Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Witch of Wales; Now this is a Harbinger!


What country is the antichrist supposed to come from? What superpower nation will he defeat so that he can take over the world?  Take a look at these images.


Nice little witch, wouldn’t you say. And guess what place is located in his/her mouth? A place called Hell’s Mouth. You may remember that I showed the significance of Hell’s Mouth in The Dollar Code. I was the location encoded on the dollar bill that corresponded with the eye of horus/devil.


See the dragon figure on the witch’s back. It looks like it is dead and is being carried away by the witch. Now where have I seen that dragon head before?


See the woman on the witch’s back? Who is the mother country of the USA? Don’t witches sacrifice their children?


The witch even has a pet monster. How cute!

And look at all the "lightning" shooting toward the witch and her pet monster.

Now ask yourself; why? Why did God allow for these land masses to look like this? I believe God allowed it to be a sign/harbinger of what is coming—another end times witness regarding the antichrist and the fate of America.

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  1. Those last two frames- a pretty witchy face in and of itself...the reptile on what you call the witches head- if you see it as the chubbier part that droops down toward the back is the body landed on her head, the. the upper part is a little wing balancing it as it sits.

  2. What kind of belt do witches wear?
    When you are a Prince of Wales you are Prince of the Red Dragon/Leviathan.
    Prince William became the 1000th member of the Order of the Garter(witches belt) in a privet ceremony preformed by the queen on May 5th 2008 or 1st of Iyar(new moon). From May 5th 2008(new moon) to the March 1st 2010(full moon) is 666 days, March 1st 2010 is Shushan Purim which is 19 years from Prince Wiliams first official royal duty on March 1st 1991 which was also on Shushan Purim(full moon) on the biblical calendar in 1991. The Hebrew calendar is of 19 year cycles, likewise May 5th is 21 cycles of 6 and the day count from march 1st to May 5th in a given year is 66 days. If it turns out that Prince William is the alternative messiah than you are reckoning or counting "time" in its different forms of 600- 60- 6 and in their is the wisdom to discern him whom is given this numerical identifier.

    1. Speaking of Prince of Wales it has a Jewish Gemetria value of 1269
      Sharing the same value as:
      almighty god exits america
      the wickedness
      the unbelievers

      the constellation ophiuchus ? / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiuchus

      likes to dominate and lacks diplomacy
      last kenyan american president
      goldman sachs poisoning a zimm
      us b gone may fourth
      the door in heaven opened
      usa abused haarp may one
      sir david rothschild
      The list goes on here:

      Prince William has a Gemetria value of 1186 with things like this:
      holy yahshua /This was shown at the top of the list
      immanuelah – goddess immanent in creation
      the holy goddess of i am that i am
      psalms thirty three (read it)
      interdimensional entity
      tryrant ruler
      will smith (fresh prince of bell aire)
      the bride of the great tribulation
      sinful abortion murders
      catastrophic destruction
      he is a subtle sly snake
      the grand lodge of all england at york
      who is a thief
      may usa nuked israel
      real zimm a russian
      haarp quake at xi xi am

      See the rest here

      The english gemetria value of "prince william" is 864 the same as "mark of the beast"

      What does it mean? I do know this that it seems to align itself with things that may be very revealing.

  3. Anon: Some people are pointing to Putin as the AC. Do you see any sign of that?

    1. Whoever makes the peace covenant with Israel (Daniel 9:27) is the antichrist. And in Daniel 9:26 it tells you who he will be. Pope Francis fits the description. He's an Italian descendant and a Jesuit. Daniels prophecy also says this man will come up peaceably with a small people and will divide the land of Israel. The small people I believe this prophecy is talking about is Palestine. Just look at all the news lately about Palestine and 2 state solution and Hamas. I believe we will see this peace agreement take place this year. When it does then sudden destruction. This will start the 70th week of Daniels prophecy-7 year tribulation-The Day of the Lord. I pray more people wake up to this revelation. Please note the antichrist and false prophet are one in the same. There's only one man. The Vatican Rome Italy is mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation. I encourage you to research it. I suggest youtube videos from Heisnear.com and Steven Ben Denoon. Keep watching for the return of Jesus! He is coming soon.

  4. Hi Karen, Do you know of anyone(web site) who has given some kind of evidence biblical or otherwise to support this? I know he was born during Sukkot but other than that and it has been said he is a dead ringer for Jan Van Eyck which I find interesting on a couple levels I'm not real familiar with any work on him. If he became the leader of Russia on Shaushan Purim or something like that it might increase the odds. Hanukkah and Purim have the most affiliation with the AC as a type. I keep reading about when Jesus was at the temple at Hanukkah and I'm stunned by the dialogue in this passage and can easily see how you could just switch Jesus and the AC and see what Jesus was talking about when he said the Jews will believe if it were possible when the AC stands in the Temple calming to be God this is essentially what happened to Jesus but the Jews wanted to stone him and rejected what he was saying as blasphemy.

  5. I will keep my eyes open regarding evidence about Putin. He is being promoted by MK Ultra mind-controllers, as well as the idea that the real Jews are all hidden and America is their home.

  6. Jeff your comment on 864 in regards to Prince William is more than fascinating to me, I thought I had seen about everything in relation to him with "864" that is a new one to me nice work! the month day and year of his birth 6-21-1982, 6x2x1x1x9x8x2=1728 "1728" =New Jerusalem, 864x2=1728, the difference between 6211982 and its mirror image 2891126 is 4680864. Ever been to the sight of "the tribulation Network" and seen this mans work on False Christ and 864 or 1728 never once does the author of this work mention any names or alludes to one but he expects the AC to also carry these numbers as an imitation to "The Sun of Rightness" as 864 is very much a solar number. In as their is 15 cycles of 864 in 12960 or 36 years of 360 in the prophetic style , there are 180 weeks in 1260 and 180 degrees of precession is 12960 symbolically. when you double up the "15 and "36" you have one Prophetic month "30" and "72" 72 years of 360 being one degree of Precession.

  7. Jeff you had mentioned Ophiuchus in you post could you elaborate?

    1. The Prince of Wales (Charles, Williams father) has the same Jewish Gemetria 1186 as "The constellation Ophiuchus". The snake bearer?


      Added as the "thirteenth Zodiac sign" in 2011?
      I never look at such things I did not know that.

      6/21/1982 summer solstice complete with a solar eclipse.
      6/21/2015 33 years


      The snake bearer
      1269 is the Jewish Gemetria for Prince William
      864 is the English Gemetria of Prince William
      And also is the same as
      "mark of the beast"
      Could the mark of the beast could be a DNA mark/er as well?

      Allegedly he was flown to Reno Nevada to sign off the 1871 US Corporation on 12/12/14 (has anyone confirmed that?)

      In what way does the New Jerusalem represent "1728"

      Speaking of mirror image I saw that the universe may have the shape of a large dodecahedron and what we see maybe in some ways a reflection refracted.


    2. OK 1728 cubits.
      I found this, I view this site as having some info that could help some understand how false system might be placed.

  8. Thanks everyone for all your great research

  9. I looked for the 13th sign of the zodiac when I first heard about it about ten years or so ago....and found that there are TWO 13th zodiac signs and I believe either one or both of them have been deliberately hidden...probably when they changed over to the Gregorian sun calendar.... The 'other 13th sign' is Ariadne (or Arachne the spider, which incidentally is associated with witches and the moon)....it is interesting that they are dead opposite each-other.. Ariadne being between Taurus and Gemini and Ophiuchus between Scorpio and Saggitarius. Whilst doing other research I found that there are reputedly two star gates to another higher heaven in exactly the same to areas as these two signs....one through which our souls enter and the other through which our souls leave at death...

  10. Hi Jeff...how can '864' is the same as the number of the beast '666'?