Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Emily, Israel, and the Sun

Update 8/4:

Another M class--almost X class--earth directed solar flare occurred today. This is posted at Spaceweather.com "GSFC Space Weather Lab say the combined cloud should reach Earth on August 5th at 13:55 UT plus or minus 7 hours: "The impact on Earth is likely to be major."

That would convert to 2:55 AM EST to 4:55 PM EST.

From Wikipedia: "Coronal mass ejections release huge quantities of matter and electromagnetic radiation into space above the sun's surface...Coronal mass ejections, along with solar flares of other origin, can disrupt radio transmissions and cause damage to satellites and electrical transmission line facilities, resulting in potentially massive and long-lasting power outages" I add that they can also cause sparks to fly off of power lines starting forest fires, and the incoming energy can set off volcanoes and earthquakes--aka expando planet and can cause weird waether.

End of update.

Here are a few interesting developments that bear watching.

It was announced on Monday Aug 1, 2011 that Benjamin Netanyahu has bowed to US pressure by agreeing for the first time that a Palestinian state should roughly follow the contours of the 1967 borders

Late on Aug 1, 2011 tropical storm Emily formed. Emily means "rival"  At present Emily is predicted to head toward the east coast and remain a tropical storm. But realizing that in the past whenever we have gone against Israel we have suffered--like Katrina and the settlements--this storm bears watching. Will Emily be a rival to the USA as we are being to Israel?

Another storm that bears watching is the solar storm--M class CME--headed our way (H.T. to Prayers for the People) which according to Spaceweather.com minor to moderate geomagnetic storms are possible around Aug 5. Another sunspot--1263-- is turning toward earth and has the potential to give off an X class solar flare that could also effect the earth.


  1. It's good to have you posting again William. I hope all is well with you. It seems that there are many shortcomings headed our way. May God protect his people as we begin to ride out this storm.

    God Bless... t ...

  2. A lad

    THX for your encouragement and I hope all is well with you. My schedule has let up a little bit, but probably will not be back to normal till Sept.

    In the coming storms it will be time for true Christians to arise to the occasion and lead many to Him.

  3. Yes very true William. This is a great time to reach out and spread the message of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been ridiculed for my beliefs in the past but as the Coming Prophecies begin to unfold more people are willing to lend an ear.

    I look forward to your continued posts and return in September. You should have a lot to write about in the coming months ;-)

    Blessings in His Name ... t ...

  4. Stumbled on your post for the first time, in my search for facts on Israel. The Lord has been minstrying to my heart concerning the Jews and the Gentiles, His covenant with a physical and spiritual Israel and His promise of restoration. I've been doing some study, and praying to learn from the Lord.

    Your posts are an eye opener. May the good Lord bless you and continue to uphold in His might and power.