Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Ionized Helium Dream


The Dream

In the early hours of 10/2/2014 I had a dream where an old friend of mine who I have not seen for over 30 years, and I first met at the Jersey Shore in 1976, where he lived, showed me something that he had found. He was very excited about it, for I sensed that he believed the find to be very old and valuable. What he had found was shaped like a pull start off of a small gas motor, only it was made of a silver looking metal. But we both recognized it to be an old valve handle off of a helium gas tank, for I could read the word helium. The other word I read on the handle in, which was in fancy cursive writing looked to be the word “Iodized.”

After that the scene moved to a restaurant/food market and I gave somebody a few pretzels and he gave me a check for $2 for what was about 10 cents worth of pretzels. We were also discussing fishing and I was explaining about the lack of fish, and I saw the area where I fished in past years, and it looked different, like the coastal topography had changed, and I was surprised by this.

Next I was on a dock and a guy pulled in his crab trap and he caught three crabs, 2 of one kind and 1 of another kind, but he threw them all back because they were either too small or inedible. End of dream.

Upon waking the next morning, I went to the computer and Googled “iodized helium.” Nothing much came up, and I think it said showing results for or search instead for: Ionized helium? That was probably what I saw on the handle—Ionized helium.

Ionized helium? What in the world is that? And why was Ionized helium, something I never heard of, or don’t remember ever hearing of before, in my dream? Hmm…

I have not had a lot of time to do research on it, and maybe somebody out there who is more familiar with it could comment below, but from what I have gathered ionized helium has associations with the sun, comets, nuclear fusion, nuclear bombs, radioactive decay, and a possible precursor to earthquakes. Here are a few links;

The Interpretation

In light of ionized helium’s associations I think my dream may mean that an event involving ionized helium affecting the East Coast, as represented by my friend from New Jersey, will occur sometime in the future, and after this occurrence food will become expensive, Sea life will be depleted, and some coastal areas will be altered. This event or release of the helium will be the “start” of something as represented by the pull start looking gas handle with the words ionized helium on it.

What could cause such an occurrence? Most likely a tsunami caused by an underwater earthquake, underwater volcano, underwater nuclear explosion, or comet. In fact, I have had three dreams regarding an Atlantic Ocean tsunami which you can read about here; The Coming Atlantic Ocean Tsunami.

BTW; it has been theorized by some that there may be a supervolcano lurking offthe East Coast. Yellowstone has also been letting off ancient Helium recently. La Palma has been known to do that also. BTW; Singly ionized helium is designated as He II—go figure. I just wanted to pass this dream onto on to you.

In regards to another matter, I want to ask you to please pray for me, I have been working on another post that I believe has great prophetic importance and have been trying to write up for the last week or two, but am being hindered in many ways, including fatigue to the point where it is hard to concentrate. Please also pray that I would be given further insights and that I would write exactly what God wants me to, all in His strength for His glory.

Update 10/6

Just ran across this interview with Stan Deyo. He says that Yellowstone is releasing helium.


  1. There is a lot to chew on here thank you for posting this because if there is a reminder that we all need is a sign that we are in the midst of a change.
    That is what is coming up for me around ionized helium.
    Looking at this it takes some amount of energy to convert it from helium.
    Looking at Revelation we are told that as the time of the end of time approaches we will see the entire universe shift or change. Grounding myself in that basic truth I can then venture to say that some sort of amount of energy has accumulated to trigger the change. I keep going back to what happens in the invisible spiritual realm (outside of time) at some level affects the physical universe in the realm of time.
    The changes that I have observed with the sun and the corresponding reaction of the earths magnetosphere and its physical relationship to it is causing change and the release of gases along the east coast.
    Earthquake precursor?
    This is also causing Aquatic dead zones take a look at the map. it is the entire east and gulf coast.
    Without protection how do these things affect life function?

    Revelation 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

    The blood of a dead man? No oxygen.
    I also recognize that as we read these accounts in Revelation as they are written that being in time we might naturally attribute its written order as the order of events.
    If this Revelation to John at Patmos happened in the heavenly realm (outside of time and I believe it did) the restrictions of time do not apply to it.
    After the fall of man when sin and death entered the world the world changed dramatically.
    At the time of the flood because of the height of sin the world was changed again dramatically.
    Dr. Jeffrey Goodman in his book called The Comets of God, describes the flood event occurring because of a collision with a comet in the Indian ocean that caused the cataclysmic change. He maintains that there is not enough water on the earth to cover it completely with water.

    There seems to be a common theme in a lot of the dreams that I have read about. Cataclysmic change.

  2. Part two
    I too a number of years ago had a brief very realistic dream that showed me a map of Americas northeast coast and Canada that looked very different than it does now. I don't know what it means other than change is coming.
    Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

    I mentioned that this comet Philae which is scheduled to be landed on and samples taken may prove to bring some of that change. It's name and it's connection to the demonically inspired Egyptian religious system who's mother goddess is ISIS? Who's most important temple located on the Island of Philae?

    Again to mention the series The 4400 and it's storyline it has what was thought to be a comet but a transporter to bring back people who went missing and their mission is to modify the world and bring change "they" those who sit in a place outside of time moving in and out and back and forth manipulating people the 4400? As I have pondered this, it has the capacity to bring with it false signs and lying wonders.

    The lander called Rosetta is scheduled to make its landing on Philae11/11/14
    In the The 4400 the character Isabelle is said to be the Rosetta stone of the 4400
    The whole goal of this series makes me very suspicious about what "they" are doing in regards to preparing people for lying wonders.

    There is also the shape of these compounds that undergoes a shift as it change occurs that something is released, where does it go and what does it do?
    Read this and consider even though there may be some things you might not agree with it reveals some very interesting things that shows our understanding to be deficient.
    Remember to pray and I pray that you will be strengthened to be about the things that the Almighty would have you do and the ability to discern what that is.

  3. William I also found this after posting the last comment read down and it mentions crabs.
    This "scientific" site to which I do not agree with asks the question, did life begin in the Abyss?

    1. Jeff

      Thanks again for your insightful comments. I agree that there may be more that meets the eye with the Rosetta spacecraft landing. We will have to keep a watch on it.

  4. William, I will pray for your strength, heart and bringing true word from God.

  5. I live in Scotland and in the view from the balcony of my house, i can see a huge flagpole which has a light on the top.The flagpole sits on top of a hill,about 8 weeks ago i got up in the morning and was astounded to see that the flagpole,hill etc has moved about 100 yards to the left,signifying a move in the earths axis.I was completely unaware that this is mentioned in scripture until now.This is the first time i have communicated this to anyone for fear of ridicule.

    1. Thanks for sharing, I believe the most likely time for a large scale pole shift will be at the sixth seal--may flip the world upside down.

  6. I posted a summary/ correlation of visions on my last post on my blog It's a google docs download. I believe it may help understand your vision of the tsunami and it's cause. I believe it to be really soon too. Please check it out and see how it all fits together. I may have to edit it, as I've found others with similar visions. :)