Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting; The 40 Day Judgment Has Fallen Just As The Eclipse Foretold

My heart is greatly saddened at what happened in Las Vegas. My thoughts, prayers, and tears are with those so tragically affected by this evil atrocity, which was the worst mass shooting incident in the history of the USA.

When Judgment falls it is not pleasant. And judgment fell according to the proverbial “yet 40 days and judgment cometh.” Only I interpreted it to mean that judgment would fall on day number 40, I was wrong, it fell on the day after the 40 days were over.

Here is what was written in the last post; Prophecy Watch; Beware Of The Day of Atonement, 9/29-30/2017—Yet 40 Days…

That is the data; will 9/29-30/2017 be the proverbial “yet 40 days and judgment cometh?” Will it be the day that another judgment falls upon the USA for our many sins? I do not know when judgment will come, I am not a prophet, I do not say “thus saith the Lord,” but I do know that judgment is coming and when it does it will not be pleasant for the USA.

And why I able to forecast that judgment was coming? Because of what God allowed me to see.

Data has presented itself to warrant the issuing of a prophecy watch for 9/29-30/2017—the Day of Atonement. After investigating the synchronicities associated with the August 21, 2017 eclipse I was convinced that the eclipse was a Jonah type warning for the USA—REPENT AMERICA REPENT!

From the post; The Great American Eclipse Of 2017; Yet ? Days And America Will Be Overthrown! Posted 8/7/2017.

The data also suggests that this eclipse is a harbinger of major judgments to come. It is possible that the judgments may begin on the day of the eclipse or it may follow afterward at Prophecy Watch; Beware Of The Day of Atonement, 9/29-30/2017—Yet 40 Days…

esoteric intervals of time. For example we may see judgments 21 days past, which is 9/11/2017, 40 days past, which is 9/30/2017, or 93 days past, which is 11/22/17. (Note: you can draw a line 1122 NM long from Nineveh IN to Yellowstone.)

From the post; The Great American Eclipse; Beware Solar Saros 145! Posted 8/19/2017.

The measure of our wicked behavior is growing by the minute—judgment must come—judgment will come. This eclipse is screaming judgment is coming! America, turn from your wickedness before it is too late.

America has not repented and since that time several major judgments have fallen upon the USA and or its territories in the form of 3 major Hurricanes; Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. Lest we repent, there are more judgments coming and the data is indicating that one may fall on 9/29-30/2017. Here is the data.

As I said above I interpreted the “Yet 40 days and judgment cometh to mean that it would occur on the 40th day. But if one interprets it to mean "after 40 days judgment cometh," then the proverbial “yet 40 days and judgment cometh” was fulfilled in relation to the Jonah warning of the eclipse.

I quickly looked at the data of the event and these numbers associated with the event stood out immediately;

It occurred at the Rt. 91 festival. 91 days is 13 weeks and is a number associated with the coming WW3 and the antichrist.

The shooting took place from the 32nd floor. 32 = 8+8+8+8.

The man was 64 years old. 64 = 8x8.

The shooting started at 8 minutes past 10 P.M.

58 killed. 58 = 2x29, 2+2+9 = 13, 5+8=13

515 injured. 515 = 5x103(13), 5+1+5=11

58 + 515 = 573. 573 = 3 x 191(11)

Estimated attendance was 22,000 people. 22,000 = 11 x 2000.

The concert area was estimated to be 360 m (1180 ft) from the hotel. 36 is 6+6+6+6+6+6 and all the numbers 1 to 36 add to 666.

The exact location of the event was Paradise, NV 89119

Just recently my Dreams of aParadise Lost were fulfilled and this makes a second paradise disaster. A third may be pointing to Paradise, WA.

Jason Aldean was performing the song; ”When She Says Baby.” The lyrics have some interesting phrases like;

Torn all the hell with it all.

Yeah she's the perfect shot of faith.

Everything gonna be alright.

Just lay down by my side.

And drivin' me a good kinda crazy

The many synchronicities above point to the devil as the author of this evil atrocity.

The worst part of all of this is that because America has not repented of its sins, but continues to run headlong into more sin, more judgments are coming, and they will continually get worse and worse.

Great earthquakes, terrorist attacks, financial upheavals, volcanic eruptions, nuclear war, infrastructure destruction, pandemics, etc are all coming America, lest we repent!

How much more will it take America? And it is not God that is doing this, it is satan. The devil goes to God and gets permission to do these things to us because; the devil hates all people, even those who serve the devil. God also grants permission because our many sins deserve it.

The eclipse was screaming Judgment is coming! Judgment has come. AMERICA REPENT!!! Before it is too late!

Repentance starts with acknowledging that you are a sinner and asking Jesus to save you. Find out what you must do to be saved here.

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  1. Stephen Craig Paddock shares the Hebrew Gematria value of 540 with Mene Mene Tekel Peres.
    The ability to carryout a shooting event from more than a thousand feet away at an elevated position of some 320 feet? Quite a remarkable feat at the very least. All the weapons and ammo brought into the building unnoticed?
    Harvest festival in sin city?

  2. Jeff- As far as shooting....a ten year old could keep the bullets inside a group of 22000 people. You don't aim at an individual, but at the herd. Now, shooting one particular person at 1000 ar15 would do that all day.

  3. Shooting happened at 8 min past 10PM...this would make it 22:08 or 822 the day Regulus was occulted.

    Stan/Jeff, Stan...100% agree with you except on a Supernatural level?

  4. Mandalay Bay hotel shaped like Mercedes symbol. Super Bowl lost power under that symbol. These folks were slaughtered in front of Luxor hotel with Sphinx and obelisk present. Interesting to see where drawn lines lead to and from.

  5. 10/13/17