Monday, April 12, 2010

322, Health Care, and The Dollar Code Pt. 2

Is it health reform or did they reform health? In the post 322, Health Care and the Dollar Code I showed how the satanic encoded date on the dollar bill--2/22/2010--pointed to the health reform bill and gave some analysis on its ramifications. Since that time further revelations about health reform have been brought to my attention that show its sinister goals. BTW did you notice the scroll work in the logo above? Now where did I see that before?

1. It could financially impact states in a very negative big way.

The addition to existing law of five words, and a comma, may cause a world of hurt to state governments.

Tucked away on page 466 of President Obama’s 2,704-page health-care bill is a provision that changes the definition of “medical assistance,” the term describing what states are required to provide to Medicaid recipients.

States have in the past been required to provide payment for services to physicians. Now, under the new definition, states will be liable for ensuring provision of “the care and services themselves.”

In other words, states are legally on the hook not only to ensure that Medicaid recipients are paid for, but that they’re seen by a doctor.

Medicaid recipients have found it increasingly difficult to be seen by doctors, as states in extreme economic duress have cut payment rates.

The new law seeks to solve the problem, but may cost states even more money at a time when most are in some of the worst economic straits since the Great Depression.

“With the expanded definition, it leaves every state vulnerable to a new wave of lawsuits any time someone cannot access a service, even if that service is limited by virtue of the rates we pay,” said Alan Levine, Louisiana’s secretary of health and hospitals, in a recent memo prepared for fellow state government officials.

Levine wrote: “DHH cannot estimate the cost of this, but it is not even worth estimating. It will be substantial.”
The Daily Caller

2. Chipping is in the bill.

Microchipping To Begin In 36 Months Under New Health Bill

The new Health Care Bill, H.R. 3200, just passed by Congress has within it the requirement that all people thereunder shall be microchiped. The plans for this microchipping has been in the hopper going back to December of 2004.

Witness the actual FDA (Food and Drug Administration) document dated December 10, 2004 entitled “Class II Special Guidance Document: Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information. This ten page document may be read on the FDA website at

Now witness the wording within H.R. 3200, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” found on Congresses’ House Ways and Means website,
On page 1001 is “Subtitle C – National Medical Device Registry” which states,

“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that … is or has been used in or on a patient…”

In other words, everyone microchipped pursuant to the new Health Care Bill must be registered with the Secretary. The “Secretary” is defined as the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The date by which this registry is to begin is mandated on page 1006, which is 36 months after the Health Bill becomes law.
Fighting For Liberty

3. The agenda is to "transform you into a beast worshipping beast or to kill you!"

The bold statement "YES WE CAN" shouts rebellion in the sovereign God's face, who has made it very clear that declaring what things will be is His own business. The reverse speech of that expression in that context presents a distinct "thank you Satan" to the hearer, expressing gratitude to whom it is due for the "Health Reform" action that brings the dawning of the greater light.

Like a progress indicator bar, the Apollo Obama brand agents are signaling our current status, that the coming greater incarnation of Apollo is being "uploaded" now, facilitated by the success of the "Health Reform" effort!

"Health Reform" is not the same as "Health Care Reform." Make no mistake, if the word "Care" was intended to appear, it would. We know the sales and marketing of the deal leads everyone to casually think "Health Care Reform." If anyone even noticed the omission of the word "Care," they would likely dismiss it, thinking, "Health Reform, Health Care Reform, same difference - whatever." The occult imagery reveals, however, that the agenda here is, quite frankly, to transform you into a Beast worshiping beast or kill you. This is Health Reform! They are simply stating what they mean, in plain language, in plain sight! Two words basically define health; wholeness and holiness. (Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper) To reform is simply to form again, to remake in another form. Over and over and over and over again in this blog you have read how a triple helix transformation is planned to remake the man created in the image of His Creator into the serpent's own image. This is Health Reform. Health Care Reform is just a pretext.
The Open Scroll

Here is something interesting to ponder. The number of the bill is H.R. 3200. 3200 = 1600 + 1600. Right around the time of health reform Israel announced plans for 1600 settlement units because of this Netanyahu was called to the White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave). Does this point to a connection between Israel, The USA, and health reform?

The encoding of the date 2/22/2010 on the dollar bill and its associated date 3/22/2010 and its connection to health reform (I am no longer calling it health care reform) at first was puzzling. Why would health reform be encoded on the dollar bill? The answer is now apparent and becoming clearer and more sinister by the day. The times are indeed troubling and stormy seas are on the horizon. I am glad my Father is the great God of the universe and that He loves me as His own Son and will guide me through the approaching storm.

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