Monday, January 16, 2017

The Palestinian State; Yes and No, Bad and Good

Yes: On 1/15/2017 the 70 nation conference in France affirmed support for a two-state solution. Note: in some parts of the world it was already 1/16/2017.
No: The conference stated that it would not put forth the motion before the U.N. for a vote as it had originally said it would.
It is bad news that the USA and the World are still pushing this agenda, but it is good news that the USA and the World are not choosing to act upon this at this time.

Matt just sent me an email alerting me to the fact that the Palestinian issue is on the agenda for tomorrow 1/17/2017, which you can see in the screen shot above and below. It would not surprise me that even though they said that they would not have a vote at the UN that they would try to sneak it in. If that is the plan then they might have a distracting event to go along with it to keep the focus off of what is going on. This needs to be watched. 


  1. I found it most interesting that as this was being pushed what else was barreling through France.

    The name Egon reminded me of Eglon and Ehud.

    The Lord is able to do what He say's He will do.
    330,000 homes without power in France? 33? I smell freemasons

    1. Thanks for the info, I was not aware of the storm, but I heard that Europe is getting hammered with very cold weather.