Monday, April 1, 2013

North Korea, WWIII, and the antichrist

4/9: Important update added at end of post

I am sure that many of you have been following the recent developments with North Korea. The latest news concerns their threatening nuclear war against the United States, even to the point of showing a map with several targets picked out including Hawaii, Washington D.C.,  Los Angeles, and Austin TX.

North Korea crisis: Kim Jong-un threatens 'all-out nuclear war'

North Korea plan to attack US mainland revealed in photographs

Korean Peninsula ‘on a knife edge’

Navy moves ship off coast of Korean Peninsula

It is hard to foresee how this present conflict will progress, but it appears at this point that the situation, to say the least, is very volatile and could escalate quickly. I do believe that sometime in the future there will be a nuclear conflict with North Korea, and this will be part of the events of WWIII that will produce antichrist. I have written about this in the past, here is one of the posts copied below;

North Korea and the Antichrist
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just saw on the news where North Korea has attacked South Korea. I have always kept my eye on North Korea in regards to end times Bible prophecy because of what I learned about her from Cutting Edge Ministries as quoted below.

Now, let us return to our subject of North and South Korea. On page 222-3, of his book, Lemesurier makes a very cryptic statement about Korea. "But then war will seldom be absent from the world-scene during the last twenty years of the century. There will be numerous local conflicts in the Far East, the Middle East, and Africa. A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

The book that he is referencing is The Armageddon Script by Peter Lemesurier which is suppose to be a blueprint for what the evil ones are going to bring upon the world to produce antichrist. The page number 222 caught my eye--that is the time on the clock on the back of the hundred dollar bill which when folded looks like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. 222 is also ciphered on the dollar bill which I detail in The Dollar Code. I just remembered--God brought to mind--that I had an occurrence with 222 and North Korea which I wrote about in The Dollar Code.

(Note: One evening while I was in my car I was praying about what I had found on the dollar bill and what it might entail for the United States. As I was driving my car odometer reached 66622.2 at that exact moment I had the radio on and was listening to Dr. Savage and his guest was talking about the North Korean nuclear threat.)

Will the conflict that started today escalate into the "hair-raising nuclear confrontation" envisioned in the book? Will it escalate into WWIII? If this conflict escalates what might the eventual scenario be? Here is how David Bay of Cutting Edge envisions how it could develop.

In other words, the New World Order Plan envisions a staged nuclear confrontation in Korea. This statement places at least the North Korean Government inside the New World Order Plan, and probably South Korea, as well....

Thus, the outlines of this scenario are all to plain to see:

1) North and South Korea begin a short period of a 'war of words'

2) Both sides begin to move massive numbers of men and material up to the front

3) Led by the U.S. President, the Western world swings in solidly behind South Korea, and the U.S. begins to move additional military units to South Korea.

4) After proper posturing, North Korea attacks. After penetrating some short distance, North Korean troops begin to be destroyed as American troops, equipped with the same lopsided margin of capability as we had against Saddam Hussein, rapidly kill North Koreans by the tens of thousands.

5) In desperation, North Korea then launches a limited number of nuclear weapons or threatens to do so.

6) America rapidly comes to the aid of South Korea, rushing in nuclear capability

7) China, likewise, backs North Korea

8) Now, the confrontation is between China and America, both threatening each other with nuclear annihilation. The world panics -- At the same time, in the Middle East, Israel is annihilating her Arab protagonists, setting the stage for the planned appearance of Antichrist. The world panics -- At the same time, Arab terrorists strike American and European cities with wide-spread terrorism, and threatening to use nuclear devices. The world panics -- At the same time, riots erupt in American cities. America panics -- Maybe the Stock Market goes into a free fall, reacting badly to the out-of-control events. The world panics -- Possibly, we learn that unidentified craft from outer space are approaching the Earth. Possibly, UFO's and Aliens are seen all over the world. The world panics.

9) China suddenly invades Taiwan, now that U.S. forces are stretched to the breaking point between the conflict in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula. Since America does not have adequate Naval carrier groups to adequately defend Taiwan now that we are fully committed between the Middle East and Korea, China is fully willing to "seize the moment" to attack Taiwan.

Now, this planned war is truly a "World War". The world is going through the final birth pangs to produce Antichrist. [Matthew 24:8 is being fully fulfilled]

Suddenly, amidst all this panic, we learn of a "Man of Peace" who has arisen East of Jerusalem, claiming to be the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, and other world avatars, all in one person. And, to back up his claim, he is dazzling the peoples of the world with displays of supernatural power.

Is this the way it will happen? Will this conflict escalate to WWIII as outlined above? That is certainly possible, or it could just be a precursor to it with WWIII still a few years away, which I believe to be the more likely scenario. Time will tell, but the situation definitely bears watching.

That is the post written a few years ago. As I have already stated it is difficult to tell how the current conflict will turn out; will it die down or will it escalate into WWIII? I do not know, but the situation definitely bears watching. And let's not forget that Israel may have just been given the green light to start their part of WWIII.

Remember if the 70th week started in 2009 and the Second Coming will be in 2016, then WWIII and its associated events would most likely have to start at the latest by the midpoint--4/22/13. If the Second Coming will not be in 2016 then WWIII and its associated events will be in a future year.

I would like to also mention that several people have had dreams that may relate to the North Korean crisis.

Dreams of a Paradise Lost--Hawaii

Alert #6 I Saw an American City Attacked

Regardless of how this plays out in the near future you need to be prepared for the eventual occurrence of these things. I have written a book entitled The Coming Epiphany that will help you prepare for the end times. Please accept my gift to you and download  a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany today.

Update 4/9:

As you are most likely aware the North Korean crisis continues to "heat up." Embassies are being told to close by 4/10, workers are not being allowed to go between North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is deploying missiles on their east coast, Japan and the United States are deploying patriot missile batteries, the U.S. is amassing large amounts of firepower in the area. Then there is the report from a civilian worker at Barksdale AFB that something big is getting ready to happen. And on top of that the "object" North Korea put in orbit a while back is due to be over the USA from 4/10 to 4/15. Some believe this object may be an EMP device. BTW; 4/10 is a new moon--due to the darkness factor that is a favorite time of countries to start wars.

I am not saying that something will happen tomorrow, but in light of the many recent developments regarding North Korea and its end times Bible prophecy connections--tomorrow and the near future is definitely a time to be on the look out for. It may also be prudent to take action to protect electronics from a possible EMP attack. George Ure at Urban Survival has a few tips today (4/9) about that; BTW he thinks the more likely day will be 4/15.

You may think me a nutter (and you'd be about right, no arguments there) but on Friday of this week, we will be in full-on prep mode which means a certain amount of our coms, power generation, and computing horsepower will be coming off-line and going into a couple of metal garbage cans.

Why? Well, if you have been following Clif's WuJo over here, then you may have heard him mention the window that comes along April 13-19, just sort of dropped the date-range in passing in one of his reports, which is unfortunately smack on the April 15th birthday of Kid Korea's dad, which is a national holiday and would be a dandy time to invade the South. Proximate to "data gap."

Granted, this is only a small outlier kind of thing, but because it is potentially huge in impacts, I've decided this would be a fine time to be 'braced' for whatever.

Remember as children of God we do not need to fear what men can do to us, God is our great and loving heavenly Father, and nothing shall be able to separate us from His perfect love. He also promises that everything that He lets happen to us, that He will work to our good. May God grant us wisdom and guidance in these coming days, and may we shine as bright lights in a dark world.

If you would like to become a child of God and experience His great love and forgiveness please read a short message on what you must do to be saved; God's Gift of Salvation


  1. Any coincidence that Obama goes 2/22 shooting baskets on Easter? Hard to shoot that bad even if you tried to miss - almost like an invisible hand guarding the rim.

  2. Forgot the link to Obama's day on the court:

  3. 2013 - i believe this is the beginning of the great tribulation - last 3,5 years.

    1. It may be, time will tell, I do not think we will know for sure till we see it happen.

  4. The time is definitely ticking on 2016! i wish it was 2016 the sooner the better but each day that goes by makes me believe it can't be that soon. But we will see!!!!

  5. Any coincidence that Kerry is pushing the treaty that would bring Isreal back to its 1967 borders. I think not.

    1. I agree, it is hard to see how this will work out but we must remember that it will come as a trap, meaning that there may be no definite forewarning--so it could happen suddenly. Many of the peices seem to be in place. Will it happen this year? I am not sure, time will tell. It is also interesting to note that Iran just closed the door on nuclear negotiations.

  6. Jeremiah 50, along with passages from Revelation, contains direct and principal prophecy against the u.s./babylon --

    "Behold, a people shall come from the north, and a great nation, and many kings shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.

    "They shall hold the bow and the lance: they are cruel, and will not shew mercy"

    so, north to u.s. from russia and/or far east, across arctic or bering . . . and futher identified as coastal, so korea, japan, china (the "red nations")

    either russia or china is probly indicated as part of this confederation, as neither n.k. nor japan are considered "a great nation"

    North Korea's initial consonants -- NuK

    past martial experience proves that n.k., china, japan (i.e. the princes over them) are unusually cruel, embracing torture and brutality

    these princes know that america is now vulnerable bc God is angry at the treatment of his "heritage" here, and bc babylon is, well, babylon

    "Any coincidence that Obama goes 2/22 shooting baskets on Easter?"

    wrong planet for coincidences! but i'll "toss in" this -- i use "222" as my website url . . . i chose the "2" b/c it was my jersey number from my basketball days, smallest jersey they had lol

    thx for this blogpost

    1. I agree that America is the end times Babylon and that Russia and China will most likely be the great nations from the North that bring a devestating Nuclear attack against us. But I see this happening after the rapture.

      WWIII which will most likely include limited nuclear actions will be used to destroy the old world order and bring on the new. It is WWIII--seal 2 that will most likely include a conflict with North Korea.

  7. Yes, we certainly are approaching a crucial time frame and we would all like to see something happen sooner rather than later. These are exciting and very interesting times and I suppose that we could be engaged in just a lot of wishful thinking. However, the word, "quickly," has frequently been coming to mind lately. I haven't had time to do a word study on it yet, but "sudden" and "quick" seem to be indicators. Does it mean, "when it happens, it will happen fast" or does it mean "when it happens, it will happen sooner than we think?"...or both? At the end of Revelation where Jesus says, "surely I come quickly," could that be a promise that He will come sooner than we think to get us out of this mess?...and at the end of this last chapter of this last Book of the Bible, John leads us in a prayer urging Christ to return soon. So if we follow John's example and pray in this manner, will Jesus come sooner than we think? Hasn't He already just told us that we should be assured that He is coming quickly? The answer is found in discovering what He actually means by the word "quickly." This is why I feel that I should check this word out and will do so ASAP. Also another thing that came to mind was mankind's tendancy to minimize sin, procrastinate, and assume that we always have more time than we really have. So could Jesus also be telling us not to let ourselves think that we have plenty of time, because He is coming quickly? In any case, like Noah, we need to be ready. The Bride is already being purified--the genuine from the false--the virgins are trimming their lamps, making sure that they have enough oil, because they know the value of the Word of God and how it has the power to help us endure to the end, bring us into the presence of God--and that those who are not ready will be left behind. :-)

  8. Has anyone also considered that America may also very well represent Modern Day Israel,the Promised Land? That God has gathered together all of his people together in the last days from all the nations...He blessed this nation above all others on the face of the earth and it has been the Land of Milk and Honey and the most powerful nation on earth, part of the Roman Empire, but Israel was also controlled by the Romans.. she is synonymous with Babylon and will be judged severely for her sins and taken into captivity... maybe the prophecy of the Holy Land Israel, and the USA are parables...

    It might very well be that Russia and China will invade the United States, coming down from the north...for 42 months, the outer courts of the temple shall be trampled down by the gentiles...and America will come to her knees in repentance and God will avenge his people...Maybe we are also a trembling cup to the nations...and many nations will desire to divide the land for gain...

    Maybe there will be a place of safety within our country to flee to??? but we are a country with unwalled cities and cattle within the midst of our country, (the bread basket)...all nations envy our great nation...not dismissing Jerusalem and Israel, but possibly we represent the Daughter of Zion...

    1. Very interesting associations, truly there are many parallels between Israel and the United States and there are many Jews that live in our land.

      When the great persecution comes I think that many will return to Israel.

  9. I did finally check out the words (mentioned in my previous comment) and here is what I discovered:

    Word study--"quickly" and "suddenly" pertaining to coming of Christ.

    “I come quickly”—meaning "ASAP" (As Soon As Possible)—(always meaning this in Book of Revelation)

    “sudden” or ”suddenly”—meaning unexpected pertaining to coming of Christ—(1 Thess. 5:3 – Mark 13:36)

    So I guess we must conclude that He is coming as soon as possible at a time when He is not expected. Again, that should motivate us to stay ready--watching--and praying (which is also mentioned in the Scriptures).

    You can find more details regarding how to remain in a state of readiness through the "washing by the water of the Word" at my blog.

    1. Kay

      Again, great analysis. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

  10. Has anyone also considered that America may also very well represent Modern Day Israel,the Promised Land?

    even with foreknowledge of what America would become, God still prepared it as a temporary homeland for certain portions of His people -- that's why it's been so beautiful, bounteous, and blessed

    this inheritance was taken by deceit and force, that's why in Jeremiah 50 God says to Babylon:

    "Because ye were glad, because ye rejoiced, O ye destroyers of mine heritage, because ye are grown fat as the heifer at grass, and bellow as bulls;

    "Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bare you shall be ashamed: behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert."

    "hindermost nation" = U.S.

    "mother" = U.K.

    the U.S. does represent a type of Israel, as so many Tribe members reside (and have resided) therein

    1. THX for your input. I agree that America is the end times Babylon and her mother is the U.K. But I think even though the USA has many associations with Israel, that modern day Israel is still in the middle east.

  11. It's 4/15 and something did happen today though not an emp attack(at least not yet)

    1. Yes something did, but I think that if we do not see WWIII start in by 4/22/13 then it will most likely not stsrt till at the earliest this fall. And BTW that would be fine by me it will give people more time to prepare.

  12. "Israel" biblically has many connotations, sometimes denoting the endtimes State of Israel, sometimes denoting the Tribes or their leaders, sometimes denoting the Host, etc

    i'm aware that the bible schools and modern "pastors" equate Israel with the modern political State

    if i have lied about the Tribes yet being scattered, particularly in the u.s. and u.k., then Jeshua will correct me and i will gladly defer to the bible institutes, scripture schools, radio networks, and so forth, cheers

    1. For sure many Jews are scattered all throughout the world, mainly USA and South America. I think that when the intense persecution begins many will return to Israel.