Friday, December 19, 2014

I Believe I Just Received a Harbinger of the End of the World!


I believe I just received a harbinger of the end of the world! What’s a harbinger?
Definition: Harbinger; anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign.
Here is the story; a few years ago I had what I considered to be a “beyond coincidence” experience with receiving a silver coin in change—the coin was dated 1947. You say; “so what,” let me explain how this is significant. Here is what I wrote shortly after it happened.

…It doesn’t end there; In my hearing a child I know was handed a dollar bill and they said “look there is the eye that is in National Treasure.” When I heard that I felt impressed by God that I should check the dollar bill for the date. Amidst many distractions I began searching with numbers and facts from past research that I did with the dollar bill. I came up with nothing. I had pretty much given up on it until I emptied my pockets one night recently and I heard the sound of silver in my change.

I got a 1947 silver quarter in change! According to one estimator, conservatively the odds of getting a silver quarter in change is at least 15,000 to one. Taking into account the mintage of 1947 quarters is about 1% of the whole population of silver quarters puts the odds of getting a 1947 at about 1.5 million to one. When I saw the quarter I immediately knew that God was trying to get my attention, because 19.47 is a prominent number on the dollar bill…
Why is the number 1947 important? Here is what I wrote about the number 1947 in The Dollar Code;
3. 19.47 is the latitude north and south of pyramids found all around the world and on Mars. It is also; the latitude of areas abundant in volcanic activity on celestial bodies, the latitude of the swirling spots on Jupiter and Neptune, the latitude of many sunspots, the year of the Roswell incident, the year that Aleister Crowley and Nicholas Roerich died, the year that Admiral Byrd took his flight to the inner earth, and the degrees of the points of the star of David when placed in a circle and aligned with North and South.
It is also on the dollar bill. If you draw lines from the middle of the seal on the left or right to a point just below the dots in the fancy design, the lines are approximately at 19.47 degrees from the horizontal. 
Here is another piece of information that shows the importance of 19.47. The History channel ran a promo that covertly featured many events of the end times. The beginning scene shows a man punching in his time card. The Time reads 7:47—7:47 in 24 hour time can be 19:47—what a coincidence. One of the events depicted in the video was a blaphomet type coming from the North Pole area, and a pyramid just as the dollar bill portrays. I also had a beyond coincidence experience with the number 1947 on the winter solstice in 2011—take note of that. Thus I conclude that 19.47 is an esoteric number of great importance.

To reiterate; 1947 is an esoterically important number and receiving the 1947 silver quarter at odds of about 1.5 million to one, bolsters this fact. Now guess what? I just received another silver coin in change, a dime, and guess what year it is? It is a 1947! Wow, what do you think the odds of receiving two 1947 silver coins in change are? Now wait, that is not all, let me tell you some other interesting facts about these occurrences.


Guess how much silver is in both coins? The silver content of both coins is equal to the face value of the coins ($.35) multiplied by the amount of silver in a silver coin (.72); .35 x .72 = .2520 oz of silver. Does that number ring a bell, or should I say, blow a shofar? In case you were not aware 2520 is the number of days (7 x 360 = 2520) in the 70th Week—the last 7 years before Jesus returns at the Second Coming.

Here is another interesting fact; the date I received the 1947 quarter was on 12/22/11—the day of the winter solstice. The date I received the 1947 dime was on 11/26/14—26 days before the winter solstice in 2014—note the double 26, which is a quadruple 13. So it appears that both of these coin occurrences are connected to the winter solstice.

Now what do you think the odds of receiving two silver coins both dated 1947, which have a combined silver content of .2520 ounces, and are both related to the winter solstice are? I would say beyond coincidence, and thus there is a message here. Now the question is; what is the message?

Let’s distill the info to its essence; we have 1947— the esoteric number, 2520—the number of days in the last 7 years on earth, and the winter solstice. Ok, are you ready for this? In The Dollar Code I have put forth the theory that there are several dates encoded on the dollar bill. All of the dates were arrived at using the number 1947! I have also theorized that three of the dates are in the last 7 years—part of the 2520 days! And it just so happens that the theorized next encoded date on the dollar bill, calculated using 222 and 19.47 is day number 222 of the 2520 days, and that day falls on the winter solstice of 2014—December 21-22, 2014! Also President Roosevelt is on the dime, and he is the one that was responsible for putting the Great Seal on the dollar bill. And President Washington is on the quarter and his birthday is on 2/22.

Thus these coins may be a confirmation of the validity of the encoded date on the dollar bill and a harbinger of a major event in the end of the world timeline. If this is true, then the date encoded on the dollar bill—the winter solstice of 2014—should be watched as a date for a possible event of monumental importance.

Now, if there is going to be an “event” what might the event be? The possibilities I see for what may occur on that day are discussed in The Dollar Code. But let me reveal something else to you; both coins were received in change from buying food—that again increases the odds and may suggest that the coins are a harbinger of an event that may affect the food supply and or the ability to buy food? The quarter was minted in Philadelphia, the dime in San Francisco possibly indicating a coast to coast event.  

Since the coins are both silver it could also suggest that the price of silver may be involved. In fact I just read an article suggesting that if the silver price got too high it could collapse financial markets around the world. Also they are implementing a new silver and gold "circuit breaker" limits, which take effect on 12/22/14. (HT Matt)

Also the same day I received the dime--11/26/14--Rick wiles of Tru News broadcast the account of his daughter's dreams that focused on judgment coming to America possibly this fall/winter. One of the aspects of the dream involved food. (5 min to 20 min mark) (HT Matt)

Let me bring one other fact to your attention. The amount of time between receiving the coins is 1070 days. It just so happens that Ps 107:12 has a numerical value of 1070.
Therefore he brought down their heart with labour; they fell down, and there was none to help. Ps 107:12.
With all the data in mind, consider the question; is this second coin a harbinger of an event in the end of the world sequence of events? Will the winter solstice of 2014—December 21-22, 2014—the date encoded on the dollar bill—be the day America “falls down, with none to help us?” I do not know. In that regards here is the conclusion from The Dollar Code.


In regards to the encoded date of 12/21/14; let me reiterate, I am not a prophet, I do not hear voices, I do not say, “thus saith the Lord.” What I am saying is that I have found data that seems to be pointing to 12/21/2014 as a date of a possible big event in regards to end times Bible prophecy and the fate of the United States.

Whether or not something will occur I do not know. For it is possible that all of the data is coincidental, and 12/21/14 will be just another day, and nothing at all of importance will occur. For in the past I have seen many synchronicities pointing to a certain date or event and nothing occurred. Remember we are dealing with the future and as scripture says; we see through a glass darkly.

On the other hand it is also possible that they may have something big planned for the day—2 years after the infamous 12/21/12. And even if they do have something big planned for the day, it is also possible that they could call it off, especially after it has been exposed. For by exposing the date, I believe that it lessens the chances that they will go through with it, and that is a good thing. On the other hand if the event could possibly be related to a celestial event, like a meteor, then they will not be able to call it off.

Will 12/21/2014 be a day that will go down in the history books? Will it be the end of the world as we know it in the United States? Will it be the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius? Will the Hoover Dam be destroyed as part of an antichrist birthing ritual? Will the dollar die on that day? Or will the day be just another day? I do not know the answers to those questions, but it is a date that I will be watching closely. And if something of an important prophetic nature does occur on that day, then that would lend credence to the theory that the 70th Week began on 5/13/2014, and that other events may occur in relation to that date.

But one thing I do know for sure is that the New World Order is on its way and one day you are going to have to decide whose side you will be on; theirs or God’s. I would encourage you to join God’s side, He has already won the battle, and you will gain eternal life. Learn what you must do to be saved, and join God’s side today; read the short message; God’s Gift of Eternal Life.

Just like you personally do not have to become part of the New World Order, neither do your friends and family members. The only possible way for them to throw off the shackles of the devil and the New World Order is for the truth to be shared with them. If you are on God’s side and want to help your family and friends, then I would ask you to consider sending the link below to as many people as you know, so they can be exposed to the truth. For only the truth will make us free.

I hope you realize that the end times are approaching fast and you need to be prepared, especially in light of the fact that the rapture will not occur until after Seal 6 is opened. I wrote a book to help you to understand and prepare for the end times. Please accept my FREE gift to you and download The Coming Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy, today for FREE.

BTW; I just found two more encoded dates, one regards a very important end times Bible prophecy event directly listed in scripture and the other is directly related to the Great Giza pyramid featured on the back of the dollar bill. Rather than rewrite all of the above with the new date information incorporated in, or release them in another part, I will just add it here as an extra bonus.

A “beyond coincidence” occurrence with one of the numbers encoded on the dollar bill prompted me to continue looking for encoded dates. The search proved successful and I found two more dates. To reveal these encoded dates we will use the same numbers as we used earlier, but we will also use the latitude of the eagle’s eye 38.8 or rather the exact latitude of the place corresponding to the eagle’s eye— Washington, D.C.—38.889.

The Fourth and Fifth Date Ciphers…

The possibilities for what I see happening on the winter solstice of 2014, the fourth and fifth date ciphers, and their end times Biblical significance, are contained in The Dollar Code.

Note: Here are a few more pieces of data and synchronicities I just became aware of for the winter solstice. Some of these authors are looking at the winter solstice as a possible rapture day. Of course I disagree with that assertion, realizing that the rapture will not occur until after Seal 6 is opened.
This man has found 4 synchronicities to 12/21/2014.
They include the appearance of Comet Lovejoy to the naked eye, dubbed the Christmas comet.

Other Celestial signs

Gematria pointing to 12/21/14 and the antichrist.

And the fact that Hanukkah starts midweek at midnight.
It was also brought to my attention that the winter solstice occurs on a new black moon that occult followers just love—meaning it is a time that evil forces arise.
Let me remind you that it is the next day in the 11 day pattern of events that have been occurring since Rosh Hashanah.
I just wanted to make you aware of these other bits of information. Again let me repeat all of the 12/21 data and synchronicities may be pointing to a monumental event or they may just be coincidence. Time will tell, but it is a day I will be watching intently.


  1. Though nothing "catastrophic" happened on Sunday, the Winter Solstice, I can still see that it might be the "beginning of the end" because of three news items of today.

    1) Russia's financial crisis is in full swing, with the government needing to bail out a major bank today, and major inflation due to the collapse of the ruble... based on failing oil prices and Western Sanctions. And a wobbling Russia (and Putin) is a dangerous Russia.

    2) The North Korean internet... a normally very stable thing... completely collapsed today, as if they are being majorly hacked. They will obviously blame the U.S., and have already threatened "major retaliation" if we punish them for the Sony Pictures hack, which they (and the group, Anonymous, among others) claim they had nothing to do with. If they really do think we're actively cyber-attacking their country, anything could happen, especially aimed at South Korea, which would certainly draw us into the fray.

    3) The assassination of the two NYC police officers over the weekend will cause massive social repercussions all throughout our society, making the police both more angry and aggressive, while conversely making them back away from serious confrontations, allowing more crime, and more "intense" actions from the criminal elements in this country, especially in the struggling urban centers.

    So, for the Solstice, two big geo-political stories... one longer-term, though involving huge world power, Russia... and one immediate, with a lesser, but more radical enemy of the United States, North Korea. And one very serious domestic problem involving the massive social presence of the police, along with crime and violence, mainly in the black community... already a very troubled area, and close to the tipping point of *major* social unrest.

    So perhaps it wasn't a "huge, specific event" that was destined to happen on the Winter Solstice, William, but the *beginning* of at least three major areas that could, and very well might, escalate quickly, and get *very* bad for the United States... and very soon.

    1. Thanks for your excellent reply. You may well be right that it was not a specific event, but out of all that I have discerned about the solstice it may be the North Korea internet outage as a "first shot" in what may prove to end up developing into "a hair raising nuclear" confrontation with North Korea. I hope to post about it soon. THX again for your reply.

    2. One thing concerns me about those two countries. One is chomping at the bit to have a go but without means of delivery. The other one has the means but would like to see someone else "start" it.

  2. Before God reveals grande prophecies to His servants, He must first be assured we are ready for such a revelation by first stripping us of all pride leaving only humble, obedient servants who exalt the Lord's will. It is the wise individual who accepts this grace filled chastisment and learns to discern the signs from a new perspective.