Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Umpqua Shootings Were on the Economist Cover! Yet 40 Days Till Judgment!

Important update added 10/5 & 10/22 at end of post.
That’s right the Umpqua college shootings were on the Economist cover! God opened my eyes to this, let me show you what I have found and what this means—it’s not good. I am deeply upset by what has happened, may the Lord comfort those who are grieving at this time.
Where do I start? Okay take a look at this map.

The Umpqua College is just about 6 miles north of Roseburg, OR. Do you see the name of the other town nearby? It is called Looking Glass. Immediately that brought to my mind the Alice in Wonderland story. As the story goes, whose real title is Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, Alice steps through a mirror into an alternate world themed around the game of chess.
Do you see Alice standing there with her back to us looking off into the distance—through the looking glass? If one was to stand to the west of Looking Glass, OR and look east they would be looking at Umpqua College. Yet there is more, so much more.

Look at the area just to the west of Looking Glass, OR. Look at all those squares that look like a chess board.

Who is Alice looking at? In front of her is the Cheshire Cat who was sentenced to execution in the story.
Who Else is she looking at? President Obama. If you draw a line from Looking Glass, OR through Umpqua College it runs at 44 degrees, 223 NM (backwards 322) long and hits the right eye of the image of President Obama that appears on Google Earth, which I have posted about before. I guess “through the looking glass” it would be his left eye. If you continue the line it goes to Africa.

And what is behind President Obama’s leg on the Economist cover? A ghost with a Holiday magazine—a ghost going on holiday?
Could that mean a dead person going to heaven? What did the satanically controlled shooter say to those that identified themselves as Christians? “Oh, you’re a Christian? Well you’re about to see God.
Christians going on holiday—dead Christians going to heaven. Now look at this picture from the shooters website from the linked article above.
Now look what’s on the Economist cover. Notice the glasses on both.

Let me give you a few number synchronicities; Umpqua college has about 3300 (33 x 100) fulltime students and about 16,000 (40 x 40 x 10) part time students, Campus area is about 100 acres or 40 ha. The shooter was 26 (2x13) years old, the shooting began about 10:40 A.M., 10 were killed.
Definition of UMPQUA: river 200 miles (322 kilometers) SW Oregon flowing into the Pacific.
Another says the river is 111 miles long and the Oregon Encyclopedia says that the name "Umpqua" comes from the Native American term for "place along the river." Other theories report that "Umpqua" means "thundering water" or "dancing water" or "bring across the river."
Again to the economist cover; see the Indian man with the dancing shoes on—dancing water. Umpqua is an Indian name. American Indians were named after people from India.

Now here is what I believe to be the most important element of all of this. On September 30th I issued a watch for a possible warning event 40 days before a major judgment event possible on 11/11/15. Here is the post; Yet Forty Days and Judgment!? Here is part of what I wrote;
In commenting on that; I agree with Ron, I believe that it is possible that we could see a 40 day warning on 10/2/15.
Now the shooting occurred on 10/1 in the morning, which in some parts of the world it was 10/2. Also there are 40 days between 10/1/15 and 11/11/15. So In light of the fact that the shooting was part of the predictive programming on the Economist cover, and that I believe the 11/11/15 event is also on the Economist cover, I believe that the shooting was the 40-day warning that a major judgment is coming.
Where and what might the judgment be? I am not sure exactly, but I believe the judgment may involve the two arrows on the economist cover. The two arrows are conveniently situated between Alice and President Obama.

Places I am watching are a Manhattan location, the West Coast USA, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Mexico city, and Japan. Possible events may be an 11 plus magnitude earthquake, financial calamity, nuclear event, and high level assassination.
Whatever it is, in light of the 40 day warning event, I feel very strongly that a major judgment is coming around 11/11/15. What or where I am not sure. But I know that America and the world have increased their wickedness to the point where great judgments are coming.
The stench of our sins have reached unto heaven; the killing of the innocents, the destruction of the institution of marriage and the family, the blatant witchcraft, the violence, the blasphemy against God, the sexual immorality, the persecution of Jews and Christians. These actions allow satan to gain permission to bring great destruction upon the world.
And it’s not the guns that are to blame, it’s the satanic influences in our society that are embraced by the population at large and proselytized on unsuspecting youth who then allow satan to work his will and way in their lives. If everyone in that classroom were carrying guns the incident probably would have never happened. If you want to ban something, ban the demonic influences in our society that are bringing great destructions upon us.
I believe the 40 day warning of pending judgment has been issued; we must REPENT!
…Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown. Jonah 3:4
Repentance starts with admitting we are sinners and calling out to Jesus for forgiveness which he freely offers to all who call upon His name. Read a short message to find out what you must do to be saved; God’s Gift of Salvation.
Are you ready for the end times? I want to help you understand what will occur during the end times. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of the easy to understand end times Bible prophecy book entitled; The Coming Epiphany.
 Update 10/5. I just received this from Ron. Here is another 40 day warning--this in combination with above puts a warning on both coasts.

As I strongly suggested in my last email, that Friday, Oct. 2nd, would probably be  our 40--Day Warning day, indeed it appears to be turning out to be just that.  Are you ready for this?  The meaning of Hurricane Joaquin is RAISED BY YAHWEH!!!!!!!  Here is what the weather experts are saying about this Level 4 hurricane, and the resulting flooding in the U.S.:
HISTORIC Flooding event of BIBLICAL proportions!
Unprecedented rainfall!
Life-threatening flooding.  As of Friday, at least two deaths have been confirmed.
Millions upon millions of people have been evacuated, and at least 5 states have called a "state of emergency".  This number of states will probably rise.
One of the possibilities that I listed in my last email, for a possible 40-Day Warning, was a natural disaster, and I said that it would probably be in the United States, because that is where we are expecting the nuclear disaster to be.
Some places are now expecting from 12 to 20 inches of rain, in places where there is no more room for any water.
With these ominous predictions for what they believe is going to take place this weekend, and with the name "Joaquin" meaning "RAISED BY JEHOVAH", I believe many of you will agree with me, at least by the end of this weekend, that WE WILL HAVE RECEIVED OUR 40--DAY WARNING, with HURRICANE JOAQUIN, WHICH WAS RAISED UP BY OUR GOD!!!
Here is a short excerpt from an email that I received today from another watcher, regarding the name of this hurricane, which is causing the widespread FLOODING in the U.S.:
"I definitely consider Hurricane Joaquin, and the resulting Floods, to be the 40-day warning!  It fits perfectly. 120 days prior to 11/11, we had the Iran Nuclear Deal announcement made, before the Nuclear Judgment hits the U.S….40 days prior to 11/11, we have a huge warning of a natural disaster of floods on its way!
Regarding Hurricane Joaquin…the Latin is Joakim (very similar). You have to study languages to see the similarity, and I do.  In ancient Hebrew times, King Jehoiakim was an evil pervert.  Fast forward to now. God gave an evil pervert as 'king' (Obama) over a people who deserved no better (the people of the U.S). Then, the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will come upon the U.S.  History repeats itself, and should be a warning to us. This is why repentance is so necessary. Don't forget, the time period of Jehoiakim is the very same as the time of Prophet Jeremiah, who ranted against the evils in Jerusalem of that time. There was no repentance, and Jerusalem was destroyed.
This FORTY-DAY WARNING is quite huge. There will be NO repentence this time either.  Few will see it…mainly thinking of battening down the hatches. or evacuating to other places." (end of email)
The world, and especially the United States, now awaits their Sudden Destruction, 40 days from Oct 2nd--3rd, on the 17th Day of the 2nd Month, historically God's Great Judgment Day.  This year, because of God's miraculous wind and sand storm (as in the Days of Jonah, who also provided another 40-Day Warning to the people of Ninevah), the 17th Day of the 2nd month, of this JUBILEE YEAR, IS ON ELEVEN ELEVEN.
When I wrote my last email, I had no idea that there was even a hurricane approaching the U.S.  When I suggested a possible 40-Day Warning could be a natural disaster striking the U.S., I was thinking more of a cataclysmic earthquake, or tsunami.
But there are so very many parallels of the Days of Noah, to these very last Days in which we are now living in, as the Word tells us there will be.  It certainly appears that our God is giving us a 40--Day Warning of FLOODS, as one of those parallels.  We should not be surprised.  Nor should we be surprised that the meaning of Joaquin is RAISED BY YAHWEH...
By the end of this weekend, we should be able to say that Hurricane Joaquin was indeed RAISED UP BY OUR GOD, YAHWEH, and that this is a sign of His impending Judgment upon this world, most likely a 40--Day Warning before His next Great Judgment on 11/11/15!!!  As in the Days of Noah, God has chosen once again to use FLOODS!
But as in the Days of Noah, God provided a way of ESCAPE for the righteous people at the same time as the Sudden Destruction.  We have every reason to believe He will do the same this time.  Keep praying to be accounted worthy (Luke 21:34--36), by our Lord Jesus Christ, so that you can be part of the Bride of Christ.  JESUS is our only Hope.  He is our Blessed Hope!
Ron Reese
Update 10/22: Here are the pics referred to in the comments.



  1. On the arrows what about using 9-23-2015 as the base date and adding 33 and 55 days. 33 days = 26 oct & 55 = 17 november. 923 because of all the predictive programing and also the possible date of bhos deal with the devil.

  2. 11-5 Nov 5th, Guy fawkes day for the British commonwealth. " remember, remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot..."

  3. Using the end on the blood moon (all the world leaders gathered at the UN) and the arrows 28 sept plus 33 days = 31 oct Sam Hane the highest noght of illuminati human sacrifice. 55 days = 22 Nov or 11 - 22 ( all we need is for something to occcur on the 33rd paralell and they have their 33). 11 = vision, 22= action and 33 = accomplishment. Tom horn, apollyon rising 2012.


  4. Thanks for all the input, you have raised good points worth considering. Here is another 9/23 + 1 month and 19 days (backwards 911) is 11/11/15.

    1. sometimes the markers tell more, near the arrows to the right is land as a hill. to the left is turtle island or turtle shell. fromobamas feet comes forthair force . is there an air force base in florida near a turtle island or turtle shell?Tyndall? is the round red and white box onground in back left russia or red cross? is first strike 11-3 second 11-4? whats with the ball behind alices feet? those arrows or strikes are closer to the land mass to the right of her feet.

  5. I'm just curious: what happened to all the September chaos? I mean "stuff" was definitely supposed to go down in September. Nothing did. Do we just shrug our shoulders, say "meh" and move on to a new date? That's it?

    1. Check the post September 2015 In Retrospect

  6. I'm afraid that all your signs and information in this last blog are pointing to exactly what I was thinking about this morning, and that's before I'd even seen what you've just shared about the Oregon shooting and the Economist cover's possible "forecast" of same.

    To wit, I was looking at the horrible flooding in South Carolina, starting in Charleston... what they're describing as a "1,000 Year Rain Event". This left me wondering if God had removed his protective hand from that area because of the June 17th shooting of some of his beloved in that church.

    And now these seemingly Christian-based shootings in Oregon. I began to wonder if the same thing will happen, and that perhaps the Cascadia Subduction Zone would cut loose with a huge earthquake and resulting mega-tsunami, to symbolically "wash" that area, too.

    And now, everything you said in your post above makes me even more afraid that such a thing is going to happen, perhaps on 11/11/2015. We obviously cannot know that, but it is now something that I'm very worried about, as this would be a major, and terrific, judgment against the United States, especially if such a quake reached a magnitude anywhere near an unheard of 11, or 11.5. :-(


  7. To add to my previous comment about a possible, upcoming, and devastating Pacific Northwest earthquake and tsunami (based on the latest "killing of Christians" in Oregon), William, I'd like to say this about your analysis above....

    I think you may have been looking in the wrong direction.

    By that I mean, you went *from* Looking Glass, through Umpqua College to see the image of Obama in the land. But consider this. If you go from Obama (whose mindset and policies have fractured America), to the events at Umpqua, and then go "though the Looking Glass" (as per the story's title and as if looking into the future), that line roughly goes to the southern end of the Cascadia Subduction Fault off of Gold Beach, Oregon, right near the border with California (where the seabed is rather, well... fractured).

    Though I could not find it to show you and your readers, I've seen a computer simulation about how the entire faultline could let go, could "unzip" all the way up to British Columbia, and off of Gold Beach was exactly where this unzipping, and subsequent disaster began.

    So I wanted to mention that, as, to me, much of this "starts" with President Obama, who is somewhat responsible for creating such murderous situations, and then continues... again, through the Looking Glass to God's retribution (actually, his removal of his protective hands), in 40 days (and 40 nights, ala Noah's inundation).

    In the Economist cover... again to me... Alice is *us*, seeing what will supposedly happen in 2015. But I also think she is symbolic of this phrase... "This is what will happen in 2015 if we continue to turn our backs to God".


    1. Thank you for sharing those insights. You may be right that the Pacific Northwest could be the target of the Quake. I have a hunch though that Japan, Mexico city, Hoover, and the Caribbean may go first with a major west coast quake after them.

  8. Another thought; what if President Obama represented a location--Washington D.C. and Alice represented the location of Looking Glass, OR then the arrows would be in the middle od the country--New Madrid? I look for the New Madrid to go when or shortly after we divide the land of Israel.

  9. I'm surprised nobody else seems to have noticed this: Scroll back up to the satellite photo with BHO's face superimposed. Do you see the son of Anak, one of the Nephilim, further to the west, looking over him? He is much larger than the Obama image, and has the elongated skull and headdress seen in ancient Egyptian depictions of royalty. Given the activity in CERN, I would think this to be possibly significant. Comment?

  10. I see it, thanks, that is the Bunny upside down, I will try and post the pic at the end of the post.

  11. I have not heard this mentioned about the Cheshire cat on the Economist, but on the haunch of the cat looks like initials NY. You mentioned Manhattan and it resonated with me about the cat. I seen it the first time I saw the magazine cover but I certainly did not know why NY would be on it. I always thought the 11.5 and 11.3 arrows were earthquakes. Why arrows? The meaning single arrow indicates protection and defence, Arrows also signified direction, force, movement, power and direction of travel. Taken from native American meaning of arrow and ties very well to an earthquake as far as I believe. I just can't figure what the land could be next to them. I look for some kind of hint because it seems the arrows are in water considering they are next to what is obviously dirt or land and not on it. I would be very interested in your thoughts on this.

    1. Thanks for the info, I did not catch that on the cat, that could very well be a very important piece of the puzzle. I am going to add the pics in the post. Upside down and flipped over it forms wh--white house?

  12. That sure is one strange magazine cover. Too many disturbing images. I wonder if they got the reactions from this cover that they were aiming for. I knew I heard your name before, I read your book "The Coming Epiphany" a couple years ago, maybe longer. It is one book I wouldn't remove from my e reader after I read it. I enjoyed it, it makes one think.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, I did a revision last spring, mainly to Chapter 12. I would recommend downloading the new version.

  13. I did download and will read again. thanks. !

  14. What if Alice refers to CERN A Large Ion Collided experiment. The call it Alice. It's causing earthquakes. Maybe they will open another dimension like they expect and that-s what the Cheshire cat represents because he comes and goes

  15. Replies
    1. it is unfolding before your eyes--the 11 day interval events are in progress, 2016 forecast to be published soon.