Saturday, March 3, 2012

Storms, Lines, and Israel

Red--Tornado Report   Blue--Wind   Green--Hail

I believe the storms that have plagued the Midwest are prophetically related to our recent treatment of Isarel. On 2/20/2012 the US envoy told Israel not to attack Iran. (HT to Prayers for the People), More could be inferred from the visit, like if you attack we will not support you, which is exactly what Brzezinksi who is reported to be President Obama’s top adviser  says will happen—that the USA will not support Israel if she goes against Iran.  Daniel at Prayers for the People has written a great expose of the situation., which I recommend reading.

The storms our country experienced were 9 and 11 days (significant numbers) respectively from 2/20/2012. Let me also remind you that 2/20/12 was the day of my dreams. Also if you look at the photo above I have taken the storm reports from 2/29, 3/2, the New Madrid zone and 2 lines of judgment between the UN and Washington, and combined them all into one. The tornadoes are in red. as you can see most of the tornadoes are parallel to the line from Washington to Phoenix. Also most of the storms are wedged between the 2 lines and seem to be clustered over the New Madrid Zone.

Let me also mention that the New Madrid Zone has produced some vapor plumes just recently. I firmly believe that when we force Israel to divide her land that God will divide ours via a massive earthquake in the New Madrid zone.

The bottom line; when we go against Israel, then judgmnts come against us. Let us pray for the people suffering in the Midwest and that the people of our country would be brought to their knees in repantance toward God. Also; I have been working on an important post--it has been difficult to write--your prayers are appreciated.


  1. Hi William,

    Do you think the ugly “8th annual Israeli Apartheid Week" at American colleges during Feb 26-March 3 has any connection to this weather...?

    "During “Israeli Apartheid Week,” members of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) approach classmates and ask them to condemn Israel for alleged human rights violations against Palestinians. These activists will tell their peers that Israel is not a legitimate country. They’ll add that Israel denies rights to Palestinians, therefore making it an agent of “apartheid.”"

    Thank you for all you do!

    In Jesus,

  2. May it please our Father in heaven to give you clarity of thought and purpose William. Thank you for your thoughts and research without which I for one would not be able to assemble it together and present it to those who need to see it most. Perhaps it will take a mighty shaking to get some of Gods own people to pull their heads from the sand as most do not see world events as being relative to what is happening to America. Also, and it may be my own dullness, but it is not clear to me as to the origin of that second line from what looks like the tip of Louisiana and what that represents.

  3. I certainly will be praying that God will give you the words that need to be said. Prayer provides the privilege of walking in harmony with one another and participating in end time events. Many of us are grateful for your blog and are looking forward to your new post.

  4. Todd

    THX for the input and important info--I was not aware of that, and Yes you are probably right that it has something to do with the judgments.


    THx for the encouraging words. Yes you are right that many Christians have their head in the sand in regards to the prophetic significance of the times in which we live--especially regarding the rapture timing.

    That is one of the main reasons for this ministry--to wake Christians up.

    The line that ends in LA is just an extension of the line from the UN to Washington DC. It happens to end where Katrina hit. I have posted about it several times--for more info do a blog search on Katrina.


    Thank you for your prayer support and encouragement. And let me mention to ask everyone to pary for Kay's daughter Sarah.

  5. Here is some thing interesting, I looked at Dutchesinse's you tube dated today and one of these plume's is coming from inside Nebo state park that has a Nimrod lake and a Mt. Nebo this is a reoccurring phenomenon happening between 3-4 in the PM last few days before sunset. Odd indeed. Mt.Nebo

    I find it interesting that Louis White named that Mt. with regard to Moses going up Mt. Nebo in Jordan. And just a short ways away there is a Lake Nimrod. Looks to me that this place serves two purposes, or one really.

  6. Jeff

    Thank you for the info--fascinating--it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.