Monday, November 21, 2011

Another "Line" Judgment--The Southeast Storms

On Nov 16, 2011 our country experienced another round of devestating storms, our prayers are with those effected. If you notice the tornadoes, marked in red above, they are situated parallel to and on both sides of the line of judgment that I believe runs from the United Nations HQ in NYC to the National Christmas tree in Washington, D.C. that I wrote the following about;

I do not know the where, when, and what of the next judgments, but I do know the why--we have sinned. I also have a sense--based on what I have been shown and knowing what we are planning to do to Israel, that the judgment will be severe, it will be related to "the line," and it may be soon.

Here are the links; Cloudy With a Chance of Judgment, and Cloudy With a Chance of Judgment--The Meaning and Judgments of Snow.

Some may think the southeast storms occuring along this line is just coinciodence. Well let me point out a few facts. First these tornadoes were unusual for this time of year--less than 4% of the tornadoes in the United States since the 1950s have occured in November. Second there was another unusual waether event just recently--the freak snowstorm--that left millions without power. Both of these out of the ordinary weather events occured parallel to the "line." You be the judge.

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