Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You’re Not Going to Believe This One—Georgia Guidestones and Superbowl 47 are Linked and Predict the Destruction of the Hoover Dam and the Date May be Encoded on the Dollar Bill!


Do you remember Super Bowl XLVII (47) when the lights went out? The lights went out in the second half after Beyonce/Sasha Fierce performed her ritual at the halftime show in which the destruction of the Hoover Dam was clearly signaled.

I posted about the occurrence and showed how the Mercedes trident emblem on top of the Superdome pointed directly to the Hoover Dam.


With the recent event of the guidestone cube removal in mind, I decided to check where the Northeast pointing arrow of the trident goes to. Want to guess? The Georgia guidestones! In fact it is 446.9 NM away from the Superdome, 446 divided by 2 yields 223, a backwards 322. And here is something else I just checked; the Hoover Dam is 1800 ((6+6+6) x 100) miles from the guidestones.

Consider the facts; we have a Superbowl in the Superdome in which the lights went out after a Hoover Dam destruction/antichrist birthing ritual was performed. One of the points of the trident on the Superdome points directly to the Hoover Dam, and the other points directly to the Georgia guidestones. BTW; it has been theorized that if the Hoover Dam goes, a large portion of the West would lose power, just like what happened to the western half of the Stadium.

I find all of this to be beyond coincidence. In fact I have found a lot more information regarding the Hoover Dam and have also found an encoded date on the dollar bill that may be related to its destruction.

I reveal the Hoover dam information and the date encoded on the dollar bill that may be related to this event, in The Dollar Code, which is available for the intro price of $1.00 at the link below.

Note: I just found out that the Antares rocket explosion is also in line with the Georgia Guidestones and the Superdome! The Antares rocket explosion has many connections to the antichrist. Here is the link;


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Thank you in advance!
With deepest appreciation.

William Frederick



  1. Are we still on for WW3 this Friday? Pretty sure I read that in you ebook before you started charging for it.

    1. The Coming Epiphany ebook is still Free. I do not recall ever giving a WWIII watch date for 10/31/14. At present I believe the most likely watch time is 2017. See the chapter 12 link at the sidebar for the explanation.

  2. Tonight is the final game between the Giants and the Royals. The team winning will be a clue as to whether the returning nephilim will win or the reptilians running this planet.

  3. I have read about the women clothed with the Sun sign from Rev:12 happening on 9-22/23-2017, Do you think then that the "sign" of the Dragon who draws a third of the stars is Draco?

    1. That is a tough one, we know satan took 1/3 of the angels and they will be coming back to be unleashed upon the people of the earth and this may occur at the time of the sign on 9-22/23-17. And or it may be referring a special celestial occurrence.

  4. Just like the S & P 500 showed on 6 march 2009 a value of 666.79 ( Beast, Completion, judgement) The S & P500 on Halloween oct 31st 2014 was 2018.05 It's all manipulated! Messages in the numbers