Sunday, February 24, 2013

Warning #2: Antichrist Birthing Rituals Imminent--the Water is About to Break

Recently I have run across some information that led me to put forth the theory that on 5/10/13 evil forces aligned with satan are planning on causing an eruption at the Yellowstone supervolcano, and between now and then the same forces are planning on destroying the Hoover Dam. The reason for this belief has been documented in the following series of posts. I would recommend reading them if you have not done so yet.
Since then I have come across some new information that has strengthened my belief in this theory that I would like to bring to your attention. I added some of this information as an update to the last post, but some of you may not have seen it, so here are the updates followed by the new information. 

Update 2/20:

I felt prompted to draw a line from the Mercedes Benz Superdome where Super Bowl 47 took place--I was amazed! On the top of the dome is the Mercedes symbol and guess where one of the spikes goes?

I know; it is just another coincidence! 

Update 2/21: 

I would also like to add that the spike or spoke of the Mercedes Symbol that points directly to the Hoover Dam is the same one that was on the side of the stadium that lost power--the west side.

Here is something else that crossed my mind concerning 34. Here is what I wrote in the original post; 

As far as when this might occur, I do not know, but here is something to ponder; the final score of the game was 34 to 31, the power went out for 34 minutes when the score was 28 to 6, 28+6=34. 34 seems to be prominent. The two 34s add to 68. 34 days past 2/3/13 is 3/9/13, the 68th day of the year is 3/9/13—just a thought, not a prediction. 

It did not cross my mind till this morning but the Super Bowl was played on the 34th day of the year, 2/3/13. 

That is the update information that was added. Here is some of the new information I ran across; I found out that at the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show Madonna appeared in this pose—a “water birth” position against the backdrop of the Hoover Dam!

So in the 2012 halftime show we have a water birth Hoover dam signal, and in the 2013 halftime show we have a water breaking signal in a stadium whose most prominent symbol accentuated by the power outage points directly to the Hoover Dam. What can I say—you can believe what you want, but to me the information in the previous posts and this new information makes this so obvious it is blatant. 

Here is another “signal” that was sent to me by a reader (HT Andrew), an X-Men video entitled; Come the Apocalypse, that depicts end of the world events including famine, war, and the destruction of the Hoover Dam. Here is the official description; “An ancient and immensely powerful mutant, known as Apocalypse, creates Four Horsemen to help usher in a new world, where survival of the fittest reigns.” Hmm, sounds familiar. The pertinent info is contained in about the first minute. 

The episodes that followed the Apocalypse episode, that first aired on 2/27/93, also contained apocalyptic themes; a time traveling bishop who tries to change the world (false prophet) a catastrophic assassination of a prominent figure (head wound of the antichrist), and an episode called The Final Decision (to take the mark or not take the mark, that is the question.) Now I wonder why the breaking of the Hoover dam would be included in events associated with the 4 horsemen of Revelation and arising of the antichrist? Maybe it has something to do with what the batman like demon said in the episode; “They shall be purified with fire and water.” 

And yet there is more information that may point to the reason why; at least once in the past a cloud formation appeared before a major judgment took place. It was a tsunami cloud formation that appeared on a line between the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Japan earthquake location before the Fukushima disaster took place.

You can read about it here;The Tsunami Sign--A Warning to the Nations. In the post I also stated that the straight lines of the cloud may point out future judgments and I drew 5 lines off the cloud. Here are the original pictures from the post.

I redrew line 3 on Google earth, and it goes through the Hoover dam.

I will let that information speak for itself, It does not stop there; realizing that judgments can be foreshadowed by cloud formations I decided to look around the Hoover Dam area to see if I could see any interesting cloud formations. Here is what I found.

You can make up your own mind as to what you see, but at the very least I see a skull and possibly a dead body or dead unborn child. This cloud formation is directly over the Colorado river at 34 N and located over the Mojave Valley area 68.11 NM South of the dam—there’s those numbers again. The area around the cloud would be in harm’s way if the dam broke.

As you can see the skull is directly over a street called Levee Dr—“drove my Chevy to the Levee.” Many believe the song American Pie has prophetic connections. A levee is basically a wall holding back water. A dam is also a wall holding back water. Could the song be referring to a dam break—“drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry, those good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the day that we die.”

The closest city to the cloud is called Needles. What is used in many abortions and associated with medical facilities that perform abortions? Needles. I wonder if the dead unborn child shaped cloud is a warning from God that judgment is coming for the many abortions this country has allowed—something to think about. The next closest city to the cloud is Willow Valley—think Weeping Willow. BTW as of today we are up to about 56 million abortions in this country.

A reader sent the following email that I would like to share with you that has significance to this discussion. 

Dear William Frederick,

Your research is giving me so much, great work, God may reward you specially. Thanks from me and my family to you. We have no TV and do not care about propaganda. Every evening we gather in our living room and I have to tell them the latest news from various good blogs worldwide.

The first question always is: - and what did End Times Forecaster find out?????

Here what I found on Hoover Dam and 03/09/2013 to add to your findings: 

Around 1600 workers.

Inauguration on the 09/30/1935

Which is a mirror to 03/09,

Just 77 years and 160 days later,

Or 929 months and 9 days later.

Or 4040 weeks 5 days later.

Or 28285 days later.

How you got the idea to draw these lines!!!! - GREAT!!!!!... 

May God bless you


First I would like to say thank you for the encouragement, and you are welcome—to God be the glory great things He hath done. My family and I do not watch TV either—I agree too much destructive mind control propaganda. I believe the best way to stop the flow of raw sewage flowing out of the cesspool of "Hollywood" is to turn off the TV. As far as the lines go; I believe the Holy Spirit prompts me to draw them. 

In discussing your data; I think the reverse dates 3/9—9/30 are significant—satanists do things in reverse.

77 years 160 days; 77 = 11 x 7, 160 is 4 x 40.

929 months and 9 days; 929 is a prime number, it can read 911 frontwards and backwards.

4040 weeks and 5 days; a double 40

1600 = 40 x 40 

It seems that the number 40 is prominent. Here is what Bullinger says about the significance of the number 40 in scripture. 


has long been universally recognized as an important number, both on account of the frequency of its occurrence, and the uniformity of its association with a period of probation, trial, and chastisement—(not judgment, like the number 9, which stands in connection with the punishment of enemies, but the chastisement of sons, and of a covenant people). It is the product of 5 and 8, and points to the action of grace (5), leading to and ending in revival and renewal (8). This is certainly the case where forty relates to a period of evident probation. But where it relates to enlarged dominion, or to renewed or extended rule, then it does so in virtue of its factors 4 and 10, and in harmony with their signification.

Let me also mention that it has been just over 40 years since the Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion. 3/9/13 is 40 years and 46 days past that decision that was made on 1/22/1973.

Is 3/9/13 the date they have planned to break the dam? Does the occurrence of all of these 40s indicate that our probation period is over and our country is about to receive severe chastisement for our sins? 40 weeks is also the normal amount of time for a pregnancy and the death cloud will be 40 months old on 2/27/13. That is certainly something to ponder.

How could evil forces take down the Hoover Dam? One researcher believes that one way they could do it is to take out one of the 2 dams above it causing a domino effect that would take out all the dams below it. 

The 710-foot Glen Canyon Dam sits tucked into porous Navajo sandstone that constantly leaks water around the structure. Large pieces of canyon wall adjacent to the dam routinely break away. BuRec must install increasingly longer "rock bolts" in an attempt to ensure stability of the dam's abutment and to protect the dam's powerplant from falling rock.

In 1983, high water caused portions of the dam's sandstone spillway tunnels to crumble, posing a threat to the abutment. 

Any rupture of the dam's crumbling abutments would release two years' annual flow of the Colorado River to blast its way around the dam, scouring the Grand Canyon before surging across Lake Mead on its way to Hoover Dam. In the best-case scenario, this water would flow over the top of Hoover, creating a downstream flood similar to a Hoover Dam collapse. At worst, the collapse of Glen Canyon could damage Hoover Dam, sending four years' annual flow of the Colorado River heading toward Mexico all at once.

Glen Canyon Dam is an accident waiting to happen. Serious plans must be put in place for the dam's controlled decommissioning, as the dam very likely could fail on its own.

A failure at Flaming Gorge Dam, with a full pool of 3.7 million acre-feet of water, would threaten Glen Canyon Dam downstream.

I received another email that I believe is pertinent to this discussion that I would like to pass on to you. 

Hi Bill,

the other day I was like (to myself), dagnabit Bill, where's your next post, then you put out the enormous water breaking one and I was quick to forgive :-p (and just as quick to ask forgiveness for my impatience :-)   All of that to try and convey, I love following your posts, and continually pray for you.

Having said all of that... I just had a conversation with a friend of my son's (teenagers both, both also committed to the Lord) and had to come to the computer immediately and write to you (unattributably of course!)

The boy's family used to live near us and attended school with my sons, we all became quite close.  They moved to Colorado several months ago.  In the course of many conversations driving the kids around etc, I discovered that this one kid "had dreams" which given their nature I decided they might well be prophetic.  Essentially, when they were living here, (east coast, DC  metro area) he dreamed of black helicopters and black clad weapon wielding men clambering out of them, in his back yard!  Basically rounding up people or something.  But the family moved away, I thought, well, who knows, and like Mary and Daniel - filed it away...

So they're back in town for a few days, using our house as home base.  I took the first opportunity I had, just a few moments ago, to ask the young man "So , what have you been dreaming about lately... and btw, I'm very glad you guys are in CO now, hopefully that means the black helicopters will be out there and not here!" He replied, "no the helicopters were not tied to *me* necessarily, so, I think you're stuck with them.  Not like us in CO - where there's a nuclear explosion."  My jaw just about hit the floor.  I asked, 'was it *really* a "nuclear" explosion, or just nuclear like?"  He thought for a moment, and replied, "just a huge huge explosion, and mayhem and craziness everywhere."  I pressed further, "was it actually where you live? or somewhere nearby, or what?"  He indicated whatever it was, it was close enough to wreak havoc out there in CO and the aftermath was just NUTS.

For whatever it's worth Bill.  I had to share.

I may have shared in a previous email (months ago), that I believe the Lord spoke to me in a quiet time many months ago, in response to my lamenting the treatment of the people in general and the downward trends, and pleading... how much longer Lord, how much longer???  Essentially He recapitulated Habakkuk 1:5 to me "C------- - sit back and watch what I am about to do among the nations... and by the way, I have given you a front... row... seat!"

I often wonder where my "room" is, reading towards the end of Isaiah 26, the Lord speaks to us saying,

"20 Go, my people, enter your rooms

    and shut the doors behind you;

hide yourselves for a little while

    until his wrath has passed by.

21 See, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling

    to punish the people of the earth for their sins.

The earth will disclose the blood shed upon her;

    she will conceal her slain no longer.

I wonder - is "my room" my house??? or some other place He'll show me.  In any case, I take comfort that whatever lies ahead, He IS firmly seated, and unassailably on His throne, I can take shelter in his wings (Ps. 91.)

God bless you Bill, see you at the feast when the smoke clears, if not beforehand!

Thank you, and everyone else who has sent me information. And I especially thank everyone for all your prayers—I have felt the power, your prayers help me to be able to write. 

That is the information that I have at this time. In summary; as I said in the previous post, I believe we are witnessing signals pertaining to future birthing rituals of the antichrist. Their signals are indicating to me that 5/10/13 is the planned day for the “ring of fire” birthing ritual to take place—the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. In a birth the “breaking of the water” occurs before the “ring of fire” pain. Thus if the planned day for the “ring of fire” is 5/10/13, then the “breaking of the water” would have to occur between now and then. If the 34 and 68 have any connections to the timing, then they may be pointing to 3/9/13. 

Again, as I have said before, I am not predicting anything, just letting you know what I believe they have planned, and just because they have it planned does not mean that it will occur. They could call it off, postpone it, or God could stop it. 

Let me reissue my call to action in the previous post in light of the additional information. 

First; for all the children of God to pray that if it be His will, that God would stop these events. Second; I urge everyone, if you have not already done so, to start preparing for troublous times. Third; I urge the government of the United States to not participate in dividing the land of Israel and forcing her to go back to her 1967 borders, and to stop aborting unborn children. Fourth; I urge those involved with protecting our country from terrorist attacks to increase anti terrorism measures at the Hoover Dam and upstream Dams and Yellowstone, including readying anti-missile defenses. 

But realize this; if these events occur it will be a confirmation that we are in the 70th week and the antichrist is about to arise. Are you ready for the end times? Do you know what is going to happen and when? I have written a book entitled The Coming Epiphany to help you to understand and prepare for the end times. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany today. 

Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read about God’s gift of salvation.

1 Pet 1

3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you,

5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time...

13 Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

A reader sent me acconts of dreams regarding the Hoover Dam that you can read about in this post; Warning: 3/22/13 and Dreams of a Dam Lost


  1. Thank you for an interesting read.

    After reading your article, I started reading of the construction of the dam, and something in the details inspired me to examine the death of Kenneth Cherry, the rap artist shot in Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas is about 30 miles from the dam.

    Meaning of the name Kenneth: fire born
    Cherry: slang for hymen.

    Rap: to strike, especially with a quick, smart, or light blow: He rapped the door with his cane.

    Kenneth Cherry's car was a Maserati, of which the logo is a trident.


  2. William, thank you for being obedient to our Lord He has used your work to answer my prayers and I often share to others what I have learned from you! Just last night I had a dream of water rushing over land. It happened in two waves and was in a forceful manner. Seemingly to me to be forced or controlled some how versus a natural event. There were people in the path at a cabana completely oblivious to the threat of certain danger. I remember distinctly being surprised at the peoples lack of concern. When i awoke I instantly thought of Cuba for some reason then my head cleared a bit and Florida was my next thought. I had read your blog about the strike zones in the Batman movie and considered that in my thought process. I cannot be certain if it is Fl or Cuba or could it be the breaking of multiple dams? One thing is certain though. Some type water catastrophe that will endanger unsuspecting people seems imminent. God bless you brother and your ministry. I am praying for you as I would request you do the same for me!

    1. Frank, thank you for the information and your prayers. Many are being warned of imminent water catastrophes. I think it is quite possible that we will see both a coastal event and the Hoover Dam event. THX for trying to warn others.

  3. Obama is going to Israel 6 days before passover like Jesus Yashua did riding in on on a donkey(democrat logo) He is going to speak where yitzak rabin was assassinated. Could he receive a head wound and be reborn in a way It would go along with the hoover dam water breaking before he goes. Blessings.

    1. THX for your input, I was thinking something along those lines also. If the antichrist is about to arise--which all indications are pointing in that direction--then the head wound incident taking out the left eye will have to occur soon.

  4. The Hoover Dam in The Simpsons:

  5. hi william --

    your lead photo is v startling, one can even see the profiled "eye"

    i saw an unusual "cloud formation" a few weeks ago, and mentioned it at carlos' blog, so these photos caught my attention

    first thing i thought was an embryo, lying profile in utero -- one can even see the umbilical cord v clearly

    second thing it recalled was the iconic photo of obama at about age 2, on top of a metal fence, in the arms of his mother anne dunham -- both in profile, but him turning towards the camera with his mouth open


    some things never change

    i agree that this "cloud formation" you documented and current judgment by God against america (babylon) are connected, specifically concerning abortion, which obama and the feminist-left support . . . but also general judgment against babylon for many abominations and iniquities

    the satanic nature of america/obama is perhaps highlighted by the (prince of) mid-air element of the "hoover dam images" with the embryo hovering in the lower-atmosphere

    a great find! there's no God like ours


    1. THX for your comments--very insightful.

      I do not know the exact day but my gut feeling is that judgment is coming and swiftly and many will be caught off guard.

      God has been so great to show us these things so that we will not be caught unawares.

  6. youre welcome william, just before i checked your site, i was reading bits of an article called "The Abomination of Desolation" by Doug Krieger, and had just finished this passage --

    "In the old Babylonian Paganism, there was an image of the Beast from the sea; and when it is known what that image was, the question will, I think, be fairly decided. When Dagon was first set up to be worshipped, while he was represented in many different ways, and exhibited in many different characters, the favorite form in which he was worshipped, as the reader well knows, was that of a child in his mother’s arms."

    ... then i clicked over here and voila! doggone if it aint Dagon! :O)

    Krieger's title even contains "Abomination" ("Obamanation") and the word "desolation" reminding us that these modern caananite rituals are ceremonies to an ancient solar deity

    looks like God is keeping us informed to the very minute! lol

    not only so we wont be caught unawares, but also to comfort us with the assurance that he is in control, even during seeming chaos


    1. THX for the interesting info--I did not know that about Dagon. One thing is for sure--we live in fascinating times--I pray many would be awakened.

  7. William:

    For those interested ... there is a website where you can view volcanic and earthquake activity in the Yellowstone Caldera area in real time. It provides the magnitude and depth of the earthquake with symbols that you can click on the map at exact locations.

    1. Great link, THX for the info, did you notice the 47 in the link?

  8. I've been reading your theories from before decmeber 2012 to now and your the best person online that knows a lot, also I do so hope that the 'end of the world' does not happen for Gods creation still needs time to live without hate before the Great Fall. And about the man Assad who threatened to make WWIII happen I put the words Assad and Syria together and it made Assyria, but I don't think it's related to this topic. (I just remembered that Assyrians tried to destroy Jerusalem)

    1. THX for your input and kind words. I give all the credit to God's Holy Spirit that I call on every day to fill and control me.

      I agree that people need to repent and that is one reason why God allows judgments to come upon the world, so that they will turn to Him and be saved from their sins.

      Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.

  9. I live in Las Vegas, so this concerns me quite a bit. I have been scouring the internet for any information I can find about a potential "event," happening at Hoover Dam, so thanks for this post.

    I can't help but to wonder about some of the things Obama has said regarding Las Vegas, why does he seem to bash this place? Is he warning people not to come here?

    Speaking on curbing spending, he made the remarks, "You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you're trying to save for college," and "You can't go take that trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on taxpayers' dime."

    Then there's the strange choice of words he used doesn't escape notice, "We’ve lost our ambition, our imagination and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hoover Dam and unleashed all the potential in this country."

    And then there is Bush's words, which perhaps are most worrisome of all, "We can not wait for the smoking gun, that may come in the form of a mushroom cloud".

    1. Lauren, THX for the info. I was not aware of all the bashing of Las Vegas. Sometimes it may be signaling and sometimes just off the cuff remarks--it is hard to tell at this point. Though there have been chatter the last several years about nuclear bombs going off in several american cities by terror cells, I do not know if Las Vegas was one of them.