Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Dream of an Atlantic Tsunami

This was sent by a blog reader;

Hey Bill,
before you posted your tsunami dream, something you posted in the past week or 3 prompted me to go look for where I'd recorded a tsunami related dream I'd had a couple years ago, but I couldn't find it, and never got around to re-writing it up to send you... Then, you posted your dream, I figured, ok, maybe I should send him mine, we can compare notes :-p.  I even checked my email to make sure I hadn't sent this before, if I did, my apologies, but in any event, for whatever it's worth, here it is.
Although I had this dream a couple of years ago, as it goes with *those* kinds of dreams, I remember most of it like it was last night.
----begin dream----

It was a bright, sunny, beautiful summer day, and I was at Ocean City MD, which, even in my dream I thought was odd, because we usually go to Bethany Beach DE.  Anyway, there I am, body surfing with a guy I know.  It might not be important who he is, then again, maybe it will be, so I'll elaborate.  This guy is a former co-worker, who was raised in a devout Christian, Bible believing family and has turned his back on all of that.  So, while he and I have MUCH in common, and we worked together, we never really hung out or became very close, since I stand for pretty much everything he's vehemently turned his back on. 
So, in my dream, it was also a bit curious to me, that he and I would be hanging out together at the beach, but there we were.  I had just ridden in a very nice wave, and stood up to catch my breath, and was looking back out at the ocean, and following my buddy/acquaintance's efforts to catch a wave.  The surf came up, washed around my legs, then went back out... and... kept on going... out, out, out.  The water all just... went away.  And everyone down at the water's edge was just standing there, slack-jawed.
One thing we noticed, maybe 1/2  mile from the (previously) water's edge, was a structure, which had been underwater.  And I remarked to the guy, "I always *knew* there was something under the water out there." (it was at the end of a very long pier, for some reason, I'd always thought there was something out there - in real life, I'm not sure I think that, but I did in the dream) 
So we traipsed out there to take a gander at it.  A lot of people had started to venture out onto the newly uncovered sand, fish flopping all around, stuff sticking out, it was kind of fascinating actually.  We made it out to this exposed "building," and obviously, it had been built ages ago, then covered over by the rising sea.  We were in this thing, and I started to climb up a set of stairs to get to the 2nd level, and just then, it hit me.  And I said to him, "hey!  you know what?  I don't know where all of that water went... but I'd guess, it's coming back.  Furthermore, I would also bet, it's NOT going to stop where it did before when it comes back, I think I'm getting the heck out of here!" 
He was pretty ambivalent about it.  "yeah, maybe... you take off if you want, I'll catch up."  I think I urged him a bit more, but, he was having none of it, so I took off - RUNNING!  I ran back to the previous shoreline, then there's a good long stretch of beach between the surf and the boardwalk where we had been, so I ran across that.  At the oceanside edge of the boardwalk, there were some people who were apparently aware that the water had gone, and were standing up to look out, but almost everyone else was completely oblivious. 
Maybe it wasn't very charitable or compassionate of me but, all I could think about was finding my family and getting inland as far and as fast as we could, before it became a traffic jam.  I found my mother-in-law standing in line to get fries, (another oddity, since she does not usually accompany us on that trip) and I'm like "c'mon Mom!  We have to go... NOW." And she's like "but, but, but..."  I grabbed her and we took off to find my wife and children - then I woke up.

-------end dream--------

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  1. have an amazing memory, and you told your dream so well I felt like I was there! Do you have any kind of notion as to what the underwater building/structure was or signified?