Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Coming Oklahoma Mega Earthquake?

I assume that you are aware that Oklahoma has been declared the most active earthquake region in the country. In fact at this writing, the USGS officially lists 2411 earthquakes in the Oklahoma region in the last year. And now scientists are saying that Oklahoma is due for a big one. 

Fault lines dating back hundreds of millions of years in Oklahoma that have been recently reactivated could lead to a devastating quake in the state where many structures were not built to withstand major seismic activity, a report said. 

That leads us to ask the question of why is Oklahoma having all of these recent earthquakes? An earthquake researcher at Dutchsinse sees several reasons for the uptick in earthquakes in the Oklahoma area. Here is one of the reasons that he lists. (HT Karen) 

Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico all reside upon the edge of the craton, all these aforementioned areas are drilling (and fracking) across large areas.  This drilling and high pressure water injection is causing a weak point along the edge of the plate, and is “reactivating” faults which have been silent for thousands (millions?) of years. http://dutchsinse.com/3172015-oklahoma-faults-lines-reactivated-after-millions-of-years-large-earthquake-threat-warned/ 

The man above believes fracking is the cause of the plate reactivation. Whatever the cause, I think that we need to seriously consider whether this plate reactivation will result in a large Oklahoma earthquake as the scientists suggest? Personally I am not sure, but I would like to share a dream with you that may be related to this topic. A few years back I had a dream about a man from Oklahoma that was in a panic and had a terrified look on his face. Here is what I wrote about it in the post; Dreams of a Paradise Lost. 


On President’s Day, 2/20/2012, just after midnight I had what I believe to be a dream from God involving that picture. Here is how I remember it; a man came running into the room where the tropical island paradise wall mural is. He was an average build man, with medium to light complexion and a short beard. He looked scared to death; he had a look of stark terror and fear on his face and was in a panic, but did not or could not say anything. I think I called to him a couple of times loudly and asked; “what is wrong?” He did not answer. The next thing I saw was the wall mural of the tropical island but I could not see any of the scene, it had turned a smoky--cloudy black and gray similar to what is depicted below. 


 Later the same night I had another dream; I remember seeing a Google Earth picture of a city and I heard “check the distance from Oklahoma City.” My response was; “Why Oklahoma City, what does that have to do with anything?” 

How do I know the man was from Oklahoma City? A Few days later a fellow end times blog writer who lived in OKC sent me his picture and asked if it was him in the dream. IT WAS HIM! So I dreamt about a man in a panic that I never saw before, and a few days later I am sent an email from a man who lived in OKC asking if it was him in the dream, and it was.  

Thus the events surrounding the dream, especially the man’s look of panic, lead me to believe that in the future Oklahoma City may experience a devastating event of some kind. In light of all the earthquake data and the latest scientific research this leads me to ask the question of whether the Oklahoma City event, that I believe was represented by the man in panic, will be a large earthquake. 

Another interesting piece of information brought out by Dutchsinse is that he believes that the uptick in Oklahoma earthquakes is lessening the chances of a Major New Madrid earthquake. 

As a resident of Missouri, and speaking for the people of Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky — let me say thank you to the people of Oklahoma.  Your greed in seeking financial gain at the expense of your environment has now decreased the chances of a large Earthquake on the New Madrid. 

I have always believed that after our country divides the land of Israel the New Madrid mega earthquake would occur and split our country in half forming an inland sea from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. But what if this mega earthquake judgment upon our land occurs in the Oklahoma area and not the New Madrid? Could an inland sea form there? 

I am not sure but take a look at this map overlay of the United States that I created by aligning Strike Zone 1/Sandy Hook on the infamous Batman map with the actual location of Sandy Hook in the USA. 


What do you see? I see an inland sea starting in Texas and running up through Oklahoma and continuing northwestward past Yellowstone. Is this map overlay an accurate depiction of what they have planned? BTW; Strike Zone 2 is at Yellowstone, Strike Zone 3 has Florida underwater, Strike Zone 4 may be a Trillium Park invasion area, and Strike Zone 5 is a Gulf of Mexico event near the opening of the inland sea.


The scientists are saying a big earthquake is possible in Oklahoma. I had a dream indicating the possibility of an “event” in Oklahoma, and the batman/USA map overlay, if it is valid, shows Oklahoma underwater.  

Do these interconnecting data points indicate a large Oklahoma earthquake will occur in the future creating an inland sea? Does the data indicate the New Madrid will be spared as the one researcher believes? Or will they both go? I do not know and I hope and pray that neither occurs. 

Regardless of what transpires in these regards I firmly believe that when we divide the land of Israel, God will allow our land to be divided. And when might the land of Israel be divided? 

Netanyahu has just stated that he will not allow the state of Israel to be divided, of which I support him. President Obama has countered by saying that he may allow the UN to do it, where in the past, we have blocked it. 

What exactly will happen when the land of Israel is divided? I am not sure but I know it will not be good for those who take part in it. 

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  1. Take a look at what else is being "injected" in Oklahoma. (Look at the dates).
    212 days from 9/21/14 to 4/21/15
    Apparently there is a lot of occult history concerning Oklahoma.
    20 years from the bombing in Oklahoma.
    With all the activity and chatter it looks as though something may "happen" to the southwest.

  2. AP reports Pope Francis is set up to visit Barack Obama at the White House on 9/23/2015 followed by a UN address to the General Assembly(synagogue). 9/23/2015 is I believe Yom Kippur, in the prophetic style 9/23/2015 is 49(jubilee) years of 360 from 6/8/1967 which is the date of Israel's recapture of Jerusalem.
    In another twist If the Lunar eclipse on Passover April 3rd 33AD was the date of the Lords time, this date than being written as 3months 3days 33year is the time span between 9/23/2015 and /6/21/1982.

  3. may 8th-10th and spet 23rd, watch