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The Great Pyramid and 2017

The following is a continuation of the updated information in Chapter 12 of The Coming Epiphany.

...The Great Pyramid
It is believed by many that the Great Pyramid at Giza in its design contains time markers or date ciphers concerning the First and Second coming of the Lord. There are two scriptures that are the basis for this conjecture.

In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the Lord because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a saviour, and a great one, and he shall deliver them. Isaiah 19: 19,20

Which hast set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day… Jeremiah 32:20a
Prophecy researcher Daniel Matson has made some startling discoveries regarding the date ciphers of the Great Pyramid. In Chapter 16 of his book, Signs of the End he states;

What is important is that there is valuable information that must be passed along that is a striking discovery concerning the Great Pyramid complex at Giza and its marking both advents of Christ. It is a discovery that is in line with the Bible, history, and the magnificence of the pyramids. It highlights the time in precise astronomical alignments. It is a discovery that fits the themes woven into the Bible concerning the coming King and it further supports the scenario developed in this book. It would appear this is another clue building the case for Christ’s return in 2017.

His research has led him to believe that the Great Pyramid complex at Giza astronomically aligned with the First coming of the Lord, and will also at His Second Coming, and points to 2017. What leads the author to this conclusion?

The basic idea is that the pyramid complex is a map of the heavens of a point in time when Christ the King returns with his armies. The pyramids show what is to be at meridian (Al Nitak in Orion), and also the causeways heading east from the pyramids show the importance of the rising sun or other items rising in the east. That the Sphinx also looks to the east is a factor as well. The point though was to see when there was a candidate for an alignment of Rosh Hashanah and the meridian alignment of Orion at dawn...Therefore, at dawn the morning before the Feast of Trumpets 2017, Al Nitak is precisely at meridian… 

Let us not forget the all-important Christ angle to see where it might come into significance. At the moment Al Nitak is at meridian, Leo is in the east, but more importantly its star known as Regulus (the King) is precisely at the inclination of the Christ angle. Therefore, the Christ angle not only bisected Bethlehem at Christ’s birth, but it also bisects Regulus at this possible time of his Second Coming. The year 2017 is the first year from present that Rosh Hashanah comes immediately after September 20th—the time Al Nitak hits meridian precisely at dawn, and also when Regulus hits the Christ angle… 

In analyzing the positioning of the stars, moon, and sun at the time of September 20, 2017, there was also another alignment. Venus will be in conjunction with Regulus at this time. So at this moment Venus the “Morning Star” will be aligned with the “King Star”, precisely at the Christ angle… 

The ascending and descending passageways of the Great Pyramid share the common Christ angle, but one is actually the prime of the other. Looking at the computer model of the sky when Regulus and Venus are at the Christ angle just prior to dawn, there is again something suspicious. Below the horizon is Jupiter--referred to as the planet of the Messiah by the Jews…At the dawn of Rosh Hashanah 2017, Jupiter is at the precise Christ angle in the opposite scenario as the day before. Jupiter is below the horizon at 26.3 degrees… 

So as there are opposite Christ angles, it would appear that the pyramid is a map of this event.  Jupiter is the suffering Messiah at the descending angle, whereas the “morning star” and glorious king are on the ascending angle.  Therefore, the Great Pyramid would be a map of this time when Rosh Hashanah coincides with the dawn meridian of Al Nitak and the positioning of Christ’s representative planets at the Christ angle.  What are the odds?  It would probably be safe to say that this is practically the only time these alignments could occur in our era… (Used by permission of author)  I would highly recommend reading the entire chapter, which is available at this link
As already mentioned these many significant alignments lead him to believe that the First Coming was marked by the celestial alignment of the Great Pyramid, and that events surrounding the Second Coming will be marked by the celestial alignments on Rosh Hashanah in 2017. I contend that the alignment at Rosh Hashanah in 2017 is a significant occurrence and will align with important end times events. Is this why the pyramids were built, and have withstood throughout time? Are they a “sign and witness” of events surrounding the First and Second Coming of the Lord?  If they are, then they have profound prophetic significance for the year 2017, especially in light of the Revelation 12 sign of the woman clothed with thesun.
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  1. This is amazing! I just listened to a preacher who said Jupiter would be in virgos womb at some point.Do you see this happening as well? loisgilpen(Google).

    1. Lois

      There are several signs focusing around 2017, click on the chapter 12 link for the data.

  2. Here is a strange convergence of seemingly unrelated events in my life for you to ponder. For approximately the last 2 months I have been obsessed with bible study. No particular reason that I know of except that I am so intrigued that I can't get enough. I studied Daniel. Now I'm in Revelation. I have been waking to full alert at strange times like 2 am or midnite after only having had 2 hours sleep. Rather than laying there tossing and turning, I get up and seem to be drawn to study. And on numerous occasions a single thought seems to stand out in my mind as something I should look up. This morning the 'woman clothed with the sun' just overtook me at 4am Eastern time. So here I am looking at your site. (This is a two-edged sword this morning. You have answers I was was researching and possibly I have something for you ?)

    Here is the other part of the convergence. Over the past several years I have been 'running across' books of rare and worthwhile information at yard sales, etc. It's not like I have been looking for them, they just seem to be there, right under my nose. They seem to jump out and grab my attention. For a quarter of a dollar or so I become the owner of a book which I could not in my wildest dreams imagine even existing.

    More of this next post

    Humbly at your service in the name of Jesus, the Christ, I am Danny Swan,

  3. I found a book titled THE GREAT PYRAMID, ITS DIVINE MESSAGE. By D. DAVIDSON AND H. ALDERSMITH. I bought it for probably a quarter and began studying it. Because it is so huge (over 500 pages)(and the fact that I have way too many different studies going on at the same time with multiple books for each) I haven't finished much past the first chapter. But it contains some VERY INTERESTING facts. It seems that a hundred or so years ago there was major scientific and geological interest in the pyramids and various publishings were made. The Egyptians (at least some of them) believed in a Messiah and a second coming. The geometry of the Great pyramid architectural design is such that the basic measurement unit was the polar inch and that polar inch coincides with years. It was interesting to the extent that certain historical events such as World War I were predictable (BEFORE they occurred) by comparing actual historical events of the past with indications inside the Great Pyramid along the great gallery. This quite intrigued me as the future might be predictable if this were true. As it goes with mankind, trying to 'pin down' the date of Christ's return is a futile practice (the Bible says that no man knows the day and hour (PRECISE time))(We have seen so many predictions come and go unfulfilled) and these scholars of this book were off as well. Perhaps it was something amiss in their calculations, whatever. Regardless, the facts are still there. This book was written before World War I and the (at that time) contemporary authors thought that Christ's coming should have occurred before our time.

    My take on the 'predictors' is that, while they missed the date, they had good reason to believe that the date they quoted was accurate. But for each of them, somehow they missed something of significance, perhaps something not yet revealed. There could still be something of value to be learned from their calculations. Not that we will be able to 'pin it down' better than they but that it should serve to us as an awakening that we might be ever more watchful. Ultimately, though we can see signs and know the season, I don't think we can get the exact date for one very simple (and divinely significant) reason. In studying the Jewish Wedding model, after the bride (the church) has accepted the grooms proposal, they are betrothed. (Legally bound in contract to marriage). The groom goes to His Father's house to prepare the wedding chamber. Jesus is the bridegroom and he said that no man knows the hour except the Father. In Jewish Wedding custom, that is a statement of true fact. Until the Father approves of the accommodations that the Son has made, the Son doesn't return to 'fetch the bride'. When the Father sees that the accommodations are sufficient, He tells the Son, okay, you can go get her now. At which time the groom (along with his best man) shows up (usually in the darkness, around midnite), a trumpet blast is blown and the bride (hopefully ready and waiting) leaves her home and all she knows to go with her beloved. We have the various feasts and Holy Days as examples of God's plan so we're not in darkness in that regard.

    I hope I haven't muddied waters. It is strange that I even found your site.

    Humbly at your service in the name of Jesus, the Christ, I am Danny Swan,

  4. I believe the timing of Jesus's return is muddle by the wobble of the earth which was originally caused by asteroid strikes. The great pyramids on our earth were designed to act as a calendar of sorts. Each pyramid will come up with different times of celestial events that can give us a clue as to his return.

  5. Just type Mandela effect in google map. Fantastic time we are living in.

  6. 9/23/17, See at Youtube Scott Clarks work on the Revelation 12 sign happening on 9/23/17. The Christ Angle on 9/20 should or could represent the Rapture and obviously not the return of Christ until the 7 yaer Tribulation is over when we return with him as scripture states. YES, Jupiter is in the womb for basically 9 months in Virgo. Passover 4/10 moon was over Jupiter in belly from Israel. Now eclipse of 8/21/17 will have the Sun and Moon over Regulas tying all this stuff together, the Giza Christ Angle and The rev. 12 sign.

  7. It is not for man to know the mind of God. In your arrogance you presume to know that which is unknowable and therefore are doomed to failure. See you on Sept. 21, 2017.

    1. Yes we will still be here on 9/21 because Seals 1-4 have not occurred, the antichrist has not arisen, his seal 5 persecution has not started and Seal 6 has not been opened. Then and only then is the rapture imminent.

  8. What are the seals that have to happen first??