Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Coming Nuclear Train Bomb—The Chattanuclear Choo Choo


That’s right; I believe that the evil ones aligned with satan will attempt to detonate a nuclear bomb on a train at a train station in an American city. Why do I believe that? Because it has been signaled, and notice I said attempt. That does not mean that it will occur.
Want to see the signals? Here we go. Let’s start with a subtle signal; the Washington D.C.seal.
See the train, the sun, and the sun’s rays. You may not think there is anything of significance in that one, so let’s look at some less subtle signals, like the signals from that ever so popular signaling TV series; the Simpsons. BTW I assume you know that a Simpsons show clearly signaled the 9/11 event. The signals for the nuclear train bomb are in the episode entitled “The Surveil With Love,” season 21, episode 20, which aired on May 2, 2010. I wrote about the signals in the episode several years ago in and several posts. Here are a few of the posts;

Let me show you the signals from that show and then I will discuss them


We have what looks like a small Midwest or western town in which the explosion took place. Before the explosion the man says “5,4, no time for a full countdown” and then detonates the bomb at what looks to be a train station

After the explosion took place, a clock flew out of the scene to the right and landed near Homer. BTW; Homer lives in a city that is geographically based on Simpsonville, KY. Notice that he time on the clock reads about 11:30.

Next in the episode you have a TV announcer showing the destroyed train station and city with the words “Chattanuclear Choo Choo.”

My analysis; I think that this episode is obviously signaling a nuclear detonation on a train in a city in America. The timing of the explosion took place in a countdown just after 4, when the man should have said 3. The clock time may indicate dates of 11/6 or 11/30 or upside down, 11/9. The words “Chattaunuclear Choo Choo” signal a train to me—remember the song Chattanooga Choo Choo? Obviously that could also be a reference to Chattanooga, TN.

I have known all of the above for a few years, so why am I bringing this up now? Because of this article that I read. Here is a snippet.

…It should be emphasised however, that the elite are getting desperate. They know that time is running out for them to pull this off. So even if there is a mishap in the schedule or their plans are revealed on the web, if only partially, they might still proceed. This may be their last chance.

My friend’s email is terse and to the point, but I’ve learned to trust his insights so if he says something is being planned, you can bet that it is, even if it doesn’t come to fruition. Anyway his email reads:

“They are planning to wipe out an entire town in the USA with a dirty nuke and blame it on “the enemy”.

“Scheduled for November.

“There’s a train running through the town.

“From the hillside you can see the train station and nearby a clock tower.

“It’s an old town divorced from the mainstream. It is innocent in most respects…

 “The nuke is on the train…

“Get it out there if we want to prevent it.

I do not know the source of his information or even if it is valid, but it sounds eerily similar to the scenario in the Simpson’s episode, don’t you think? OK, somebody needs to find the clock in a town that matches the picture in the Simpson episode—maybe that will give us a clue as to the location. Please comment below if you know of a clock that matches the one depicted above.

As for the timing of this event I can only speculate, but if the sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun on 9/23/17 marks the midpoint of the 70th week then it would most likely happen between now and then. Because that is when the antichrist takes over the world and they will have eliminated the United States as a super power by then. Could it happen in the near future? Yes it could.

Here is another bit of information to consider. Right now I believe that we may be in an 11 day countdown pattern to a date encoded on the dollar bill. In fact the Antares rocket explosion was the last event in the pattern and had strong connections to the coming of the antichrist. See the article; The antichrist Just Appeared For theEntire World to See! Did You See him?

So maybe the man in the Simpsons video saying no time for a full countdown was a reference to a countdown pattern and possibly even the 11 day countdown pattern that we may be in now. If that is the case then the words spoken in the video indicate that the detonation will not be at the end of the countdown, but one of the events in the countdown.

BTW; the next dates in the possible 11 day countdown pattern are 11/8 or 9, 11/19 or 20, and 11/30 or 12/1. Let me remind you that the clock time in the Simpson video read 11:30 and the hands pointed to the 11 and 6, which upside down is an 11 and 9.

I just ran across another piece of information concerning nuclear bombs going off in America and demon spider statues of all things.

Many of my readers have seen my article Nuclear Blackmail, which outlines the mysterious disappearance of helium 3 and the resulting inability of America to detect nuclear weapons moving into the nation through the ports, and also to track them around the country. Because helium 3 is a byproduct of the nuclear weapons industry, there is no reason at all for the lack of it in America, yet this is precisely what has happened - America ran out of it and because nuclear weapons detectors, which look for neutrionos actually consume helium 3 and need to be replenished, they are all now offline and America cannot protect its ports.

Even though I do not agree with all the article is saying, what caught my attention was the Helium 3. Helium 3 is a form of ionized helium and if you remember back about a month or two ago I had a dream with ionized helium in it. Here is the post; An Ionized Helium Dream.

At the time I thought that the broken off gas handle in the dream may have been an indication of helium being released, like before an earthquake and or volcanic eruption. But in light of this article, if what he reports about helium 3 is accurate, then maybe the broken off handle indicated that all the helium 3 was gone--there was none left. The next event in the dream indicated that food got expensive.

All of the data above leads me to believe that one day the evil forces will attempt to detonate a nuclear bomb in an American city. Will this event occur this November, in a future year, or will it be stopped? I do not know.

What I am sure of is that their plan, as discussed in The Dollar Code, calls for the destruction of the end time Babylon/America for the purpose of bringing forth the New World Order. Just as the phoenix bird legend foretells—new life out of ashes.

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Thank you in advance!
With deepest appreciation.

William Frederick



  1. RE: "the man says 5-4" 54=9x6 9=judgement and 6= number of man

    I think there is a really good possibility that all of the "elites" efforts are by co-incidence lining up with the Lord's actual judgement. Some of it by natural event and some by human effort. The enemy loves to usurp and take credit for anything.

    Why do I say that? Nothing happens without the approval of the Almighty.

    1. Yes I agree, when Israel disobeyed God let judgment fall on them at the hands of evil nations. Evil actions allow satan to gain permission to destroy

  2. Note also that the Virgin rocket did not finish it's countdown, but blew up at 6 seconds into it. Looking at the clock by Homer (interesting name) in the hammock, I would say that the time is actually 5:55, a number that they always use for their phone numbers in the movies.

  3. In the song Chattanooga Choo Choo says track line 29.

  4. Line 29 in San Diego Pacific Surfliner Route. In a distance there are two Nuclear Power Plants which could be The ones in Oceanside. San Onofre there are hills all over the place.

  5. Also stop 26 is in Oceanside and the end of the line is 29. In the picture of District of Columbia the train is to the west at the setting sun and on what appears to be on a wood over pass.There is an overpass like this in Oceanside that goes by Oceanside Harbor.

  6. Nathan Leal of the watchmanscry had a prophetic dream of a red train entering a city, derailing and then exploding.

    I think the bastards meant the 6 to be interpreted as a 9. Eleven will be 11 no matter what. Date? don't know but a sept eleven size event yes. Any other clues? the stars shown? time of day?


  7. Just to add to my last comment Pacific Surfliner train track first you have San Onofre 2 domes then Camp Pendleton then Oceanside.

  8. Here is a clock tower in San Clemente you can also see the train tracks. San Onofre Power plant is about 5 miles south along the beach. There is also a clock tower at MiraCosta College home to the Spatans in Oceanside.

  9. Look at Julian Old Gold Mining town. Julian, Ca 60 miles from Oceanside. Oceanside would be the backdrop from Julian. Been to Julian many times stayed at the same B&B James Joyce stayed at a few times. Here are some interesting numbers from wiki page. "Of the 55 blacks living in San Diego County during the 1880 census, 33 lived in the Julian area.",_California

  10. Anon

    Thank you for all the great information you provided above--you may be onto something. Some believe that the San Onofre nuclear power plant will be blown up as part of an end times event related to the antichrist.

    1. Your welcome sorry so many messy posts I am not a researcher. I posted as the thought popped into my mind. We are always down at these beaches and know the area extremely well. I just glanced at some of the info and there seemed to be a lot you could put together. Like 33°4′15″N 116°35′8″W is the location of Julian. 116 is 911.

  11. Bill,

    Regarding the clock in the Simpson's episode; how do you get 11:30? It reads 5:55 or 5 minutes to 6. Looking at it for a possible date, I see 11/6 or an upside down 9/11.

    Bill M.

    1. I should have been more specific. The time is 5:55 but Satanists do things backwards, so a backwards reading would be 11:30

  12. Those dates reminded me of the alerts posted by for 11/9. Hope he is wrong.