that it could be Charleston or maybe even the whole east coast