Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Another Coincidence--Storms and Settlements

Here is "just another coincidence;" Garden Girl from Running from Babylon said in her post Peres and Tornadoes from Saturday April 2, 2011

Another interesting “coincidental” timing.

Shimon Peres will be arriving here in the US late Sunday night, will stay all day Monday, and then have a working lunch with Obama on Tuesday. (At least Obama is feeding the Israelis this time!)...I am going to assume (please note the word assume) that Obama is going to turn on the pressure between now and September to persuade the Israelis to let the US finish the process we started years ago (1991). If you live anywhere in the red areas on the map, it wouldn't hurt to be weather aware for the next few days.
She gave us the heads up and what happened on Monday--the USA made a statement condemning Israeli settlements?

White House Spokesman Tommy Vietor issued a statement Monday saying, "Not only are continued Israeli settlements illegitimate, Israel's actions run counter to efforts to resume direct negotiations." Source; Fox News

And what about the weather on Monday? Monday's Severe Weather: The Largest Outbreak Ever? was a headline story from Accuweather.
With such a large and unprecedented amount of severe weather reports, the question has been raised: Is this the largest single day severe weather outbreak in history? AccuWeather.com Expert Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said that this was the largest number of severe weather reports in a 24-hour time period that he had ever seen.
I know, its "just another coincidence"--did you catch the sarcasm?

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