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The Third Temple, WWIII, and the antichrist

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The Third Temple, WWIII, and the antichrist
by William Frederick; M. Div.

I received the following comment the other day from a reader of my book The Coming Epiphany in which he poses a question. I have been asked this question before and thought it might be helpful to comment on it--for you may have the same question.

I downloaded your book on Monday and could not put it down. As I am a slow reader, I finished it last night (Tuesday). First let me thank you for writing such a comprehensive and completely informative breakdown of the coming events based completely on biblical scriptures/prophesies.

My only question is how can the antichrist go into an inner sanctuary, and proclaim himself as being God, when it doesn't exist "yet"? Even if Israel is forced to attack Iran, this November, and the retaliation were to destroy the dome of the rock, it would take Israel years to actually construct the new temple of God for the antichrist to defile. If that is the case, how can 2016 the sixth seal?

Your clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I see 3 possibilities for the Temple. Realize they already have the furniture built and have been training "priests" for temple duties.

1. They will put up a temporary tabernacle, like Israel used before the Temple was built.
2. They have already built a pre fab temple and will put it up quickly—remember it does not have to be exactly like the old ones.
3. I read an article a while back, that I cannot find now, but it put forth the theory that they have already built the Temple underground, and after WWIII and the Dome of the Rock is destroyed the ac will “miracously” make the Temple appear.

Out of all of those possibilities I think #1 is most likely, #3 is far fetched.

After I wrote the above I ran across an article about the third Temple. Here is what stood out. Note: This quote is from an anti Jewish website, I do not endorse his views--for info only.

At the beginning of October 2012, a threshold was crossed... Over half the Jews want to pray in the Temple Mount; several Jewish organizations announced in parallel that everything is ready. This includes a fast deployable altar and the garments of the “HaCohen HaGadol” ("The High Priest”). Israel just got one step closer to the Third Temple; the world got one step closer to World War III.

His information would support possibility #1 above--It looks like they are ready to go. All they need now is a red heifer. And guess what, they claim that they have one of those too; A Red Heifer is Alive and Well in Israel. So it looks like all of the prerequisites for the seals to be unlocked and the antichrist to come onto the scene are in place.

As far as 2016 and the Sixth Seal, I believe this information adds weight to the theory that the seals of the apocalypse are ready to be opened, which scripture tells us is followed by the arising of the antichrist, and his performance of the Abomination of Desolation. If 2016 is the year of the Second Coming then we will see WWIII, the other 3 Seals, and the rise of the antichrist before 4/22/2013, and further if my reasoning is correct we may see WWIII start on 11/23/12. Note: If 2017 is the year of the Second Coming then we will see these things approx one year later, etc. Time will tell

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