Friday, June 8, 2012

Personal Note

As in years past, due to various constraints, it does not look like I am going to have much time to devote to writing this summer. Thus for the next few months, the number of posts will most likely be greatly reduced. I may repost some pertinent posts. If something major develops I will try to address it.

As far as I can tell I think that we are still on track to see WWIII and the opening of the seals this fall and the antichrist arising in 2013. I also do not think that we will know for sure until we can definitely see that a seal has been opened--like 1/4 of the world's population dying. By the time we know for sure, it will be too late to prepare--that is why I advocate going to God in prayer to ask Him what He may have you do to prepare.

I also believe that before the seals we may see continued and escalating financial problems, Mid East turmoil, earth changes including earthquakes and terrorist actions.

Also, I have a pinched nerve in my neck which has been causing great pain and discomfort for about the last 2 weeks. I would truly appreciate your prayers in this regards.

May God bless as you seek to please and serve Him.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I Think I Hear the Hoof Beats

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Clock photo credit: AP Photo/Gianfilippo Oggioni, Lapresse)

 When I saw the above picture of the damaged clock tower in Finale Emilia, Italy, which was damaged by the earthquake on 5/20/12--the day of the ring of fire eclipse--my first thought was; why did it break that way? Is it a sign, do the remaining minutes on the clock point to a future event of destruction? Is God warning us?

To answer those questions succinctly; Yes, I believe it is a sign, and yes I believe the remaining minutes on the clock point to future events of horrific proportions that God is warning us about.

In somberness I say to myself; "I think I hear the hoof beats."

There is so much symbolism in this event, I don't know where to begin...I will get right to the pertinent information--let's start with the time remaining on the clock. As you can see there is between 26 and 27 minutes remaining on the clock—almost 27, but not quite.

5/20/12 + 26 weeks = 11/18/12

5/20/12 + 27 weeks = 11/25/12

So what? What is so special about those dates? Well if you have been following this blog, or read my book, you know that I have put forth the theory that the 70th week may have started on 11/10/2009, and based on that date we should see WWIII start on 11/23/12 (+/- a day), which is day 1110 of the 70th week.

And it just so happens that 11/23/12 falls between 26 and 27 weeks from the earthquake! To be more exact if we add “almost 27” weeks (26.7 weeks) to 5/20/12 we come to 11/23/12 exactly! (BTW Thanksgiving is on 11/22/12)

So the time remaining on the clock points to 11/23/12--the calculated start date of WWIII.

Here is something else of importance. 26.7 minutes is just over 44% of an hour. 1110 days of the 2520 days of the 70th week is just over 44% of the days of the 70th week.!

So the time remaining on the clock points to day 1110 of the 70th week—the calculated start day of WWIII

Somberly I whisper; “I think I hear the hoof beats.”

Here are a few interesting things about the earthquake--first the data;


Epicenter was located between Modena and Mantova, Italy

6km E of Camposanto, Italy (closest town)

2012-5-20 02:03:52

44.777 N 11.227 E

Depth 9km

The Magnitude: 6.0. 5/20/12 + 6 months = 11/20/12--the same week!

The Epicenter: located between Modena and Mantova. In Italian Modena means red, Mantova comes from the name of Mantus, a god of the underworld associated with death. The red horse of Revelation brings war and death.

The Closest Town: Camposanto means "Holy ground" The saints will be “shaken” during the first 5 seals of Revelation.

The Date: 2+0+1+2+5+2+0 = 12. The time: 0+2+0+3+5+2 = 12. 12 + 12 = 24. The number 12 refers to governmental perfection. 24 is the number of elders in Revelation.

The Lat: 44.777 N: 44 refers to judgment of the world, 777 is the number of Christ.

The Long: 11.227 E: 11 refers to disorder and judgment, 22 (2X11) refers to an intensified disorder and judgment, 7 by itself, quoting Bullinger; “But now turning to the number Seven, we must first consider the meaning of the word. In the Hebrew, seven is (ba#$e (shevah). It is from the root (ba#$&af (savah), to be full or satisfied, have enough of.”

The Depth: 9 km; 9 is the number of finality or judgment.

Let’s consider the 26 and 27 minutes again in light of number meanings. 26 (2x13) can be an intensified form of 13 which refers to rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, or some kindred idea.

27 (3x3x3) can be an intensified form of 3 which refers to “what is real, essential, perfect, substantial, complete, and Divine.” Or 27 can be (9x3) an intensified form of 9 which refers to finality or judgment.

Here is another interesting occurrence. If you draw a line from the White House through Finale Emilia, Italy and continue it on it hits the Gaza Strip. The White House, USA, Israel, and the Gaza Strip will all be key players in WWIII. The line also runs at approx 53 degrees, 26 + 27 = 53.

wwiii, world war, Revelation, seal, horse apocalypse. apocalypse, antichrist, italy earthquake, israel, usa, economic collapse, famine, end times, bible prophecy, prophecy news,

wwiii, world war, Revelation, seal, horse apocalypse. apocalypse, antichrist, italy earthquake, israel, usa, economic collapse, famine, end times, bible prophecy, prophecy news,

So we have lots of interesting “things” with many overlapping overtones which, in conjunction with the date calculations, in my opinion, point to the judgments of the seals of Revelation.

Somberly I say; “I think I hear the hoof beats.”

In studying the seals of Revelation I have come to believe that seal 2 represented by the red horse is WWIII, seal 3 represented by the black horse is economic collapse, seal 4 represented by the death green horse, is the death of ¼ of the population of the earth. If the 70th week started on 11/10/2009, then scriptural date constraints necessitate that at the latest the horses of the Apocalypse will ride in the Fall of 2012, with WWIII starting on 11/23/12 (+/- a day). I believe that the information presented above is pointing to that distinct possibility.

If the seals will be opened in the fall of 2012, then after their great destruction, the antichrist will arise to solve the world’s problems. He will then present himself in early 2013 as the false messiah, perform the abomination of desolation, take over the world and then begin persecuting Jews and Christians, and no one will be able to buy or sell without his mark.

Is the opening of the seals what many are warning about—for many are warning that severe judgments are almost upon us? Here are a few snippets from many who are warning of things to come in the near future--I recommend reading the info in its entirety, if you have not already.

From Chozeh & Nabiy

…Phrases he used were “the wall is broken” and “the consuming fire”. Suddenly the scene froze in front of me as I stopped the car, and I began to cry and sob uncontrollably. I cried out loud “there’s no going back anymore, America, it’s all over. It’s all over, it’s all over“. I awakened still sobbing, and instead of relief in discovering that this was “only a dream”, on the contrary I knew in my spirit that this was truth being revealed to me through the dream. Sisters and brothers, I have known for years that America is Babylon and that her demise is quickly approaching, yet frequently this truth can still shake me to the very core as it did the other morning…

From The Parables Blog

I have been sounding forth a message for some years now of those things which are coming to America. Yet, never in the past 12 years have I been directly instructed by the Father to begin making physical preparations of food and grains until the last couple months. The Father directed me to purchase a large trailer to pull behind my bus and to outfit it with a grain mill and store up dried grains and beans. Like Joseph of old who was given the understanding of what was coming, and who was told to store up grain in anticipation of it, Yahweh has told this Joseph to do the same…

One reoccurring theme I have seen in these various prophetic warnings that have been forwarded to me recently are two general dates in 2012: July/August and November/December. Upon careful examination of these many warnings, it appears that God is telling His saints in America that they must have final preparations in place by late July or early August. I do not know the reason. Perhaps there will be travel restrictions imposed this summer. Again, I do not know the reason. What I do know is that a growing number of mature, devout Christian men and women are privately telling me that God is strongly telling them to have everything in place in July or August... (Joseph’s Note: This falls in line with the preparations Yahweh has instructed me to make. I have sensed that I need not panic, but neither should I delay. Part of the purpose is that I might lead by example and give others a brief period of time to make their preparations.)

The second date is fall 2012. Many of the dreams and visions indicate that great woe is coming to the USA in November – notably shortly after the presidential election. In particular, many of the prophetic dreams hint at trouble during the Thanksgiving holiday season…

From Prayers for the People

The United States of America is come into her final days. Judgment and wrath will be upon the lips of her people, as fire consumes and her body is torn. The evil within her has soared past the heavens, she has challenged the ALMIGHTY! As Sodom and as Gomorrah her destruction will come in the blink of an eye.

From Cindy by the Sea

In case you have not noticed, the demonic seems to be manifesting around us in ways never seen before. A sure sign that the day of the Lord is near – for not since the days before the flood has evil of this magnitude been made manifest. Therefore, it is imperative that believers in Christ have their spiritual armour intact and ready for use. If you’ve let your sword get a bit rusty, sharpen it up – you’re going to need it. If you’ve let your helmet slip slightly askew, get it straightened on now. Fasten your breastplate and get ready for action – for there will be no sitting on the sidelines, when this battle gets rolling.

From Cutting Edge

Therefore, the blame for this current mess might quickly fly up the Vatican chain of command, touching Pope Benedict XVI himself. Pope Benedict XVI has mentioned that he may resign in 2012, claiming that his advanced age was making it impossible to fulfill his responsibilitie correctly. Benedict has said at times that he is "feeling old". Should this scandal show the Pope in a bad light, he might resign, thus opening the door to Pope Number 112 in St. Malachy's prophecy.

This prophecy is reported on in depth in both the book, "Petrus Romanus" and in Doc Marquis' DVD, "2012 & Beyond: Volume 1", both of which are shown above.

This incredible Catholic "prophecy" is being followed to the letter. In 1595, St. Malachy wrote of a vision where he was shown that 111 Popes would arise and serve before the final Pope, 'Peter The Roman', or 'Petrus Romanus', Pope 112.

Doc reports that the description Malachy presents for each 111 Popes is eerily accurate; the characteristics of the "Petrus Romanus" label him the False Prophet (Rev 13:11-18), the Pope who will be in office when Antichrist destroys the Papacy and the Vatican by fire (Rev 17:16)

The current Pope, Benedict XVI, is Pope 111. The world trembles as this very elderly Pope falters in the performance of his office.

The Biblical False Prophet is awaiting in the wings, ready to step out onto the world stage.

Cutting Edge also believes 2012 may be the year that the antichrist arises

From Wings of Prophecy

Tell My children to prepare, for chaos lies ahead.

In the near future, a time such as never before it when chaos shall reign on the earth and orderliness and the law will seem a thing of the past. This shall strike fear in the hearts of many, but especially those who do not know Me…

As you can see there seems to be a consensus among many that perilous times are coming. Are we about to enter the time period in which the seals will be opened? Is this what they are warning about? Is this what the time remaining on the clock is warning about?

In light of the many warnings from God’s servants, the scriptural parameters, and the sign of the broken clock tower, I believe that all of this is pointing to the distinct possibility that the horses of the apocalypse will most likely ride upon the earth in the fall of 2012. I hope I am wrong, and this is all just coincidence, yet unless things change drastically, I see this as a distinct possibility.

Somberly I proclaim; “I think I hear the hoof beats.”

So why tell you this, what’s the point? Because if it is true then you need to prepare, as God leads. In fact many who are warning that perilous times are coming are also telling people to prepare as quickly as possible. I have been warning people since about 2002 that these days are coming and that preparations should be made. I have devoted a chapter in my book, The Coming Epiphany, to preparing; which will give you some practical insights as to what you can do.

Some Christians believe that it is not necessary to prepare for the judgments of the seals because they believe that they will be raptured before anything really bad happens. Again I have been trying to wake my brothers and sisters up to the fact that the rapture will not occur until after the sixth seal has been opened. This is a scriptural fact that I present a proof of in the Coming Epiphany, which BTW, has never been refuted.

Here is a thought; what could it hurt to prepare? What could it hurt to not prepare? We do know that eventually the seals will occur, so even if they do not occur this fall, shouldn’t you still be getting ready for them? May God help us all to prepare for what lies ahead, and to stand strong for Him that we may bring honor and glory to His name, and remember God tells us 365 times to fear not.

Somberly I shout; “I think I hear the hoof beats! Are you prepared?”

And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21:34-6

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