Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Special Trump, Hillary, and Operation FIRESIGN


Real polls are showing Donald Trump ahead of Hillary. How can she salvage the election? With operation FIRESIGN! But first let's look at some interesting synchronicities involving Donald Trump.

Below are a series of comments left by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. This person has done some great investigative work which focuses on some amazing synchronicities that involve Donald Trump. Note: I have taken the liberty to put some space between various aspects and correct some grammar to read better in English, as I believe English is not their primary language. Here is the data;
If Daniel’s 70th week started on May 13th, 2014 and June 6th, 2016 was a sign of the times, then Donald Trump needs to be watched.
Donald Trump was born June 14th, 1946. A lunar year is 354.37 days. 70 lunar years from 6/14/1946 is May 13/14, 2014. 70 x 354.37 = 24,805.9 days. Donald Trump's 70th birthday was May 13th/14, 2014 as measured by the moon.
The time between his 70th birthday 5/13/2014 to 9/23/2017 and 5/13/2014 to 9/23/2017 is in the rational proportion of 108/68 weeks or 1.6666666667. 6/6/2016 is also Donald Trump's 71st prophetic birthday or 360x71=25560 days.
John Hagge likes Donald Trump and made a big deal about the tetrad and seemed to draw attention to the total solar eclipse on the spring equinox in 2015, interestingly that total solar eclipse was Donald Trump's 70th birthday according to the Enoch calendar of 364 days x 70.
I just wanted to clarify a couple of things in the information above. I'm not trying to argue if the Book of Jubilees is correct, just that it reads that a year is 364 days and the feast of weeks is on the 15th of the third month.
And in the case of 6/14/1946 it was the 15th of the third month, a total lunar eclipse, and the total solar eclipse of March 20th 2015 had a demention of 70 years per the Book of Jubliees.
Also the arc of time is 180 weeks that runs from 5/13/2014 to the sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun in September 2017 and the 6/6/2016 sign as mentioned above is in the same rational proportion as the arc pattern given to Noah and Moses, namely 1.666666667.
180 weeks ÷ 1.666666667 is 108 weeks, which aligns with 6/6/2016.
It's the difference between Donald Trump's 70th lunar birthday and his 71st prophetic (360) with a balance of 68 weeks to the "sign".
6/6/2016 has God's pattern stamped on it as measured between 5/13/2014 and the sign in September 2017.
Hi William, here are some thoughts on the Paschal moon 4/22/2016, 6/6/2016, 6/21/2016 (solar standstill) and 9/23 to the 26th, 2016 and celestial extremes.
The Paschal moon of 2016 was a micro moon (apogee) and was at one end of its extreme point of its 14 month cycle, 6/6/2016 was a Venus extreme and after its emerging it became the evening star opposite of a light bringing morning star. Summer solstice of 2016 was after sunset of the 20th of June, another extreme event. The solstice this year was extra special because of a full (strawberry) moon which happens about once every 18 solar years.
Donald Trump met with 900 Christian evangelicals in New York on the solstice on the 15th of Sivan, his 70th birthday. The extreme Paschal moon on 4/22/2016 was his 72nd lunar birthday or 864 lunar months.
Including 4/22/2016 he will have lunar birthdays for three consecutive Paschal moons. The Venus extreme was Donald Trump's 71st prophetic birthday of 360 x 71. Next year his prophetic birthday will be on Shavuot.
The Prophetic year and the greater and lesser lights would lead one to believe Mr. Trump is a special person. The second part about 9/23 to the 26th will have to be on a separate post. In the ONLY name that saves, JESUS.
Regarding the 6/6/2016 sign of the false Messiah/son of perdition, as I wrote to you before about Donald (kasmokrator) Trump's 71st prophetic (71 × 360) birthday falling in conjunction with the sign I decided to see if there is a larger pattern with Venus so that one could support the 6/6/2016 event as being something other than an anomaly.
I'm still researching this matter but what I found so far lends itself to being evident that the 6/6/2016 Venus conjunction is not the only measurement (71 × 360) of interest related to Venus and Donald Trump.
The 6/6/2016 Venus event was at a superior conjunction, which is one extreme and by way of comparison was opposite the 6/6/2012 Venus inferior conjunction which was also a transit.
The 6/6/2012 Venus transit actually started at about 6:00pm 6/5/2012 New York time, which was about 3 hours before sunset meaning that Donald Trump's 66th biblical birthday and the 2012 Venus transit overlapped by about 3hours. Sunset on 6/5/2012 marked the end of the 15th of Sivan from New York. Both Venus conjunctions of 6/6/2012 and 6/6/2016 are connected to Donald Trump by counts of Biblical and prophetic time as measured from the total lunar (conjunction) eclipse of 6/14/1946 on the 15th of Sivan.
The next Venus inferior conjunction is on 3/28/2017 which will overlap the new moon on the 1st of Nisan. From Donald Trump's Biblical birthday on 6/2/2015(15th of Sivan) to the Next Venus conjunction is 666 days.
From the day he announced he was running for president 6/16/2015 (new moon) to the Paschal full moon on 4-10/11-2017 is 666 days, likewise the Paschal new moon in 2017 is his 73rd lunar year.
Those certainly are some interesting facts about Donald Trump that I would say at the very least indicate that he is a special person. Now the question is what kind of special person? Do these things show that he has been selected for a special job? Do these special synchronicities indicate that he will win the election?
Speaking of the election, I just ran across this piece of info showing Donald Trump ahead of Hillary 67% to 19%.

And if this is true what might Hillary do to turn the tables? This is almost unbelievable, but an alleged leaked document from inside the Hillary campaign entitled Salvage 1 acknowledges that very fact—that the polls show she is losing. The document further goes on to evaluate various methods for her to “salvage” the election among which are operations named; Red Dawn—an invasion, Cobalt Rain—dirty bomb, BL Riot, Zikopocalypse, Sharia escalation, and an Unnatural disaster—via HAARP.
What they did recommend as the best way for her to salvage the election is with operation FIRESIGN—a fake alien invasion!
The FIRESIGN scenario is that of an invading extraterrestrial force of nearly incomprehensible scale (massive floating cities descending, god-sized “walkers” among the clouds with terrifying weapons, wheels of fire and eyes, etc.). This phenomena, when activated will bring electoral and social systems to a halt and, in afflicted areas, will permit a narrative wherein POTUS is able to “Call a halt” to the invasion and then “hand over the torch” to Clinton, providing a basic continuity of state.
This is so unbelievable that it begs one to ask the question; is this for real, or is this just a spoof?  My gut reaction is that it is a spoof.
Biblically we know that before the antichrist arises there will be a great falling away from the faith and I am convinced that UFOs will be the catalyst and will have connections to the antichrist. But will it happen now, and if so will it alter or annul the election and precipitate the falling away? Time will tell.
BTW; Two days before the election is 11/6/2016, this is a very special watch day that could involve UFOs—post forthcoming. Let me also mention that on 11/8/2016 while the election is scheduled to be occurring, in some parts of the world it will be 11/9/2016, which just so happens to be day #911.
And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. Rev 18:23.
And yes, as indicated above America the Babylon will be complicit in the UFO deception. Whenever operation FIRESIGN, or as it has been called in the past, project Bluebeam, is initiated, for it is coming, will you be deceived?
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
Do you know if you will be able to stand before the Son of man? Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation to find out.
Have you prepared for the end times? The Coming Epiphany is an easy to understand prophecy book designed to help you prepare for the end times. You can download it for FREE at this link; The Coming Epiphany.
Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 false messiah date. See The Dollar Code for more information.


  1. Hello everyone,
    just an upcoming move announcmet sat .eve.
    its call "Arrival"(space alien BS) opening 11/11/16.
    Another watch date (if I've been paying attention:>).

  2. I think I know what she/they, will do, William, if Hillary loses the election... they've been setting it up for weeks.

    To wit, the media-fed, and endless comments about Russia messing around with our election and voting processes. Watch her hit that very hard in Wednesday's debate, too. Putin, et. al., have denied it (for what that's worth), but the administration, media, and Hillary are laying it on thick... the Russians are messing with our political system!

    This does two things for Hillary. 1) They're using it to diminish, confuse, and hide the damning information from WikiLeaks and the like, about how completely corrupt the Democratic National Committee, Hillary, and the Clinton Foundation have been.

    And 2) on the odd chance Trump actually wins the election, in the face of the (fake) polls that show her leading by a decent amount, they're going to claim the whole election was hacked, and Obama will throw out the results.

    Can you imagine the turmoil that could create? It also fits in well with various visions that Obama will not leave office. In this case, he doesn't have to cancel the elections. No, he just, "for the sake of our country and the sanctity of our election process", throws out the results.

    Perhaps they do think she's going to lose, because they are getting desperate with this "Russian hacking" idea. I mean, here we are, almost on the brink of war with the Russians, and our Vice-President, Joe Biden, this last Friday, publically threatens them with a massive cyber attack of our own, against Russia and the Kremlin!

    Outside of the nutcase in North Korea, have you ever heard such a high-ranking leader of a major power publically state that "we're going to attack this other major power"?

    It's complete insanity, but such is the disgusting state of the world now, and our useless mainstream media have bought into it hook, line, and sinker, and are helping to lead us to destruction.


    1. Very good analysis, and thanks for sharing. You raise some valid points and your scenario is plausible. I will be suprised if we get through this election process without some major disrupting event occurring.

  3. I feel very soon that something will happen to cause Marshall law in this country, whether it is from geological, astronomical, or political causes. We all know that something eventually has to happen to bring on the worlds economic collapse. Mike Huckabee was talking in this topic a while back. He commented strongly about Marshall law and how that would be a bad thing, but.......depending on who the " Marshall" is at the time is very important. It would be better to have a Marshall that seeks religious council rather one that is secular driven.

    On the political side of this. .
    I am guilty of getting very irate at the liberal media throwing its pro Hillary bias trying to smooth over every issue their queen candidate has, and dumping on Trump every twisted way they can. Its clearly a spiritual war going here, as you can just feel it.

    1. Not to be too nitpicky, Stan, but it's "martial law", not "marshall". That, um... nitpicked, one can almost image that they'd need to declare martial law if Trump did somehow win, and Obama, et.al., threw out the election results, claiming Russian hacking.

      The Russians, actually fearing that will happen, have practically demanded today that they be allowed to have election observers, just to try to make sure they have some access and visibility to the "fairness and accuracy" of the vote counting and totals.

      Honestly, I don't think they're responsible for any of the attempted hacking, tampering, and phishing going on, nor with the WikiLeaks revelations. There's always the very clear possibility that if Hillary is losing, that the U.S. Government will hack the system in a swing state or two, just to make sure she wins.

      That's what Trump is thinking, certainly, in terms of saying he might not "accept" the final voting tallies, as he hinted last night in the debate.

      Still, whatever happens now, if it's a close race either way, the losing side is going to have a large chunk of its supporters feeling that the election was hacked and tampered with to let the other side win.

      Just a big, horrible mess, and certainly something that could bring about some level of martial law if the losing side's supporters take to the streets all over the country.

      And so the downward spiral of the U.S. continues... :-(


  4. One other thought I forgot to mention that is driving me. Obama vowed to Egypt that he would fight for a 2 state solution for the Palestinians. His window of opportunity is from immediately after the election till Jan 20th. He is driven to put his legacy into the history books. He hates Israel by his actions. The USA has always vetoed a 2 state solution. Obama is holding his cards close to his chest on this matter that he is so driven on. He will try to divide Israel before his term expires, and we will suffer grave consequences...in my opinion garnished from scripture and just history of devastating occurrences to our country everytime we try to hurt Israel. The big difference this time will be the highest level we will have ever gone against Israel. This will bring the highest level of return punishment to our country. What will it be? Geological? Astronomical? Political? Spiritual? Thus so fits like a major piece in the puzzle that is coming together bringing on the Revelation 12 sign next September. I SINCERELY believe we wont be wondering much longer what "could" happen ...but instead see what DID happen.
    I did not waste 2016. I have followed my gut feelings which have never steered me wrong yet, and have been preparing so that one day the Lord will find myself providing food for my family as mentioned in Mathew 24:45-46. When my Lord specifically says blessed is he who is "found" doing so, I take that promise as a driving catalyst to do exactly that.

    William...God bless you for bringing us together for such discussions.

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I have always felt that if we split Israel God will split the USA. So if we divide Israel between 11/9/16 and 1/20/17, as many are thinking might happen, that may be when the New Madrid goes and the inland sea forms, or as you say it could be some other major calamity.

  5. I'm sure it's been mentioned here before but it bears repeating that Donald Trump's grandmother, Elizabeth CHRIST, died on 6/6/66. She founded the real estate investment company now owned and operated by Donald Trump.

    1. Thanks for reminding us of that, I think I read that a long time ago and forgot about it. Pertinent info to say the least.

  6. If this persecution does happen in our life times, where in the world am I going to go for shelter? :|
    Also, how am I getting there? (since I won't be able to buy gas, nor pay tolls, etc)
    Also, is there anything against being with a person that does use the mark of the beast, but you don't? In case they decide that this is just not that important and decides to put it on, but you don't. In this scenario, they will be able to buy stuff for you.

    1. Not being able to buy or sell will not take place until after the antichrist takes over the world at the midpoint. Before that time you may be able to make defensive moves as God leads. But after the midpoint it will be very difficult.

      People who have the mark are probably going to be the ones who betray their family members--they most likely cannot be trusted. And from what some are saying the mark/computer chip may be able to control and influence people.

      Mark 13:12

      Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

  7. Anonymous- You bring up points I have pondered myself. Lets say ones spouse is getting tired of not being able to buy or sell and decides to accept the mark of the beast. Then brings the food and whatever home for the other spouse. I would say the one taking the mark of the beast is damned, by scripture saying so. The other spouse in my opinion would be able to consume the goods at their spouses tremendous sacrifice of damnation doing so. Would not be a happy situation, but the one that took the mark of the beast probably didn't believe much in the Bible.

    1. It is possible the war against Christians waged by the antichrist may involve more than not being able to buy or sell and those with the mark may be compelled to betray those without it.

    2. Personally I have been praying that I would be able to buy a remote mountain lakeside property.

  8. I have a theory about the mark of the beast to apply to this election cycle. Since it says to "count" the number, and that it is the number of a human. If we count humans, as in 1 person, 1 vote. The word for count comes from the greek word for pebble, which the greeks used for voting. That word is also the root of the word for the study of polling or elections (Psephology). That being said, voting might be the key to counting. If you vote for the evil one (liar, corrupt, politician) you have willingly accepted the mark. If you vote for the other candidate, you do not willingly accept the mark. But if you vote for no one, and the evil one wins as a result of many not voting to stop her, then those who did not vote also have received the mark- being lukewarm. How is this 666? If we divide the whole voting population into 3rds, or 3 groups of .333 and 2 of these groups of humans vote for the evil one (either willingly or by lukewarm disinterest in the process or whatever else keeps them from voting), and one group does not, the 2 groups voting (on purpose, and lukewarm disinterest) comprise .666 - what do you think?

    1. The mark will be a world thing. Nobody in the globe will be able to buy or sell without it. You are making Americans the only people who would be able to take or deny the mark.

    2. Yes it will come about after the opening of Seal 5 and the antichrist takes over the world. this is one of the things Christians should be preparing for.