Monday, April 13, 2015

The Warnings of Day Number 333

A countdown began on May 13, 2014, and since that day events have been occurring at esoterically important day numbers as shown in the quoted list below from the post; Beware Day #333 in the Countdown. 

The countdown I am referring to began on May 13, 2014 and was explained in this post; BEWARE Day 322! The Countdown Has Begun, the Pattern Has Been Discovered, Events Are Happening NOW! Here is what has happened so far in the countdown. 
Day 1: 5/13/2014; beginning of countdown. 
Day 8: (2x2x2) 5/20/2014; The 2014 Jos bombings.  
Day 27: (3x3x3) 6/8/2014; The Las Vegas shootings
Day 125: (5x5x5) 9/14/2014; Isis beheading; U.S. lines up allies against Islamic State
Day 216: (6x6x6) 12/14/2014; Sydney café Isis hostage siege; 2014 Sydney hostage crisis
Day 240: (.666 x 360) 1/7/2015; Charlie Hebdo Shootings
Day 322: (Illuminati death number) 3/30-31/2015; 6 end times prophecy related, events occurred, including the Iran deal, and all have the potential to develop into major prophetic occurrences! See the post; END TIMES ALERT! Look What Happened On Day Number 322! 
I think that the next day number of esoteric importance is day number 333, April 10-11, 2015. Here are some of the reasons why I feel that this day bears watching. 
As you read above, I posted a watch for day # 333 (April 10/11, 2015) and here is what happened; 

Isis Was on the Offensive 

Isis takes control of Iraq’s largest oil refinery

Isis released a video the destruction of the ancient city of Nimrud 

Cern Started to Lose Control 

156 Melon Headed Whales Beached Themselves/Japan Earthquake Watch 

Despite a lack of scientific evidence linking the two events, a flurry of online commentators have pointed to the appearance of around 50 melon-headed whales — a species that is a member of the dolphin family — on Japan’s beaches six days before the monster quake, which unleashed towering tsunami and triggered a nuclear disaster.

In the post about day # 333 I wrote; 

What will happen on day #333, again I am not sure, but it is a day that I will be watching especially in light of what this man believes is the Biblical meaning of 333.
“Many people around the world keep seeing the number 333. I believe the spiritual significance and meaning of the number 333 is profound! In Chapter 33 of the Bible book of Ezekiel, God commissioned the prophet to warn the Jewish people of coming tribulation… Could it be that God is using the number 333 as a present day angelic warning, a trumpet call, an end time SOS? I believe this to be true...” 
If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; Ezek 33:3. 
I believe that God is warning us that the major events of the end times are approaching fast.
Thus in light of the meaning of 333 and what happened on day #333 I believe the events on day #333 are warnings.
A warning that the problems with radical Muslims will increase to all out war.
I know for sure that a countdown has begun. I also believe that it is possible that the 70th Week began on the same day and the evil ones are trying to pervert, as they always do, what God is bringing about—time will tell. Remember God sometimes does things by numbers and satan perverts it.
The Next day to watch is day # 343 (7x7x7).
Your prayers appreciated; the devil has been hitting me hard.
BTW; I just found another event to add to day number 322—The Temple Institute performed a practice sacrifice.


  1. Of course, since God created numbers, the meanings of these numbers can also have a good side as well as Satan's perversion of them. I think that 33 or 333 can symbolize one third, which is associated with salvation in Zech 13:8 and in the age of Jesus when He died, but also judgment related to the angles that fell or the many references in Revelation. Regarding the next number coming up, I learned recently that 343 is the number of firefighters that died in the towers on 9/11, and with my own effort I discovered that the number of words spoken by God in Genesis Chapter 1 is exactly 343 (this is true ONLY in the KJV; 11 other popular versions I checked did not have this number of words spoken by God in the first week of creation.). -- Terry Hart

  2. April 19th is a day to watch. Murra building in OKC, Waco branch davidians, Fire sacrifice night.

  3. Every day between now and May 1 is a time that we should be engaged in spiritual warfare to set the captives free. Multiple attempts locally here to abduct children to cage and have waiting for their rituals. Mr Cati says that the Queen''s birthday on 4-21 will demand sacrifice.

  4. Thank you all for your input, I have not been too attentive to the blog lately, as we are dealing with a death in the family

  5. My deepest most sincere condolences to you, Sir, and your family. The battle is surrounding us, in the air above and here on the Earth. No one will remain untouched. We must all strengthen each other, when we are weakened. Be assured of my prayers and thoughts. We are family here, together, because of your courage to speak/ write about the Truth. And to all the readers here, you and your intentions are included in my prayers, as well. I thank you for your prayers, as well. May your strength soon return, Mr. Frederick, along with your focus and valor. May our Heavenly Father's face shine upon you, Jennifer

  6. Yes this is real many of my fellow Christians think I'm crazy but I have seen 333 as God spoke "YOU ARE SEALED FOR MY PURPOSE" HE IS CALLING THE WATCHMAN TO B OBSERVING N AWARE IF WHAT IS GOING ON SPIRITUALLY SATAN HAS TO BOE DOWN TO JESUS IT IS TIME.

  7. I've been seeing this number so much that I knew it was a gift from God and had it tattooed on me. I need to know more about what this means

  8. you are right. its SOS number. I know about that since 2008. but I don't know is your start date is correct. and if it is correct maybe we have to count 12x12x12 or 13x13x13 ??? interesting in this story is that the preachers and monks here where am don't take me serious. they rader told me, that am possessed by demons and teached me to abandon my numbers. ehhh

    So, I want to stay in touch, contact me by e-mail or drop some line on my youtube channel, am SignAtDx333 there too.