Friday, September 22, 2017

Hurricane Maria in I Pet Goat II; Nuclear Destruction To Follow!?


I believe I Pet Goat II is a satanically inspired film that reveals planned events which will bring forth the New Age Christ—the antichrist. Every time I see the film it makes me cringe—the evil that they have planned is horrible. It is a pure in your face, “here is what we are going to do to you.”
In this film I believe that Hurricane Maria is clearly depicted and it is clearly followed by or accompanied by a nuclear bomb blast. First let me show you what a researcher has found; in the video below the researcher clearly shows that Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose are depicted in the film.



Now let me show you where I see Hurricane Maria in the film. First the word Maria is the Latin form of Mary. As we all know Mary was the mother of Jesus and one of her motifs is that she is known as the mother of sorrows as depicted below. Also Maria is made from the same letters as Irma—you just need another “A.” And as you just saw Irma was written in the film as the second Hurricane.


Here is the scene in the I Pet Goat II film where I see the Hurricane Maria/Mary depicted as Mary the mother of sorrows motif. In many pictures Mary was shown with a halo just as the film depicts.

Notice in the sky above you can clearly see the swirling clouds as from a Hurricane. You can also see what look like waves around her. Thus I believe that she is a symbol for Hurricane Maria. Notice that she is holding a bloody child reminiscent of the pictures of Mary holding Jesus after the crucifixion.

Let me also remind you that Hurricane Maria just passed by and severely damaged the Island of St. Croix, which means holy cross.

Maria's outer eyewall was reported by the National Hurricane Center to have crossed Saint Croix while the hurricane was at Category 5 intensity. The roof of the University of the Virgin Islands was said to have been ripped off. The hurricane caused extensive and severe damage to the island.

This was the fulfillment of the Dreams of a Paradise Lost that I had in 2012 that revealed destruction to an Island paradise and its distance from OKC. Hurricane Maria hit St Croix 2039 days after my dream and St. Croix is 2039 NM from OKC!

So symbolically Hurricane Maria/Mary just visited the cross/St. Croix and since we are past the Mary at the cross event she would now be holding her dead son in her arms meaning that the event going on in the in the background could happen at any time.  BTW: Maria may impact the Mid Atlantic  next week.

And what is the event in the background? It is a nuclear explosion! Look above her it almost looks as if it is the sun, but it is clearly a nuclear explosion. Below is the film where you can see this, the Maria scene begins at 3:13 in which you can see the explosion right above the purple vial in her hand.



Why a purple vial? How about Uranium Oxide.


Here are some snips from an article that the reader sent me.

...After the nuclear weapons were exploded on Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of World War II, the sunrises, sunsets and the rain were purple for months. What made the skies purple over Japan after the nuclear attacks?

Uranium Oxide was the source and cause of the purple sunrises, sunsets and rain. The Uranium Oxide was a byproduct of the nuclear weapons that caused wide-spread cancers, health problems and birth defects in Hiroshima, Nagasaki for years and now and in the distant future in Iraq and North Africa.
So to me it is clear that the film depicts a nuclear blast during or following Hurricane Maria. Where will the nuclear detonation be? I see many possibilities. The most imminent is probably an East Coast tsunami bomb attack(s) that was clearly signaled with the light of the five pointed star going up the East Coast and shining on the shark/submarine.

Other places on the list where a nuclear detonation could occur at the same time or in the months to follow are any large USA city. One city that has a lot of nuclear synchronicities associated with it is Phoenix, AZ. The film depicted the nuclear blast almost as a setting sun. What city in the West is associated with the sun? The greater Phoenix Arizona area is called the Valley of the Sun and since Mary is below the explosion she appears to be in a valley—the valley of the shadow of death.

In the past I have found some interesting synchronicities pointing to Phoenix—such as the Washington death line. This line originates in Washington D.C. goes past a statue of burnt carbonized people that at certain times of the day looks like a Phoenix bird and continues directly to Phoenix, Arizona.
Notice also that the little dancing man turns into a Phoenix bird at one point in the film.

So there are many possibilities for where an attack might occur but the most likely is probably the East Coast nuclear tsunami bomb attack. Now how about the timing? I believe the film definitely depicts a nuclear detonation during or following Hurricane Maria. In the scene showing the Mary in black the storm seems to be dissipating, so it may be indicating it occurs after the storm does its damage and is winding down but I also see it could happen during the storm as well.

Notice also that the disgusting lady in the tower has a flash appear on her face as if a nuclear bomb has exploded. The tower is where the 3 Hurricanes are depicted. So again it looks as if the nuclear detonation occurs after the three Hurricanes and maybe during the 4th.

Also Bush does his Hurricane dance and makes all of his explosion gestures after you see Jose and NY in his hair. Again indicating this event may occur after Hurricane #3 and during or after the 4th—Maria.

The researcher from the film above believes that the statues around the girl represent months with the last of the outer row ending with August 2017, as it has an eclipse symbol on its face, and the first of the inner row starting with September. Notice the September statue has a purple hew possibly signaling that it is the month of the nuclear detonation—September 2017.

The skeleton man had purple fireworks all around him too, again signaling a nuclear detonation. The researcher above believes that he has found many 23s in the fireworks—that would make 9/23/2017 for the date.

I believe it could be 9/23/2017 as there has been a lot of 9/23 signaling over the last few years. But I also realize that it could be another date in the near future during Hurricane Maria or just after she is winding down. And of course I may be wrong about all of this, but I believe it is something that bears watching.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

The end times are knocking on the door and so is Jesus. He wants to save you, will you let him in? Find out what you must do to be saved here.

William Frederick is an end times Bible prophecy researcher who has written a must read prophecy book entitled The Coming Epiphany which is available in paperback and for the Kindle on and for FREE download at his website.

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  1. William...I have been watching several analysis videos if I Petgoat 2. I have to admit that movie gives me the willies.

    Here it is made in 2012...way before this years hurricanes. And the hurricanes are following the script and their actual names...and this was made 5 years ago. This years hurricanes weren't even given their names till late last year.

    I totally expect these events to play out due to the fact we have worshipped Baal in NYC, and all the other blasphemous things our anti Christian society is doing.

    But....that being said....even if ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens after today .....I am no less impressed with the amazing actual portrayal of the hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria....The events orchestrated in I PetGoat simply could not have happened by chance. It blows my mind , again, even if the nuclear attack does NOT happen. It would be the hand of God giving this undeserving and unrepentant nation one more chance.

    William....I thank God for all your work. Michael also as him and I have been on this same topic.

    This has miraculously already unfolded, and pun intended, if this AC baby isn't delivered, its only because God aborted him.

    1. Yes I agree the evidence from the film is overwhelming. 9/23/2017 may come and go with no big event except one of the most important events in end times prophecy--the sign.

      This movie shows us plans of men only God can intervene and have Mercy. On that note Hurricane Lee just reformed. Lee mean protection, maybe our protection been reestablished.

      Judgment may fall on 9/30 as it is 40 days past the eclipse--yet 40 days and judgment cometh. It would also be after Hurricane Maria.

    2. Keep waiting ... stand by ... this prediction is very promising. 40 days of the buffer period can be established.
      8 Count off seven sabbath years—seven times seven years—so that the seven sabbath years amount to a period of forty-nine years.
      9 Then have the trumpet sounded everywhere on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land. ( Leviticus 25:8~9 NIV)
      Jubilee is the key when the prophecy of the convergence points to 2017-2018, once the Year of Jubilee was confirmed by the Israeli community in Hebrew calendar 5778, God's judgment day was very likely to begin at Atonement Day.

    3. Thanks for the input--9/29-30/2017 is definitely a day to watch.

  2. Jay Z who is clearly into the occult came out with an album recently called 4:44. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas as a category 4 hurricane, hurricane Irma hit Florida as a category 4 and hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico as a category 4. Puerto Rico isn't a US state but it is US territory. That's 3 category 4 hurricanes that have hit the US hence Jay Z's album 4:44. He also owns a streaming service called Tidal and I'm guessing whatever comes after these hurricanes has something to do with a large tidal wave. After hearing about Russia having seeded our coastline with nukes, maybe the east coast will be wiped out by a tsunami caused by nuclear explosions. Although this info on Russia could just be propaganda and the powers that be just want to set them up and blame a false flag attack on them.

    1. Thanks for sharing the info, definitely may tie into all of this and be a signal for what's to come.

    2. the album was released on 6/30/2017. On 9/29/2017 it will be 91 days/13 weeks. 9/29/2017 is the start of the Day of Atonement.

  3. you're wrong...that scene with the " black pieta-Michelangelo" means Italy...we can see the 2 pilares of hercules...mediterranean sea...and the small mount is Gibraltar,the mount with explosion at the top is VESUVIUS-vulcano...volcanic eruption of vesuvius and the subsequent death of europe...the black virgin with her son dead is the dead of the lineage of black italian nobility...they are in a boat representing the refugees who crossed the Mediterranean towards Lampedusa - italy...

    1. Thanks for the information, that is definitely a possibility. But I still favor the Hurricane Maria interp

  4. Thanks for the great information William! I translated your article for my blog.

    BTW, it's possibly 9/29/17! By then USA existence days are 88110! You get that number through picture in which girl is surrounded by art work (I, Pet Goat 2). Earlier I wrote to your blog following:

    "Illuminati existence days were 88011 days on 4/19/17....These numbers (12, 16, 2) are very important because they possibly tell Illuminati existence days when girl drops the apple which will be split later depicting uranium splitting or atomic bomb explosion in New York (Big Apple). I read that 16 is two number eight (88) because yellow circle touches eight white blocks and eight black blocks (like chess board has 8x8 squares). And yellow circle itself is zero (0). Then yellow splat of paint touching 2 squares (white and black) is number one twice which means 11! So we get 88011!"

    Now we can also read that number of days described in the picture is 88110!! And further, it has been 162 days from date 4/19/17 on 9/28/17! (Note: 16 and 2 are depicted in the floor)

    My readings for Katy Perry Watch and Simpsons Doomsday Clock are also fitting for the date above. But I'll leave those explanations without telling them in this comment.

    1. 4/29-30/2017 is definitely a day to watch. "Yet 40 days and judgment cometh" 40 days past eclipse. That might be when Hurricane Maria is winding down too. 88110 is very interesting also. The 9/10-11/2017 natural disaster Irma was part of an 1188 day pattern. The big apple is definitely a place to watch, also Charleston, Washington, DC, Phoenix.

  5. Another big watch date coming up is the 100yr anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima on Oct 13th, which also happens to be a Friday the 13th. The Virgin Mary sighting fits with the 9-23 sign and Pet Goat. I also wonder if the Economist Mag cover of the spinning wheel of political leaders may have a double meaning of the spinning sun miracle? Fatima anniversary will come 53 days after the Eclipse, and 53 has occult significance.

    1. I agree that is definitely a big watch date, I have already started working on a post, there are lots of interesting syncs on that day.