Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Prophecy Forecast


Where are we in the end times? What prophetic events should we watch for in 2018? Those are questions that may be on the minds of many. In this post I will put together a prophecy forecast for 2018 that will hopefully answer those questions.
First we must establish a couple of parameters. The first concerns the last 7 years; are we in the last 7 years or not? If we are, then major prophecy events could happen at any time, if we are not, then major prophetic events will be several years away.
Note: The Rapture is not imminent; it has been proven by scripture that it will not occur until after the moon is turned to blood at Seal 6. See The Rapture Theorem.
Is it possible that the last 7 years have already begun? Yes it is, some may not understand that answer, but I assure you that it is possible. This is especially true since the Revelation 12 sign of the woman clothed with the sun occurred on 9/23/2017, which is a sign of the coming false Messiah and the end times.
One possibility is 9/23/2017. If 9/23/2017 was the start date then the midpoint will be 3/6/2021 and we will not see major events until late 2020. So has the last 7 years started? I do not know.

1.   Between now and the midpoint we will see Seals 1-4 and 1 out of 4 in the world will die.

Seal 1: NWO takeover/deception—may involve UFOs. (Rev 6:1,2)

Seal 2: WW3. (Rev 6:3,4)

Seal 3: Economic collapse. (Rev 6:5,6)

Seal 4: Death of one fourth of the world’s population from the above plus pandemics. (Rev 6:7,8) 

2.   Around the midpoint the antichrist/UFO man will arise, offer a solution to the world’s problems, take over the world, and perform the abomination of desolation. 

3.   Seal 5 will be opened and the antichrist will begin persecuting Jews and Christians, the mark will be instituted and no one will be able to buy or sell without it. 

If 9/23/2017 was the start date we will not see those things until late 2020. If the last 7 years has not begun yet, then we will not see those things occur until sometime after 2020.

Here are some events people are watching for in 2018.




UFO Disclosure 

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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William Frederick is an end times Bible prophecy researcher who has written a must read prophecy book entitled The Coming Epiphany which is available in paperback and as an eBook on 

In The Rapture Theorem Mr. Frederick presents a proof showing why the Rapture will not occur until after the moon is turned to blood on a very special day, which is available in paperback and as an eBook at Amazon.

He has also cracked the hidden codes on the dollar bill that have staggering implications, which are explained in his book The Dollar Code; also available in paperback and as an eBook on

Update 1/8/18, 1:55 PM

Here are some synchronicities for College football’s National championship game between Georgia and Alabama at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia that President Trump is planning on attending.
The 2/3/2013 super bowl—the one that the lights went out and had  Hoover dam antichrist birthing ritual signaling at the halftime show—it was played at the Mercedes Stadium in New Orleans. One of the Tridents pointed to the Hoover Dam, another to the Georgia guide stones.
Tonight’s game is also at the Mercedes stadium, but the one in Atlanta, and the trident of the New Orleans stadium almost points to this stadium.
There are 1800 days between 2/3/13 and 1/8/18. (HT Judy)
1/8/18 makes a double 18 which adds to 36.
18=6+6+6 and all the numbers of 1 to 36 add to 666.
There are 1100 days (incl) from 1/5/15—the blood moon midpoint date—to 1/8/18.
The distance from stadium to stadium is 369 NM, the distance from the Hoover to the New Orleans super dome is 1292 NM. The combined distance is 1661 NM.
The Atlanta stadium is close to the 33rd parallel and is in the shape of an octagon. Many “events” have happened close to the 33rd parallel. The octagon has many occult connections.
The game is scheduled to start at 8:00 PM EST, which is .666 past 12 and is the time featured on the skull and bones clock.
Not sure if these syncs mean anything or not—just making you aware of the facts—but in light of the fact that the Mars Jupiter sign just occurred, it bears watching and have thus added the date in the list.

Updated 7/29/18


  1. William,
    Checked out the new stadium in Atlanta. The roof opens like a portal. Very interesting!

    1. Thanks for sharing the info--another sign of what is coming.

  2. Don't forget about Easter/Passover April Fools Day! Pet Goat dunce hat and easter bunnies...Las Vegas Route 91shooting was 91 days past eclipse with Hugh Hefner(91) sacrifice just prior. 91 days after that is New Years Eve (big apple ball drop, skeleton blows part favor). 91 days after that is Easter April Fools day! Coming up is SuperBaal 52 in the mini apple. Prince already sacrificed on Passover to match the coming March 30/31st Passover. 52 cards in a deck, 52 weeks in a year. Last card in a deck is the Joker. 2 MN 'jokers' have fallen, Al Franken & Garrison Keillor. Bob Dylan won the Nobel and he is rumored to be the 'jester' in American Pie song about the fall of Babylon. Twins won the World Series in 91', Terminator 2 released in 91' (scientists son wearing Twins hat) , Noahide Laws were signed in 91'. Billy (the Goat) Graham's HQ is in the mini apple, will he soon be sacrificed at age 99? ...Followed by Winter Olympics in Korea for the Peace girl in front of the tanks (N & S Korea talking 'peace' right now for the games). Last W Olympics Ukraine war broke out shortly after Sochi. Good Pet Goat decode:

    1. Thanks for the information, the 91 days is significant, it is equal to 13 weeks and is suppose to be the amount of time that the Seals are brought upon the world by satan and his crowd after which the ac comes to rescue the world.

      It is looking like 3/31/18 has the potential to be a day of importance, check out the post about the antichrist star.

  3. Did you see Flight MH370 is back in the news? I'm surprised they didn't give them 91 days to find it:
    Plane was part of their 'Trident Ritual' (logo on tail, 9-11 beams=trident, Sochi Poseidon Trident). And on 1/11=111=a Trident they sent the triangular B2 bombers to Guam right out of Pet Goat. Also flew B2 over the Rose Bowl Parade on New Years. Talk about updating the Trident missile system on Trident 1/11 day.

  4. 'Just happened' to see this story on a TV show. Have you ever heard of Tesla's egg? Everyone interprets the I Pet Goat egg held by the Cyber Man as the Orphic Egg, but could it also be Tesla's egg? The Tesla Technology being used for Mind Control using his Scalar Waves. To literally get inside the head of the 'egg head' boy.
    Here is the story :

    Replica of the Egg is in museum at Ann Arbor Michigan. Home of the Wolverines. Movie remake of Red Dawn = the Wolverines = Grid EMP (Tesla's grid), the occupiers were N Korea instead of Russia in the remake.
    Also recent Hawaii missile scare. Supposedly Obama's home, is this why he is sweating? Good decode here:

    1. Thanks for the info, I never heard of Tesla's egg. Your theory sounds plausible. I have often wondered about O sweating in that film and what it meant--you could be right. After that scene is when they show the Donald Psalm 23 graffiti, which I interpreted as his death.