Sunday, December 14, 2014

Russia Just Poked Out the Eye of Sauron!

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A holographic eye of Sauron was scheduled to shine or should I say watch over the city of Moscow as an advertisement for the new Lord of the rings film. “In Tolkien’s saga the lidless Eye was the symbol of power and fear though which the Dark Lord Sauron was able to exert his will over Middle-earth.

The eye of Sauron does not sound too righteous does it, in fact it is satanic. And the Russian Orthodox church said so, and concluded that the eye may have bad consequences for the city.

“Such a symbol of triumphant evil rising above Moscow and becoming one of the tallest objects in the city…is it good or bad? I am afraid it’s mostly bad. One shouldn’t be surprised if something goes wrong with the city after that,”

So what happened? The project was canceled.

Wow! The project was canceled because the church complained that it was satanic. I applaud the Russians in this instance; a victory for good! Now ask yourself, would that have happened in America? NO! I conjecture that if the situation would have occurred here, the eye would be shining right now. Why? Because the church in America most likely would not have objected, because it is so weak and deceived that it embraces Toilken’s writings as Christian allegory.

Many believe Tolkein’s writings to be satanic. In fact here is what the late Pastor David Meyer, a former witch, said about the series. “I can say most assuredly that The Lord of the Rings trilogy comes from the pits of hell and is a clever instructional course in witchcraft disguised as fantasy and entertainment.

So I doubt there would have been a complaint against the eye of Sauron shining over an American city. And even if there was a complaint, the ones complaining would have been ridiculed. So I am sorry to say that the eye would have probably shined over America. And let me say that the eye is shining over America—just look on the back of the dollar bill!

Let me take this a bit farther if someone had attempted to put a holographic cross over a city in America, there would have been such an outcry that it would not be allowed. O America how far you have fallen!

See in America we can allow satanists to hand out literature in public schools, but we will not allow a church to hand out a gospel tract. In America the public schools can teach our children about sexual perversions, but they cannot teach them about God. O America how far you have fallen!

Judgment is coming America, judgment is coming. May many be brought to repentance before it is too late. Find out what you must do to be saved, read about God’s gift of salvation.

Note: Watch the next day or two, December 15-16,2014, for a possible antichrist related event.


  1. There are many in the "church" (institutional church) in America that have been embracing J.R. Tolkien's work by getting started with C. S. Lewis it is very important to deal with this C. S. Lewis practiced "white magic".

    At this point of history I am very leery of any who name Christ, and yet in practice have a divided allegiance. And that would include the Russian Orthodox church.

    What manner of faith will He find when He returns?

    1. I agree with you about CS Lewis. Here is a piece I wrote about him years ago.

      I am not giving credence to or saying the Russian Orthodox church is righteous, I merely said that they did right in this instance in standing against this satanic symbol, which the church in America that is suppose to be "more righteous" probably would not have stood against it.

      At this point in history I am leery and tired of those who always think that they are more righteous than others and misjudge so as to make themselves look important.

      What manner of faith will He find when He returns?