Monday, March 24, 2014

Alert! Earthquake at the Hoover Dam! Is the Water About to Break?


Update added 3/25

On 3/18/14 a 2.4 earthquake occurred in the Hoover dam area less than 4 miles from the Hoover dam itself (HT Karen). I have been keeping a lookout for earthquakes near the dam, for I firmly believe that one day the Hoover dam will be destroyed as part of an antichrist birthing ritual. Let me first give you the data about the earthquake and then I will discuss other pertinent information.
A micro earthquake occurred at 2:30:21 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.
The magnitude 2.4 event occurred 14 km (9 miles) NE (46 degrees) of Boulder City, NV. The hypocentral depth is 0 km (0.0 miles).


2.4 - local magnitude (Ml)


Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 2:30:21 PM (PDT)
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 21:30:21 (UTC)

Distance from

Boulder City, NV - 14 km (9 miles) NE (46 degrees)
Henderson, NV - 24 km (15 miles) E (83 degrees)
East Las Vegas, NV - 29 km (18 miles) E (96 degrees)
Las Vegas, NV - 40 km (25 miles) ESE (107 degrees)


36 deg. 4.1 min. N (36.068N), 114 deg. 43.0 min. W (114.716W)


0 km (0.0 miles)



Location Quality Parameters

Nst= 6, Nph= 8, Dmin=62.7 km, Rmss=0.13 sec, Erho=4.7 km, Erzz=0 km, Gp=280.8 degrees

Event ID#


Additional Information

map ||

One thing I took note of in the data is the depth, it is listed at 0 km. I am not an earthquake expert, but that seems unusual to me. I do know that the less depth to an earthquake the more effect it can have. If you have studied earthquakes and can comment on the significance of this please comment below.
The other thing I noticed is the event ID# 00441336. 44 = 4 x 11, 13, and 36 = 6+6+6+6+6+6. I am not going to delve into the significance of those numbers as many of you are already aware of those facts.
Here is the location of the earthquake from the coordinates given. It is about 3.86 miles from the center of the dam. As you can see, the location is in a hill just east of Lake Mead . Again I do not know the geological significance of this, if you do, please comment below.

That is the data, so what makes this so important? The reason I believe this is important is because this earthquake so close to the dam could be a precursor to a bigger earthquake that could cause a catastrophic dam failure. As a matter of fact I feel certain that one day the dam will fail. Here are the reasons why;
1. The destruction of the Hoover dam has been signaled in 2 Super Bowl halftime shows. The motifs of the shows lead me to believe that the destruction of the Hoover dam will be part of an antichrist birthing ritual.

2. In Super Bowl 47 just after the halftime show, as you are probably aware, the lights went out to the western half of the stadium; many feel this was an omen. The symbol on the top of the stadium points directly to the Hoover Dam. If the Hoover Dam failed it could possibly cause large amounts of people living in the western United States to lose power.

3. The destruction of the Hoover dam is encoded on USA $50 bill.
4. A death cloud sign was captured by satellite just downstream of the Dam. This death cloud possibly alludes to why this judgment will come—because of the killing of the innocents.

5. Update 4/25 I forgot to include that one of the lines off the Tsunami cloud sign goes directly to the Hoover Dam. The Tsunami cloud sign foretold of judgment and was on a line between the Temple Mount and the 3/11/11 Japan earthquake location.

6. There is a famous dream that a man named Joe Brandt had. In the dream Joe saw the Hoover dam destroyed. Many others have had dreams of the destruction of the Hoover dam.
Then, I saw again. Boulder Dam, going down—pushing together, pushing together breaking apart—no, Grand Canyon was pushing together, and Boulder Dam was breaking apart. It was still daylight. All these radio stations went off at the same time—Boulder Dam had broken…
The Boulder Dam had its name changed to Hoover Dam. Here are some of the posts that featured this information.

All of this data leads me to believe that one day the Hoover dam will be destroyed as part of an antichrist birthing ritual. Thus if the antichrist is near to coming on the scene, then this destruction would also be near. When it will occur I cannot tell you, but if this small earthquake so close to the dam is a precursor, then it might be nearer than many think it to be possible.
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  1. What if a Yellowstone eruption, caused the Hoover Dam to crack... 771 miles certainly isn't too far for seismic waves to travel...

  2. If this isn't fishy...,just a few days ahead of the proposed possible Yellowstone event, an article was just published stating that Yellowstone could be dying and never explode again! Link below..

    1. THX Lucas, good info, does appear to be suspect. I accidently deleted your comment about comet Holmes. please repost.

  3. Noah premiers 3/28/14. Big flood?

  4. New findings of volcanic activity in Northern Kentucky the magma size is literaly thousands more than the MT.St.Helens erution of 1980. It is in a valley depression,sorry forgot the name but it was mentioned the week of 08-18-18 on Bing.