Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Will the U.S.A. be Destroyed in 2020? UPDATED

There are two pieces of information, which if they are valid, lead to the conclusion that the USA will be destroyed in 2020.

Here is the first piece of information—from The Dollar Code;

…the U.S. must be destroyed so that American Jews, which comprise 40% of World Jewry, will be motivated to relocate to Israel. There in the land of Israel they will encounter a False Messiah who will be enthroned as the reincarnation of King Solomon in the Temple of Solomon, soon to be rebuilt by the Knights of the Order of the Temple of Solomon…

So according to “the plan” one of the reasons that the USA needs to be destroyed is so that Jews will be highly motivated to return (Aliyah) to Israel. Is this what is signaled in I Pet Goat II with the Jewish star under the Statue of Liberty that is then destroyed?

As a possible confirmation of this, notice that the Statue of Liberty scene also shows what looks like a pointer of ice going off to the right. I drew a line in the same direction and it goes right to the Temple mount in Jerusalem. Is this signaling that when America is destroyed that Jews will make Aliyah?

And here is the second piece of information—from the post The Final End Times Aliyah dated 7/6/2018;

Definition Aliyah: Immigration to Israel.

An Israeli scientist by the name of Saul Kullook is claiming that according to his calculations there will be a great and final Aliyah in 2 years. (2020)

He bases this assertion on the following;

Kullook discovered that major events affecting the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel can be numerically obtained by a mathematical relation between two observable physical factors: the inclination of the planet and the latitude of the Biblical borders in Israel.

Several of his calculations correlate with major past events regarding Israel such as the Exodus from Egypt and the Babylonian exile. But his calculations are showing another Aliyah in the near future.

The latitude of the southernmost point of the Arnon River corresponds to next year. “The results show the year before an aliyah (immigration to Israel, literally ‘ascending),” Kullok said. “This means that in two years, there will be an aliyah which, according to the calculations, will be the largest yet. Since it is the most southern latitude of all the borders of Israel, this is the final aliyah and there will be no more exiles.”

So the first piece of data tells us that one of the reasons that the USA will be destroyed is to cause Jews to make Aliyah. And the second piece of data tells us that the Aliyah will occur in 2020. Putting both pieces together, if they are valid, leads to the conclusion that the USA will be destroyed in 2020.

So will the USA be destroyed in 2020? If the two pieces of data are valid, then the answer is; yes. If one or both of the pieces of data is not valid, then the answer is; maybe.

What do I mean by destroyed? Financial collapse, breakdown of government--society--infrastructure, civil unrest, high amount of deaths, large earthquakes, crop failure, etc.

Remember that America as the burning phoenix bird is to die so the world can be born anew out of her ashes into the New World Order.

Let’s also not forget that it is possible that we are in the period in which Seals 1 to 4 are opened. If so then ¼ of the world’s population (1.9 billion) will die. The novel coronavirus may be part of that, along with the deal of the century peace plan.

The Deal of the Century is the Deal of Death Updated


I am not predicting that the USA will be destroyed in 2020. But what I am saying is; that if the two pieces of data are valid, then it will be destroyed in 2020, if one of the peices of data are not valid, then it may or may not be destroyed in 2020.

However I do know that America is the end times Babylon and one day, after the Seal 6 rapture, she will be destroyed in a nuclear attack.

Update #1:

A reader left a comment below to watch a Madonna video. I did not watch it all nor listen to the demonic music but I was able to see that it is all there.

Notice the crown on her head--signaling the corona/crown virus while she is standing next to people with masks on--again a signal to the coronavirus. Notice the x over the left eye a signal to death and the coming antichrist.

Then everybody wearing the masks fall down dead after the place is engulfed in fire.

Next comes the signals to the destruction of the USA.

And after the destruction of the USA they next signal the coming of the antichrist.

They end the song with "Wake Up." Have you?

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. Might pay to have a look at Madonna's Eurovision performance - a huge amount of material there including at the 6:00 to 6:17 mark - interested what folk think (

    1. Thanks Andrew, posted the info above that you led me too--definite signals to coronavirus, and fiery destruction of the USA

  2. Madonna is speaking a narrative from another one of here 'songs' called Dark Ballet, which in itself is a concern, but the words being spoken while the masked people start to 'die' is as follows:
    They are so naive
    They think we're not aware of their crimes
    We know
    But we're just not ready to act
    The storm isn't in the air
    It's inside of us
    I want to tell you about love and loneliness
    But it's getting late now
    Can't you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie
    The wind that's beginning to howl?

    Then she sings:
    Not everyone is coming to the future
    Not everyone is learning from the past
    Not everyone can come into the future
    Not everyone that's here is gonna last, gonna last

    1. Chilling, may be signals to Seal 4, and fake narrative to explain away the rapture as a reprogramming event on another planet.

    2. Concerning, which ever way it's interpreted Bill! Things do seem to be moving alone at the moment and we need to keep watching - thank you for your work...