Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Super Typhoon Maria and I Pet Goat II


Last September Hurricane Maria did great destruction in the Atlantic basin. I believe that Hurricane Maria was depicted in I Pet Goat II and that following the hurricane the film shows a nuclear destruction taking place. Well guess what, there is another Maria—super typhoon Maria that is headed for Taiwan and China. So it is highly possible that the film was referencing Hurricane Maria and or Typhoon Maria and if so the nuclear detonation shown in the film may follow Typhoon Maria.
First let me show you the info that I wrote in September in relation to Hurricane Maria, which fulfilled my dream, then I will discuss super typhoon Maria.
I believe I Pet Goat II is a satanically inspired film that reveals planned events which will bring forth the New Age Christ—the antichrist. Every time I see the film it makes me cringe—the evil that they have planned is horrible. It is a pure in your face, “here is what we are going to do to you.”
In this film I believe that Hurricane Maria is clearly depicted and it is clearly followed by or accompanied by a nuclear bomb blast. First let me show you what a researcher has found; in the video below the researcher clearly shows that Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose are depicted in the film…
Here is the scene in the I Pet Goat II film where I see the Hurricane Maria/Mary depicted as Mary the mother of sorrows motif. In many pictures Mary was shown with a halo just as the film depicts.
Notice in the sky above you can clearly see the swirling clouds as from a Hurricane. You can also see what look like waves around her. Thus I believe that she is a symbol for Hurricane Maria. Notice that she is holding a bloody child reminiscent of the pictures of Mary holding Jesus after the crucifixion.

Let me also remind you that Hurricane Maria just passed by and severely damaged the Island of St. Croix, which means holy cross.

Maria's outer eyewall was reported by the National Hurricane Center to have crossed Saint Croix while the hurricane was at Category 5 intensity. The roof of the University of the Virgin Islands was said to have been ripped off. The hurricane caused extensive and severe damage to the island.

This was the
fulfillment of the Dreams of a Paradise Lost that I had in 2012 that revealed destruction to an Island paradise and its distance from OKC. Hurricane Maria hit St Croix 2039 days after my dream and St. Croix is 2039 NM from OKC!

So symbolically Hurricane Maria/Mary just visited the cross/St. Croix and since we are past the Mary at the cross event she would now be holding her dead son in her arms meaning that the event going on in the in the background could happen at any time…

And what is the event in the background? It is a nuclear explosion! Look above her it almost looks as if it is the sun, but it is clearly a nuclear explosion. Below is the film where you can see this, the Maria scene begins at 3:13 in which you can see the explosion right above the purple vial in her hand.
Why a purple vial? How about Uranium Oxide.


Here are some snips from an article that the reader sent me.

...After the nuclear weapons were exploded on Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of World War II, the sunrises, sunsets and the rain were purple for months. What made the skies purple over Japan after the nuclear attacks?

Uranium Oxide was the source and cause of the purple sunrises, sunsets and rain. The Uranium Oxide was a byproduct of the nuclear weapons that caused wide-spread cancers, health problems and birth defects in Hiroshima, Nagasaki for years and now and in the distant future in Iraq and North Africa.
So to me it is clear that the film depicts a nuclear blast during or following Hurricane Maria. If you would like to see the pictures and view the video here is the original link.

That is what I wrote in September of 2017 after Maria did her damage. And guess what there will never be another Hurricane Maria because she did so much damage that they retired her name. So now with the development of Typhoon Maria that is headed for Taiwan and China let me echo what I said before; so to me it is clear that the film depicts a nuclear blast during or following Hurricane Maria and Super Typhoon Maria.

Here is the link for the latest on Typhoon Maria.


Now the question is; if it is after, how long after will it be? I do not know, but I just so happened to watch this 2016 Invictus games promo the other day. I believe it also has some clear predictive programming for a nuclear detonation.

BTW; the 2018 Invictus games are scheduled for October 20-27 and are to be held in Sydney, Australia. I do not know when the nuclear detonation will come, but according to the predictive programming in I Pet Goat it will be during or following a storm named Maria.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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