Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Coming Epiphany

I would like to pass on a comment that I received from a reader the other day regarding The Coming Epiphany. In doing this I am hoping that it will encourage some to read it. I wrote The Coming Epiphany because I was burdened at how asleep Christians were to essential end times truths. I have put many hours of prayer, research and writing into the book. And for the record I have not made a dime off the book and in fact for the whole project I am in debt--but I did not write it to make money, but to help others understand end times Bible prophecy in an easily understood format.

The comment:

Dear William,

Thank you for your book, "The Coming Epiphany" and the opportunity to download it free.

After spending the past two days reading it, I ordered 3 copies today.

For over a year God has been drawing me almost every day into the Book of Revelation. I have shared some of what I have learned on my blog.

However, I came to the conclusion recently that I have just scratched the surface and prayed that God would give me a better understanding of the signs of the times and what significant indicators I should be watching for so I can sort out priorities and prepare the best I can.

Then I came across your article on Rense two days ago and as I read your book, I realized that this was the answer to my prayer.

I know that everything is not revealed to us yet, but now I have a better idea of what to be watching for as God unfolds the future in a way that His people will hear His Voice and understand what He is saying.

Thank you for writing this book....

Reading your book and knowing how close we are to His coming, surely will serve as encouragement to many to endure to the end.

Continue to Be Blessed,
Kay Graves
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  1. I was wondering what "Rense" is; what article is she talking about? Kay wrote in her letter: "Then I came across your article on Rense two days ago and as I read your book, I realized that this was the answer to my prayer."


  2. Nice post.
    Great Blog..........
    Please keep continue sharing your great ideas

  3. I am trying to find "The coming epiphany" in french...any ideas?
    René B.