Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Gospel

At the suggestion and encouragement and coaching of a blog reader--THX Skyla--I have decided to try and make some You Tube videos. Here is the first one--very simple, and hope to improve in the future.

BTW I was at a Church tonight and the guest preacher at the service raised his hand in the air saying "I believe that we are in the end times." Immediately after that with hand still raised there was a large clap of thunder--there were only rumblings prior to that and after too. I said "there is your answer." Most of the people laughed--the end times are upon us and Christians laugh!?

See that is the problem, most Christians think that the end times means my troubles are over because the rapture can happen at anytime and we will be taken out of here before anything bad happens. But that is not what will happen--seals 1-5 will occur first and then the rapture at the sixth seal--it will be no picnic, but God's Spirit will meet the need and preparing now may make it easier later. See the post Sixth Seal Rapture above for why I feel the rapture will be at the sixth seal.

The Coming Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy


  1. Hi Bill

    Shared this post on fb.


  2. Andrew

    Thanks for helping spread the good news.

  3. I agree. Only don't get distracted with planet X stuff.

  4. Lori

    Yes planet X can be distracting however it was an issue that has come to the forefront with comet Elenin. For many years I have believed that planet X would coincide with the rapture--so I tried to investigate the planet x/elenin issue so that I and others can know the truth as to not be deceived and led astary.